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Gun reference attributed to Kobe Bryant in Nike ad

Kobe Talk about bad timing...

A Nike advertisement featuring Kobe Bryant and LeBron James that ran on the inside cover of this week's edition of Sports Illustrated includes a gun reference.

Under the slogan "Prepare for Combat," a blurb attributed to Bryant  states: "I'll do whatever it takes to win games. I don't leave anything in the chamber."

James' blurb does not include a weapon reference: "Opposing teams don't realize I was a football player first. I can take those hits and give a few back too."

Earlier this week, NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton for the remainder of the season for having guns inside the team locker room. Arenas has pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge and Crittenton plans to plead guilty to one of the two misdemeanor charges he faces.

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Kobe Bryant. Credit: Al Bello / Getty Images

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All this wanna-be gangsta macho crap is beyond boring.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


you guys are stupid, once again the media is just soo amazingly idiotic in what it trys to make people feel about what someone is implying. Same rape charge, Kobe and Rothlesberger, guess who the media portrays as the villan and who is protrayed as the victim. Race is bigger today than it ever was, you just have to be smart in how you do it. Polictically correct means even if you know its wrong let it happen for the sake of peace. Wrong, it all boils down to a society that fakes everything, people loved Tiger when he was the greatest golfer of all time, but just let him do something wrong,and its a mob mentality, The president of the US cheated in the Oval office. Racial bias is alive and well in America, don't be fooled.

Come on, this crap is reported on ESPN, and you report it here as well!!....

The story link on the's NBA homepage reads like this "Kobe blurb in Nike ads alludes to gun chamber"... Another example of BSPN's "I love to hate Kobe" propaganda

This is the most utter piece of nonsense reported in the past few days on BSPN. So, if "chamber" is reference to gun, then what about "killer shot" , "he gunned a 40-ft shot".... "Hands down, man down", "dagger into the heart shot"... "Sharpshooter Rashard Lewis"....

Or even pure-basketball related terms - "shooting guard" should be banned??

Come on MM, please stop "publishing" these kind of farces!!

Wow...this is the stupidest report I have ever read. Players elude to war and combat all the time. Austin, please find a real story.

Non-story. Almost idiotic.

Gun Reference Attributed To Every Single Sports Commentator
-"last nights game was an old fashion shootout"
-"Kobe's new post moves adds another weapon in his arsenal"
-"Randy Johnson has a cannon for an arm"
-"Payton Manning threw a missile right trough the defense.."

@Kobefan in Cupertino - EXACTLY!!

The "Gun Reference" is weak at best so this isn't a story.

The real story is that two guys who tried to be big bad dudes and play with guns at work have to take the rest of the year off; however, they get to go back to work next year. If the rest of us brought a weapon to work we would be looking for a new job. OK, rant over.

Go Lakers!!

Ditto what Kobefan said.

MM - you're better than this.

New NBA rules (per ESPN):
1) Saying a player "shoots" the ball is illegal. We will now say a basketball player "lofts" the ball and a "shot attempt" is now called a "loft attempt". Likewise, the "shooting" guard will now always be referred to the "lofting" guard.
2) The "bullet" pass is now called the "hummingbird" pass, because it also moves quickly but is not violent.
3) The words "fire" "aim" and "target" are no longer allowed. Find your own non-violent replacements. We recommend "loft" "try to put in accurate location" and "goal".
4) High volume lofters are no longer referred to as "gunners" but "lofteers".
5) Players can no longer "powder" their hands with "powder" before games, but may "sprinkle" with "white fluffies"
6) Jeff and Stan Van GUNdy have been forced to remove "gun" from their names and are now referred to as to Jeff and Stan Vandy.
7) Pistol Pete is now "Words Pete" because really, words are more effective than pistols anyway
8) Coaches cannot be "fired", they may be "let go amicably"
9) The term "dagger" or "backbreaker", is banned. It's now "well timed, end-of-game loft"

That is all for now, until we come up with more analogous words that happen to be related to some form of violence.

Mamba I didn't write this post. lol don't blame it on me

"Mamba I didn't write this post. lol don't blame it on me
Posted by: Mark Medina | January 29, 2010 at 02:28 PM "

Grow a pair, Mrs. Medina. Kobe is not gona come and shoot you, even if you did write this.

Derek - LOL don't worry I don't think I'm concerned with that. I was just clarifying the situation to Mamba.


>>>While I'm all for the Hinrich trade, what I don't understand is why the Bulls
>>>would commit to it? Chicago is a tough market. Like Lakers fans, they're
>>>not particularly patient. They want to win now.

Well, the theory is this:

The Bulls have some cap space this summer, but not quite enough to offer someone like LeBron or DWade a maximum contract. Shedding the contract of either John Salmons or Kirk Hinrich (even taking Sasha back) would free up enough cap space to do that.

The Bulls top assets are Luol Deng -- a quality SF, Derrick Rose -- an all-star level PG, and Joakim Noah -- a high energy center (but not a great scorer). Their greatest needs are at shooting guard and power forward. They could really use guys who can score from those positions.

So if you're Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire and you're an unrestricted free agent and the money's roughly the same, wouldn't you prefer to play with Tose & Deng & Noah & the Bulls instead of New Jersey or New York. If you add any of those three to the Bulls, the go from being a playoff team to being a contender... not so with New York or New Jersey. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Chicago is Dwyane Wade's home town?

So that is why the Bulls would dump off Hinrich mostly for cap space. To have a chance at getting Wade or Bosh or Amare. It would be a gamble, but perhaps one they're willing to take.

Remember, the Lakers salary dumped Vlade and Eddie Jones and a couple of other guys to clear space to offer Shaq. It's like that.

I can't believe someone thought this would make a good piece of journalism. This is nonsense and I don't see how you media people think we're stupid by feeding us false information and hate.

Is this what the world has turned to?

Kobefan, great points!!!
Media should stop this type of BS...and find some better things to do. SOTS.

wow, that was a quick response. I think puddle's comment was worth the thread being started, though. Um, the article was pretty clearly credited to Austin Knoblauch, right?

the irony of seeing somebody posting under the name 'derek fisher' while attacking FCM for not taking credit for an item he didn't even write is probably worth laughing at, if you are into that sort of thing.

unless, of course, it was derek fisher, in which case, welcome to the blog, sir.

>>>Jeff and Stan Vandy.


Most. Rrrelevant. Non-story. Ever.

In other news, Chuck "The Rifleman" Person has been suspended, even though he's retired.

And Andrei (AK-47) Kirelino has been fined for having an inflammatory nickname and a bad haircut.


I just came across your blog and found myself reading along and I thought I would leave a quick comment. I don't know what to say honestly except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will be visiting this blog again.

Mark Medina,

You're clarifying the situation to Mamba? Oh yea, I didn't realize Kobe sits and reads every article and every single post. I'm sure he's a regular here, since he has so much free time to worry about what you write about him. lol glad you didn't get offended by my comment(s); i didn't think you would respond haha

Don't ever refer to a player as a tank.

And Manning and Breeze can't throw any bombs in the Super Bowl.

And the dog better not leave in land mines in the back yard!

Austin, this one is a trash.

@ Puddle: you are a genius!



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