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Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson showing no allegiances toward BCS national championship game


Besides the fact the team will be busy traveling today, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Coach Phil Jackson have other reasons they're not vested in tonight's Bowl Championship Series title game featuring Alabama and Texas.

"Being in L.A., I've been adopted by USC as my school of preference," said Bryant, though he has counseled former Texas quarterback Vince Young, who was outside the team's locker room after the Lakers' game against Houston on Tuesday night. "I refuse to claim anyone else as champions."

For Jackson, the game simply doesn't match his competitive interests.

"It’s kind of like college basketball -- these are the boys that play, not the men," he said. "It’s fun, but it’s a boys' game. I like the men’s game personally."

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Kobe Bryant scored a game-high 33 points but had a brutal shooting night (33 points on 10-for-30 shooting). Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times.

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argh! hate double posting but just posted this on a dead board... are they ever going to change this horrible format?

- These guys are simply too fast for Fisher. It's worse than last year, Baron Davis was simply sizing up Fisher and deciding whether to blow past to the left or to the right. Eric Gordon was too fast when Fisher ended up on him.

- Who do you give the bulk of the minutes to though? Farmar wasn't doing much better and Shannon Brown clearly isn't the greatest passer NOR clock management genius, as sadly... Phil had to stand up and yell at Shannon to not rush a shot up before the end of the quarter. COME ON! That's high school stuff, Shannon still doesn't understand simple clock management or just slowing the pace down when it gets to frantic?
- There ain't no PG to replace Fisher... and I don't believe we have a first round pick this year so... something's gotta give... if Farmar has trade value, we better do it now or lose him for nothing at the end of the season and then be paper thin at the PG slot.

Porky Pig:

Oink oink = greetings!!

By the way do not worry about PG situation with this laker team. We have our Laker for life connection Clark Kent in Minnesota who is going to give us Rubio. Recall how Kevin (Herman Munster) gave Celtics KG, well now it is pay back time and Clark Kent is going to return the favor to Lakers.

That’s all folks!!!

Mark Medina welcome to cuckoo's nest..hahaha!!

MM - what's the progress on stopping trolls from using our handles? It's getting crazy....

Kobe's a USC fan.

Fricken great.



Good afternoon,

Sorry I haven't been around much the last 24 hours. Other things to handle. Just some random thoughts while I've been catching up.

1) The Clips played with pride Wednesday night. The Lakers not so much. Kamen seemed to outwork AB17. RonRon was off, and the bench had little to offer. Apparently nobody noticed when Kobe's Superman cape was sent to the dry cleaners at the start of the 4th.

2) Any comments on Clippers' color man Mike Smith facing felony charges for allegedly swindling a senile neighbor in an investment scam? Shouldn't he have been suspended by the Clips pending some investigation?

3) I hate David Stern as much (or more) than most on the Blog, but based on the latest reports, both he and J-Crit should face lifetime bans by the NBA. No weapons should EVER be in a professional sports locker room. Period. As for self-protection, these athletes can afford body guards who are licensed and bonded. Packing heat is the wrong image for any professional athlete.

4) I abhor all the sports scandals, both college and pro. They take the sheen off the package, discourage fan loyalty, and give cynicism just another place to grow and prosper in a society that has all too much of it.

5) Phil should sage all of the Rose Garden before Friday night's game.

Go Lakers!

Correction: "both Arenas and J-Crit should face lifetime bans." My bad.

Funky Cold MEDINA,

Yo man, big ups!!

You are a great addition to the Blog!!!!!


Post something relevant to the games the Lakers are gonna play, not who they may be rooting for in the BCS game. Most of these players didn't go to school at all or barely went for a year, so they don't know anything about the college experience.

Porky Pig, you're right on point. The Lakers biggest concern is the point guard position, fish is done. On occasions he'll can ring a timely three, but overall it's lights out he's done. Thriller appears to be leading the association in having his shot rejected, what's up with that. Can't jump always driving head first into double and triple cover. And Drew C'mon man Pau sits and you were going ALL STAR on Kaman, but he looked like the all star. I know that this is just the journey, Jon K always say. WHAT DO WE PLAY FOR.

Jon K - it's ok - USC adopted Kobe - NOT the other way around.... :)

Jag - Hey man. Appreciate the feedback. I'm just trying to highlight interesting off-court, topical stuff. Don't worry. We'll definitely have pre-game coverage here too.

Yeah, like I would get upset if somebody else this good was using my name? I’m not upset at impersonations, if I was would I encourage this loser that much? Nah, I’m trying to raise him to a higher level than the one at which he now resides. I would suggest counseling and some special ed classes, but those are filled with people that at least have the potential to be functioning mentally. [makes pistols with fingers, mimes shooting them, blowing smoke off the barrels, and holstering them again]

“these 2, kelly and abbot never said anything lightly good about the lakers. they r totally biased and especially HATE kobe.
they r the one that do not leave room for discussion. why should WE give them HITS on their blogs.
if u consider that is the "market" place of ideas, we should not put money in "markets" that do not want US around.
maybe i was not more insightful about it for the first time. and do not forgot, by using THEM u will LOSE your OWN HITS. how is that for an exchange. U will be BLACKMAILED. :-)
Posted by: just another "index" swish | January 07, 2010 at 12:06 PM”

MM- for the record, I love Abbott and Dwyer, and I am a proud (possibly too proud) laker fan. Keep posting the links. Of course, I’m not sure if that was the real index swish. He may have been impersonated, or perhaps is just sniffing glue and experimenting with self lobotomization and trying (failing, as even that wouldn’t make him as stupid as the imposter) to achieve the total lack even flickering intellect that separate the imposter from those of us who post with our own (possibly fake, but still unique) names.

RE Arenas again- hey, even now he is providing a us valuable outlet for our indignation. Sure, we could get upset about something that actually matters, but that’s too hard. Let’s blame the collapse of civilization on (accused) hoodies in the nba.

Lifetime bans? The NBA has never handed out a lifetime ban. The NFL has never handed out a lifetime ban. MLB has handed down one lifetime ban in my lifetime, to disgraced (and retired) former player/manage Pete Rose. Are you saying that nobody in the NBA has ever done anything as bad as Critter and Hibachi? I can think of a few...

also going unnoticed is the enormous amount of energy Andrew Bynum has to expend on defense covering up the gaping hole that is the Fisher/Farmar slot. At least Shannon Brown harrasses when he is in there but if Farmar or Fisher is guarding against a pick and roll, forget it, it's ALL on Bynum who needs Artest in there to be sure somebody picks up HIS (Bynum's) man when Bynum goes out on whoever is abusing Farmar/Fisher.

- I love Bynum, not that way... but he still needs time and game closing opportunities to take that next step and he's just not going to get much of that this year. Maybe this would be a good way to "sell" Bynum on becoming a defensive force this year. Point out how much energy he has to use on defense, then he comes down and tries to expend even more energy on offense and you see see how his shot got flat as he wore down. Become a defensive GOD the rest of this season, let the offense come to him instead of worrying about point totals and the fans will recogize that effort.

"You can either pack heat and get in a gunfight with some hood because he want's to steal the $250,000 in bling you're wearing or you can not wear $250,000 in bling, not have to worry about being robbed."

There's nothing cool about acting like a thug.

'It's just plain lame. I pity the fool who thinks otherwise."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | January 07, 2010 at 11:51 AM

I find it Hilarious that you Quote Mr T.

Doesn't he wear more bling than anyone on this earth?

And checkout the gun Mr. T packs!

i'm just sayin


The links have been identified. It's up to you to decide if you want to access the links or not.

Mark is just giving us what we asked for.


from Agent 0 to Zero agent


I've figured out who the trolls are!!!!

It's actually AK & BK (and perhaps Momma K and/or their interns) coming on here to mess with us. Then we get mad at the lunacy going on so we all switch over to THEIR blog, and they again become the greatest, most popular Lakers blog.

SEE??? It all makes sense now, doesn't it?!

chic - I think Jon had has sarcasm font on there.... (to quote Charles who really should post on here more often). :)

right, sorry Rick. I would kind of like to see David Stern face a lifetime ban. Not sure what the justication would be, the nba team owners who pay him have definitly done well under his caretaking.

Ok, Ok. Hey, David Stern isn't completely evil. Between him and Gilbert, I would probably choose him to run my hypothetical company. But if I were going to war, i'm really sort of torn as to who i would want at my side. Stern would do a Milo Minderbender and sell me out for cash, but Agent Zero can't even load his guns.

Yeah, that's a Joseph Heller reference.




I don't like everything Stern does, but his marketing is why the players are able to make the salaries they make.

Okay Mark, I'll chill out bro!!! Just want these Lakers to handle up on their business. Its not easy being a Laker fan in Dallas. However, the conversation always ends when I talk about banners!!!!



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