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The Lakers, who have been actively campaigning to get Shannon Brown a slot in this year's dunk contest during All Star weekend, have launched a pretty slick website to drum up support-

There's also a pretty cool YouTube channel to go with it, filled with highlights and personal appeals from Lamar Odom and Lakers broadcaster Joel Meyers. My guess is they'll add more goodies over time, too. 

Incidentally, surfing around the site I learned Odom calls Brown "Mr. Fantastic." Not bad, but I still like "YouTube" as a nickname. That's where everything he does ends up anyway. To each his own, I guess. I'm clearly not the boss of Lamar Odom (though it's worth noting he's not the boss of me, either).


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I'm confused. Is there resistance to letting Shannon Brown in the dunk contest?

Is David Stern afraid that he'll show up LeBron?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


really? the Lakers paid for this website? If so, this is highly unusual and should be appreciated by all long time fans. I don't recall the Lakers ever really campaigning for any player to make any kind of appearance at the allstar game. Props to the Lakers for recognizing a unique situation and taking action on it.

One campaign snag might be he's also #1 on NBA blocks of the month.

Jon K

was gonna ask the same thing. you'd think a Kobe / Fish conference call to whoever matters would get it done.

does this really require a campaign?

Jon K., VMan,

Count me in that group too, cause I thought the same thing. Why is it even a question of whether Shannon should be invited. No reason except he'd probably show up the King.


"does this really require a campaign?"

No, but it's kind of fun anyways.

Who knows? It's easy to forget that 65% of America HATES the Lakers. Maybe anti-Lakers bias is a factor in creating the campaign.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


image 5 is fantastic. he jumps so high that the ball is cut by the frame of the image (not ready for the shot) and at the same time is at the top of the rectangle on the board

a small mistake. LO blabbering. they should have used Kobe, as a previous dunk champion: "he jumps highr than me or MJ"

the quality of the videos is not great. don't they have crisp footage

otherwise, great site, good campaign

they have to campaign because the NBA gives out invitation to whoever they think r worth. as u remember last year they were 4-5 guys who were competing for a spot and the fans voted ONE in.

Guys....Its probably Nike pulling the strings here...

Its not like Nike has not done this type of thing before..

youtube! Thats brilliant. Ron-Ron should be called twitter if we are basing names on social media/interwebs a player is most associated with.

My nickname for Shannon is Shannon "the Cannonball" Brown or Shannon "the Cannon" Brown. Wacha think Laker fans?

My nickname for Shannon is Shan-Wow (like that miracle cloth advertised late @ night) and QuickShan (a play on quick sand).


Have you guys made a blog poll on the best nickname for Shannon yet? If FoxSports is going to make (a lame) one, I'd bet the LATimes Lakerblog can definitely do better.

I'd vote for SuperFly. Somebody made it up earlier, forgot who.

Jon K.,

Alls well, I don't disagree with you about Ron. Your tone just seemed abnormal from your normal one.


We need a website to promote our Lakers in the ALL-STAR GAME. We need and COULD get Kobe, Gasol, Bynum,and Artest/Odom. Make it happen if you claim to be a Laker fan! GO VOTE.

I hope this isn't followed by ""...

Ha ha ha!! Hilarious!


I responded to you earlier but it seems whoever runs this blog seems to not to have checked their dictionary and don't understand that the word "cur" is not a swear word but represents an unkept mangey mongrel dog... because my response was deleted for no darned good reason, and I hate that.

And I was referring to myself.

Anyhow, don't worry, brother. We all need to sharpen each other. We make comments and it is good for other people to check one another.

I think you're right. I was in a bad mood. The essence of what I wrote I stand by, but perhaps I didn't need to be as "angry" as you stated I came across.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Too funny. Image 2 reminds me of those pink muscle men toys. The dudes have enormous hands compared to their plastic bodies.

K Brothers.

"I can be a moody cur at times, but, man, telling everyone he's drinking while on the job? How was that a good idea? He's trying to reform his image."

I can be more than a moody cur at times, but sometimes I have trouble finding my posts among so many threads.

My apologies for implying that my post was erased unfairly when it was not.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Shannon Brown is one of the best explosives players tht ever played in the laker team aside from Kobe Bryant. As soon as he steps foot into the court he has points and does incredible plays. He deserves a chance in the Dunk Contest.

shannon skillz are so explosive, he has shown great improvement on the lakers team! I love the lakers and i know we have another championship in our favor. let's go lakers!!!
let shannon dunk allstar weekend we love him





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