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Kobe Bryant's high volume of shots not an issue for Lakers Coach Phil Jackson


It's usually not fair or accurate to pin any loss on Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

Heck, Bryant sank three game winners this season in contests the Lakers probably should have lost. First came his off-balance, 27-foot three-pointer over Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wayde on Dec. 4 in a 108-107 victory. Then came a 15-foot turnaround over Milwaukee Bucks guard Charlie Bell 12 days later in a 108-107 OT win. Bryant then brought in the New Year on a high note, drilling a three-pointer from the left wing for a 109-108 triumph over the Sacramento Kings.

Not only did he sink three game-winners with relative ease (or at least he made it look easy), Bryant had scored at least 30 points in 10 of the past 15 games after suffering an avulsion fracture in the index finger of his right hand.

Yet, ever since his finger was aggravated last Tuesday in a win against Houston, Bryant has gone 24 of 67 from the field in the Lakers' two losses against the Clippers and Trail Blazers. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson acknowledged Bryant's stat line of 32 points on a 14-of-37 clip indicated he took "an awful lot of shots" in the Lakers' 107-98 loss Friday to Portland. But Jackson didn't appear to have a problem with Bryant's shot selection when speaking with a few reporters Saturday after practice.

After getting Jackson's take, I replayed the past Clippers and Trail Blazers games on my DVR. Well, not the entire Clippers game. The ever exciting GMAC Bowl featuring Central Michigan and Troy went into double overtime, effectively eating the entire first quarter of the Lakers-Clippers contest on ESPN.

After rewatching these games, I didn't find Bryant's shot selection to be an issue. In the Lakers' 102-91 loss to the Clippers, Bryant missed 10 open looks, missed four contested shots and two of his other misses should've been rewarded with trips to the free-throw line in the last three quarters. In the Lakers' 107-98 loss to Portland, Bryant missed 14 open looks along with nine contested shots. Four of those contested shots ultimately resulted in offensive putbacks, including two from center Andrew Bynum, one from forward Lamar Odom and one from the Mamba himself.

I don't mean to downplay the points he potentially wasted against the Clippers and against Portland. But Bryant's main issue isn't the high volume of shots. It's that it's painfully clear his right index finger has taken a turn for the worse these past two games, and has severely affected his shooting stroke.

That, of course, isn't a new revelation. Jackson had mentioned earlier in the week that the finger was aggravated in the Lakers' win Tuesday against Houston when he was smacked across his finger. It forced Bryant to switch more often to his left hand on drives to the basket.

It's a shame for Lakers fans because Bryant had been able to mask his injury before, keeping his production level up and shooting a respectable 47% clip entering the last two contests. 

Let's face it. Bryant has given no indication he would sit out any games to heal his finger. So feel free to give your take in the comments section below: Will teams increasingly give Bryant open outside shots, resulting in more missed open looks? Or will Bryant prove the general public wrong again for ever thinking it should doubt him?

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has hit shot blocked by Blazers forward Dante Cunningham in the second quarter Friday night. Credit: Rick Bowmer/Associated Press.

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There are Bynum for Bosh rumors all over the net. I'll get some links...

And I just may have to make that deal IF we also lock up Bosh long term. Oh my goodness.


From the New York Post:

"Lakers’ deal for Raptors star has a shot
Last Updated: 7:32 AM, January 10, 2010

A Lakers source told me the team had its sights set high, as usual, and planned to target the possible acquisition of Chris Bosh when it got closer to the 3 p.m. Feb. 18 trade deadline, and the Raptors might be more likely to move their Olympian/All-Star while still entitled to compensation.

It commonly is believed Bosh almost certain is to flee Toronto after this season, when he has the right to opt out of the final year ($17.1 million) of his contract.

My source believes the Lakers will offer Andrew Bynum for Bosh (if they haven’t done so already) well before the deadline expires. In itself, the one-for-one swap is impossible to make. Bynum’s “base year” essentially allows L.A. to take back but half of his salary this year ($12.5M). Of course, that restriction is lifted when next year’s salary ($13.7M) activates come July 1, at which time a sign-and-trade transaction would be feasible.

The possibility of such a deal makes sense to me. First of all, Bynum is a legit starting center for the defending champions. He also has three years left on his contract after this one.

As for the Raptors, despite the severe offseason roster renovation, they’re not giving any indication of being more than just a one-and-done playoff group this season and in the foreseeable future.

What’s Bosh’s motivation to stay? Clearly, management’s sense of urgency to protect its principal asset cannot be accentuated enough. If that’s impractical, the organization cannot afford to lose Bosh without receiving equitable compensation.

Asked by e-mail about all of the above and whether the Raptors and Lakers have discussed a Bosh-Bynum proposal, team president Bryan Colangelo, who surely is being contacted on a daily basis regarding the availability of his franchise player — especially when the team was 11-17 — he replied in kind:

“For the record, I am not actively seeking a deal or discussing Bosh with any team, much less the Lakers.
“I haven’t traded him yet and our position has been the same. We will not make a deal just to make a deal. Our intention is to keep him here long term.

“Additionally, I have not yet offered an extension as Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both received [from their respective teams]. “I honestly don’t think C.B. knows what the future holds, or what he wants to do, so I would say we’re still in the game as far as his pending free agency."

In the meantime, the languishing Lakers may only have the marginal goods to obtain the likes of, say, Hornets’ forward Hilton Armstrong. Friday night they lost again (third straight road loss) to the Blazers (nine consecutive in Portland) and continue to showcase (I’m being kind) Sasha Vujacic (one year left at $5.475M) and free agents-in-waiting Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison.

What are we to think when the Blazers are able to win minus six rotation players? Either it’s a great compliment to them or a blanket indictment on the Lakers minus Pau Gasol (hamstring).

As you recall, the Lakers were evicted from the playoffs in the first round the two previous tournaments before Gasol arrived Feb. 1, 2008. They’ve been Finalists since and last season experienced ultimate success.

Yes, I realize Kobe’s finger on his shooting hand is hurting for certain. I also realize he feels he must overachieve in Gasol’s absence. But hoisting 37 shots (aborting 23) in order to score 32 points is excessively egocentric even for Bryant, particularly when visiting the welfare line a mere four times.


I say make the move. As much as I love Bynum, we have two players who need to be centers, too much redundancy. Bosh moves to the PF position and Gasol mans the middle. Wow. This is a gutsy, Norm Nixon for Byron Scott type move.


Let me try this again, darn it. Lost post. Grrrr.

The trade machine likes this move, as difficult as it was to trade Bynum's base year deal:

Lakers Get:

Chris Bosh 15,779,912


Andrew Bynum 12,500,000
Adam Morrison 5,257,229
Jordan Farmar 1,947,240

Do we do it? it leaves us w/o a back up PG. I say Yeah baby...


Chris Bosh for Andrew Bynum? Check it out on hoopshype dot com

Also, this would mean the Lakers would sport a team that would be done with growing pains. There will be adjustment pains as Bosh tries to learn the triangle, but the growing pains--the learning the NBA like pains theat Bynum's experiencing--those pains would vanish in the wake of a wiley, grizzled, smart, tough vet to play beside Kobe and Gasol and Lamar and Artest.

I say make the move.


With Pau out and Artest not 100%, look for Kobe to do whatever he has to in order to keep the Lakers in the game. We don't really have another guy that can step up like Kobe does when the team needs a little something extra.

Now I have seen Lamar explode for big games and I've seen Bynum dominate at times. But Lamar has been inconsistent and Bynum hasn't had a dominant game lately.

It could be said that if Kobe were to pass more and develop the team game more that this problem would take care of itself. But on the other hand, Kobe generally doesn't shift into overdrive until the second half when and if the team is down. Meaning, he isn't seeing anyone emerge from our group with a hot hand.

Also, since we have been deploying the "Matador Defense" over the last couple of weeks (since Christmas?), the other teams are scoring at a tremendous pace. Meaning, we have to keep our scoring pace up. Kobe is not the most trusting guy and he takes things over himself when he percieves a threat.

Anyone notice the trend that our opponents are scoring from outside at a ridiculous rate? I mean come on! I have been asking myself, why is it that the other team looks so hot! They can't miss an outside shot! And when they aren't scoring from outside they are moving the ball with the extra pass pulling us out of position for an easy score at the hoop.

Now you tell me. When that is going on... who here believes that Kobe is going to trust his teamates when he can sense that something is wrong/percieves a threat? No, that is not Kobe's nature. Again, he feels the need to deal with it. Injured or not, that is part of his Alpha Male thing.

Now when Pau gets back and Artest feels a little better and has his game "on" then I can see Kobe going back to the fundamentals. But for now (and knowing Kobe) I can see why he is doing what he is doing.

Pau is the real glue for Kobe. He is the only real compliment to what Kobe does. He thinks and reacts in ways that just work and Kobe trusts him, totally. When Pau is in there they have a synchronicity and a "Magic" that just works. Until Pau is back in the flow, look for Kobe to take over when things aren't going well or Kobe percieves a threat.

WOW!!!!!!! Bynum for Bosh news over at Hoops Hype. It appears that numerous sources have the Lakers offering (actively) Bynum for Bosh. Now that is the LAKERS initiating that trade. Not someone trying to pry him from us.

Secondly, it says that the Lakers are showcasing Sasha, Farmar, and Morrison. Of course, the second part makes sense. Both were in the New York Times.

Now what's fulfilling to me is that at LEAST the Lakers are exploring the possibilities. For us to even be TALKING about it makes me feel good. Keeping Bynum or not, I at least feel validated. People here have thought of trading Bynum to be a silly undertaking, but here we are!

Maybe Mitch wants to put the fear of god into Bynum. Maybe Bynum needs a wakeup call. MAYBE Mitch is serious about making a trade. We shall see.

As far as trading Farmar, that's interesting news. Most here feel that if we were to upgrade the PG position that doing so mid season isn't likely. Yet here we are! Interesting day to be a Laker fan!!!

Jon K,
I was going to comment directly to Dfish regarding his swipe at you, but then decided it would be more positive to show support for you. I will simply ignore him.
And…we do play for rings!

Mamba24, CornerJ and Zaira,
Big, giant thanks for the blog hug the other day and the amusing comments that went with it. It really did help.

JAMF, dave m, Rick Friedman and Phred,
It was great conversing with you guys during the last pre-game chat.
Phred, there is more to the Strawberry Bread and maybe someday I really can send you some.

My vote for blog goddess definitely goes to Zaira. This woman is amazing with her vibrant and insightful posts at all hours of the day. I live in the LA area and can’t even manage a post every day.

All of the above just goes to show that at the core of it all we have a really wonderful group here.

P.S. to MM: Don’t really want to complain ‘cus I think you’re doing a great job. You can call me LakerLass, Lass or even LL, but Lassy – not so much. Well, at least you didn’t spell it Lassie. Thanks for that.

Your devoted blog sister,

I like the idea of Bosh/Gasol front court..Even from a Eastern Division team, who's tryna make us that much better??? We would still need some more beef at the 4 or 5 spot I would think...But when is the last time we heard anything solid coming from Peter Vescey?? And Mitch usually doesn't let his biz be known...Sounds good but I am not sooooo sure this'll go down! If it does, the rest of the league will have a hissy fit!! LOL

Some changes are def needed. Or at least an athletic wing -- I am still pitching for Gerald Green (somebody we can groom long term)...And whatever happened to Bonzi Wells??? I know he's been out the league but I recall someone say he had been working out and staying in shape, hoping to come back to the NBA..I am just, Maybe not..

BTW, I am always curious about these so-called Laker sources that these writers refer to...Who would that person be?? I am thinking Magic Johnson....He is a part of the media, and has ownership with the Lakers...Notsomuch the inner-workings as far as player personnel, but he does have some knowledge of things...Maybe he's that guy???

Laker Lass - Don't worry I'll make sure never to call you lassie.....I'll definitely be rounding up those trade links for later this morning/afternoon....

This Trade is Successful!Start Over

Chris Bosh 15.7M (1year)
Marcus Banks 4.5 mil (2 years)


Andrew Bynum 12.5m (3 Years)
Sasha Vujacic 5.0 mil (2 Years)
A. Morrison 5.2M (1 Year)
Jordan Farmar 1.9 mil (1 year)

That clears a lot of our contracts.


Speaking frankly here, Bynum seems like he would flourish on a team that's looking to build something special. He's a guy that I would want to build around. He's big, he can score, he CAN defend if deployed in the right system. Why wouldn't someone want him?

All I have been saying is that he doesn't seem to fit well for US and OUR system. Kobe and Gasol move fast, make decisions on the fly and Bynum just isn't wired that way. Bynum seems like an old time big center that can ball. But what he does well, doesn't seem to fit for US!

I love Andrew, but please let this deal happen. 10 years of being very good is not quite the equal of 5 world championships.

This a is prime time moment in Laker history (with Kobe playing like is), so why not maximize it?

Make the move.


Bulk at the 4-5? How about this one:

Chris Bosh 15.7 mil (1 year)
Reggie Evans PF 4.9 mil (2 years)


Andrew Bynum 12.5 mil (3 years)
Adam Morrison 5.3 mil (1 year)
Jordan Farmar 1.9 mil (1 year)
Sasha Vujacic 5 mil (2 years)


Or maybe we need to keep Farmar. The trade machine likes this one too:

Chris Bosh 15.7 mil (1 year)
Reggie Evans PF 4.9 mil (2 years)


Andrew Bynum 12.5 mil (3 years)
Adam Morrison 5.3 mil (1 year)
Josh Powell 1 mil (1 year)
Sasha Vujacic 5 mil (2 years)

I had to throw in Powell because I was $5,000 short in trade values.


Another thing the Chris Bosh move does, is it allows Gasol to slide over to the center position, thus allowing Gasol, not Bynum, to be the next in a legendary line of great Laker centers. This makes sense, because it really was the Kobe/Gasol show that brought this team back to the mountain top and looks to do so again in the years to come.

Gasol deserves to be the next name after Shaq, the next bust carved after Shaq, much more than Bynum does.



Raftors might be eyeing for Mbenga not Bynum. huh! With regards to the beast, he's the pet of the young owner, as his son while in the blog, he is the grandson of our favorite (you know who?) No way, he will ever be offered to any team. He's next to Luke as untouchable species. All of us will be gone in this blog, they will still be with the Lakers. They will be preserved to the nth of time till they get to Getty Museum for an infinite contract if there is such as thing. lol!

If Lakers lose again for 3rd consecutive time against the Bucks, it is again the fault of Kobe. he sustained injuries and refused to take surgery on fractured index or torn ligament on pinky or take an indefinite medical leave like Walton, Artest and Gasol. This guy is a ball hog, he prefers to play than rest and detriment to the team. Are the Kobe critics satisfied that we should rest Kobe and let the 3 magnificent pg's to do the play and also sub him w/ Sasha?

Drew for Bosh... make the deal before Toronto wakes up, it's obvious that Drew and Pau can't get it together. MAKE THE DEAL, plus Sasha or Farmar, Adam any combination MAKE THE DEAL. Kobe may or may not be the best player in the association, what happen to that high basketball IQ. Pass the damn ball, you're game is off, to much EGO.

I would never say one bad word again about Mitch if he could pull off a Bosh for Bynum trade. Since this rumor sounds too good to be true, it probably won't happen, but then again, we did get the second best big man in the game for the worst big man in the game not too long ago.
I'm tired of waiting for Bynum to develop a cinsistant game alongside Pau and I don't think he can play with another big.
This would be a win win because Bynum would do well in Toronto where he can be the focus of the offense and Bosh will fit in here because he has heart, determination, and is a much smarter and multifaceted player than Bynum will ever become.

Also, I thought for a while we were showcasing Sasha and Adam --- Hell, Josh too. For a while, these guys weren't really getting any burn and like lately, they are a part of our regular rotation -- injuries or not..Very curious move even by the Zen Master..

Wesjoenixon, you are on fire today! I'm with you. But frankly speaking, this may all just be a ruse to light a fire underneath Bynum. Remeber all that "Trade Lamar" talk a couple of years ago? That's all it was, just talk. HOWEVER, Toronto just may want a good center that they can build with.

I think Bosh wants out of there bad and I don't see them resigning him. Bynum just may be the piece that they could live with. Look at the Grizzlies. They're a .500 club now and they are starting to put something nice together.


You are working that trade machine something wicked!! LOL

How about this one? Some serious talant switches hands:

Chris Bosh 15.7 mil (1 year)
Damar Derozen 2.2 mil (2 years)


Andrew Bynum 12.5 mil (3 years)
Adam Morrison 5.3 mil (1 year)
Josh Powell 1 mil (1 year)
Jordan Farmar 1.9 mil (1 year)
And our 2011 #1 pick

They get a yound, cheap center in Bynum, our #1, and 8 million in expiring deals. We get Bosh and Kobe's backup in Damar.


Still........Don't see Mitch letting anybody know what type of hand he is working with -- he usually does all his ISH on the sneak tip!

Feel me?

Wes, Damar DeRozan would be a steal -- now that's wassup and that sounds like a Mitch kinda deal!!

I like that LAST trade the best ..Wonder what's really good with that? I don't want Bosh going to Houston...he's from Texas so I know they are trying to lure him with that homecooking..but we can lure him with the RINGS!!!

They'll give him more open looks, but I think he'll start getting the ball either in the mid-post or high post (a la Dirk) so he can get himself closer to the basket.

This won't really be a problem if we start to get some major production from the bench (even if it's just steady production). If things are more balanced offensively (i.e. other players are treated as credible threats to the defense), then I don't see Kobe chucking as much.

wonder if Popovich has already filed a complaint with the league just based on the rumor? LOL!

Kidding aside, I also read it on Hoopshype that Bosh is offered to the Lakers as published by New York Post. Who owns NY Post? Ans. Rupert Murdoch who also own Fox Group of Companies. Because of the reputation of this paper known to highlight sensational news or try to create one to sell the paper, it remains as a rumor. I wish Bresnahan or Crawford could vouch for this rumor, then it is close to the truth.

OK, let's assume that it is 75% truth if Lakes acquire Bosh and they have Kobe & Gasol plus Artest in the playoffs - that's REPEAT. There are three olympians in this line up, proven effective. The only thing good about Bynum is that he is only 23 years old, we would not know if he will explode or implode. Bynum is aggressive in offense but a dismal defender, it takes another legend to train him on his weaknesses. Bosh is a natural center, an athletic guy who does not need any further training. He just need direction and good teammates.

I would assume that my good friend LakerTom will also agree with this trade. If you play favorites and have a personal fan dome on Bynum, then any deal that involves Bynum is not a good deal. A strong faith that he could be better than Bill Russell when he matures. It may be a wishful thinking but it is just faith to true legion fans of Bynum like Nemeia Faletogo.

Lakers is a team of destiny and home of superstars. They don't go for rookies or other newbies whose time frames are eternal, however they clung on Walton and Vujacic because they're handsome and have a chance of getting to the movies. lol! Secondly, for them to retain Phil Jackson, he should be inspired of their performance in the playoffs. Therefore, a Bosh trade will energize the Laker fans, will heal Kobe's fingers and another shock wave to the league.

Go for it Mitch, i agree with your line of thinking even it is just a rumor. If it doesn't materialize, it is a stern warning to Bynum that he is no longer protected or babied forever. He is now a man ready to deliver progress or ship out soon.

Still buggin out over this rumor!! Man, the Lakers would SEND Bynum to Canada??? He has to be crappin bricks right about now!!

Peter Vecsey making those claims though? Tough for me to buy in at this point, but that would be a good trade. It might be time to play that chip (Bynum) if you can upgrade like that.

Damn, that would be a good team now, as opposed to the future. But I can see how the current performance would make Mitch start thinking.

WesJoe, I think a point guard isn't as important as a guy that can defend a point guard.

that's interesting, if you post twice quickly, I guess one post gets dumped?

- but all I said was it would work out well for Bynum because Bargnani likes to shoot the 3 so Bynum would have room to operate down low and everybody can see Bynum/Gasol just isn't working out.

- also, I wondered if we would get Calderon or Jack back because you would think Toronto would probably want Farmar in the deal along w/Morrison - both have contracts that run out and if they like Farmar, they can re-sign him, if not, let him go.

Another point I made in a lost post was that any Bosh/Bynum deal allows Gasol to assume the position of next great Lakers center after Shaq, a spot he's surely earned with back to back finals appearances, including a defensive master performance against Howard. Didn't howard only have 2-3 dunks the whole series?

The Celtics don't want this deal happening. They were counting on Perkin's out smarting Bynum down low. Not now. Let Gasol move to center and operate on Perkins while Garnett and his brood deal with Bosh.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Actually, I think the trade rumor is ridiculous for several reasons:
(1) The trade would increase the Lakers already league leading salary and luxury tax bill by $10M/yr.
(2) Bosh is overrated and was a bust on Team USA. He doesn’t play defense and his stats are inflated.
(3) Bosh cannot play center which would mean Pau would have to guard Shaq and physical centers.
(4) Losing Farmar would further exacerbate our problem and quality at the point guard position.
(5) The Lakers are still trying to incorporate Ron Artest in the lineup and don’t need more changes.
(6) The Lakers are already the best team and don’t need to make any move other than getting healthy.
(7) Trading Bynum would be a serious mistake because the Beast is likely to re-emerge next year.
(8) The Lakers with Gasol at center and Bosh at power forward would be a weaker defensive team.
(9) With Peter Vecsey, it has been proven that he will make up stuff WITHOUT having a real source.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wait, defending World Champs, best record in the league and the consensus is to "blow it up"? Relax, people! And this comes from Vecsey? Seriously, people still listen to anything this guy spews? He's been making stuff up for 20 years.

wesjoenixon, my bro, lay off the double espressos, dude. You're more hyper on this trade rumor than Sasha overplaying the inbounds pass. I still like Bynum, and I want to see him continue to develop. And yeah, I still think he's going to develop into a real force.

But no matter. Let's go with it and assume for the moment that we're going to trade Bynum. Who/what should we trade him for. Another center? Why? Gasol is a perfectly good center, as even you acknowledge in your dream lineup. No, if...IF...I would even entertain a trade, the ONLY thing I would trade for would be what we really, desperately need to assure us dominance and a long-term dynasty...a world-class, young, high energy, great defending PG. Period.

Like who? Like Deron Williams (never happen...Jerry Sloan would sooner become a crotch bomber than deed him over to the Lakers). Or like Russell Westbrook (could definitely happen with Bynum as the bait...but would Phil want to play the Thunder with Bynum and Durant staring down at him?). Yeah, I'd do that trade. The Lakers would be absolutely loaded at every single position. No layup drills to the rim by every mediocre opponent. Run and gun, phi-slamma-jamma, Showtime II. Yeah, I'd do it.

OK, wesjoenixon, your move. See if you can respond in fewer than 26 postings.

The Celtics don't want this deal happening. They were counting on Perkin's out smarting Bynum down low. Not now. Let Gasol move to center and operate on Perkins while Garnett and his brood deal with Bosh.
Posted by: wesjoenixon | January 10, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Wes, I loved that word Brood so I looked it up.

Main Entry: 1brood
Pronunciation: \ˈbrüd\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English brōd; akin to Middle High German bruot brood and perhaps to Old English beorma yeast — more at barm
Date: before 12th century
1 : the young of an animal or a family of young; especially : the young (as of a bird or insect) hatched or cared for at one time
2 : a group having a common nature or origin
3 : the children of a family

Perfect for the Celts.

Hey Mark you're right, most of the 37 shots Kobe took were within the context of the offense, besides KOBE>>>>>lakers, I bet most people here didn't even have idea lakers existed before started playing for them.

On the other hand, we also live in America, the individual in this country is WAY bigger than the team concept and ESPN usually tells us Kobe is the closest thing to God since MJ, so we should just be super glad that we have him and forget everything else

By the way Mark, thank God sorry I mean thank Kobe you got the memo, a troll is just anybody who disagrees with you regardless if he has anything of value that might just challenge the conventional homerism way of thinking

Run and gun, phi-slamma-jamma, Showtime II. Yeah, I'd do it.
OK, wesjoenixon, your move. See if you can respond in fewer than 26 postings.
Posted by: CornerJ | January 10, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Wes, go against the grain (The Bynumites) and you WILL experience pain. Nicely put CornerJ. You are saying what exactly? That because he's excited about trading Bynum and because he doesn't sign on to the idea that Bynum is the best long term option for the team, you slam him like that?

You seem like a smart guy and I appreciate your insights. But I think that's a little over the top. I for one am NOT one of the "Keep Bynum the Beast no matter the short term consequences guys". I believe that we are best served to move him and personally, I feel validated by this rumor if true.

So far, the Bynum and Gasol pairing hasn't worked out as well as hoped, due to some combination of Bynum not putting out the effort/focus while Gasol is playing (which he admits himself) and the lack of much of an outside game between the combination of Odom/Gasol/Bynum. I think getting Bosh would address both of those issues. It improves the Lakers speed, too. Overall, Bosh is currently a better player than Bynum. They would lose some size, and some potential (I think Bosh has leveled out) at this point. But I have doubts about how much of his potential Bynum will reach (not sure he has the drive to be a great player; I think he would be satisfied with being good-very good). Bosh is still young, too.

In the short term, I think it's a definite plus for the Lakers, and probably in the long term, too. (Assuming that they re-sign him.) I think I would probably do the trade.

So far, the Bynum and Gasol pairing hasn't worked out as well as hoped, due to some combination of Bynum not putting out the effort/focus while Gasol is playing (which he admits himself) and the lack of much of an outside game between the combination of Odom/Gasol/Bynum. I think getting Bosh would address both of those issues. It improves the Lakers speed, too. Overall, Bosh is currently a better player than Bynum. They would lose some size, and some potential (I think Bosh has leveled out) at this point. But I have doubts about how much of his potential Bynum will reach (not sure he has the drive to be a great player; I think he would be satisfied with being good-very good). Bosh is still young, too.

In the short term, I think it's a definite plus for the Lakers, and probably in the long term, too. (Assuming that they re-sign him.) I think I would probably do the trade.

exhelo, I'm glad you went on the record.....TWICE!!! haha

Guys, just an alert. I got a post coming up soon. Feel free to comment on the next one.

i will offer Farmar for a slice of Toronto black ice sprinkled with some snow flakes.

Johnny V,
You can say that again!


"This is a gutsy Norm Nixon for Bryon Scott type move..."

I was thinking the exact same thing.

I don't know if I want to see Bynum grow on another team, though. It would hurt every time he did something cool.

We would still be prohibative favorites to win the next few titles with either player. Though, having Bynum makes us more insulated against injury.

Bynum is a budding offensive beast, however. But, maybe Bosh fits better when Gasol is healthy. Bosh cannot fill in for Gasol in quite the same way that Bynum does if Gasol gets injured again, though.

Plus, I don't know Bosh's injury frequency compared to Bynum's, which so far has been often.

That's l lot for a GM to weigh.

Bush has always been very high on this blog's wish list. I realize that. I actually think in this situation it is win-win for the Lakers. If the deal goes through, we will reap rewards. If the deal fails, we reap rewards. Mitch is playing with house money on this one, people.


Wow, I came to comment on The Kobe thing and this thread has become Bynum Trading charade ;)

I am quick on the matter (Kobe matter) cos I am writing while follow the HUGE Juventus Milan game and trust me... it's like Lakers VS Celtics for us (well, that should be Milan Inter, but I personally feel it so against Juventus...).

I loved your article on Kobe MM. Really insightful, and moreover pretty near to my ideas.

I am with PJ (what a surprise). Not worried.
But I wish Kobe could heal his finger a bit without being forced in overuse it. I wait for Pau to get back to lift some of the weight off from The God's back.
@LakerLass: darling, no way I can be in your place AT ALL.
I might write more often (thank iPhone AND the fact at laboratory I have spare time while waiting for reactions to perform...) but that means nothing compared to your grace in this blog, or your competent and warmening insight.

Let yourself shine: one of your posts means more than 10 of mines combined.

And btw, I am happy if our hug helped you the other day. We're here to make you happier. Kiss **** ;)

Oh, on the Kobe shooting too much thing...come on. Most of his shots he's taken since aggravating his finger have been wide open. I mean, wide, freakin' open. And not just because the other team has left him open. Kobe has consciously not been taking as many contested jumpers as he normally would. EVERYONE knows he's finally lost his shooting touch since his finger was aggravated. I bet the truth is that the fracture was widened last Tuesday. A risk you take when you play injured, for sure.

However, Kobe has a way to make adjustments. I already know he's spent the last two days figuring out how to make further adjustments to become effective again. I'm not worrying about him.

It's the rest of the squad, they still can't shoot very well. I'm still amazed that we have and continue to have such a high winning percentage when all of our shooters are so mediocre. The only dead-eyes we have are Kobe and late-game Fish. That's it. And Kobe's dead eye has just been poked.



Your lab needs to do more experiments so that you can write even more! Your posts are poetry -- I hinge on every word.

I hope your beloved football team wins as well (or has already won, as the case may be).


FEARless, how kind... :) thank you.

Milan is winning on road game 2-0 with a bunch if minutes left, si being soccer not a last second game I am pretty confident I'll have a great sport night in a few moments ;)

Let's hope my Dawn will be' as satisfying...

Btw: love your nickname. Fits Lakers so well :)

When you shoot 35% a game and have negative +/-, I don't care how hard you are trying, you are hurting the team.

Kobe, If no one else is doing anything, cajole or motivate your teammates. Show leadership. Don't try to play one-on-5 when you can't make shots at a decent clip. Every possession where you jack it up is one where you take away from someone who's more open to shoot.



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