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Gasol's strained hamstring not as bad as earlier one; Artest "99%" likely to play tonight

Good thing my dad's a doctor and my mom's a nurse.

It's time for the daily medical roundup: Pau Gasol is definitely out for tonight's game against Houston, Lamar Odom is feeling healthy enough to play, and Ron Artest is "99% sure" to be back on the court tonight, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said this afternoon.

The long-term news on Gasol was mildly promising for the Lakers, if there is such a thing for a player who has had two hamstring strains since October. Gasol missed the first 11 games of the season with a strained right hamstring, but isn't expected to miss as much time with a strained left hamstring.

"That was probably a 2 Grade [strain] and this is probably a 1," Jackson said. "That's good."

The Lakers aren't providing a timetable for his return other than to say he's out tonight.

Artest, however, will almost surely return after missing five games because of a concussion.

"Ron's doing fine," Jackson said. "He's probably going through a final check like an astronaut right now. We're 99% sure that it's going to be [a go] for tonight."

Odom is also expected to play after missing Monday's practice because of intestinal flu-like symptoms.

The front court will be the (mildly) resurgent Andrew Bynum, Odom and Artest.

--Mike Bresnahan

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Gasol needs to stretch more!

Good news on Gasol, I still hope he takes some significant time off. The guy has played for 2 years solid, 2 finals appearances, the olympics and the Euroleague Championship. That is just too much, these injuries are directly related to his overzealous workload. Short term this will hurt, but a healthy Gasol in the playoffs could help us get another ring.


I just saw that Alston has been bought out, I would absolutely LOVE to get him!!! He would cost nothing (vet minimum is covered by the league), and would help us with the quick guards. Anyone else excited about the possibility?????


Let's hope the midly resurgent Bynum simply turns into the resurgent Bynum.

kobe's clutch-ness

by vince thomas

Hey Mike,

So what's up with the Times ignoring us?

Do you have any info on when we get our new Blog God?


Easy WesJoe and Justa, the Times staff are going nuts managing this blog. We are too demanding, too liberated. They could not decide what to do, to speed up or to go slow with less resources or "mullah" from the owners. It is really difficult to keep up with the wishes of 21st century customers when you have a 19th century budget. With the Dylan song, they're looking for the word Lakers, Kobe or Bynum, then they will publish it. They just couldn't keep w/ you WesJoe.

Mike B, how can a two hamstring injuries be promising in the future? Perhaps, you want to say that the injuries are balanced like the debit and credit in accounting. lol! What I know when the legs of a chair are weak, it is not safe to sit on it.

Here is my suggestion, instead of devoting a full-time trainer for Luke and Sasha of a full time trainer the guy we saw on pre-game show, it should be devoted to our ducks that lay the golden eggs like Kobe & Pau. Lakers are consistently winning because of these two players and if they are abused to the hilt in the mid season, they may not be able to reach the playoffs. However, if they play only 25-30 systematically spread minutes per game while the others can keep up with the opponents, then everybody will be good shape by playoff time. We cannot lay the blame on Phil's rotation because if he doesn't play these players long minutes, we're either a goner or in a dicey situation.


thanks for translating for the Lakers fans what really means "pecking order".
and thinking of the word translation in french: traduire that is close to reduire or "to reduce" a.k.a. "cut the BS"="pecking order"

even Gasol understood that if Kobe is HOT he will sizzle 4 40+. time 4 "Drew and the Bynumites" to get it;


Laker TRUTH - re: Ear Jordan

after the game i was reading a blog and some Laker fan mentioned how in a previous game where/when he was attempting to have a career high or to surpass it, he did miss a DUNK.

the other night, after he missed a dunk he tried another rushed 3 pt shot in the last 2 minutes. he missed badly. looks like he is not very good under pressure. his own pressure.

also maybe someone should remind him that Kobe has the record with consecutive 9 #pt. shots in a game and 12 over all. so he should really chill. i'm sure he thinks he is the second coming of Stephon Marbury, the best self-proclaimed PG in the NBA. we know how that ended.

Excellent job of reporting Mike. No too bad on the sense of humor front either...



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