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This Week's 710 Lakers PodKast- On Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum, plus conversations with Jordan Farmar and Kurt Rambis

December 12, 2009 |  1:34 pm

Lots of sound to go with the commentary in this week's installment of the 710 Lakers PodKast, broken up into two halves equally convenient for those looking to pre-burn some holiday calories on the treadmill and those adding them by sitting around eating those killer brownies your wife made with pieces of Oreo cookie in them.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Part I: We talk defense, specifically the type of D that has made the Lakers arguably the league's best defensive team. Plus, a conversation about Andrew Bynum's rebounding, and how it relates to the rest of his development. All that, plus our conversation Friday afternoon with former Lakers player/coach Kurt Rambis, now the head honcho in Minnesota. Click here for just the interview.

Part II: We pass on a very interesting interview Andy conducted with Jordan Farmar in El Segundo this week, and talk about Lamar Odom's philosophy of basketball and how it impacts his play. That, plus talk of 90210, Little House on the Prairie, Smurfs, and how exactly Tracy McGrady managed to open so high among Western Conference guards in All Star voting.