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Artest practices...sort of


Lakers forward Ron Artest -- remember him? -- practiced without contact Saturday and then shot around while a neurologist watched.

His status is still unclear for Sunday's game against Dallas. He will be re-evaluated Sunday morning after the team shoot-around.

I'm guessing, though, that the Lakers want him back soon, lickety-split, ASAP, and any other silly "HURRY UP" terminology I'm forgetting.

Basically, the Lakers' defense has taken a dive.

In the four games Artest has missed because of a concussion, the Lakers have surrendered 103 points to Sacramento, 118 to Phoenix, another 118 to Golden State and 108 to a severely depleted Sacramento team. (Granted, the first Sacramento game went to double overtime, but the more recent one was against a Kings team without Kevin Marin and Tyreke Evans. Please.)

Now the Mavericks come to town, the same team that throttled the Lakers in the second game of the season, 94-80.

Think that neurologist will be a Lakers' fan favorite if he clears Artest tomorrow? Uh, yeah.

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest makes running the offense difficult for Dallas point guard Jason Kidd in their first matchup of the season. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Hey Mike..

Just curious - someone asked earlier, but where are all the post game interviews? The locker room chat? The pictures of Shannon's butt? You know - all the good stuff...

Seriously - do we have to wait until we get our new full-time moderator before someone actually CARES about putting up a new thread for us? Cuz right now it seems like we're getting yours (and others) afterthoughts.

Not that we're not happy to have a place to congregate and get our Laker fix on, but COME ON. You have an unbelievable community here that is global in nature, and no one at the Times seems to care enough about us to give us some meat and potatoes.

You can't live on scraps.

So - I'm watching the Cowtown game from last night again, and I have to ask:

Is it just me, or are NBA refs the worst in all of professional sports?

Or maybe they're the neediest??

Cuz inevitably it seems like they make it all about them....

Is it me? Sheesh....

There's no need for Ron to rush back even with all of our defensive struggles as of late. Make sure he's completely healthy before putting him back on the court.

This is a good opportunity for our other role players like Sasha to show what they've got before the games become really important. It'll give Phil a good idea of who he can trust in games down the stretch. For now, I don't mind the team's struggles as long as we start peaking at the right time of the season - after the All-Star break.

Any updates on Luke? Seems like he's been out quite a while now. Hopefully he's been working on his jump shot. We could sure use his passing.

Great showing from Lamar!

The Lakers played great team defense for the first 5 or so minutes of the second half.

You can't guard guys one one in the NBA. Help defense is critical. They Lakers did it amazingly well for half of a quarter. Decent for the rest of the second half. Horrible in the first half.

Also far too few assists - I think 20 on over 100 points. It's the team game thet need to work on. Phil is right about Kobe's response to injury. It is incredible to watch. But it may also disrupt the team flow.

Tom Daniels

Yeah Mike,

I know it is the holidays and we are all really busy, but this blog has been crap since the day AK and BK signed off.
I know that we are a little spoiled because Andy and Brian went out of their way to give us new threads around the clock. They gave us weekly podcasts that were informative, and every now and then, pretty damn funny! And they gave us some pretty good post game interviews. The players were all really loose around the K-Bros and I personally felt that the players opened up a little more around them.

All as I'm saying Mike, is that you and your posse have big shoes to fill. I have given you a little break because it's the holidays, but I expect you to now get to work and give us something worth reading.

46th st. baller

Here's something that will curdle your milk. Skip Bayless is annoying as heck.


Last night was a great game for Lamar, as I blurted out earlier, however, I'd ike to examine our big sweet tooth a bit more.

Rebounding and push: This is the best facet of Lamar's game, he can grab a board and get up the court in a hurry and put the defense back on it's heels. Is he Aaron Brooks? No, but he is being guarded by a big man not used to back pedaling and defending at full speed. Also, he puts himself in prime offensive rebounding position when he drives the ball into the paint and kicks out to a shooter.

Decisive offense: Lamar's biggest defeciency was on display in the 1st half and vansihed for the second. Not to sure what triggers one over the other, have developed and tossed out multiple theories over the years, however it was great to see Lamar out of the locker room taking it to the rack and shooting because he felt it not, because he thought someone wanted to.

Defence: Lamar hasn't benefitted from the whistle much this year, but it seems like his defence has suffered as a result. He hasn't bodies up with his hands straight up like he had been doing the last couple of seasons, thus allowing him to fend off bigger PF by drawing offensive fouls or forcing them into tough shots over his long limbs, or it allowed him to crowd out smaller PF, or 3s. His help defence has been fine, I'm talking his man-to-man.

Kobe Doesn't Have To Do It All: Sure it's awesome, and as noted on the LA Times website (not the printed edition) was the main reason Kobe had a chance to hit that shot as Lamar almost single-handedly got the defecit to a managable level, but that won't be the topic of Sports Center. But it won't faze Lamar's game, he knows who the guy he wants taking that shot is the guy on his team. Number 24, Kobe Bryant. It takes a unique athlete to not crave the spot light, the glory, the accolades, but Lamar is one of those very talented athletes that doesn't necessarily need the glitz to go with his game.

Nice game, Lamar.

Anyone notice how Ron Artest doesn't have much of a forehead? The front of his skull is rather sloped, thus not allowing much additional room for the forebrain, the place where impulse control takes place.


I bet the neurologist is having a field day right now looking at Thriller's CAT scans. I bet each time he looks them over he cocks his head slightly and furrows his brow with the thought, "HUH? Well, that's not something you see every day. Was he like that BEFORE he hit his head? Huh?"

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So... ummm... where's our new blog lord?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


An Open Letter to Randy Harvey,

Sir! You need a wake-up call. Stop squandering scare resources on columnists most of us hold only in contempt, and redirect your energies here to the Lakers Blog.

This space was your crown jewel, thanks to the hard working Kamentzky Brothers. Since they left, have you not noticed that traffic is down? We can't post when we can't read each other's comments. Hours upon hours go by without comments being cleared. Your staff with their own jobs barely has time to throw us a bone, let alone one with any meat on it.

If there's nothing to read and no chance to say anything in a timely manner, fans will search elsewhere for their content. This isn't rocket science.

Have you read your own sports section lately? Other than the nicely done video by beat writers Bresnahan and Turner, and the FSN Final Score Update (all video, you'll notice), it barely even exists. And the FSN Update isn't even prominently placed.

Does the LA Times plan to follow the Washington Times and drop Sports altogether?

From today's posts, you can see our patience is running thin. You're probably a nice man and I'm sorry I have to call you out., but I must. Simply, you must feed the beast. We're here, but only you can determine for how much longer.

Thank you.

Concussions are serious things. I'd rather have a healthy Ron Artest long term even if it means losing a few games. And really, defense should be important teamwide. This is an opportunity to work on it.

And offense could use some work, too. Fish hitting 1 in 10?

We won the last game by one point. As exciting as a Kobe buzzer beater is, when you win or lose a game by one point, it was decided more by the refs than either team. Deliberately or unintentionally, consciously or not, the refs decide close games.

Ron don't hurry back. When your stitches are gone and your clear minded come back. Just stay on that bike so that your burn is cool. Love you Thrilla. When it comes to defense you and kobe are unbelieveable!

Kobe got us on Sunday so don't worry about the game. Come on LO keep it going and we win all day!

Here's my submission LA TIMES. Since no one else is posting links from that nice building in downtown, you get it at 17 cents a word. Please send a check.

Lets start with last night's game chat from ESPN Daily Dime:

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Kings down 97-95 with 4:30 left.

[Comment From NoamNoam: ]
Kobe has decided to stop not making shots

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Beno blew by his man, spin move on Gasol in the paint and made a tough layup. Lakers came back and Shannon Brown got a three attempt in the corner and missed. Ime probably got away with a foul on the rebound and knocked it off of Gasol. Kings ball with 7 seconds left.

[Comment From SharkShark: ]
Why is Brown taking the last shot?

[Comment From NathanNathan: ]
I'm going to punch Shannon Brown in the face.

[Comment From C33C33: ]
Well, I've seen enough. Lakers are barely winning games. Overrated.

[Comment From Paul SPaul S: ]
Laker fans cannot use "We didn't have Ron Artest" tonight. SAC didn't have Evans and Martin.

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Udoka shooting two huge free throws with 4.8 seconds left. Make two and you win. Miss one and Kobe ties it. Guaranteed.

[Comment From SharkShark: ]
Kings should miss one free throw to make this interesting

[Comment From jayjay: ]
zach, what about he misses both. Kobe wins it?

[Comment From BradBrad: ]
How do you miss BOTH?

[Comment From Paul SPaul S: ]
How very unclutch.

[Comment From lakerslakers: ]
uh oh u know what time it is now kings fan

[Comment From Ime Udoka:]
Sorry guys.

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Seems most likely now.

Comment From LandoLando: ]
Ok guys who gets the last shot?

[Comment From DwadoDwado: ]
That's a pretty serious choke at the line for Sac.

[Comment From Bob # 2Bob # 2: ]
If i was westphal i would foul kobe instead of letting him shoot a three

[Comment From SharkShark: ]
Commmmmon Kobe. Let's start the new decade with the first buzzer beater!

[Comment From jakejake: ]
i vote shannon brown gets the last shot

[Comment From Kobe Bryant: ]
'Scuse me, boys. Got a highlight to film.

[Comment From Bob # 2Bob # 2: ]

[Comment From James Brown: ]

[Comment From chibichibi: ]

[Comment From NoamNoam: ]
Oh, come on, you can't leave him open

[Comment From Bob # 2Bob # 2: ]

Comment From StanleyStanley: ]
Sergio Rodriguez blew the game... Cheers from Portland

[Comment From NoamNoam: ]
How do you not foul Gasol there? How do you not guard Kobe? Terrible play by Kings. Easiest game winner in Kobe's career.

johnhollinger: This is why Sergio Rodriguez doesn't normally play end-of-game defensive possessions.

[Comment From alex ceronalex ceron: ]
kobes the best player and mvp on best team this year. Even if it hurts hollinger to say such a thing

[Comment From topgun24topgun24: ]
Kobe did it agin!

[Comment From topgun24topgun24: ]
Kobe the best clutch shooter ever- 3 game-winning shots within 30 days. mamba urs just simply unbelievable

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Ball game.

Zach Harper (Cowbell Kingdom/TrueHoop Network): Alright, everybody. Kobe ends it. I'm ejecting. Good night. Happy New Year. for Kings coverage.

Andy Ayres, Kobe does it again. Lakers 109, Kings 108. Great job by Zach Harper and Kevin McElroy carrying the blogging load. Good night!

Then there's this from CNNSI about Rambis and Al Jefferson:

"Is this what the career of Al Jefferson, who was once regarded as the league's brightest low-post talents, had come to? Al Jefferson needs a private lesson on low-post moves and footwork from Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis?

"Yeah, actually, I do," Jefferson says. "[Rambis] was showing me how to throw the ball back out and re-post, and how to go quick so I can move away from the double-teams. I need it because right now a million things are going through my head on those double-teams.""


"But when McHale was fired last summer, Jefferson's role with the team took a sharp turn, and his disappointment was buttressed by the hiring of Rambis, a proponent of the triangle offense -- a disciplined, read-and-react scheme that favors the mobile Jordans and Kobes, but not the ball-hogging Jeffersons on the low block.

One major difference between this season and the previous two is Jefferson's lack of ball dominance with Rambis as coach. As a player, McHale used to revel in taking opponents into what he called "the torture chamber," using his seemingly endless array of moves to frustrate defenders in the low post. His sets were designed to allow Jefferson similar time and freedom to operate. But the ball and player movement is much more constant under Rambis' triangle system, and passes to open teammates in response to double-teams is demanded."

And lastly, a chat with Pree:

"ted in in LA:
its safe to say that adam morrisen on the lakers is a bust right i see him being out the leauge soon he good in college but sucks in nba

Preetom Bhattacharya: Hey everyone! Happy New Year to you all - let's hope that 2010 is the best year of basketball yet. Time to get this chat rolling ..

What exactly were you expecting from Morrison? The Lakers dealt Radmanovic for luxury tax relief - they got that (which made re-signing Gasol, Odom, and picking up Artest that much easier) - and they picked up a nice reserve guard in Shannon Brown, who may or may not be a major part of the Lakers' future.

Anyway, I don't think that Morrison is going to necessarily be out of the league anytime soon or anything like that. No one really has a clue as to what he can do - the limited playing time hasn't been enough to see what he can do in rhythm, so someone will throw the veteran's minimum his way in the summer just to see what he can do with more ample opportunities.

Keith Powell in Rio Rancho, NM: Lakers GM Kupchak has had good success the last 2 years with trades [Arriza/S.Brown)...will he keep a hot hand and trade for maybe Hinrich in Chicago for [Morrison,Farmar]

Preetom Bhattacharya: Losing Hinrich will be super helpful for the Bulls if they want to make a run at Wade or another free agent - I can see it happening, but I don't know if Morrison + Farmar are nearly enough to make something like that go down. That is a really rough pill for Bulls fans to swallow with the way their season has already gone.

Coach Ed in Manila, Philippines: Happy new Year Pree!..Kobe is just totally awesome right now..but he needs help badly..someone needs to be traded..Farmar/Morrison?

Preetom Bhattacharya: I agree with the overall sentiment that adding some talent to the Lakers' bench would be a good idea, but I also feel like people need to realize that Bynum and Odom need to step it up. That's where the Lakers' improvement will lie, not in Mitch waiving that magic wand.

Rob in ATL: Whats up Pree, is there any chance/interest from the Lakers about getting T-mac if he's bought out (which I know is a slim to none chance) or this off-season?

Preetom Bhattacharya: Gosh .. where would he play? Would he be Kobe's back up? Starting 3, pushing Artest to the bench? Artest's backup? I just don't see how it would fit.

LJ in LA: Pree, you have GOT to talk about Kobe hitting yet another game winner. I think he has hit more game winners than anyone in NBA history, actually. I actually started laughing when he it hit last night, because it was so ridiculous yet typical.

Preetom Bhattacharya:I was shocked that he was that open to take that shot last night - I can't remember who the defender was for Sacramento, but he was guarding the inbounds and then Kobe might have shoved him to get as open as he did. Or it was a flop. Either way, you've got to have a second guy on Kobe in a situation like that.

In any case .. for him to be on the tear he's been on in the last 10 games (35.something points per game) with his finger all messed up? Man, the guy is pretty incredible.

That's it.


- The reason the team is getting off to slow starts is because the lineup with Pau, Bynum, Lamar and Fish is by far the slowest starting unit in the league. Even bad teams make us look slow. If Lamar at SF cannot consistently make the open 3 point shot, teams will continue to pack the paint and leave the perimeter open. The Shannon/Farmar/Kobe/Lamar/Gasol lineup can help offset the lack of team speed, (a lineup Phil seems to be employing more and more).

- Jamie Sweet, I agree with you that Lamar has a big advantage over most PF's when he rebounds and leads the break, but the problem is that he starting the game at SF. He loses a big chunk of that advantage against SF's.

- Phil has stated that he would like to reduce Fish's minutes, but I never thought that Fish would be on the bench at the end of close games. Fish has been a huge liability on both ends of the floor starting from last season, and it seems that Phil has finally lost patience with him. I would love to see Phil use Fish the same way he used Horry.

Wes, buddy!! Steppin' it up on the links! That's awesome work - blogger of the day!

Rick Friedman,

I enjoyed your letter to Randy Harvey.

Truth be told, Lakers news is undoubtedly in the top 10 (top five?) subjects that draws traffic to I'm sure this blog is part of that (I don't know if it's a BIG part of it, but it is a part it).

Anyhow, I've been reading the L.A. Times since I was six on a daily basis and I think we owe The Times a degree of loyalty for allowing this blog in the first place; however, we are Lakers fans and we do expect excellence. Some journalists (**cough**Bresnahan!**cough**) may think us spoiled because of that and there may SOME truth to that, but the greater truth is that we appreciate and EXPECT quality due to high expectations. That's not necessarily being spoiled. It's just having high standards and there's nothing wrong with that.

I think many of the entrenched journalists at The Times probably look upon us bloggers with a jaundiced eye. I understand. It's different than what they grew into journalism with and no one likes being openly criticized by someone who is (arguably) less experienced and/or skilled than they; however, it is the future (even the present) and people need to get on the bus or get run over by it.

I think our expectations are reasonable:

1. An intelligent, accessibly personality(ies) to monitor our dialog and facilitate discussion

2. The blogmaster has to have inside access to the Lakers organization, so he can settle issues that may come between bloggers because of a lack of insider knowledge of the Lakers.

3. He (male neuter) has be a talented writer and a Lakers fan.

4. The blogmaster/mothership should update the threads regularly so that a semblance of dialog can take place between bloggers (including the blogmaster occasionally).

5. Regular interviews/post-game reports with members of the Lakers organization, past and present.

I don't think that's asking so much, right?

Well, the L.A. Times is on the clock. They've got three weeks left on my count.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Faithful fanatics of the Lakers blog, let me assure you that The Times will be back to fully staffing this blog in the near future. As an assistant sports editor for The Times, I have inside knowledge that candidates have been narrowed to a short list of finalists and one of them will be thrown into the fiery blogosphere once a contract is in place.

I can say no more, well, because that's all I know at this time. Except that video, audio and links, links, links will always be key to keeping this blog chugging along for your enjoyment. Bear with us through the holidays and start of the New Year as we get our lineup in order. All the best to you and the Kamenetzky brothers, whom I had the pleasure of dealing with on many an occasion.

Dan Loumena
Assistant Sports Editor
Los Angeles Times

Yesterday I posted on the idea that the Washington Wizards were planning to terminate Gilbert Arenas' contract. The L.A. Times didn't publish it. Now the N.Y. Post says the same thing. These guys at the L.A. Times are just slow to figure things out.

mike t.

yea, we really need Artest back. Yesterday was just a horrible day, not really on the defense, but more on the shooting average.

Dan Loumena,

Thank you for your classy response to us whiny Lakerholics. As the esteemed Jon K. has already allowed, we know we can be bratty.

That said, we still expect you and your colleagues to feed the beast well and often during what has already been an interminable interim.

Wes Joe Nixon, above, has put forward a taste of how much alternative content is out there. As you've noticed, our voracious appetite is insatiable. Just as we expect the players wearing Purple & Gold to give us their best, all of you in the LA Times sports department share the burden of the same expectation.

So while we appreciate your noticing our discontent, we ask for far better care and feeding than we've been getting. Ball in your court, sir.

So, according to Dan's update, it looks like we still have a little ways to go.. they're in the short list phase. The blog faithful will have to fill in with topics to flesh things out. I also agree with Jon in that it's a bit of an odd situation for the entrenched journalists and staff. We're like the hungry, insatiable children who will not shut up. We want some, we want some!


Btw, whatever happened to Lakers_sth? One of my favorite bloggers.


There's been a lot of speculation about trades but not much talk about our open 15th slot. Any thoughts as to available free agents, players off the waiver wire, development leaguers, ABA, CBA, Globetrotters, playground legends, euro players, etc.?

Tossing a few of the less obscure names out there, just for chat: Shaun Livingston, Wally Szczerbiak, Von Wafer, Robert Horry? What about the D-Fenders, anyone interesting on our radar? Any thoughts about Diamon Simpson from St. Mary's, 6-7 SF, 16 ppg and almost 10 boards in 31 mpg? What about Gabe Pruitt, 6-4 PG, drafted by the Celtics from USC, played a couple seasons, now with the D-Fenders I think?

First, I apologize for being so late in wishing my dear Laker blog family a very Happy New Year. And special New Years greetings go to my “l’il sis” Zaira. So, a very Happy New Year to all.

Many have submitted their critiques of the game last night. A lot of valid points were made, but I have to say that none of them matter to me. I know that the team shouldn’t have put itself in the position of having to rely on another Kobe buzzer-beater. I don’t care. I was at the game last night and to be able to witness a “Kobe Moment” in person is just THE COOLEST THING EVER!

Jon K., if you get back to SoCal within the next couple of months or so and it coincides with Zaira’s visit, the three of us should go to a game together; and we three will cheer and stand the entire game – everyone else be damned.

Still basking in the Kobe glow...


Dave m.......

The Blazers wont let him go but Patrick Mills is really good...

His first game in the D-League this week...38 points...I know its the D-League but after 5 months off with a broken foot,thats not a effort...

A very solid PG..

Lakers Lass - great post, that's what really matters, right? Being there and witnessing greatness as it happens. What a fantastic memory to hold. And these moments last... I remember being at the 7th game against Portland in the 99/00 conference series... a great come from behind win and the place going nuts. Doesn't seem like 10 years ago.

Michael C. Teniente,

Interesting. Hmmm....

So what are the details of the New York Post story.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dan Loumena,

Thank you very much for the update. We all appreciate it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Jon K., if you get back to SoCal within the next couple of months or so and it coincides with Zaira’s visit, the three of us should go to a game together; and we three will cheer and stand the entire game – everyone else be damned."

Sounds wonderful.

Let's hope I'm back by February. It's a possibility.

On some level, I recommend that everyone leave California for a time, just to slap them back into shape and teach them why everything West of the Mississippi (and in particular the Rockies) are better than the East.

The East sucks. Terribly. Awfully. I've heard rumors that Vermont and the mountains of Western North Carolina are nice. I don't believe it.

The one thing I've learned that is the SINGLE GREATEST DEFECT of Californians are that they are too thin skinned. Too politically correct. Too easily offended.

But they are (comparatively) intelligent, open-minded, optimistic, creative, spontaneous... and generally good and respectful people.

California develops a bit of pragmatism and it is paradise.

Pragmatism is the key to California's success because the lack of that is the state's Achilles' Heel.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thirty2 - I just checked that out... and 12 assists! Another St. Mary's player. Is his actual rights held by the Blazers? Hey, remember Danilo (J.R.) Pinnock? Draft day trade with the Mavs, played some preseason games for us a couple years back? That guy had great hustle... played some euro and d-league, went to puerto rico? Wouldn't it be great to take a peek into the scouts' binders, see who they're keeping tabs on?

I think that when Thriller and Luke get back, the doubters will see how much we need both of them to be our best.

{By the way, I am presently going to research Michael C. Teniente's claim. I mean, I USED to be a big fan of Van Nuys native, Agent Zero, but you can't just release that talent upon the world and think nothing is going to happen from it.}

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Forgive me.

I'm being utterly irrational now.

I'm not myself.

I have no idea what I'm saying.

I'm a lunatic.

Derek Fisher probably saved my life in a bizzare twist of fate (or at least kept me out of prison and from all sources I've referenced PRISON SUCKS BADLY.)

[Reference fight with Russian mobster that didn't happen. Thank you, 0.4.]

BUT if Los Angelenan Agent Zero was our starting point guard... ummm... it just wouldn't be fair to all other teams for five years. Period.

It just wouldn't.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K.,

If Agent Zero were our starting point guard, Kobe would bring a loaded gun to the locker room just so that he can get the ball once in a while.

Indeed, it would be an intriguing backcourt on paper, but I don't see how it would work out on the court. Only if his contract were voided and we could get him for a reasonable price would I even consider getting him.


"If Agent Zero were our starting point guard, Kobe would bring a loaded gun to the locker room just so that he can get the ball once in a while.

Indeed, it would be an intriguing backcourt on paper, but I don't see how it would work out on the court."

I know. I know... but why not hope for the irrational? Miracles do happen.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers FOREVER.


This is my first post in 2010 after having a nice snow holiday in Green Valley, CA .

I noticed the return of an old brother, a prodigal bro who used to be a thorn of the KBros. Anyway, I hope you come back roaring again with new insights like the good old days when Kwame was not yet a Laker. Now that Kwame is gone, there has to be a new ideas from Mr. Mike T.

Didn't you all notice ever since the LAT took over, the Lakers were also affected by such change either a very close in winning or losing. Undoubtedly, there is lacking in energy, no enthusiasm in the threads resulting to complacency on 2nd team and complete carnage in their defense. Like the Lakers too, the blog has been on auto-pilot among staffers and Laker reporters for too long. On the other hand, we don't know the machinations from within, a blog that may not afford to spend, therefore we are grateful too in filling the vacancy through caravan of writers who also have other assignments within LAT. Of course, we have no inside information on the moves taken by Randy Harvey and Mike James but I'm sure they are equally concerned in the clamor for a permanent blogger-moderator who would be updating the blog constantly to serve the national audience we well as the worldwide followers. This is a different blog from other sports blogs because it is fueled by lakerholics, lakeraddicts and passionate fair weather fans who would not settle for a loss against lebronze team or a close win against sub .500 teams. It would be unfair to Zaira, Tsphere, Thirty two, Ganapia to be waiting for 12 hours before reading their posts, same with Justa and WesJoe who both have different time zones to hold on to their thoughts for 2-3 hours in waiting for updates. Therefore, we really need a full time guy whether it's Mike B or Broderick T or Kevin D. or anybody who could give us an inside information. A moderator who would join in the conversation like for example in today's topic the advantages and disadvantages in trading for Target Zero or Pistol Whiz kid. A blogger who would immediately lead/cut arguments by feeding facts into it. As you can see Mike J. the Laker fans rewarded LAT the blog an undivided loyalty vs. KBros. Not that we didn't appreciate the KBros indefatigable efforts in developing this blog but we are aware that without the backing of LA Times, people here will not even be aware of the existence of the Midwest brothers who moved to the Southland in the 90's. Well, here we cling on to traditions as far back as the Lakers in the sixties, seventies, the glorious eighties, we belong to different generations of Laker fans, aware enough on who is real and the reliable purveyors of news about our beloved team. 710 ESPN or 570 Fox could not fool the real Laker fans. They may be the now-generation in their gigs and news reporting through tweets and podcasts but to regulars we see them as me-too riders of today's Lakers' glory. These outlets could easily acquiesce anything popular to beef up ratings, attract advertisers but would not hesitate to dump the purple & gold when they are no longer a hot item. LAT will always be the Lakers home in good times and in bad.

I hope you can reciprocate from such loyalty and true patronage by appointing a permanent moderator soonest.

dave m,

"Tossing a few of the less obscure names out there, just for chat: Shaun Livingston, Wally Szczerbiak, Von Wafer, Robert Horry?"

Shaun Livingston.

That guy was an absolute superstar before he got hurt.

Worst injury I've ever seen in the NBA, but if he can return 80% from it, man, what a piece of gold.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


dave m,

By the way, I will never argue against Robert Horry being on our team.


Let's say that he and Derek Fisher sat on the bench for the next five years, so what? These guys are the best of the best in terms of their understanding of the game. True player-coaches in the ultimate sense of the term. Like all things in sports: Be your best; make your teammates better.

That's it. It literally goes no deeper than that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon - yes, you are being a lunatic. Step back from the edge. Agent Zero coming in with all his baggage midseason? No. Let's just stick with our platoon corp - Fish, Farmar, Brown and Sasha account for a total of 23 ppg... and at a combined cost of $14 m, most of which is in expiring contracts. Agent Gunhappy just signed a new contract and he's on the books for close to $100 m over the next five years. Now just put that in the context of the Lakers' payroll - largest in the league, with huge cap penalties... and with longterm commitments to Bynum, Pau, Odom and most hopefully KOBE! Number one - do we really want to commit $100 m plus matching lux penalty for a guy who's only played a handful of games in the past couple of years due to micro-fracture... and number two, do you want that guy with the ball in his hands when it's Kobe buzzer-beater time? And as for the rumors that the Wizards will try and void Gilbert's contract, forget about it. Billy Hunter would definitely litigate.

Dave m...

They signed him about 1 month ago to a contract for the remainder of the season....

He spoke to Kobe after the Olympics game and Kobe had some very nice things to say to him....Kobe said he will make the NBA...

As for scouts and Danillo Pinnock....I remember him and i hoped he made the roster....

As for scouts and looking into binders.....It would be nice to see what Mitch is thinking........I would love to be a scout for this team....Wouldn't we all?....

dave m.,

"Jon - yes, you are being a lunatic."

I understand. You're probably right... but STILL.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon - one last post before zzzz time... I'm with you 100% on Shaun... and even old man Horry. Now let's banish all thoughts of Agent Zero!

Absolutely correct EJK, take your pick on the gun toting Lakers Agent O vs Ron-Ron, Arenas vs Kobe in hugging the ball, we have Drew, Pau and Farmar as well Fisher asking for the ball, the chemistry will just be atrocious. There is no commonality in objective but more of personal glories.

What we need is a young PG who will feed the ball like Luke but will not defend or shoot bricks like Luke. lol! We need a player who would be in the range of less than 5M so that the owners are motivated to maintain the group for a great number of years not just one trial and error. We need youth with boundless of energy like the players of Kings, Thunder and Clippers. Lakers must avoid trading for gunslingers and gamblers who could wreck this team over night. Have we not learned any lessons from Big Ego or Big Calves Scrub who was the No. 1 draft pick? I really don't know why Mitch cannot get another Euro who will replace Sasha or Ammo as a pure sharp shooter. We are tired of brick layers and lazy defenders. Every time I watch LO or Sasha or Farmar raise their hands, they are not stopping their guards ....raising of hands is a symbol of complete surrender and a free pass. No attempt to steal, no attempt to block shots, it is just a lazy dozy defense then blaming refs at all times.

Umm...The Grizzlies are rolling along very nicely....And that Marc Gasol guy who's brother is good as well,is playing really well....

Good pick Mitch....

Hi all,

I am not new to this blog, but I never post anything. I check the blog very often, and I do miss BK and AK's around-the-clock updates on the Lakers. The way the Lakers played defense lately was so scary that I think my blood pressure would go off the chart watching them playing.
Jon K.,

The shape of the skull does not dictate the function of the brain inside if it was from birth because whatever shape the skull is, the brain, with its amazing elastic ability to compensate, can still work perfectly. For example, someone with hydrocephalus will has all of his/her brain pushed out again the wall of the skull. If the pressure is relieved soon enough after birth, you will see very minimal abnormality in brain function in that person.

Good morning everybody!
I should be under covers still, cos we went back home after clubbing out not even a short four hours ago, but my own biorythm's gone for good and at not even 9,30 am I am already up and thinkin (well... I wish I were thinkin at least...)

First of all: Ron, darlin, DON'T FORCE.
We need you badly but a concussion is too serious to play it on the low.
Sure, tonight without you Mavs might be itchy. Sure.
But is regular season and I fairly don't truly care, as long as you get back fullfilled for the true important stuff.
So... alright Ronnie, just take your time. And then learn how to move boxes.
That'd be nice.

(slide note: don't know you but I laughed half an hour at PJ comment about language and Ron Ron... :P)

Second line: Awwww LakerLass :) :) :)

Dunno about meeting in the regular season cos my and BF schedule within LA and Milan will be as crazy as hell (think I will hate airplanes by then...) BUT you can truly bet during playoff a meeting is definitely due :) I also have more time to brainwash my significant other about being social-able with internet people. He is quite a reserved person. But I have my ways to convince him ;)
Gotta just tell before that during playoffs I completely lose any grain of cool I can have for regular season.
All my "doesn't matter, have faith, be calm, we have space of time for getting better DISAPPEAR and I become a hungry killer with hideous manners. I suggest to stand behind me if any cos I can be an embarassement for the things that go off my mouth. Really. I preventively apologize. I embarass myself as well, but I just can't let things go. I guess my brain vanishes then (and that is whyI have never been a cold clutcher myself in sport practicer life...)

Point 3: Dan, thank you for answering our concerned addresses.
I am sure you can see the huge love that informs this blog.
All of our requests come from that feeling and the care and affection we have for this special place that has gathered us all together.
What is needed here for make things work has already been highlighted by the fellow people above me...
I just wanna point out again out of those hints and requests (and this same has anyway already being submitted), being my state particular, that is really frustrating for somebody like me who has 9 hours of gap with LA to see posts (answering at the thread ones) come in rush all at once two, maybe three times a day (considering a 24 hours span of a day).
Interaction is what makes this blog interesting.
We sure need threads and insights, but what truly makes this place special (at least for me) is to know I can write and interact gaining the witty, amazing insights on the team I love from very competent and talented people that makes this community vibrant, and whom all constitute the reason for I am staying here all altogether.
To develop intriguing and satisfying conversations.
This deserves the hourly care of somebody publishing our posts frequently.
I tried yesterday night while out clubbing to load the blog on the iPhone and I was frustrated in not seeing updates in the posts for so long.
I get all of your current troubles but I think for publishing posts you just need somebody randomly allowed to read us and decide to make our blabbing visible.
That would ease our awaiting for a great content a while (at least my await: cos honestly often the analyzes of people in this blog... and maybe ALWAYS.. well they are 120% better than all I read or listen to through or ESPN. Honestly).

Point 4: Don't know if the links I am giving you guys work also for not subscribing people but my way to interviews and videos after games and between games are these:

The NBA Lakers Page (look out for teh "Video&Audio" box: they had the locker room talks like 25 minutes after the game was ended...):

The ESPN Lakers Page (fairly chaotic though: they fill things we don't care about in our page, just to prove out how much they are a**es...):

The official YouTube page of the Kam Brothers, where I am a subscriber of course: all the videos we use to see here are there:


Then there are other places to see stuff, but with these three you won't lack material.
Hope this is a little helpful on the road to the new Sheriff on this blog.
Cos we have to admit we're Wild West very often around here ;)

Have all a great Sunday.
Catch you during the chat (if I can sleep a bit again...Yiikes... I have to work tomorrow. I wish I could refuse that... *sigh*... ;))


Welcome back, sir, and happy new year. Where's Green Valley, btw?

I wouldn't worry about bringing in another Euro to be our sharpshooter. I still think Sasha will come through for us down the stretch this season if Phil would give him consistent minutes so that he can develop the rhythm he had in his breakout 2008 season. It wasn't too long ago that Sasha played SG while Kobe played SF in crunch time of big games.

Laker Lass,

Yeah. Nice post. It's a memory you may have for the rest of your life, if moments of sheer joy and fun make that playlist we see before our eyes as our own life's time expires. And in a way, that memory and memories like it become our own last second threes because they send us off to our real home happy, and better for the experience we've just endured.


POLL !!!

If you were to draft one of the loyal bloggers as its leader, who would it be? Would it be TomK? Would it be Mamba24? Would it be Mr. Gueco? If we could make a story out of a blogger becoming a sports writer, it would sell papers.

Well I can dream can't I? Anyhow, who is the most realistic person to move from reader to writer on the LA Times blog?


Sandy Banks' article on Donald Sterling had a kind of New York (Manhattan) smugness to it. There wasn't much meat to it. I could practically hear her talking in clipped tones reciting the article. Annoying.

There's kind of a mythos that journalists used to a sort of intellectual hero of the working man. Someone dedicated to uncover "the truth." I keep thinking of Carl Kolchak. I know he was a fictional character, but that's my archetype of the classical "newsman".

Now my image of the modern journalist is a person drinking chardonney with other people pretenciously drinking chardonney and sneering at the passions of others.

It's just kind of sad.

Go Clippers!!!


Jon K., you must be snowed in and hitting the malt liquor pretty hard to come up with the Arenas idea. Seriously, dude, Agent Zero with Agent Hero (Kobe)?! Who else would even get a shot attempt? I mean with the ball, not with a 9-millimeter. I love your posts, but you clearly have cabin fever on that one.

And Edwin your GEICO commercials, dude...I'm with you all the way on getting a young PG rather than somebody's retread. Totally agree we want boundless energy, feed the big boys unselfishly, and defend Mike T. defending Kwame.

Lastly, I know the LA Times sports staff is probably either having a paper-scissors-rock tournament to determine who has to cover our blog today (loser gets it) , or doing tequila shots for every guy that gets laid off over there, but it would be nice if someone could update the posts ever 20 hours or so. I mean seriously, they have automated software to do realtime post updates now, complete with naughty word filters and everything. Randy, you wouldn't even need to hire a live person to...ooooops...there goes another tequila shot.

Tonight will be interesting. Christmas Day I thought, though they had been coasting lately, the Lakers would rise to the challenge of the Cavs. It looked like no one told them there was going to be a game.

So tonight do they rise to the challenge of the Mavs? I want to see see a massive team effort tonight, 5 or 6 guys in double figures, team D. The kind of performances we were seeing a month ago. Show those Dallas punks they can't run with LA.

I have been among the more patient here, but it is time to step it back up.

Tom Daniels


"The shape of the skull does not dictate the function of the brain inside if it was from birth because whatever shape the skull is, the brain, with its amazing elastic ability to compensate, can still work perfectly."

Thank you for putting me in my place. Honestly. I appreciate it. I think that when someone is misinformed someone should straighten them out and it sounds like that's what you've done for me. Thanks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Jon K., you must be snowed in and hitting the malt liquor pretty hard to come up with the Arenas idea. Seriously, dude, Agent Zero with Agent Hero (Kobe)?! Who else would even get a shot attempt? I mean with the ball, not with a 9-millimeter. I love your posts, but you clearly have cabin fever on that one."

Umm... well... it has been snowing here for days and it is 10 degrees out with a 15 mile an hour wind, so, umm... yeah... ummm... yeah... you might be onto something.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Anyhow, who is the most realistic person to move from reader to writer on the LA Times blog?"

I know people will argue admantly against this, but my vote is for LakerTom.

Despite his obvious pro-Andrew Bynum biases, LakerTom is intelligent, eloquent, and understands basketball.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"POLL !!!

If you were to draft one of the loyal bloggers as its leader, who would it be? "
- JohnnyP

Easy. You gotta go with Mamba24 AND Zaira, our Eurobabe. That way, we are totally covered 24x7. When Mamba sleeps, Z-lady covers. When Z-lady sleeps, Mamba roll calls.

Either that, or (to save $$$, LA Times) just hire Jon K. The dude never sleeps. Just check out his posting times. He's like our virtual K-bros rolled into one. (We love you, Jon K.!!!)

I watched Kobe's shot a few times at different angles. He was not out of bounds. His heel was back at the line, but he was on his toes and his heels were not on the ground.

From some angles it does look like he may have taken a couple of steps getting his feet set though. He caught it at a bad angle and had to square himself, get behind the 3 point line, stay inbounds and get ti off before time ran out. It was an incredible move. But he may have walked.

Tom Daniels

The BMX Bandits is on! Were it not for the K bros obscure movie references I'd have clicked right past it. It's god awful, but that's not the point.

Will that kind of crack reporting kick in again or is this a low advertising dollar priority?

Anyone here gettin' the Times delivered daily?

Jon K, good luck with all that snow! An LA guy in weather like that (other than a vacation) how are you doing it!? WOW! Hurry back home. You might be here in February (if I read your earlier comment correctly) for our first heat wave of the new year.
Corner J, referencing Edwin Gecko's caveman commercials...LOL!. Now THAT was funny! Sorry Edwin, but the guy has a knack.
Jon K, you beat me to the punch. I too would suggest Laker Tom. He's a quality writer, understands the game well and has alot of patience/tolerance for opposing viewpoints. I would pair him with phred because phred too writes well, has a nice sense of humor and the two of them seem to get along/respect each other. phred now and then reels in LT when his Bynum posts get a little much.
Laker Tom has the courage and skill to put his thoughts out there in a linear fashion and the tolerance/thick skin to defend his position afterward. He has also said as much, that he would love to have the KBoros job (If I understood his comments correctly).
I do like his posts, and I consider them a counter balance to my own view that Bynum is expendable if he doesn't establish himself as a starter alongside Gasol. Most feel that you don't trade a big for a small. But there are SOME smalls that merit a look. I offer as an example (though not likely); CP3, Deonte West (without the emotional problems), Deron Williams, Ricky Rubio, etc.
I offer these smalls as an attempt to debuct the line of logic, "trading a big for a small". We must stay with our Team needs and therefore use what our team needs. If we had speed, slashing, 3 point shooting, scoring.... forgetaboutit.
I am NOT addressing the real world part of any trade scenario. For example, trading for Rondo. Giving Bynum to the Celts (no way), or Bynum with Clevland for West, or Bynum for Derron Williams giving Utah a quality big. I am simply attempting to debunk the logic of not trading a big for a small.
It drives me nuts (not at least considering a Bynum trade) because my commitment is to THIS team and not to Bynum's development. It's just a choice I make that others may not accept. That's ok. I'm fine with others' patience and commitment to Bynum's growth, it's just that I am on the fence about him and how he plays with the guys we have NOW. Therefore, I make the assumption that Bynum is the expendable one. I feel comfortable rolling the dice that we can rebuild the team after Kobe, Gasol and Lamar if we don't have Bynum.

"POLL !!!

If you were to draft one of the loyal bloggers as its leader, who would it be? "
- JohnnyP

I've got no shame in my game; hence I'm nominating myself. I have plenty of interesting things to say, and am a good moderator (just check my CV), but I don't have as much time to say it...unless it became a paid position, and allowed me to return to SoCal. :-)


The above-mentioned candidates are all great choices, I'd definitely second Cali's self-nomination but then I'd also have to second Tom, Jon, Edwin and Mamba24! And Phred and Zaira! And nominate Rick F and Justa! But then again why do we have to have just one - there's plenty of other great blogs out there that work by committee.


Elder Edwin, Happy Holidays! - you posted earlier about the youth movement and importance of the draft and I whole-heartedly agree. With our payroll and luxury tax, the draft and vet minimum signings are the only realistic way to bring in talent. I was surprised and disappointed when Mitch basically took a pass on the draft this year. I understand that he was going all in with the current roster plus Ron... but it's all-important to grow your crop through the draft. Six of our 13 players were a direct result of draft day - Kobe (draft day trade), Drew, Fish, Luke, Jordan and Sasha. Fans might not support all of them but the numbers still speak for themselves.

Johnny P,

It's hard to choose just one ingredient out of this great blog meal but the Kam brothers left a huge gap behind and we might need to fill it up by ourselves. The less biased and most stable person seems to be Edwin but the biggest encyclopedia is Laker Tom. Zaira should make the post game interviews. I am sure she would get more attention that any of us. Jon K would be the bodyguard of all the above. The sheriff. Mamba 24 should already get a paycheck as he is probably the best host for a blog.

Tom D,

I have also seen that play many times and what surprises me most is that Westphal is exactly looking at Kobe's feet and does not complain at all.

Jon K,

Sorry if I missed the explanation before but what happened to the lucky barstool? Not going to the bar anymore? You might need back there and take it with you. Tell them its now property of the Lakers blog.

About the Arenas/Critt affair, if you were able to get in the Lakers locker room, where do you think you would find a gun?

Corner J,

Happy New Year...from Geiko to Gecko to Geeko related also to Seiko all originated from Gueco. LMAO!

this morning i got in my Utube folder a recommended 2 videos regarding the ONE & ONLY Kobe "just another index swish" Bryant. A few spalshes here and there. the in the first one he made Golden boy Roy Purple in his face. (65 points against Portalnd) the funny part is that the Portland players rotated to defend him and if U r watching, guess who is on him at the 3:37 mark? the one and only Ime "Lakers syndrome" Udoka, who played there before Scam Antonio borrowed him:

the second video is a highlight compilation called "the university of KB" and his students, the rest of the NBA players:

i hope these 2 will add a nice touch to your sunday's brunch or game snack preview.



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