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Poll: Which seldom-used Lakers would you like to see receive more playing time?

Five Lakers are averaging less than 11 minutes a game this season. Of those five, which one would you like to see play more? Vote now, then leave a comment letting us know why you voted the way you did.

-- Houston Mitchell
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Actually, I don't want to see ANY of those guys play more, just better.

Well, Luke is hurt, so he doesn't count.

So far DJ is a novelty act. Fun to watch, lots of energy, no polish. In his minutes this year the Lakers have gotten killed on the defensive glass. Never saw a shot he didn't like.

Adam had some opportunities earlier, especially when the Lakers were blowing teams out. He looks uncomfortable on the floor. Maybe minutes would help, maybe not. I had expected more from him.

Josh Powell has been disappointing. Like DJ, gets killed at the defensive end. Less energy than DJ. Shoots too much. Josh should be an energy guy, a defense and rebounding first guy. He has been just the ooposite. Needs to earn his minutes.

Sasha has been a real positive on the floor in meaningful minutes in the past. He is not there at all this year. But between Sasha, Powell, Ammo and DJ he is the guy who has proven himself most in the past. As a perimter shooter, he offers something the Lakers lack (Pau, Lamar and Drew have the 4/5 spot pretty much covered). So I guess he is the guy I would like to see get a chance, with Josh second, Ammo third (maybe we get lucky) and DJ last.

Ideally I would love to see the Lakers start to blow teams out again so all these guys get some burn.

Tom "I want to play too" Daniels

more poll ideas:

"which OFTEN-USED laker(s) would you like to see receive LESS playing time?"

DFISH 100%

"which SELDOM-USED laker(s) would you like to see receive ABSOLUTELY NO playing time?"

SASHA 100%

or "which OFTEN-INJURED laker(s) would you like to NEVER see in a laker uniform again?"


It's amazing that we have a 2 game lead in the loss column on the rest of the NBA. Even after a rough week with broken fingers and busted skuls, we're still leading the pack.


I'd like to add my New Year's greetings to Barry Stavro, Austin Knoblauch, Houston Mitchell, Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner. I suspect the added responsibility of entertaining us Lakerholics who blog here is probably more like a lump of coal in your stocking than finding an extra present under the tree. You haven't gotten back a lot of love for the added burden Randy Harvey has placed on you. But trust me, we appreciate your filling the void. Again, Happy New Year! Go Lakers!

I voted ammo - He's like a human victory cigar. If he's in the game, it must be garbage time.

The guy can't guard his own shadow, is almost never in the right place in the offense (watch the spacing when he's out there, terrible), is not a very good passer, and can't create his own shot (and misses the ones he does take). Excellent expiring contract. (or maybe trade for a late 1st round draft pick for a team over the cap that wants to shed some salary for next year?)

speaking of grades how bout grading our players:

artest B+... high grade b/c of defense and quick integration in our system
gasol A-... playing at a high level
bynum D+.. knees knees knees
dfish F.. only because theres no F-
kobe A+.. with 8 fingers. are you kidding me?

odom C-.. still wildly inconsistent
shannon C+.. lack of playing time is hurting his consistency
farmar D-.. four long years and still in the same place
sasha F.. &#(*)%@#^*!!!!
morrison D.. total lack of confidence.
mbenga D.. ideal 3rd string center
powell D.. is he still in the team?
luke F or I.. why is he still in the league?

How about trading a couple of these players and a pick for someone who doesnt collect rust off the bench, preferrably a shooter.


Your grades are way too harsh.

I guess this explains the reason why some people think Lakers fans are spoiled.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'd like to see Luke play more because, well, he's been hurt and all AND the Bench Mob plays much better when he's in.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



can u add Farmar to all the "new" poll ideas?

has to be Morrison, I've seen enough of those other guys. I know they can't help. From what I've seen of him, his confidence looks shot. I'd be willing to give him a couple of 6 minute runs per game for the next 5 games to see if he can hit a few. The guy can only do 1 thing: shoot. No reason why he can't avg. 6-7 ppg, he has 3 pt range, good height, maybe a few more touches will help. If not he's out too.

I actually think Luke helps run the offense, which is one of the Lakers problems right now--no offensive flow.

Will we eventually get someone who actually posts some opinion or analysis pieces on this blog? I'm not necessarily against these poll things (the K Bros came up with some pretty funny ones) but this blog is ending up like those endless poll questions you see on AOL or Yahoo.

Like it or not, there's a need on the Lakers at this point that is filled perfectly by Luke Walton.

In recent games, it seems like the offense, ball movement, and the ability to make the right play, have all completely disappeared (and don't even get me started on the lack of defense).

With that said though...

I voted for DJ. The other thing the Lakers need right now... energy and activity. DJ brings that... EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Watching the Lakers/Warriors game yesterday reminded me of how much this team misses Rony Turiaf off the bench. Hell. At this point... we'd miss Smush off the bench. Nice to see Jordan Farmar contributing in the past few games though - he's really stepped up, made the right plays, which is nice.

I'll shut up now :)

I'd like to see DJ play more with real specific instructions - block shots, set hard picks and bring the team energy up for short minutes. He's too shot-happy when he gets in there, doesn't help his quest for PT I don't think.

All of them when the Lakers are up by 30+ points.

Afraid to list none of the above as an option?

Given that others have graded:


Ron Artest: Integrated well into the system. Efficient, lockdown defender, perfect fit with the team. Much better than expected passer. A.

Pau Gasol: Best Center in the West? Quite possibly. A.

Andrew Bynum: Umm... after an encouraging start to the year, a disappointing couple of weeks - particularly in terms of energy and effort. B-

Derek Fisher: I love Fish - but there's a reason why the Lakers get burnt hardcore every time we play a dynamic opposing PG. Sorry, Fish. C-

Kobe Bryant: The guy plays with 8.5 fingers most nights, and still manages to be the best played in the game. Sorry, LeBron, but it's not even close. A+


Lamar Odom: Horribly inconsistent this year. Far too many 3's, an alarming number of missed layups, not taking advantage of his height, length, and constant mismatches on offense.. get it together, this team needs you! C.

Shannon Brown: A fantastic pickup for the Lakers. A viable option behind Kobe or Fish, with tremendous leaping ability. Needs consistent playing time, and at this point, is hurt statistically by playing with the 2nd unit. B.

Jordan Farmar: The last four or five games have been better, but I have to agree that he doesn't seem to have progressed. I think he's hampered by the system - the Triangle doesn't suit his strengths. Consider him trade bait, or at least an expiring contract. C.

Sasha Vujacic: Oh Dear. F.

Adam Morrison: He's clearly working hard trying to find a place on this team - but his greatest value is probably in an expiring contract. $5m off the books next year. Hasn't played enough to really get a grade. +/-

DJ Mbenga: Brings energy and effort every single night. A little trigger happy at times... okay, all the time... but you can't fault his defence or his wok ethic. B+

Josh Powell: Played well in the pre-season, and in the early games this season, but has completely disappeared since. C-.

Luke Walton: Has barely played this season, but remains, as always, a catalyst for so many things that the Lakers do well. A capable passer and facilitator, but should work on his outside game to force defenders to pay some attention to him and make life easier on the rest of the team. B-.

Sasha mBenga Powell all need more playing time along with farmer and brown to give starters rest, get second unit confidence playing together and running plays, and maybe get to a point where at any given time someone could come in and contribute something positive on the floor later in the season after rotation shortens up in response to looming playoffs.

I voted for DJ. Sure his offense is not polished and he takes waaaaay too many bad shots. But he can be like Ben Wallace, a defensive stalwart - tenacious rebounding, setting hard picks, blocking shots, and occasionally give a real good hard foul to make the opposing players think twice about getting their way in the paint.

How about trading a couple of these players and a pick for someone who doesnt collect rust off the bench, preferrably a shooter.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | December 31, 2009 at 01:22 PM

FRICK!!!!!! THIS IS NOT ME!!!!!!!


Some of the comments here on "grading" show a remarkable lack of knowledge about the Laker players, and the team in general.

Anyway, all the Laker reserves have various skills and can help the team out in various ways. They don't get sufficient playing time to develop their games. They're only in there for a few minutes, and certain people expect them to come in cold and have career games in those few minutes. Well, not even the starters do that. This is why it's very difficult to assess the skill level of the bench players.

-Luke is good and passing, but can't shoot well and his defense is even worse.
-Josh is the most consistent of the bench players, being both a quality shooter, rebounder, and an average defender.
-Adam seems to have some offensive skills, but like Luke, is pretty much one-dimensional.
-Sasha is the best shooter in the bunch. He hustles on defense and generally is a stable player. Lack of playing time and an inconsistent FG percentage hurts him.
-DJ is an adequate shooter up close, and a competent defender/rebounder. Nothing special, but he generally won't hurt you.

Who should get more playing time depends on what the Lakers need come playoff time. I like Josh the best, but there are too many Laker forwards, so I don't know what role Josh can play. I feel we need a 3 point threat, so my vote is for Sasha. As soon as he gets his shooting touch, he'll help the Lakers in multiple ways.

PLEASE.......... Start..........DJ Mbenga....!!! Let that big baby Bynum ride the bench if he doesnt get his act together...!

This is easy, a center that knows what the word energy is, what the word defense is, a center that can stay out of foul trouble, a center that plays like he gives a damn, OH, the Lakers don't have one of them, OK, lets go out & get one....

As for the bench, we can make it 100% better by putting one man on it, FISH!!!! Put Fish on the bench & let him run them as a player coach sort of thing, let him run the offense with the bench guys & watch what happens.... OH you say, who will be at point, well we need a YOUNG, FAST, DEFENSIVE MINDED, GREAT PASSER & SCORER, OH you say the Lakers don't have one of them, OK lets get one...

Lets use Andrew as bait in a package to get shall we say a point guard from Utah, a center by the name of Gasol & get rid of Andrew & Walton & while you are at it.... Then you will have a team....

How about not extending Kobe's contract and go for broke on LeBron in 2010?



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