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Lakers great Jerry West expresses admiration for Kobe Bryant, who is approaching scoring milestone


The irony certainly isn't lost on Lakers great Jerry West.

As the Lakers' general manager, he cast his eyes on the young Kobe Bryant out of Lower Merion High School and brought the 17-year-old in 1996 for a pre-draft workout. The high skill level and obsessively compulsive work ethic Bryant immediately displayed was good enough for West, who then traded Vlade Divac on July 11, 1996, to the Charlotte Hornets for the rights to acquire Bryant, the team's 13th pick.

Nearly 13-and-a-half years have passed and now Bryant is only 48 points shy of surpassing West as the Lakers' franchise all-time leading scorer (25,192) and moving into 14th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. After making an appearance Friday at the Santa Monica Pier to promote the upcoming Northern Trust Open as the tournament's executive director, West said he "was very happy" for Bryant nearing the milestone. 

As far as where Bryant will ultimately finish on the league's scoring list? Though West pointed out that injuries make it somewhat unpredictable, Bryant has mostly played through them his whole career (including this season). After equating that variable and Bryant's career jumpstart in turning pro at 18, West estimated that Bryant would finish in the 30,000-point range.

If West's assessment proves correct, it means that Bryant could be in close contention with Shaquille O'Neal, who is currently fifth on the list with 28,103 points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Michael Jordan (32,292) and Wilt Chamberlain (31,419) are the only players to score at least 30,000 points, a milestone West expects Bryant will at least attempt to pursue in years to come.

-- Mark Medina

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There's no guarantee that any of those guys (or Amare) will sign with Chicago this summer. But if they don't even have enough cash to match what other teams can offer, then there's no chance at all.

When they have a chance to make a play for a superstar (or even a not-quite-superstar like Amare), smart GMs go for it.

Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | January 30, 2010 at 01:30 PM
Oh I understand that, LTLF. But the Bulls have already more than enough in expiring contracts to participate in the LeCrab sweepstakes, thanks to the CBA max contract limits.

Always nice to see Jerry West talking about the Lakers.

I wish this blog had more extensive interviews and less 45 second video/sound bytes.

Sometimes its preferable to read a long transcript over one or two questions answered visually.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


rings, baby. Rings.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
While much still depends upon how he plays the rest of this season and in the playoffs, I think a strong case can be made that Jordan Farmar is the Lakers best option to succeed Derek Fisher at point guard. Here are the reasons why I think it makes sense for the Lakers to go with Farmar:
1) MONEY – The harsh reality that the trade wonks forget is that the Lakers have the highest payroll and pay the most luxury tax of any team in the NBA, not even counting Kobe’s pending new contract. That is why they are more likely to allow Ammo’s and Sasha’s contracts to expire to save $10M this year and next rather than trading them for players with much larger total contracts such as Hinrich. Once you understand the Lakers financial mode, a $2.8M qualifying offer for Farmar and a 1-year trial and opportunity to see what he can do as our starting point guard really makes sense.
2) CHEMISTRY – Fantasy sports has raised an entire generation of aspiring general managers who are convinced that they can improve their team by trading, trading, and trading, never realizing that continuity and time together as a team is a critical component of building the teamwork, chemistry, and synergy required to win an NBA championship. Why take a chance you might screw up the team chemistry with a trade and new players, especially when you don’t need to do it in order to win? Chemistry and trust in the end are the glue that bind a team together, especially defensively.
3) SPEED – One of the biggest benefits Jordan Farmar would bring to the Lakers starting lineup in my mind is speed. In fact, it is probably the single biggest reason to start Farmar over Fisher because it would help balance the team speed with two seven footers and Ron Artest in the front court. That is also another reason why I am not in favor of trading for Hinrich. He is Derek Fisher with no clutch. Farmar would give the Lakers starting lineup the speed it lost in the Artest for Ariza swap.
It is impossible to discuss the Lakers point guard situation without talking about defense, an area in which I think Farmar has made good progress. While he doesn’t bring the same physical toughness or draw charges the way that Derek Fisher does, Farmar has improved his man-to-man coverage with greater effort, using his speed and leaping ability to harass his man and level the playing field. We also need to be realistic that there are no one-on-one perimeter defenders who can single handedly keep opposing point guards out of the paint. Team defense is the only way to stop that.
It is also impossible to discuss the Lakers point guard situation without Shannon Brown’s supporters clamoring that he would be a better option than Jordan Farmar. While there are defensive matchups where it might make sense to play Brown against a physical point guard like Darren Williams, it is patently obvious that Brown does not have the ball handling, passing, or court vision to play point guard. That is why 90% of his minutes are as Kobe’s backup at shooting guard.
After a slow start, Jordan has worked extremely hard and consistently improved his play each month. His points per game, field goal percentage, 3-point percentage, and free-throw percentage all showed month-to-month increases starting in October and peaking in 8.8 points per game on 46% shooting from the field, 40% from behind the 3-point line, and 94% from the free throw line in January. If he continues to play at this level or even higher, Jordan will likely become the Lakers next point guard.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Trading for either Devin Harris or Hinrich would add a great depth to the current team. Our beloved DFish is no longer capable of keeping up with other PGs. His defense has suffered mightily this year. Farmar is so inconsistent and it's pretty hard to watch him play nowadays.

Well, we don't get much out of Sasha, Walton and Ammo this season and therefore, don't see any downside in trading them for a true PG. My preference is Devin Harris but Hinrich can give us a solid defense night in and night out..

Jerry West is a well spoken man. I hope I'm that elegant looking (and sounding) when I'm his age. He could be a super hero. Super Logo!

As it were.



Kobe may not play tomorrow because of a sprained ankle. That was just scrolled down at the bottom of the screen on nbatv!

Has anyone heard anything about this?

Classy comments from the Logo. Ironic how important Vlade Divac and Kwame Brown are to our Lakers lineup of today.

I'm resting todays so I thought I would do some extrapolations on the top of purely hypothetical Kobe Bryant final career totals... West said he expects him to finish up with around 30,000. Now would it be possible for Kobe to go higher, perhaps shoot (the ball, not a "Wizard's wand") for becoming the all time career scorer, surpassing Kareem. Kareem's final total was 38,387.
These speculations are based entirely on no injuries which take him out for a significant time, and he has shown in his career that he is capable of avoiding them, and of playing thru minor injuries......
This year he is 31, and I extrapolate his totals at his current average to give him 2394 pts total this year. Next is the data giving you just age and points (32/2300, 33/2300, 34/1600, 35/1550, 36/1500, 37/1500, and 38/1500 (by the way, 1500 pts pers season equals about 19.2 ppg).....anybody think it's doable by KB24...the guy who seems to accomplish whatever he sets out to do????? Anyway.....if he ran the table for this year and the following seven as I laid out.....he would have a total of 38,031, which is 356 points short of the Captain's career total. Look, this is just daydreaming, don't come back at me and accuse me of making Kobe immortal, impervious to injury, not as strong as Lebron who resembles one of the stones at Stonehenge.....Kobe takes great care of himself, and we all know, that besides going down in history as being the greatest ever, (ring count contest with Jordan...remember Robert Horry has 7 rings, and Dennis Rodman has 5, that does not put them in the same debate)...that Kobe Bryant, if he can't do it one way (rings), he may try it another way....(points)....
I think West's estimate of Kobe's final point total was low...remember, he's playing injured, maybe if he can get over those injuries he can put himself in a position to make a run at GOAT/Scoring......

Hard to post nowadays because you don't know when threads would settle down. It is like living in an earthquake country, you don't know whether the M/M threads is a foreshock or an aftershock.

Moneywise, Farmar will not just go for 2m or even 3m and if ever he would try to get what Luke made. For almost half year now, the Lakers weakness is in the 2nd team mainly composed of Farmar, Luke and inconsistent Odom. They give back whatever good things they made. Basically, it is DEFENSE. One thing good about Fisher, when he is on slump or even slow due to age, at least you see the bulldog mentality of creating a wall and absorb those forcing through. In the case those known 3 dominoes, it is a free pass. LO compensates with his ball handling ability and long hands for rebounds, the other two, I'm sorry we seen them too long, it is time to find better players and be objective about it. There are times in life when you live near the garbage, you become immune with the smell and with the environment of garbage, therefor you accept that kind of life. Later on, you think that garbage is part of your life. The same attitude with Farmar and Luke, we think they are the best players we can get and there is no Lakers salvation outside of Luke and FArmar.

Mitch Kupchak, please release other laker fans in this blog from bondage from the watching with "scrubs" year-in and year-out. It is enough to live in years of ignominy during the time of Smush, Mihm, Kwame, Cook, Tierre Brown, Jumaine Jones, Atkins. We want to forget those players.

If it is the time to get good ones, DO IT and make the most of your money.

Theoretically, Jerry West is right in saying that Kobe will land in the top 5 in the All-Time Scoring List. Theoretically that is... But at the rate Kobe is amassing injuries and the way he is being utilized by Phil, it is a long shot. Kobe is the acknowledged Star of the Lakers. But if he will be benched half of the deciding 4th quarter, I don't see the point why Phil would retain Kobe. Phil as the greatest coach in the NBA doesn't want to win the game with a star player. He wants to win as a BRILLIANT COACH. A game that is tight at the end of the 3rd quarter must be played in the 4th quarter by the teams' superstars in full. Star Players are born to play in close games. They train all their lives for such games. And Briliant Coaches SHOULDN'T deprive them of that opportunity. Kobe is a scoring machine. While it is true that he should make kick-out passes and play decoy from time to time, his number one responsibility remains to be SCORING. And as the star player, that means scoring a LOT. No team in the NBA will pay KOBE to pass or play decoy. They will agree to pay him MILLIONS of Dollars to SCORE. Phil's problem is RECRUITMENT. His current supporting cast is not that reliable at all. Simply compare today's team with last year's and you will understand why the Lakers may fail to win the Championship this year. They released the wrong guy - Ariza. Phil should not be passing the problem on to Kobe. Someone please tell Phil to either maximize Kobe or let him go. Kobe must play the entire 4th quarter of ALL close games. He must be allowed to score and reach milestones. Kobe deserves to break every record in his path. Phil got his 10 rings, it is only fair that Kobe get his fair share of the Glory. Let him score, miss and err, or let him go.

Laker Tom,


You and I have pretty much been alone on this blog in support of Farmar, although I've noticed lately that there are a few more who are with us. But the majority seem to be clamoring for a trade or for UPS.

Jordan has definitely improved his standing by improving his play. It's clear he's been spending a lot of time on his shot. He's also learning to use his speed. And there's been a clear commitment to improve his decision making. There's no need for me to replicate your post. You've laid it all out beautifully.

So, why are so many so resistant? I see two reasons:

1) His unshakable confidence is perceived as cockiness. No doubt there have been defiant moments of immaturity that leave a bad taste in some mouths. But confidence is a requirement in the NBA. Just look at Kobe. You have to visualize which means you have to believe you can make it when you shoot it. As Jordan matures, the edge of his confidence will soften, making it more palatable.

2) I've had a theory for some time, but kept it to myself until now. Jordan's over-sized ears make him "funny looking" to some people. On the surface, it doesn't seem to bother Jordan, but somewhere along the way, one has to believe that people made fun of him. As a rule, the general public prefers "beautiful people." That gives a muscular, graceful, athletic player like Shannon an advantage in the perception department. Jordan is unfairly perceived as flawed, while UPS is admired and his shortcomings overlooked.

What will take Jordan to the next level as a player is responsibility. He can grow into it more easily with the Starting 5. He knows how to distribute and with this unit can share the ball with confidence. He's always been good about finding Bynum and he's gotten much better when he's on the floor with Pau. His speed is definitely a plus with a unit that is otherwise sluggish.

Moving Fish to the Bench would give depth and maturity to a unit that has often struggled. With Fish, LO, Shannon and Walton comprising the 2nd unit, the starters could attain longer periods of rest on the bench, which could bring huge dividends come the Playoffs.

I'm putting on my helmet and bullet-proof vest now, and awaiting the verbal assault I'm certain is coming. I can take it folks, so have at it. Beat Boston! Go Lakers!

Rick, LT

I agree with you guys 100%. Farmar will be the Lakers Future PG, UPS will be the heir to Kobe, just wait and see...

I think a more appropriate response from teammates when you miss a fricking free throw would be a light to moderate slap on the back of the head (light to moderate depending on the situation etc.---even though as I have said many times a free throw missed (or made) in the first seconds of the game is just as important as in the last seconds)...

a head slap augmented with a kick in the butt would be another option...

maybe nuggies and or Indian burns in the locker room after the game would work as well...

Posted by Floyd

Floyd, that was HILARIOUS. Had me belly laughing and snorting. I loved it!

Hello MM,

I have been following this blog for a while and I have pride in the fact that we have been a relatively clean and honest blog to both Lakers Fans and Trolls alike, but today I have been let down a bit by that sorry excuse for a poster named Wally Walleye. How is it possible that he was able to post that BSPN allowable BS on OUR Blog! This blog is better than that to allow some mentally deficient spit out that kind of feces about that girl from Colorado. Let's be honest here: she had more skeletons in the closest than Hogan from Hogans Heroes...and that's being nice. MM, do your part to keep this blog clean and watch out for scum like Wally. You wanna spit some filth, go do that on the BSPN website, over here on OUR blog, you respect and get respected. It's that simple. Go back to whatever site you came from, you are not welcome here. MM, please make sure filth like that is never allowed to post here again. I hope I speak for all when I say that. Thanks!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Some great additional insights about Jordan. I too have always taken his great confidence in him as a big plus. You can’t be a PLAYER in the NBA without it.
Offensively, an encouraging aspect of Jordan’s play is the nice balance he seems to have found between attacking the rim, taking midrange pull-up jumpers, and shooting 3-pointers. His attacking the paint with his speed puts great pressure on the defense and opens up Drew and Pau for dunks. Jordan has incorporated some excellent quick changes of direction and angle to his speed attacks on the basket, resulting in several very-under-control beautiful spinning layups that remind me of Tony Parker. I am intrigued by the thought of Farmar playing with the starters. His speed could be a catalyst that brings our offense back into balance. It is something we miss with Fish out there.
Defensively, what impresses me mostly about Farmar’s recent play is increased effort and confidence and mostly, much better anticipation. I have long believed that defense is all about anticipation. It’s why Larry Bird was such a good defender for a slow white guy who couldn’t jump. Whether harassing a ball handler on a pick and roll or policing the passing lanes, I think Farmar’s speed and anticipation could help the defense make up for the loss of Trevor Ariza much as it can on offense.
Bottom line, Jordan is likely the most affordable and least risk option for the Laker to take when you consider their salary and luxury tax situation. If Jordan continues to play as well or better than he did in January, I believe the Lakers will give him a $2.8M qualifying offer spiced with the promise of the opportunity to start and show what he can do in a 1-year trial. It could be a pipe dream from a long time Jordan Farmar fan but it would also be another great chapter in the Lakers storied history.
Get ready for Jordan Farmar. He may not be the Lakers next starting point guard but he will for sure be the blog’s next polarizing player. Get ready for incoming. Keep playing well, Jordan.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jojo Zaide,

Lakers released Ariza because of his nutty agent, Ariza had a ppg 8 and Lakers got Artest whose ppg at this time despite playing injured and with other scorers is 11.1. Mark my word, by playoff's time, it will be the shining moment of Artest. I only see three players in Lakers lineup who have the heart to fight back in defense during the playoffs namely: Kobe, Artest and Fisher and others have softness in their games. I don't know if Shannon could maintain his dynamo in the playoffs. It is defense that win Championship. The best scenario at the end of last season should have been trading Morrison and Sasha contracts to anyone and retain Ariza. We can't continue talking of the spilled milk.

PJ is playing Kobe and Fisher in the waning minutes of the 4th Q in order to win ball games. I'm sure PJ is planning to rest them by the 2nd half of the season when playoffs placement is already on the bag.

Here is a sad statistics of the 2nd unit based only on their ppg's -

2009-10 2nd team Odom 9; Brown 7.5; Farmar 7.3; Walton 2.8; vujacic 2.3. these five players are averaging 5.7 per player.

During Magic-Kareem's time, look at their support unit

1984-85 2nd team McGee 10.2; Cooper 8.6; Spriggs 6.7; Kupchak 5.3; Rambis 5.2. The five players are averaging 7.2 per player. or let's go to another year below

1986-87 2nd team Cooper 10.5; Mychal T 10.1; Rambis 5.7; Billie T. 5.6; matthews 4.2. the average per player 7.1

We have not touched here defense which is the most important criteria during the playoffs. If we mention Rambis, Cooper and Mitch Kupchak defensive prowess, can you compare them to any player in today's 2nd unit?

There is no alternative for PJ but to rely more on the starters especially Kobe. Kobe has to compensate the missing 2 points for every player in the 2nd unit to be at par with the 80's team.

What more proof in the pudding do we need to declare that 2nd unit is just not competitive with the rest of the NBA. PJ has to inject the starters as a cover up for the malaise.


I do not abide censorship. So I disagree that MM shouldn't have let the post through. But I share your physical revulsion over the grossness of that Wally Walleye's post.

I have sinned and I have never had power. The fact that Kobe has sinned is not what makes him unique. Neither is it his height at 6'6". Neither is it, with apologies to all who do not see it this way, his "God given talent." What makes Kobe unique AND LOVED by Lakers fan is his incredible diligence and dedication to craft.

To begrudge someone respect for 13 years of mind boggling dedication over one night of indiscretion is beyond mean. It shows an un-Christian like inability to forgive. It also shows a tremendous lack of appreciation.

I will not return fire with fire. I cannot imagine who you find clean enough that you are willing to consider their merits. And, I will not ask what makes you worthwhile and qualified to judge other individuals.

But I will ask you to look inside of yourself and see if you cannot find "at long last one shred of human decency." Can you not let go of your childish hate and taunts to see a grown artist toil in the relentless pursuit of perfection? You would be a better person for admiring the good rather than taunting over common weaknesses.

Forgive yourself and strive for beauty.


I completely agree with you Tom...Stay with the kid!


As always, your words speak volumes good sir. You have my total respect, as do all the regular contributers to this Blog.

Cap's Goggles....

you said.."Hello MM,

I have been following this blog for a while and I have pride in the fact that we have been a relatively clean and honest blog to both Lakers Fans and Trolls alike, but today I have been let down a bit by that sorry excuse for a poster named Wally Walleye."

You know what, feel free to continue and follow this blog, just don't participate.

Farmar should be able to hold his own as the Laker's starter.....especially if the Lakers stick with the triangle and we have the 2, almost 3 center footers at times to recover when he gets beat.....that's who gets me upset, is when the guard gets beat and it's like Lady Gaga arriving at a club, the lane is wide open....especially if M'Benga is in there (I don't want to make him the sacrificial lamb, but he should take it upon himself to give the hard fouls on those red carpet guards heading to the rim...I'm glad to see that he has gotten a bit of playing time, and I believe with experience, coaching, court time, he could be a soldid backup,

If Kobe plays tomorrow, he'll pick up a's the "Stern" policy....and that means he's inching closer to a sit-out game, and a full week of shopping for his wife at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, (she used to love them Jimmy Choo shoes way back", when she had no class, long ago was that?????

Jon K,

The reason why the 76-ers got that name, is that real??

About that cheese-steak competition?? wow!!



you wrote: Someone please tell Phil to either maximize Kobe or let him go. Kobe must play the entire 4th quarter of ALL close games. He must be allowed to score and reach milestones. Kobe deserves to break every record in his path. Phil got his 10 rings, it is only fair that Kobe get his fair share of the Glory. Let him score, miss and err, or let him go.

my response: You seem to have missed the point of the games. The purpose
of the NBA season is not to score the most points. The purpose of the NBA
season is to seed a competition to determine the best team in the NBA. The
regular season is 82 games and the post season is first to 16. The post season
*could* be an extra 28 games. That would be a possible total of 110 games.
That is a marathon not a 100 m sprint. Phil is pacing the team. Kobe is
pacing himself. If you get a chance, go back and compare the Orland series
vs. his right now. He's got 2 gears left.

Edwin Gueco,
I thank you for the enlightening statistics. We are therefore in agreement that it is a Recruitment Problem and that Kobe, given the mediocre performances of his supporting cast must, in every game, play as a superstar and must not be spending much of the 4th quarter on the bench. Those I think are problems that must be addressed by PJ. Somebody should be telling him these things.
Looking forward to more communications with you...

I'm not a smart man, but....

Can't another team sign Jordy for say 5-7 million after the Lakers make the 2.74 qualifying offer, with the Lakers having the option of matching?

It's not so far-fetched. I can see him in another system similar to a New Orleans or San Anotonio where he could be dangerous.

LT, Rick,

Another supporter here of your views about Farmar. I still think he can get better too. Shannon, Farmar together with Kobe, Pau and LO can cause teams some problems.

Jon K,

The cheese steak competition, that was good!

As someone else posted, there arent any guards I know of who can stop the good ones from penetrating, it takes team D. Thats still a bit of a weak spot for these guys. As anti-crust said, agree Mbenga should give some hard fouls to those dudes.

I think we have all the talent we need, its just a matter of playing smart, boxing out, rotating, focus and playing hard for 48 minutes. At this point the team should know its weaknesses and really work to compensate by helping out on D.

We still have some pretty young guys. And there is something to be said for keeping the team together.

Last year we played with some intensity when it came to crunch time, they will this year too. Would like to see it more often, especially with a few players. Not worried about LO's inconsistency. Come playoff time he'll bring it.

Kobes scoring, dont think he'll beat Kareem. If he does, it wont be good for the Lakers.

What are the team W/L stats when Kobe takes 20 shots/game or less compared to when he takes 25 or more? Curious.

M2 - A suggestion:

It would be really cool if Brez &/or BT could log-in to the game chat with us. I've noticed that Mike sometimes tweets during the game, so they must have connectivity. As this is not an ordinary game, let's do something extraordinary.

Will you be there when the lakers turn
Green Bald Headed lunatic Giants into Green Leprechaun lunatic Midgets


Lost post. Grrrrrrrrr.

I was saying, Bill Simmons has a new podcast with Adande. He basically says Dirk is a better clutch shooter than Kobe--especially this year.

Anyways. He's pretty off on this podcast. My favorite part is when he questioons the Lakers organization for re-signing Gasol with a year and a half left on his deal. Huh? That's kind of dumb for him to question our re-signing the most skilled big man iin the NBA who just helped us win a title.

Not kosher Bill.


Bill Simmons. Why must you corrupt my mind like this? He's just said so many things that are offensive to my humanity, i just don't know where to turn.

We were dumb to re-sign Gasol? The Gasol move wasn't just an isolated signing, it's our whole franchise philosophy in action. He's criticizing the organization for re-signing championship pieces before they hit the open market, which is one of the reasons we just won that ring in the first place.

Now he's saying he'd rather have Zack Randalph than Pau Gasol to make one shot in the low post to win it all. Didn't Gasol just prove himself on the world's biggest stage? Didn't he just make several of these hypothetical big time shots Simmons is talking about?

Hmmm. Enjoy:


Jojo Zaide,

As we have tradition in this blog, we may have some disagreements and personal favors but at the end of the day, we always cheer our players that don the purple and gold. We just remind them that there is a standard of winning here it's the Lakers team and representing LA. There is a restive fans out there that can't be fooled by pure looks, prestige and impressions and complacent when the game is on the line. As of this season, we already lost twice to a premier team in the East i.e. Cleveland on a Christmas Day and at the start of this road trip, it would be a great travesty to lose to a geriatric team. Don't be cowed by chants of 'beat LA, beat LA' or get intimidated by clothes-lining and bone breaking fouls. Kobe and Artest may be in pains but will not allow this team to evaporate against the Celtics. For Celtics, this could be their last hurrah before they break up their big three. Don't you think they will use this game as leverage of status quo? You bet, they will. Whatever disagreements we have on our players, we come together as one body, one soul against those Shamrock Tea potters who voted for Scott Brown. lol!

Btw, tomorrow is the 3rd season anniversary of Pau Gasol in LA. We all thought that there is no other Center better than Kwame and JCritt is the future PG until we found out that there is hope our there better than Kwame aspiring and willing to play with the Lakers. Today, he is 2nd side kick of Bryant. Without Gasol in the lineup, where would the Lakers be? Perhaps, we'd still be contending in the West and it'd be possible we lost Kobe last year in disgusts. Pau's arrival is a "Cupcake Miracle", followed by great strides in bringing in Ariza-Gasol-Brown-Artest. It revived the Lakers glory and the faith of the fans on purple and gold.

Go Lakers and beat the hell out those leprechauns.

Hi LakerLand!!!
So, 4 hours to' go and then is once again epic battle against our fierce enemies of choice --and for the history-.
I am excited and all ready.
Sadly I had also against the 76ers the further evidence I can't be' in chat. Seems like iPhone here isn't allowed anymore and no one could provide me a solution for it :( since the game isn't here on tv - they broadcast Denver!!! Sacrilege...- i have to' use Internet from pc to' actually see the game on NBA pass and this makes impossible to' attempt the chat from other gates rather than iPhone.
Bummer :(
but I will read you all.
While screaming from the top of my head - at 9:30 pm I can do it safely!

I read with intense pleasure West's dig at Kobe.

Kobe is everything a sportman should be Made of. That garbage posted on him is offensive.
Kobe is even a bigger athlet and man due to that mistake.
Live. Learn. Get better and better and better.
Nobody has interiorized this and Made it real quite like Kobe Bryant.

Go, my hero: it's time to' face the Green Enemies and make a statement.


Much love, your Miss Z. (i will post in the chat thread a couple post during game. That still work through iPhone. In fact ai am writing from it now ;)).

Laker Tom,

"Fantasy sports has raised an entire generation of aspiring general managers who are convinced that they can improve their team by trading, trading, and trading, never realizing that continuity and time together as a team is a critical component of building the teamwork, chemistry, and synergy required to win an NBA championship"

You are correct, sir!

Despite the fact that he is a Septic Troll, I strongly encourage you to read Bill Simmon's "The Book of Basketball." As much as I hate to admit it, the book is fantastic and his discussion of the Greatness of Elgin Baylor almost brings a tear to the eye of any righteous Lakeraholic.

In the book he describes "The Secret", which is ultimately a formula to building a Championship team... and it is utterly opposed to this fantasy league approach to General Mangership. It's all about chemistry and role players.

It annoys me to no end that some people don't get that, but, then again, there are more people in this country right now playing fantasy sports than real sports... and fantasy sports ain't real sports.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Let's beat us down some Septics!!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Let's get a win today. There are only two regular season games that I get this excited about. There's the Celtics and then there's everyone else, only one rivalry that matters.


MM - Guys a new post will be coming up soon.

Cap's Goggles - I deleted those comments. Those shouldn't have gotten through from Wally Walleye.

Edwin - the timing of posts may vary depending on the day. But this is the routine I'm trying to set so far on most days. A post in the early morning, mid morning and early afternoon. If there is a practice I can attend, I'll try to get something up later that afternoon/early evening. If it's on a game night I'll also get a post up in the late evening/early morning as well as video if it's a home game .

Jon K - That's definitely a fair observation. I had hoped to get more time with Jerry West. But the setting of that interview was at a promotional event he was doing for the Northern Trust Open and he was only around for a few quick minutes for questions.


Edwin - Also. Our beat writers - Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner will also file items if there is any breaking news as well as practice notes

Rick Friedman - Definitely not a bad idea regarding Brez and BT going in on the chat. They have to worry about getting their stories in the paper so it might be unrealistic. They have told me though that if anyone has specific questions on any stories or any issue anyone wants them to answer, they'd be happy to jump on the thread and comment.



Bill Simmons is like Anahkin Skywalker. Brilliant, skilled... and horribly corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force.

When it comes to all matters Lakers (especially non-historical Lakers discussions), the guy simply cannot think clearly. His cognition is too distorted by hate. That same personality element that produces his delightful sense of humor becomes utterly distorted when discussing the Lakers and devolves into madness.

It's curious to observe.

I don't really get angered by it. I recognize now that his hatred is born out of fear.

In his deepest, darkest place, Bill Simmons sits in utter fear of the Los Angeles Lakers. He knows they are coming for his beloved Septics... and there's nothing he can do to stop them.

The horror... the horror.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Logo: Jerry West;

AKA, The Biggest Loser in NBA finals history

go Celtics

"Kobes scoring, dont think he'll beat Kareem. If he does, it wont be good for the Lakers.

What are the team W/L stats when Kobe takes 20 shots/game or less compared to when he takes 25 or more? Curious.

Posted by: Art -FL Laker Fan | January 31, 2010 at 06:27 AM"

I'm hoping he does while staying in the flow of the offense, which usually is him thing is years from now, if he's taking too many shots, and his skills have eroded then you have a point. I basically agree with you, however I want him to beat Kareem's record...."the right way".



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