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Andrew Bynum wary of his success against the Clippers

When the Lakers square off tonight in what essentially will become a home game against the Clippers, center Andrew Bynum says he won't be thinking about last season's 42-point career-high performance against the Clips for one simple reason.

"I know that nobody cares about it," he said. "A lot of people say it was the Clippers. Every game something changes. If I can keep that up, it’s good and everybody will talk about it."

With forward Pau Gasol likely to miss his second consecutive game, Bynum will surely be talked about after each contest. But he wants the talk to ring similar to when he posted 20.3 points and 11.8 rebounds per contest during Gasol's 11-game absence because of a strained right hamstring.

Instead, Gasol's return also brought up discussion about Bynum's drop in production. By Christmas time, Bynum's numbers dipped to 12.9 points per game, and he has gone 23 consecutive games without a double double.

The past two games are a start for Bynum, whose 19 points on eight of eight shooting Sunday against Dallas made him the best Lakers shooter with at least eight attempts since Nick Van Exel was nine for nine in November 1997 against the Vancouver Grizzlies. He also scored a team-high 24 points Tuesday against Houston, Bynum's highest since Nov. 22.

That's why tonight's match-up with Clippers center Chris Kaman should be interesting. Not only has Kaman unabashedly said "we can beat the Lakers," Kaman remains among the league's highest-scoring centers with an average of 20.3 points per game. That's nearly double the 10.4-point average in his first six seasons in the league.

To be fair, Kaman's production has also gone through spurts this season. After going through a nine-game stretch with 20-plus points early this season, he shot below 50% in seven games shortly afterward, part of which he blamed on a drop of energy rooted from a deficiency in Vitamin D.

The dynamic is likely to produce a good match-up tonight. Bynum wants more touches so he can put up All-Star numbers, but he plays on a team that boasts several of them. Kaman has consistently produced while the Clippers are waiting for Blake Griffin's debut, but there's a thinking within the organization that his All-Star type numbers haven't been heavily noticed.

Clips guard Baron Davis recently said tonight's game will come down to "heart," and that surely rings true with the Kaman-Bynum match-up.

--Mark Medina

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I wasn't present for last night's game chat, so I don't know if you are familiar with policy. Although many trolls do appear and talk trash about the Lakers, these posts are usually not banned. As long as profanity, racism, or anything similarly offensive is not said, all is welcome.

Personally, I love the trolls and trash talkers. It just shows how this franchise is despised and envied at the same time.

Who is quarterback for Lakers on offense? The triangle offense seems to have no
shot clock plan for plays or use of time on offense, why? You have 5 seconds to cross mid courtline, then, 20 seconds to decide use of time for plays, shots, or turnovers. You can use time by one play for 20 seconds, two plays for 10 seconds each, 4 plays for 5 seconds each, or a play for 15 seconds and 5 seconds to pass or shoot by another player. Laker statistics show that reserves are shooting more three-point shots that Derek Fisher, why? Laker's bench has shot 1-11 or worst in past few games from three point range. How do you teach rookies to make good decisions about shots, not take last second shots due to shot clock? what is a high percentage shot by player, and bad percentage shot by player? Does Coach Jackson give green light to players to shoot any shot? If, hot hand do they feed hot player? Laker's shot 2-10 from three point range against Houston, while Houston shot 4-23 from three point range. Why doesn't Houston play former Laker player Brian Cook against Lakers? Should their be rookie clinic on shot clock and shots per game by NBA teams? Do rookies even know where shot clock is located on basket?
College time clock is 30 seconds per team possession.

I always fall at the end of the comment section...


Let's be clear here: Bynum should have stepped up WHILE Gasol was in the lineup and fill the production then, NOT now. He needs to learn to play with Gasol in the line-up and the fact that his production decreased substantially when Gasol came back its not a matter of "touches", its a matter of his own confidence and his slow way to adapt to his role in the team.

When Gasol came back after the first 11 games, Bynum was getting the same average of FGAttempts per game than Gasol (in fact if we count on Attempts per min, surely Drew was higher than Gasol)but after 8 or so games, his minutes and FGA decreased substantially, Why? In my opinion because he lost confidence and was not happy sharing the post (by the way, most of his field goal attempts came with the second unit where he is the first option).

His comment of "I will put more effort now that Pau is out" is very selfish and unmature. Definitely this doesn't make him a team player at all and that should worry us more than his numbers.

I think we all have seen very talented players get lost in space because of their Ego and childish attitude. Remember its not easy to receive 14 MM a year when you are 21 AND you have stopped studying after HS. His College years might have been more important to receive a proper education and learn values than to gain basketball skills.

I think he has a huge potential and he has shown part of it already but he needs to stop thinking about his own numbers and start thinking about the game as a whole. These games without Pau won't show much. He needs to keep it up while Pau is in the game. He needs to accept going through a process.


You wrote: "His College years might have been more important to receive a proper education and learn values than to gain basketball skills.”

Perhaps, true, but there are others like Garnett, Kobe, Lebron and many others who did not attend college and are successful. I think it really depends on an individual player. I find Bynum to be more level headed than most of the other high school players who failed as NBA pros. Also, Bynum is really lucky to be part of Laker organization (owners/coaches), surrounded by present and past Laker greats to give him advice. So Bynum in my opinion is in the perfect environment to spawn success as an NBA great.

We all have witnessed Bynum's talent and most of the folks are still giddy thinking about his potential. I am beginning to think that back to back serious injuries has left him scarred and he may still not be 100% healthy yet. The fact he worked so hard to get back and is playing is a good sign of character and desire. I truly believe that Bynum needs time (injury free) not just couple of months but rest of the season to get his Mojo back.

I am a patient man, tik..tok..tik..tok..


As long as profanity, racism, or anything similarly offensive is not said, all is welcome.
Personally, I love the trolls and trash talkers. It just shows how this franchise is despised and envied at the same time.

Posted by: never |

"Andrew Bynum weary of his success against the Clippers".

- I'm confused, did you mean to say, "wary"? Why would Andrew be tired of being successful against the Clippers?

Arenas just got benched indefinitely! I hope we pick him up as our point guard now that his monstrosity of a contract will likely be voided. He is from LA. Arenas, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum.

Did you really mean to use the word "weary?"

As in, Andrew Bynum is 'physically or mentally exhausted' by his success against the Clippers?

He probably should be more 'wary' of his success, and 'be on his guard against danger' imho.

First of all, welcome Mark Medina!! I hope you will be successful here in our beloved blog. I've been a die hard Laker fan since i was a little girl back in the mid 80's. I love the Lakers! I am a Laker fan first and i support all Laker players out there. I've been on this blog since it started, lurking and reading mostly and occasionally will post if i need my opinion to be heard. Secondly, i think with Pau out, the whole team need step up. I'm all about defense so i want to see Bynum show effort out there on the defensive end. I hate to see him get outboxed by smaller guys, i think it's a sign of weakness. I want to see him protect the rim and impose intimidation! I also want to see all the guards like Sasha, Jordan, Shannon play hard and hustle. These guys need to play decent defense especially Jordan. I get very excited when a Laker player show effort and hustle out there. Lastly, I agree with Ganapia. Bynum should have stepped up more when Pau was in the lineup. His attitude bothers me. He talks a lot. If he wants to be a great player, he better show it on the court, not from his mouth. Go Lakers!!

Clips are playing well right now. The Lakes had better show up for this game with some intensity, otherwise. . .

Just to add to your comment, never - we were complaining to MM about the trolls posting but ONLY BECAUSE they were using our handles. If they stop doing that, they can post to their heart's content - it's great comedy!

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the Lakers blog - I've been a semi-longtime reader, first time commenter. Looking forward to your insights and commentary re: all things LAKERS!


Do you mean wary? The use of weary sounds like Andrew is tired of having great games against the Clippers and hopes his next one is below average.

You guys are great copy editors. Don't worry the desk is making a change pretty soon


I took his comments as "with pau out I have to step up" not I don't focus when pau is in. I think that bynum understands the pecking order

As much as I'd like to, I'm not sleeping on the Clips. They look decently constructed. Kaman is a good player, Baron's always Baron, and they have some athleticism. Lately, they've been playing with a little more pride, so as usual, they'll measure their season thus far by what happens tonight.

Fly on the wall,

What MM meant, Bynum worried of his game tonight against the Clippers and Kaman in particular. Only one of them will go to All Stars.

Andrew Bynum looks like Alfred Neuman on the Mad magazines with his eyes rolling: "What-Me-worry?"

I hope Mark doesn't point out ever typo I make.


Charles and others - - a couple threads back there was a question as to who's posted or not at the new Land of Lakers site. There seems to be a fair amount of loyalty talk here, about how and why this should be the only place to be, etc.. I just wanted to add my two cents. I've registered and posted a few times over there. As others have said, it's pretty quiet so far, just a handful of bloggers. I have no idea whether it will catch on or not. My guess is that it won't reach the popularity that the Times blog enjoys anytime soon. The L.A. Times has obviously been the most popular news venue for local sports for many years - whether or not we like certain journalists is not as important as the obvious branding - the Times has been the place to go for Laker-centric news for generations. The Kbros, through hard work, good humor and excellent writing, were able to capitalize on an existing platform and grow it beyond any expectations.


I've been a Times reader for more than 30 years. I was going on Lakers blogs before the Kbros came along and when they started doing their thing here I checked it out and soon became hooked. I come here on a regular basis, whether I post or not. It's a great clearinghouse for info and has lots of bloggers that I've come to know and like. I haven't ever felt exclusive to the site however and never will. I may spend more time here than other places but I still jump around, whether it's places like Hoopshype and its accompanying forums, or Forum Blue and Gold, blogs as varied as Paul Shirley's outrageously funny 'My So Called Career', Eric Musselman's informative blog or the extremely well-written and extensive Spurs site 'Pounding the Rock'. I go on the last one, not for Spurs news but just for good writing. Now add to the list, the Kbros new venture. I was sorry that they left the Times and its readership but I could certainly understand - it was probably too good an offer to pass up. Doesn't change that fact that they're really smart and inventive writers in my opinion.


Anyway, I've rambled on way too long and doubt that anyone's still reading... I know that long posts usually annoy the hell out of me. But, I just had to say, that I'm not one of those people who believes in the "one true way". I wouldn't eat only one flavor of ice cream and I wouldn't listen to just one band. i wouldn't read only one book or go to see movies by just one actor. And as far as the 'blog is family aspect' - sure, I can dig that but I wouldn't ever limit myself to hanging out with just one member of the family. So, this place is awesome, I couldn't do without it. But I hope nobody gets miffed if they wander over to that "other place" and see my name. Cuz, it's all good in my book.

Hey Everybody!

I'll get a chance to catch the live chat and the game tonight, and I am interested in seeing how Socks plays against Kaman, who (at this moment in time) should be an All-Star.

I'm thinking that the Clips have a bit of swag because of their dramatic win against Boston.

Mamba24 add my name back to the roll call ! I think you deleted by accident.

about gilbert...

what kind of idiot will taunt the commish by tweeting like crazy and waiving his hands as guns right before his sentence is about to be handed down?!?!

What time is it? Game time baby! Let's go Lakers!!

Mark Medina,

Hola. So when you decide to block posts will you tell the poster why?
Btw, don't mean to be abrupt. Welcome. Thanks. Hi Again, how was your


you wrote: I took his comments as "with pau out I have to step up" not I don't focus when pau is in. I think that bynum understands the pecking order

my response: Correct me if I'm wrong, but LO grabbed 18 rebounds against
the celtics. That was with Pau at C. Every Laker seems to play better with
Pau. [ ref oc register. you could probably look at the stats & verify if you want.
You could also ask KB Blitz. He's a fiend with stats. I mean that in a positive. ]
Pau plays worse with Bynum. At least this season. Last season there were
According to Bynum's play & demeanor during which game, did Bynum show
that he understood the pecking order? i.e. He seemed interested in playing
defense, aggressively rebounded & scored 10+ points?

Consider these things:

1. He's been with the lakers for 4 - 5 years. That's actually a fair bit of time.
The shock & awe of playing with Kobe, Gasol & Fisher is over.

2. He played for a championship last year. He was actually in the games.
he scored 144 pts.

3. He's playing for a championship team. With the most competitive person in
the world.

These 3 things say that he's actually supposed to play like a vet. Shouldn't he
show the same desire/focus as j-farmar, j-powell, sasha-v, s-Brown?

Arenas just got benched indefinitely! I hope we pick him up as our point guard now that his monstrosity of a contract will likely be voided. He is from LA. Arenas, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum.

Posted by: Nathaniel | January 06, 2010 at 03:34 PM


What are you talking about? Arenas is 100% gone this year and maybe a part of next year even if he's not in jail. Charles Manson writes pretty songs, but I doubt he's fit to be in the band.


I'm with you Dave M. This Is where i hang my hat, but I've keys to every door in town.


Chris Kaman is one of the true goofballs of the NBA and it will be fun watching him go head-to-head with Andrew. I think foul trouble will dictate which one of them ends up getting the edge tonight. (And enough with the Andrew All Star talk already!)

BTW the blog has really revved up since the new decade hit... the new dynasty is in full swing.


It's crazy. The fingers as guns stunt was super, super stupid and put an immediate end to the rest of his 15 million dollar salery. He's losing 10 million right there.


We are all whiny fans here. So what if Bynum is only playing at the highest level when Pau is out? At least we have somebody playing on the highest level given any circumstances. If Pau is out, we have All-Star Bynum, if Pau is there, we have All-Star Pau..and that's not including always Superstar Kobe and always DPOY Ron Artest..and we have the best record in the league..and then we have the occasional all-star LO.. there is no team out there that will not swap a roster with us



Garnett, Kobe or Lebron are good examples for Bynum but they did not faced the same situation. They started on teams where they did not have the best player of the league and arguably the best power forward in the league. I wonder how Garnett would react being the third option of his team. As much as I love Kobe we know he is a totally different player now than when he was 22. Besides, he had Shaq, but he was still able to share the leadership on the team.

It must be difficult to be in Drew's position. He started as a Laker with a solid idea of being first option inside. He was playing very well until he got injured, and then we got Pau Gasol. I think that changed the initial scenario completely.

He is in a great organization and has great players that can mentor him. I just don't know if he will be patient enough to stay as 3rd option after this season (let's see if Phil continues as head coach, if Gasol stays healthy and we continue winning). He might be the one asking for a trade.


"Do any of you understand that Fisher might be the worst player that has ever played in the NBA."

Say that to me alone in an alleyway and let's see how things go.

Derek Fisher belongs in the pantheon of Lakers Greats.

People who are aggressive critics of Derek Fisher simply do not understand sports nor are they athletes. They are fantasy sports buffs and those types of people annoy the heck out of me. They simply do not get it, but are the loudest to complain.

Not quality people.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bnyum should be weary that his vertical of maybe 5 inches and plays zero defense. Bonehead Bynum!!!!



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