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Cavaliers guard Mo Williams expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks with sprained left shoulder


Cleveland guard Mo Williams is expected to miss between four to six weeks because of a sprained left shoulder, leaving questions as to how this will ultimately affect the Cavaliers down the road.

It was already known that Williams would miss at least tonight's game against the Lakers, which will probably influence their game plan considering that Williams scored a season-high 28 points in the Christmas Day game that Cleveland won.

Based on initial estimates, Williams could miss anywhere from 12 to 19 games. It's an unfortunate reality, but the injury could drastically alter the league's playoff seedings later down the line even if most teams have only approached the halfway point in the 82-game schedule. 

The Cavaliers (32-11) shortly trail the Lakers (32-9) for the league's top spot and hold a three-and-a-half game lead over Boston for first place in the Eastern Conference. Especially because this could have an indirect influence on home-court advantage in the NBA Finals should the Lakers and Cavaliers meet, it's something both Lakers and Cleveland fans will monitor over the next few weeks.

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Cavaliers point guard Mo Williams beats Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar to a loose ball during the second quarter in a regular season game last year. Credit: David Maxwell / EPA

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This sure takes a lot of the fun out of this game.

I hope he gets healthy - it's always better when both teams are at full strength.

For the first half of the season, all the "pundits" at espn have been downplaying the Lakers' league leading record because they say that it's biased by the fact that the Lakers have played so many home games.

What they neglect to mention is that the Lakers have also played one of the hardest schedules in the league (in terms of winning %s of their opponents) and have had a myriad of injuries to their top 3 players (Kobe finger, elbow, back / Pau hamstrings, Artest concussion). And through all of that, they STILL managed to win more games than anyone else.

Boston, with comparable injuries , has faded a bit.

Now Cleveland will learn what it's like to go without their second best player for a couple of weeks. I'm sure they'll make it through it with a winning record, but can they perform as well as the Lakers did with lots of injuries? We'll see.


Keep it up blogs finest contributor on display ... .........bravo!!

I hope he gets healthy - it's always better when both teams are at full strength.

Posted by: Caliphilosopher

If lakers are ranked number 1 cavs fans will be moaning that it is bcuz of mo's absence....didn't seem to bother them when luke, artest, and pau were out at the same time and cavs were ranked above the lakers. O well pau is better than mo so it hurt the lakers more. I'm sure cleveland will live but lbj will be the 1 man show at times but w/e I personally don't want a cavs/lakers showdown I want a celtics-lakers finals with both teams 100% healthy



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