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Lakers beat 76ers, get closer to end of road trip

Lakers7_300 A recent stretch of road games continued to be friendly to the Lakers, who won for the third consecutive time with a 99-91 victory Friday over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kobe Bryant had 24 points and the Lakers improved to 4-2 on their eight-game trip, their longest of the season. Pau Gasol had 19 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in his first game since being selected an All-Star reserve.

Andrew Bynum, however, wasn't as sharp, finishing with six points and three rebounds after being overlooked for an All-Star spot.

After a 1-2 start on the trip that included perplexing losses to Cleveland and Toronto, the Lakers have fattened up on the road trio of Washington, Indiana and Philadelphia, none of which are close to .500.

Allen Iverson had 23 points for the 76ers, who fell to 15-31. The Lakers are 36-11.

The Lakers' next road two games won't be against pushovers: Sunday at Boston and Monday at rapidly improving Memphis.

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant goes for a steal against Philadelphia forward Thaddeus Young in the first half Friday night. Credit: Steven M. Falk / McClatchey-Tribune

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Bynum played like an All Star-LMAO

This is why he is called the Bone Head Baby Bynum. Media says he wasnt as sharp as last game. He stunk. I have never seen an athlete with his god given abilities not hustle, look lost, play no defense, and as if he wants to be traded.

Artest explodes and Bynum implodes again. Is it a ploy on the eve of the Celtic game (the most important game for all basketball loving laker fans) or sulking in contempt for not being chosen in the All Stars. Whatever, he better not duplicate such performance at the most important game in this road trip.

Bynum scoreboard: 8-3 since the NY Post Story
4-2 this 8 game road trip

Vujacic + Morrison: 3 minutes played with 2 pts.
Jerry Buss has paid 10.2M (luxury taxes not included)for those 2 pts.
In accounting, it is called non-working assets i.e. if they're treated as assets. If the 10.2M was borrowed from the bank it is about to become bad debts.
If they are treated as equities for future use, the 10.2 investment is in pure cash sitting on the bench, it is about to double its value by end of the season then it becomes purely expenditure. No brainer, Kirk Hinrich is a better deal.

Is this the Blog after game party?

We won the game! lets complain about everything!

We won the game! lets complain about everything!

Posted by: SlappyMcGroundout | January 29, 2010 at 08:43 PM

It's more or less the blog is polarized about Andrew Bynum. Those who think highly of him of the "Beast" whose most ardent supporters are Laker Tom, Staples 24, and Jon K. vs those who think he is good but NOWHERE a franchise player like me, Hobbitmage, and LAKER TRUTH.

We were hearing so much "la la la Andrew Bynum is the beast" after destroying the Indiana Pacers (which a 37 year old Shaq ALSO did) now the blog after his miserable effort in not only production wise but also energy wise (he got outhustled by Elton Brand who isn't the same MVP candidate Brand back in 05-06) shifts towards more negativity against Andrew Bynum.

These types of games is the reason why there is a sizable Bynum faction that doesn't drink Laker Tom's/Staples 24/Jon K's cool aid that he is a legit franchise player. Every time Bynum puts up good production against teams that has undersized/bad centers its always "The Beast is here" and then when he faces a good team its the "Trade Bynum" crowd.

Bynum has been inconsistent against quality bigs even against a 37 year old Shaq. Boston is next and we'll see how he does against Perkins/Garnett/Rasheed in Boston (the first time he has played there since 07-08).

Bynum talks a LOT when he goes against less quality bigs yet FALTERS against physical centers. Hence why he is more or less MR. BIG MOUTH rather than the beast.

Hi everybody, I've been around for almost 2 years without commenting, but the Bynum issue...can somebody here help me? I'm not like "it's A or B" person. I, like many here I guess, thinks he's just 22. But he misses some paint-shots that are unbelievable, and I must say my patience is running out. So, I don't like him now, but 22...

We, Lakers fans, are HUNGRY NOW, and a guy like Bynum is just not delivering...but 22 yo?

Ok, 1 more year...then baby Bynum, so long.


The same old trash center proved he isn't worth a dime.

The Lakers really need to stop making those sub 500 teams look like playoff contenders. And I understand that Bynum is young but he needs to kick it into another gear on a nightly basis, because right now he's not taking care of the office on defense. If the Lakers are going to repeat as Champs, they are going to need more defense out of the center position. Bymun for Bosh!!!!



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