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Kobe Bryant still felt pain in back after game

Kobe Kobe Bryant swayed back and forth after the game, doing whatever he could to relieve the pain from the back spasms that took him down during the Lakers' loss to the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night.

He first felt his back go out early in the first quarter. He went to the locker room for treatment, played in the second and third quarters, but had to shut it down in the fourth.

Now the game was over and Bryant was trying to deal with the pain.

"I've felt better," he said.

Bryant said his back felt tight before the game, but nothing more than his usual feeling.

But after he made a 14-foot bank shot over Manu Ginobili with 3:27 left in the first quarter, Bryant felt the pain shoot through his body.

Bryant already was playing with an avulsion fracture on his right index finger.

Pau Gasol missed his fifth consecutive game with a strained left hamstring. Ron Artest suffered a sprained right index finger against the Spurs, Sasha Vujacic suffered a strained right hamstring against the Spurs and Luke Walton played in his first game in eight weeks after being out with a pinched nerve in his back.

Bryant was asked if he was concerned about his team's injuries.

"No," Bryant said. "It's part of the business. I won't allow my guys to even think about that or have the attitude. Pull up your boots, get ready to play."

Bryant said he was "pretty sure" that he would play Wednesday night against the Mavericks.

He said he knew he faced a difficult flight from San Antonio to Dallas Tuesday night.

"It doesn't make it easier," Bryant said, trying to smile. "I'm not going to drive my [butt] to Dallas, that's for sure."

The Lakers have lost four consecutive road games, three by double-digits.

They have lost three of their last four games.

Dallas won't be any easier.

"This is just a period in the season right now where it's a tough stretch," Bryant said. "But you have those every once in a while."

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Kobe Bryant at AT&T Center in San Antonio. Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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I'm feeling the pain of this loss, and the 3 ones before this on the road. But it's important to remember how banged up we have been and how far we are from when the real games start.

In the meantime we're still at a winning clip and just as long as we get stuff in gear when the playoffs comes, I'm a-ok.

Keep your head up laker fans. GO Lakers!



You better get your facts straight before you put my name in your mouth. First of all, I'm not a follower of LakerTom, I just happen to agree with some things he's posted. Second, go back and read any of my posts and you'll discover that I've never referred to LakerTom as BynumTom or any other name you mentioned.

You along with several others seem to read ONLY want you want read in posts and completely ignore other parts of it. I've said it MANY times before that even though I've been a big supporter of Bynum, I've also been very critical of how he's played and his lack of focus and passion at times. I really don't like how some bloggers also misconstrue or misinterpret some things that are posted. Everyone is entitled their opinion, so don't get it twisted!!!

I'll debate LakerTruth or anyone else on here anytime when it comes to the Lakers and basketball. I may not always be right, but I sure as hell won't try to make my opinions or comments the be all, end all. You pointed out Edwin and myself as followers of LakerTom and yet here you are following LakerTruth around. Don't jump on people for what you're guilty of yourself. Is LakerTruth always right??? Is his opinion or comment the "truth" for the entire blog??? No disrespect to LakerTruth, but every one is right in some aspect or another.

I didn't join the live game chat tonight because me and my wife have been caring for my terminally ill mother which makes all of this so trivial. In my world of violence, watching my mother dying is the hardest thing I've ever had to endure. She is truly a saint and I lover her with all my heart. Tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them while they can take it in.

Much love to all the Laker fans and their families. I apologize Lakerfan if I came off to hard, it's a sad day for me and my family.

Posted by: Nemaia Faletogo | January 12, 2010 at 10:21 PM


Thanks for keeping the faith. I believe in our Lakers.


Thanks for the nice comment about my post on an earlier thread. Peace.

Kobe needs to shut it down for a couple of weeks. It's one thing to play with a broken finger, but he's stupid to fight for a few regular season games and end up so damaged that he jeopardizes the playoffs. It was obvious that when he was hurt, that he was slow to react on defense and had no explosiveness on offense. Although he did keep the Lakers in the game in the 1st half, it was a wash, because he had some costly turnovers that ended up creating runs for the Spurs.

Odom is the most overrated defensive player in the league. He can't guard any post players 1-1 and can't contain faster players on the perimeter. He has zero post moves.

I don't know if it's the team defense, but I've never seen a pro team give up so many lay-ups on give and goes and back door plays. There were some major flaws with last year's defense, but the last 10-15 games, they've given up about 10 lay-ups a game. Not even the Clippers do that.

There is no way that with this team the Lakers are going to win the Championship this year, let alone make it out of the West. They are below 500 against teams with winning records. After this month, they may not even have the 4th best record in the league, and likely will not have the best record in the west.

Buss needs to make one more major move to try to improve some of the weak points on this team before the playoff push.

We desperately need Gasol back. Bynum, although he scored 23 points against Duncan, shot less than 50%, and his defense was not acceptable. Powell and Mbenga are not NBA quality players.

Nemaia, strength to you and your family in this your time of need. In a perfect world the Lakers will gift you another championship to get your mind off your troubles. Let's keep the faith :-)


No plea for D? Right as usual, these are the dog days and if you gotta get injured, this would be the time. So we'll drop some games, the bench will get experienced and maybe even find a bit of consistency.

It's the Ron and LO show. And that's a good thing. LO needs to add points to his other stats and Ron needs to take over. Should be entertaining.

Kobe needs the rest for multiple reasons and the team could use a Kobe break. It all pays dividends down the road.

Nemaia Faletogo

Thanks for sharing your mother's story with us. Our prayers are with you. Such a love should be celebrated. We're lucky to have each other as sad as moments like yours now, can be.

It puts all troubles, Laker or otherwise, back in the small stuff category.

MM, I'd like to note that while I don't mind 'trolls' or disagreements, I certainly would like to bring to light that I believe Dfish is harassing Jon K, and has been for several posts.

His parody of Jon K's typical saying is a little over the top, and I do believe you need to police it when it gets petty on a personal level. This sort of thing has been policed in the past.

Disagreements are one thing, but getting at a person's schtick just to annoy him personally has always been outside the bounds of our usual conversation here.

The difference between this, and for example, the continuing disagreement between LakerTom and KB Blitz, hobbitimage, or people that don't find Bynum to be a 'Beast', is that Dfish has been personal from the get go, whereas the other issue has always been about Bynum.

Just my $.02.

NEMAIA, much love to you and your family, man.

This is probably the topic furthest from your mind, but I absolutely second you on calling out people for making divisions where there are no divisions to be made. That whole Bynum/anti-Bynum has devolved, and has been taken to another level now that another player's name has been thrown in the mix.

That's all I have to say about that. Get back to caring for your mother. God Bless.


DFish, Saracasm does not become you and you are not worthy of the real Derek Fisher!

Kobe's attitude is great but his body is in horrible shape, between the back, finger(s) and who knows what else he's not telling us.

Other Lakers need to man up. Ammo sitting out with a sore throat is ridiculous.

Artest needs to stop drinking, like now. Or taking Percoset, which I'm sure he is.

AB, stop taking Ambien.

That is all.

Interestingly, the very saying that is being parodied is the very reason why what this particular harassing individual is saying doesn't matter much at this point.

Nemaia Faletogo

Forza Nemaia! Those of us that have gone through it share your grief . This blog is almost like our second family so our prayers are with you and your beloved Mom.

Thank you for sharing your love with our LAKERS (despite all that is going on in your life) and for your always positive comments.

Keep the faith and May the Peace be always with you and with your loved ones.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Just thought I drop by and check up on the "True" Lakers fans. You definitely know who you are...Maybe this perspective might cheer some of you up.

I've been checking up on the Lakeshow since the beginning of the season from a distance. My observation, as some of you might agree, is that they have not been a truly complete team since opening day.

If you think about it, nagging and nick knack injuries have been their achilles heal ALL year long which explains a lot of inconsistent play in between some good ones, but not great by championship standards.

It's just not about the injuries in the physical side of the spectrum. It also includes the mental aspect on the court, which has been missing a bit of ''bite and bark!"

With Gasol and Luke missing games for stretches, Kobe, Lamar, Ron, Drew and I suspect even Fish have been riddled by the injury "bug" at one time or another. The pieces on the court are not yet in unison. It's OBVIOUS! Look at their level of play. Unfortunately, it is what it is! The bottom line is that they have to fight through them just like other teams, such as Boston and Portland to name a couple.

Other than the Dallas wipeout at Staples a couple of weeks back, they have not truly played their A game yet. I "truly" believe that. I also believe that they will come around. It's such a long season with so much unpredictability. "Ten Rings" Phil, as always, will know when to crack the whip.

With this Lakers team, its all about playing well down the homestretch towards June, not from last October through January. As fans, we have to believe that through ADVERSITY, champions are born. It happened last year. Why not this year?

There is no question that our boys this year are being challenged in every way possible by every team and even "themselves."

After last night's loss to the Spurs, it is safe to say that ADVERSITY has officially struck our team ladies and gentlemen. It has arrived and is alive and well!

Moving forward, it going to be interesting to see how they are going to respond in the next couple of months in terms of rediscovering their championship mettle, especially with a brutal road trip on the horizon.

Believe me, no one in any other NBA locker room is going to feel sorry for the Lakers. Why should they? Right now, the Lakers success has been their worst enemy thus far. It is a new season with a new set of circumstances and situations.

The key, like I mentioned earlier, is going to be how the Lakers respond to the challenge personally and professionally ahead.

Well, they are going to find out a lot about themselves soon enough. If anything, ADVERSITY is the best thing that can happen to this team at this moment in time.

We can't expect KB24 and Pau to save the day EVERYDAY! Others have to rise from the doldrums of their own poor play physically and mentally and understand the BIG PICTURE ahead. This should get them going. The fear of "not" playing in June should motivate these defending champs. If this doesn't do the trick, I don't know what else will...It's all about their will and desire from here on out. As far as I'm concerned, they still have the hunger to do it all again.

Furthermore, once each player (other than the stars) decides to "step up" individually and collectively through the good and bad times as well as see the journey ahead as a "team" as well as COMMIT to each other in WINNING, I can see another Lakers championship without question. Of course, good health would be a great part of the title equation. Let the healing begin!

Like I always say, Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!



Love to you and your family from your Lakers family.

The failure of this game did not come down to injuries, it came down to us. With about 6 minutes to go, someone read my mind and started a RALLY CAP wave. I nearly simulaneously, posted mine. While a couple more appeared, none of us really gave them a good sustained run up the flagpole.

As sure as gravity and night following day, our flagging energy led to a recoiling of effort and focus on the part of the second unit. From the moment we lost Faith, all hope disappeared.

As we get into this difficult part of the season, we must remember that we are the WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS!! There is NOT A SINGLE HINT OF DOUBT that we will be in the playoffs. And, if we get there healthy, being strengthened by this adversity, will only further seal the deal on our upcoming REPEAT on the way to a THREEPEAT!

Never give up, never doubt, keep the Faith! We will, mark my words, thrash the heck out of this league, end up on top, and claim our rightful spot at the end of the day. As sure as adversity bonds us, we shall prevail!!!


Watching Bynum play D = infuriating. Cut his playing time, maybe then he'll have enough energy to jump, I mean, actually jump. So he is only 22, ok then, he should have lots of energy. Theres something wrong with him mentally, no passion.

Much love to all the Laker fans and their families. I apologize Lakerfan if I came off to hard, it's a sad day for me and my family. Posted by: Nemaia Faletogo | January 12, 2010 at 10:21 PM

My prayers are wtih you brother Nemaia, I know what you are going thru. I know how much your kind words and the words of the Blog helped me when my mother passed a year and a half ago. Be strong brother - as I know you are - God or the Force never puts more on you than you can handle. I'm not a church going person but in my own way I am very religious. I will keep you, your Mother and your family in my daily prayers from now on.
(01) MAMBA24 - OWNER - My prayers go out to you brother Faletogo. Be strong Brother.

Took me a while to read all the posts, but I made it finally and my very first message of course is a virtual and strong embrace to Nemaia.
There's nothing words can do to heal your pain, but I am sure the person so dear to your heart knew about your love, and felt it, even though it might have been not verbalized often.

Try to keep the good of that life that inspired you: it's a way to keep honouring that life through your own one going.


I ma VERY worried still about our physical condition.
I want Kobe to REST.
Knew, elbow, fingers and now Back?
Okay, it seems like all of my worst nightmares are taking a toll on him and Pau.
It's a never ending fog in face of mine.

We are facing a tricky and probably disappointing January, but I look at the bright side: if we save out precious combination for ahead times, we might lose more (well, sure we would) but we save them and we test bench kids strong which will be rewarding in the end.

Now I know if there's only 10% of chances of succeeding on being present on court tonight Kobe will take it, but sometimes big resolutions gotta be taken.


Steel Chains of course, or else he will break them.

PS: about the intense harassing against JonK, I strongly back everyone who has asked for a permanent measure against his virtual stalker. One thing is a constant feud over technical preferences aboyt players and the game, another is this tirade based on what's clearly a personal distaste, which shouldn't be allowed around here.

PS2: I honestly can't see why the chat login can constitute such a problem for everyone here who has expressed complete loathe for that. I have friends who have Twitter set up and all they did to do was provide a valied email and a nickname. They never use Twitter unless they are not traveling around the world, cos then they use it as an SMS and it's less costly. Aren't you all login in here with the e-mail visible already?
Anyway, of course you have your right to displease the new system and boicott it.
But as anybody who was in chat yesterday can confirm, the atmosphere was smooth, quick and serene there yesterday. And it got better and better as minutes were passing.
We finally had way also to talk and interact with Mark, which has been a fine pleasure, at least from my side.

Look forward to tonight (I guess I can wake up again at 2h30 am.)


I renew my hugs and sentiments to Nemaia's loss.

Everytime I have to face a loss, someway this poem by Yeats (one of my favourite authors) comes to my mind. Hope it can ease you or at least help you the same way it uses to work with me (of course those who don't want to read it can use that great gesture commonly defined as "scrolling"...)

Upon A Dying Lady

Her Courtesy

WITH the old kindness, the old distinguished grace,
She lies, her lovely piteous head amid dull red hair
propped upon pillows, rouge on the pallor of her face.
She would not have us sad because she is lying there,
And when she meets our gaze her eyes are laughter-lit,
Her speech a wicked tale that we may vie with her,
Matching our broken-hearted wit against her wit,
Thinking of saints and of petronius Arbiter.

Curtain Artist bring her Dolls and Drawings
Bring where our Beauty lies
A new modelled doll, or drawing,
With a friend's or an enemy's
Features, or maybe showing
Her features when a tress
Of dull red hair was flowing
Over some silken dress
Cut in the Turkish fashion,
Or, it may be, like a boy's.
We have given the world our passion,
We have naught for death but toys.

She turns the Dolls' Faces to the Wall
Because to-day is some religious festival
They had a priest say Mass, and even the Japanese,
Heel up and weight on toe, must face the wall
-- Pedant in passion, learned in old courtesies,
Vehement and witty she had seemed -- ; the Venetian lady
Who had seemed to glide to some intrigue in her red shoes,
Her domino, her panniered skirt copied from Longhi;
The meditative critic; all are on their toes,
Even our Beauty with her Turkish trousers on.
Because the priest must have like every dog his day
Or keep us all awake with baying at the moon,
We and our dolls being but the world were best away.

The End of Day
She is playing like a child
And penance is the play,
Fantastical and wild
Because the end of day
Shows her that some one soon
Will come from the house, and say --
Though play is but half done --
'Come in and leave the play.'

Her Race
She has not grown uncivil
As narrow natures would
And called the pleasures evil
Happier days thought good;
She knows herself a woman,
No red and white of a face,
Or rank, raised from a common
Vnreckonable race;
And how should her heart fail her
Or sickness break her will
With her dead brother's valour
For an example still?

Her Courage
When her soul flies to the predestined dancing-place
(I have no speech but symbol, the pagan speech I made
Amid the dreams of youth) let her come face to face,
Amid that first astonishment, with Grania's shade,
All but the terrors of the woodland flight forgot
That made her Diatmuid dear, and some old cardinal
Pacing with half-closed eyelids in a sunny spot
Who had murmured of Giorgione at his latest breath --
Aye, and Achilles, Timor, Babar, Barhaim, all
Who have lived in joy and laughed into the face of Death.

Her Friends bring her a Christmas Tree
pardon, great enemy,
Without an angry thought
We've carried in our tree,
And here and there have bought
Till all the boughs are gay,
And she may look from the bed
On pretty things that may
please a fantastic head.
Give her a little grace,
What if a laughing eye
Have looked into your face?
It is about to die.

William Butler Yeats


Nemaia Faletogo,

As you can tell from the many posts above, you are one of the most appreciated members of our blog family. I join those offering prayer for you and your loved ones as you endure this most difficult time.

Aint gone be no rah, rah poem today, I have a few serious words that I’d like to say
F%$$# all the Blog arguments & strife, Reality now intrudes with the Harshness of Real life
Sure the Lakers are our favorite team, and each lil loss makes some us want to scream
But remember that it’s only a game, Whether the Lakers win or lose you’ll still be the same
Don’t get so caught up in Emotion, that you forget to show your family some devotion
A blogger family member is going thru a hard time, I don’t know him but he’s a friend of mine
Nemaia Faletogo is his name, For him play time was over when reality came
Yet one could never tell from his daily post, the burden he and his family now have to host
Even with a load that would break some men. he still cheers his team and still shares a grin
Cancer the big C a vicious malady, has once again intruded on our Laker family
Nemaia’s Mother who I am sure is a Saint, Is waging a fight to tell Cancer it can’t
The Faletogo family is hanging in there, but I am sure they would appreciate any Prayer
A lot of us are religious in a non-conventional way, we believe in the Force, God & Yahweh
What ever your belief if you could just say, A prayer for his mother, that she be OK
If this one thing you would do, Help Mrs. Faletogo tell cancer who the HELL ARE YOU
Thanks for your time, my preaching is thru, I’m Mamba24 FALETOGO FAMILY GOD BLESS YOU


I'm going through a similar situation with my mom as well right now therefore, I know exactly how you feel. Nevertheless, just want to let you know that I'm always with you all the way. In my case, I make peace with myself and reassure my mom every single day that she is loved and will be in our memory forever. I only talk to her only about the good times we had. In the meantime, we're trying to make her as comfortable and pain free for the the time she has left....

We miss you at the love chat last night where LAT rolls out a new blog format whereas you have to use your twitter, myspace or facebook account to sign-on. After a few minutes, I give the new format a big "THUMB UP." This format eliminate the pesky identity theft from the nuisance trolls issue we're facing after the K Brothers left and somehow left our blog'sgate wide open.

Our team didn't have all the pieces last night. Many injuries; Artest, Pau, Kobe and Sasha. Bynum and UPS did well last night but, the rest of the team played like they're still in Los Angeles. We got killed,as usual, at the PGs' position. DFish remains in the slum, Farmar can't make layups, pass or make wide open shots. I'm tired of bashing these players. They are no hope for our team at the PGs' position unless we make a trade! You can choose to ignore this obvious issue just like a drunk who woke up and found out that his pant is soiled and proclaimed that someone has stolen his pant overnight!!

Jon K, Swish, and other Conscientious Objectors,

Considering the multitude of dehumanizing things that are part of modern life, creating a Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace account hardly rises to the top of the list. Especially when your a Lakers fan and an important member of our blog community.

We're subject to insane cancellation fees if we want to change carriers for our iPhones and Blackberries. We pay taxes to employ government bureaucrats who won't answer our calls or help us when they do. We bail out banks who thank us by raising their fees and lowering our credit limits. I could go on and on.

This blog, like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace is a social networking tool owned by a media company. They've all generated value for the companies who created and operate them. All of them have also created value for the people who use them. In the global scheme of things, they're hardly evil on the level of terrorists, dictators, and violent drug lords.

In short, you've articulated your objections. Now, come home. Injuries to our team are creating on-court turmoil. The Lakers' opponents are all bringing their A-Game in an effort to topple our Champions. Some of our guys are struggling. Your voice is needed and wanted here.

We've survived the lonely 18-day interim between the K-Bros' departure and the arrival of M2. A technological change to drive away the trolls and speed the delivery of our comments will have long-term benefits. The game chat is one of the best parts of blogging here.

I've not been paid to write this post. I'm hardly a defender of big anything. But I sure do want to keep our community in tact. Go Lakers!

Hey, what do you expect when you play a veteran team without your second-best player for the entire game and your best player playing injured for three and missing the entire fourth? I thought the reserves came out with a lot of good energy when they cut the lead but they didn't run the offense at all. When they could force turnovers or get out on the break they were really struggling to score. On the defensive end I think Bynum found himself lost out there a few times and other than that it was the same story with dribble penetration from the opposing point guard. Let's move on to the next game and see what shape our lineup is in.

On another note, I was extremely bothered by Bynum's play last night. If he doesn't learn to pass out of the post better I hope they trade him. The reason he shot under 50% was because every time he turns to the bucket the ball is going up. Some of the shots looked like feeble attempts to fling it at the rim and hope for a foul.

(01) FAITH – OWNER - Nemaia, strength to you and your family in this your time of need. In a perfect world the Lakers will gift you another championship to get your mind off your troubles. Let's keep the faith :-
(02) CARLOS DEEP – DRIVER - Nemaia Faletogo Forza Nemaia! Those of us that have gone through it share your grief . This blog is almost like our second family so our prayers are with you and your beloved Mom. Thank you for sharing your love with our LAKERS (despite all that is going on in your life) and for your always positive comments. Keep the faith and May the Peace be always with you and with your loved ones.
(03) VMAN - - Thanks for sharing your mother's story with us. Our prayers are with you. Such a love should be celebrated. We're lucky to have each other as sad as moments like yours now, can be. It puts all troubles, Laker or otherwise, back in the small stuff category.
(04) #4 - NEMAIA, much love to you & your family. Get back to caring for your mother. God Bless
(05) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – Nemaia god bless you & your family. Stay strong brother your Laker blog Family’s prayers are with you.

Dr. Buss please please trade Farmar, Morrison, Powell and Sasha. This bench brings ABSOLUTLY nothing to the table, they have out played by almost ALL the other teams benches we've played. Am i the only one that see's this?

Last night was a perfect example of how CRAPY they are, Brown may be the only one worth sticking with from that group. Clean house BUSS!

Pau, i understand a hammy isnt somthing to F with but c'mon man up....Artest and LO do you two realize that you are supposed to be starters?

Sorry folk im just a lil pissed....

Nemaia Faletogo,

I'm so sorry about your mother. This must be an extremely difficult period for you.

God bless you.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jose Gonzalez,

"Ammo sitting out with a sore throat is ridiculous."

I agree. I mean, Kobe's body parts are basically falling off and he still manages to play. Thriller is in MAJOR pain with his foot injuries, but he still manages to play, but a sore throat? Come on.

I understand if someone is sick and they can breathe or if they might vomit or have uncontrollable diahreah at any given moment, sure, they shouldn't play, but a sore throat? Really?

I don't get it.

I thought that Ammo was psycho-competitive when he was at Gonzaga.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nemaia Faletogo,

My family has your family in our prayers. Having gone through a similar situation with my mother (she was only 49 when she finally passed) in 2001, we know your pain.

I know it is trivial, but you can fellowship with Lakers fans here on the blog and hopefully get your mind off things 2.5 hours at a time. Little consolation, I know, but we offer it just the same.



Just as you do, I am keeping the Faith. I know this period shall pass, and come playoff time, the Lakers will be humming on all cylinders.



"DFish" is one of those negative, annoying control freaks. His type never lasts here.

Instead of just scrolling past my posts (as he should if he doesn't like my posts), he DEMANDS that I change my behavior (which is rooted in a good-natured passionate enthusiasm for our team).

What he doesn't get (because he's a fool) is that's not going to happen.

No way.

No how.

Uh uh.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Kobe needs to shut it down for a couple of weeks."

As much as I love Kobe's "will do" warrior's attitude, I begrudgingly agree with you.

I think Thriller needs to do the same thing.

Puddle posted about Ron's foot injury (puddle had the misfortune of having the same injury) and went off about how painful it is. It's not going to get better if he continues to try to play through it.

I know that resting Kobe and Thriller could cost us home court advantage in the playoffs, but I'm not sure how useful home court will be if Ron and Kobe are both on crutches during the playoffs.

AND by forcing Ammo, Jordan, Sasha, Luke, and Shannon to soak up Kobe and Thriller's minutes, it'll make them better prepared for the playoffs.

Something to consider.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Powell and Mbenga are not NBA quality players."

I disagree. They're not starters, but they are quality backups. Mbenga, for example, is an excellent blocker. Powell has some very nice offensive skills. They just need more minutes to develop their game.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



and if there is going to be a bright side of the war against trollism, can we keep a troll from posting under the name 'dfish?' I think people have tried to kill Danish cartoonists for milder blasphemy. Posted by: phred | January 12, 2010 at 08:36 PM


zaira do u ever think or u just let your fingers do the work.
less is more Dora around? Posted by: just another "index" swish | January 12, 2010 at 08:38 PM

Now was that nice? You feel like a real man now? Of course a real man wouldn't have "Swish" in his name.

zaira do u ever think or u just let your fingers do the work.
less is more Dora around? Posted by: just another "index" swish | January 12, 2010 at 08:38 PM

Now was that nice? You feel like a real man now? Of course a real man wouldn't have "Swish" in his name.

Nemaia Faletogo,

re: family. I'm sorry for you. I just got back from a funeral this past weekend.

Be Well!

First off, Nemaia Faletogo, may you find comfort in knowing many of us are caring about you, your mom and your family, and we hope good health will be restored to your mom soon. I hope that this laker blog community gives you some comfort during this difficult time.

Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

So, what does everyone think about the recent Shaquille O'Neal bullying/stalking 110 pound pretty girls who reject him?,0,4868225.story?track=rss

People have been talking a lot about Tiger Woods, but Sheriff Shaquille's recent romantic scandals are on a similar level, even though there hasn't been a lot of discussion of the matter in the press.

Also, what I don't get is that Shaq is reportedly a member of the Louis Farakhan's Nation of Islam which believes in the separation of races and that white people are "blue-eyed devils"...

..but the most recent girl that Shaq has been threatening and having an affair with is Caucasian.

Something weird is going with Shaq. I'm not so certain about his mental stability.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Uhm what body parts of Kobe is not injured? I read somewhere that he'll only sit out if he couldn't walk anymore. I guess he was pretty banged up last night. But banged-up or not, Bryant is not tolerating any excuses for the Lakers.

"It’s part of the business," Bryant said. "I won’t allow my guys to even think about that or have that attitude."

That attitude is slowly being adapted by Ron and LO, and i am glad to see that, very proud of them. They showed heart last night and tried to get that win w/o Kobe and Pau but came up short. Some dumb mistakes were made but so did everyone else in the team.

Isnt it kind of ironic (insert alanis morisette's ironic song) that Bynum is the healthy one out of the starting 5? Well I consider Fish as uhm part of the bench and LO as a starter. haha JK!

Well I'm over the loss.

Onto to the next win :)

Nemaia - I am so sorry to hear of the tragedy that you are currently experiencing. Death surely is the human family's greatest enemy. The prayers of your Laker family are with you. Stand firm - your faith will always be rewarded.

I watched the whole game last night and in the first quarter, I had the sense that the Lakers had something special going. I was thinking "Wouldn't it be great if Kobe was the facilitator/quarterback for this game?"

Kobe had a nice feed to Bynum for a dunk and Kobe's shot seemed to be "OK". But alas, he didn't hold up for the whole game and looked to be in a lot of pain!

I thought Bynum had a nice game. He really seems to be able to post up Duncan and handled him well. For last night anyway, Bynum wasn't our problem. Artest still seems like he is struggling and out of place. He tried getting to the hoop but kept getting butchered. We had a nice run of about 8 or 10 freethrows that seemed to keep us in the game.

I'll tell you what, Walton had a nice game! He hit his shots, distributed the ball, played nice defense, and generally stabilized the group he played with.

Farmar and Shannon looked good together. The more I see of those two together, the more I am liking them.

Personally, I am getting tired of the Bynum trade talk. Last night was another example of how good he MIGHT become. But I'm not sure about our ability to build two teams simultaneously. One built for Kobe and Pau so they can win us the next two championships, and the other to build for Bynums' "potential".


I am a Spurs fan. Last nights win against a Laker team minus Gasol and no 4th quarter of Kobe = nothing. Had the Spurs not won the game it would have been far worse for them. In a 7 game series a healthy Laker team will lose a couple of games but they will win 4 games first. That is the only thing that matters. When you have Gasol, Bynum, Artest, and L.O. for a front line, throw in Kobe you have one hell of a team. The only problem the Lakers have is their bench which stinks.

Be Strong for your loved ones Nemaia.

Much Love Brother.

We should appreciate that Mark is attempting to make the Blog and live chat a better place.

Mamba dear, you're always a sweet knight but really... That shout out was not a problem to me ;) those things don't reach me at all.
Put me of course in the Nemaia blog embrace.
And thank you for the beautiful song you wrote about the loss. To all the bloggers experiencing a similar pain and heartbreak... I got you all.

Much love.


Interesting how none of the bloggers said a word when JonK told me he would like me to repeat what I blogged regarding Fisher one on one in an alley. Which sounded like a threat to me. and then when on to insult me on more than one occasion. While his blogs have been totally mean spirited and nasty towards me, I have been totaly lighthearted. I really enjoy this blog, and I'm very suprised to see how some of the Laker fans are much more knowlegeable than I anticipated. I hope can I continue to participate, and I think you are doing a great job.

Posted by: DFish | January 13, 2010 at 08:13 AM

LOL ... DFish you must be new to the blog. Dont pay attention to what Jon K. has to say. He said the same thing to me. He told me if he met me in a bar he would take me out to the alley and beat the Laker bench out of me. He thinks very highly of himself. He has been proposed to by like 50 women ... and said no to all of them. I dont even think Brad Pitt has been proposed to that often. I must admit I was proposed to twice on Saturday by girls that met me for the first time.

BTW wait til he does his bio nuclear test on you!

I disagree with the assertion that "Kobe's BODY is in bad shape!" Hell, kinda statement is that..He is in great shape! He has injuries, jeezus christmas! I challenge any one who is not a professional athlete to go through the rigors of offseason training and practices and LIVE games with the most gifted and talent athletes in the world and play 82 games and then playoff games and tell me you would not get jacked up during some point during the season. If you answer NO! You are a lying mofo! I am not dissing anybody, just being real!

Nonetheless, like Kobe said, it's a part of basketball and to all those players who claim they are not garbage players and should or could be starting somewhere else and if given more opportunities would do this, that and a third, well come right on, here is your golden opportunity to shine -- if you are really all that, then show and prove..The time is now.

Go Lakers!

Nemaia -- my prayers with you and your fam! One love..

Walton playing last night was somewhat of a surprise to me, I thought I read somewhere he would'nt be ready just yet. But I guess desperate times called for desperate measures..Or, just maybe, Luke is being showcased for a swap?? Yeah right, and we will go on a 15 game winning streak with our bench being the sole reason!!

We need an upgrade....Damn something! What I would do to be the fly on Mitch's wall....

Kobe needs to tone it down and others need to step it up....

Laker fan-

The answer to your bench problem is getting Luke back ... LMAO. I recall some obviously wise man telling you that your bench sucked before the season started. I just dont remember who that wise man was. But you wouldnt have any of it. You claimed to have the deepest(LOL) most talented team in the NBA.

Is it me or does it seem like Kobe is starting to break down physically? In fact it seems like the whole team is breaking down. But it cant be ... your such a young team. But Im sure you dont care since you have such a deep and talented team. Afterall you did upgrade to Dribble Dribble. He seems to be having an MVP type season.

Mamba dear, you're always a sweet knight but really... That shout out was not a problem to me ;) those things don't reach me at all. Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | January 13, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Zaira if I didn’t come to the aid of our Jewel Of The Nile what manner of man would I be. Why I’d be
As bad as a Celtics Fan. Lol. And thank you my lady for the compliment.

Nemaia Faletogo,

I emphasize with your pain and sorrow. My best wishes to you and your family during this difficult time in your life.

Mamba24, please add me to the bandwagon for Nemaia.

Nemaia Faletogo, I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. My wife is going through a similar situation with her Mom. Stage 4 Endmetrial Cancer. It has not been fun. I will have my church pray for you and your family this sunday.

Best wishes,



It is lovely that you and DFish are consoling one another.

It just makes sense.

However, in truth, while being a person of intelligence and reason, I am a black belt martial artist in several martial arts, so when I do make such statements of conflict, I do so in confidence.

Regarding my (highly distorted) statements of challenged honesty, I am an honest person and also am so on this blog. If you have issues accepting that, it's okay by me. I'm being honest. That's enough.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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