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Yesterday's trivia question, today's answer

Here's the Q again.

Click below for the A. Or don't, if you're still thinking.


Lakers All Time Assist Leaders:

1) Magic Johnson- 10,141

2) Jerry West- 6,238

3) Kobe Bryant- 4,493 (through Monday)

4) Norm Nixon- 3,846

5) Michael Cooper- 3,666

6) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar- 3,652

7) Elgin Baylor- 3,560

8) Gail Goodrich- 2,863

9) James Worthy- 2,791

10) Nick Van Exel- 2,749

11) Byron Scott- 2,365

12) Derek Fisher- 2,187 (through Monday)

13) Sedale Threatt- 2,018

14) Slater Martin- 2,007

15) Shaquille O'Neal- 1,593

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You're telling me my pick Luke Walton doesn' even crack the list.

In a more serious note, I think if the league started counting assisted assists like they do in the NHL, Kobe would be on top or very close there.

Is it any wonder that the majority of the list comes from the Showtime era? Magic, Coop, Byron, Worthy, Cap, and even Stormin Norm?

The team was the ultimate a great passing team, maybe the all-time best on the break. Not every pass was some razzle dazzle pass from Magic. There was always the pass that led to the pass that led to the score. The ball movement and the speed at which it happens was beautiful, and did not need a Triangle to run it.

I Missed Baylor, Martin and Threatt (though I did consider Sedale). Surprised Nick the Quick is so far down the that really accurate?

Fun one!

Surprised Nick the Quick is so far down the that really accurate?

Fun one!

Posted by: Jesterguru | December 15, 2009 at 04:11 PM

I guess it's because Nick didn't spend much time in Lakeland... Five seasons I reckon?

For my Birthday 2 weeks ago my wife purchased 50 amazing years in the city of Angels....

At the back of the book it has all the teams stats from past to present....
some of the stats are amazing....

for instance...Last Laker player to win the defensive player of the year was Michael Cooper..1986-87...

1987-88 Byron Scott led the team in scoring..

92-93 Threatt led the team in scoring..

Ceballos did it twice..94-95 and 95-96..

In all this amazing book i could not find the names..Cook,Parker or Kwame Brown.......Amamzing.....

The DeathStar music!

Dang, those Bulls people are imaginative.


I LOVE anything on the history of LA. What a place. Is there a game chat? No? Too bad...


OK, you`ve all been waiting long enough.

Here it is!!!!

The Celtics All-Time Assists Leaders :

1} Bob Cousy--6,945
2} John Havlicek--6,114
3} Larry Bird--5,695
4} Bill Russell--4,100
5} Jo Jo White--3,686
6} Dennis Johnson--3,486
7} KC Jones--2,908
8} Dave Cowens--2,828
9} Nate Archibald--2,563
10} Danny Ainge--2,422

I guess the game is delayed in LA, so I won't ruin it,'s still the 1st quarter and Kobe's just about on pace for 100.


so, for all the people who think kobe is a ball hog.... what do we do about the fact that he's among the top 5 laker leaders in assists?



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