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Poll: What grade would you give the Lakers so far this season?

The Lakers are 25-6 and have the best record in the NBA, but have stumbled a bit recently, including an embarrassing loss on Christmas Day to the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, with all that in mind, what grade would you give the Lakers so far this season? Vote now, then leave a comment letting us know why you voted the way you did. -- Houston Mitchell
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No. Bad. When you start 20-5 or better you get an A. That's it.


I gave it a B, due to the fact that we've taken care of things at home, but need to do the same on the road. Until we play more road games (and win), that's as high as I'm going to go.

They had an A last month and during the 11-game streak. This month they get a B+, but those boys know how to get their grade up. I'm not worried.

I gave an A but it would be an A- with room for improvement. Still, hard not to reward the team with the best record in the league. I'm wondering who gave the C's and the D?

There's lots of talent on the team, but when Kobe has to put up mega-points I worry.

I voted "C." Compared to their potential, the team's performance is just average. Were it not for Kobe, my grade would be lower.

This squad all needs to make individual New Year's resolutions to be the best that they can be every time out. The fans who populate this blog often seem more dedicated than the players who are privileged to wear the Purple & Gold. This team is absolutely capable of establishing a Dynasty that will be envied for decades. Go Lakers!

My new years resolutions would be the Lakers to win a championship. I could care if the Lakers got another All-Star MVP trophy or Regular season MVP trophy or who is on the All-NBA/All-Defensive teams. The most important is the Finals MVP and holding the Larry O'Brien.

That being said the short term New Years resolution Laker wise would be for Bynum to snap out of his energy less mind out become a force most importantly defensively and show why LO deserves to be on the bench instead of the other way around. Sure scoring is nice but meh I've seen better from Kobe and Pau. Bynum needs to replace Odom and even surprass the best 3rd bes Laker atm in Ron Artest. Can he do it? Of course he can but he just so far wants to be another Wilt Chamberlain when we need a Bill Russell to win titles. He can either be the 3rd part of the Lakers big 3 or continue to be Mr. Big Mouth. It's up to him really and not up to his Stan Fans.

This Laker term deserves an A- because we still have the best record unfortunately save for Atlanta we still have really yet to beat an elite team especially from the east (no PHX does not count).

Have a great new years everyone and hope 2010 works well for everyone whether its Laker wise or in your personal lives (like Jon K. moving back to Southern California).

I'm going with a B - for the best record and the 11-0 streak. Now it's time to knock it out of the park. Uh, sorry wrong sport.

Oh crap. Another Metrolink incident in the Valley. ~ sigh ~ They're holding my train at Union for a while.

I voted B and agree with Caliphilosopher - they have taken care of business at home, but need to win on the road against the better teams. I do see them winning on nights when the ball is not bouncing well for them, and that to me is the mark of good team character. I'd like to see them pull together on the road and win the big games ahead of them to really make a statement to the league. I do worry about guarding fast PG's, boxing out hustle players, and not using our quickness in the post enough. But I know that Phil and his staff are on it, and that gives me confidence that our little problems will soon be ironed out. Can't wait until Feb 18th!

B grade. While the Lakeshow has the best record in the NBA, we need to have better performances especially against the better teams and we will get tested soon. After Sactown on Friday we play Houston and Dallas and then at Portland, later in the week, so that will be a good test. We need to hope that we get healthy and play more focused, hungry basketball. All championship teams have spurts where they are not playing well guys and every season is different. Everyone just needs to focus in and play like we are on a mission, including the bench, which needs to step up with the time they are given, especially when our normal rotations are back and they probably won't get as much playing time as they have had recently. Have a great New Year everyone and lets get 1 Championship closer to those nasty Celtics!! Go Lakers!!!!!

"I voted "C." Compared to their potential, the team's performance is just average. Were it not for Kobe, my grade would be lower.
This squad all needs to make individual New Year's resolutions to be the best that they can be every time out. The fans who populate this blog often seem more dedicated than the players who are privileged to wear the Purple & Gold. This team is absolutely capable of establishing a Dynasty that will be envied for decades. Go Lakers!"- Rick Friedman
I totally agree. Also, Kobe is gonna break down even further if he has to carry this much of the load for the whole season.


thanks for the comment. Gave a C too, to challenge the students to strive 4 an A. and the C is an average from Kobe's A++ and the rest of the team D. (as a side note, i was never allowed to teach in graduate school - i was told that i will alienate all the students!!!!!!!!!!!) :-)

Happy New Year everyone.

KB Blitz. i will join you in the new year res. but i also hope that Kobe will get all the extra accolades.

how do some of the NBA players feel that a guy with a broken finger leads the lead in scoring? with 8-1/2 fingers

Its an A. Its like expecting your kid to get a 4.0 but making him feel bad because he got a 3.9 because he got a B in PE for not wearing the right socks one day.

The question should be, how their effort so far? Collectively, its a solid senioritis B. They've cruised through the post championship bliss and now they are getting hit in the face. Time to wake up.

I also gave them a C+.

The bench being the biggest reason they get this grade at this point in the season.

If i was Only grading the starters the grade would be a B+.

Injuries have come early this season and it makes it difficult to give them a true grade, but there is much room for improvement among the starters and mostly the bench players.

After the All Star break, this team should be playing as a unit, showing great ball movement and intensity on Defense.

I gave them an A based upon their record.

The stated goal of the Lakers is to win a championship.
Let's say something extra-ordinary happened.
Like the NY Knicks winning the east. Is the Knicks offense
that much different than the Suns or GSW?

So if that had been the knicks in game 5 & we take 3 suns
games and 1 NY gane as 4, aren't we 4-1?

Either way, if we faced a team like GSW in the playoffs or finals,
we'd be happy with the win & Kobe would have won another
Finals MVP.


I saw your words. Sadly I don't speak hawaiian. I've been thinking about
trying to learn it though. :)

KB Blitz,

I thought Bynum played ok in GSW. His performance was certainly
better than in Chicago. re: Russell and Chamberlain. Do you
think he knows who they are, let alone how they actually played?

Neiama ,

A couple of things:

1. I didn't see you repost any of my posts supporting your remarks.
2. I asked if you were a girl, because I don't speak samoan and didn't
know if you were male or female.
3. You spoke of meekness and made vague comments that some might
consider macho. I didn't take your comments to be meek. at all. You
mis-spoke about me to support LakerTom and Bynum. Hence, the


meek [miːk]
1. patient, long-suffering, or submissive in disposition or nature; humble
2. spineless or spiritless; compliant


Now that Bynum is playing better, I'm certain you're feeling better. Great.
I *believe* you made a comment about running the offense through Bynum
in order to accelerate his growth.

Does that mean that you want to run the offense through the 22 yr. old
novice instead of the 13 year old 2 time scoring champion, former MVP,
reigning Finals MVP?

If your answer is "yes", is there any sort of qualification you'd like to make
to that statement?

If your statement stands as written above, than aren't you asking 22-yr old
basketball novice, who hasn't played a full year as a starter, to actually
become a floor general? I'm assuming that he'll pass the ball instead of
working on his all-star bid when he's double-teamed.

Are you willing for the Lakers to lose games this season in order for Bynum
to grow as a basketball player? [ Obviously, you hope we don't. ]

I think Kurt Rambis departure is our loss. Kurt Rambis is the reason we won last's all about defense.

I gave the Lakers a "B" only because I don't think this team has fully gelled just yet. Bynum is still trying to round into form and I think Artest is also still a little ways off from becoming fully integrated into the lineup and flow. It'd also be nice if this team could somehow figure out a way to exert their dominance over teams in the early going and quit giving up these ridiculous 30+ point 1st quarters. I love a good fight in the 2nd half as much as the next guy, but seriously - would it kill this team to unleash a 25-18 first quarter one of these days??? Still, best record in the league and they haven't hit their stride yet, so who am I to complain!


They've managed to beat all sub-500 teams. That's a huge accomplishment, so far, as Lakers gave up a ton of easy games to losing teams in last year's seasonal run. Of course, none of this would've been possible, had Kobe not bailed us out so many times.

That said, do not let the Lakers' "best record" deceive you. For a contender, we have the worst record against teams that are +500. We've had by far the easiest schedule, and we've lost all the important games - Cleveland, Utah @ Utah, Phoenix @ Phoenix, and Denver.

And yet, we still haven't faced Orlando, Boston, San Antonio or Portland, and we've got plenty more against Dallas and Denver.

Objectively speaking, I'd rank us #5 at this point.

1. Boston
2. Orlando
3. Denver
4. Cleveland
5. LAL

Rick - a "C" has always meant average to me... that's a pretty tough grade to give these guys. Still, I respect your reasoning and willingness to take a stand.


ps, has Phil given out books to the players yet this year?

F. They should have won every game, and held all the opponents to 26 points or less.

Guys, they're 25-6. How can you not give them an "A"? Was anyone (outside of Laker Tom) SERIOUSLY thinking that we'd be 31-0 right now?

A-? Sure, particularly because of "the weirdness", but still an A.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I gave them a D this team has not held there own against any of the top teams. the bench has been terrible our defense has not been what ive expected when its really counted. ya you could give this team an A becuase we do have the best record but for all the talent we have it has not been in impressive fashion at all we have the best talent i nthe nba and I think were just getting outplayed and its embarrasing.

they'll get better as the season goes by and they will win another championships this year and kobe will get his 5th ring,2nd reg.season mvp & 2nd finals mvp! GO LAKERS REPEAT 2010!!

I voted a "B" Yes this team is dealing with some injuries the last couple of months but we all know this team can do better. First it starts with the bench, it is the same group from the post season and they are up an down like a roller coaster. Lamar what he is showing is more passion that I havent seen from him as a laker he is taking it more personal and I like to see that. It looks like his personal goal to get this 2nd unit the best it can do on a nightly basis. The defense by the guards I think have slipped to from last season. In the playoffs those guys were scrapping for loose balls not letting point guards just go on down the lane and chucking it up.. I know it is called funnel D and the bigs are suppose to help out but they need to do a better job stopping the ball. I think we wont see the championship caliber team tell after the all star break for now they need to improve and keep on the pressure with the other elite teams for best record in the nba.

I agree with Charles. I was just having that very discussion last night. I don't think dividing up the defensive duties between the three asst coaches is working. We need a defensive specialist. I used to watch Rambis work with Bynum before the games, during warm ups. I think Drew needs that.



So, where were you that you had teachers from Hawaii who spoke with the pidgin accent?


I said a B but actually I would give them a C without Gasol and a high B with him.

I think it's still a little too early in the season, but so far a "B"

Road game performance consistency, maturation of Andrew Bynum, possiblity of injuries, Artest's acclimation of the offense are key factors going into '10.

Sometimes it looks like they are not running their offense but instead improvising ... but hey, they must be doing something right.

I don't care about the record, I can't give anything higher than a B until they prove they can beat good teams, especially on the road. Last year they had head scratching losses to some crappy teams but at this point had beaten Dallas, Houston, Portland, Denver, and Boston already. This year it's been double digit blowout losses against good teams though all wins against bad ones. Worrisome? Yes, though I'm not into panic trades since it's mostly the same squad as last year. So hopefully they'll figure out what worked for them last year. Looking at January's tough schedule, now would be a good time to start.


Good call. I've been harping on first unit speed since Andrew came back and Trevor departed. Magic mentioned it recently as well, but, Kurt's departure created ripples that haven't settled yet. Look what's happened to USC with the migration of assistant coaches.

Even with the home games, 25 wins is about all we could hope for given the changes.

Well it's pretty obvious now this poll has been up too long and has already become tainted by the jokesters.

What the poll should read are the same results that appeared within the first hour or so, a B.

Who is giving this team a C,D or F?? They have the best record in the league.

Lakes seem to give away the first quarter - as if they expect the system to win the game. When visitors come out with fire, Lakes are rather nonchalant. Solid B.


I hear ya man.....Spot on....

Its not to say that players cant try to play D,but the helping hand would be nice to have....

These players should be seeking out that help..Just like Kobe did for his post game to improve the way it has......

I think the lakers problems is there bench. I also think the lakes need to trade for Nate Robinson.

Tom Daniels,

"I think that Pau impersonator played a couple of games right after Pau signed his new contract. Pau took a week off to celebrate and had Billy Shears take his place."

cool subtle Beatle reference of the day, cleverly incorporating the Paul is dead rumor of 1969 and Pau imposter---brilliant Tom

As far as a first trymester grade for the Lakers goes--I would say about a B+ and a pleasure to have in class


i agree with charles. our defense sucks.

B. Bench production is lacking. It's painful to watch Fish struggle mightily. Phil is playing Kobe & Artest too much and not going to bench enough.

Kobe, Gasol and Ron are getting it done. Everyone else needs to step it up. But biggest concern is the bench. Right now, they're just not playing with any confidence.

I think that the lakers need to trade for Nate Robinson. Also try and get Ron Ron stop shoting 3s all the time and take a fool. The season is long but lot of those player been together for 3 years. The bench need to bring it nite in and out. If Kobe could do it why not the bench. U play less than 10 minutes a game . So u should be ready to bring it at all time, are ask to be TRADE.


"I thought Bynum played ok in GSW."

I thought so too but then again I take that with a grain of salt considering how GSW had a very weak inside. Even still, I thought his screen and roll defense was atrocious just as bad as it was against PHX and if it weren't for Kobe's 44 and Pau's 27 that we would have lost. Granted GS was on fire with their shots hitting almost everything from inside to outside but still I though Bynum could have done better defensively wise.

re: Bynum thought when he first met Kareem that the Cap was Wilt. I'm guessing that he does know Wilt at the very least and that's why maybe he is so insistent about scoring rather than the other aspects of the game (Wilt though played almost everything right save for maybe the killer instinct...yes he did average 50ppg but imo I think he was too nice at times rather than the drive that Russell had).

I know the season is long but if we the lakers fans dont see a trade are the bench stepping out it will be a long summer. The lakes got to make a trade u did it for the last two season and played in June lets do it again,

I would give this poll an F-

Options A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-

Is this the type of trite junk we get now?

Hey Charles, how you doing? So listen, I'm a huge Rambis fan too but the Lakers went 65-17 last year with a percentage of .793. So far this year their win percentage is .806. Last year they allowed 99.3 ppg from opponents. This year they're allowing only 97 ppg. I know it's not all about the stats but still... not sure how we're doing worse?

You guys are WAY too hard on the lakers. Someone the other day said this blog is a "waste of his time" if all we are going to do is be negativite on here. 15% say they get an F? Stop it! Where the ... am I? We just won the dopest ring ever made and we currently have the best record in the league! Period.

Meanwhile Boston is sinking faster than the titanic, the magic appear to be pretenders, and our only regular season foe once again is lebrick's team. Let him have the MVP and we will take the larry o'brien trophy JUST LIKE WE DID LAST YEAR. The other teams should be taking polls, laker fans should be laughing at their current lack of competition!

Look, glass half empty fellas... if nothing else, just admire what Kobe 'the show' Bryant is doing right now. This guy is in the top 5 EVER to lace em up. Two more rings and NO ONE will be able to dispute his credentials. Drink a cold one mamba24 to all the Lebron this, Lebron that talk. Toast to the new year lakertom as we get healthy and pace ourselves for JUNE (as the no.1 seed baby). We love you guys, friedman, jamiesweet, hobbitmage the whole crew! Keep reminding laker fans why we are the best fans in the world. We are NOT bandwangoners. We are die hard laker fans! My 10 month old son wears his kobe jersey every home game while watching, clapping, and pointing at the tv everytime the lakers BUST SOMEBODY's A$$.

We bleed purple and gold and we expect nothing less than a championship! But... we know there are going to be ups and downs, peaks and valleys if you will. The truth is, if this is the worst that the season has in store for us with artest's woes, LO's loss of focus, and Bynum's respiratory excuses, I'm COOL WITH THAT. Our defense needs improving. Our shooting needs improving. Our bench needs improving, but tell me a team in the league that hasn't had the same problems at some point in the season so far. And we're no.1 right now (I again remind you).

Stop hating on D-FISH. Celtics fans should be complaining guys NOT US. Stop talking trade Bynum, your making me sick! You people must be from orange county talking like that (bad joke?). We are looking really, really good right now. As a team we're probably at a B or C level, but Kobe's extra credit makes us A- good (don't you think?).

KB Blitz,

"like Jon K. moving back to Southern California"

Thanks, man. I've got a job opportunity back in Los Angeles, but the position isn't available for a couple months and there are some bigger issues that need to take place to ensure the availability of the job.

I really hope things work out.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Andy Kwon,

"Objectively speaking, I'd rank us #5 at this point"

Objectively speaking? Really? Really?

Objectively speaking, I'd say that saurkraut tastes as good as pizza. Better, actually. Sure, why not?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Phoenix beat Boston! Phoenix beat Boston!

Dave M and a few others have wondered about my "C" grade for the Lakers. Yes, "C" is average. But against what standard?

Obviously in a class that includes the Nets (3-29), the T-Wolves (7-26), and the Pacers and Warriors (both 9-22), sure, the Lakers would get an "A."

That's not my standard. I went to an all-academic high school where a "C" would have been an "A" everywhere else in town. Shouldn't the World Champion Lakers be in the advanced class, and graded only against the elite?

Actually, I'm grading them against themselves. Given the rich tradition of this franchise, some of us think the Lakers should be in a class by themselves. It's a high standard. But I think that's why Dr. Buss is willing to break the bank and pay so much luxury tax.

So, yes, I stand by my grade of "C." Compared to the potential of this team, we're just seeing average right now. But as we all know, it's the Finals Exam that counts the most. That's the exam we expect this team to ace. Go Lakers!

Lakerlass ( & Neimama ),


One of my arts is Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu. Created by Henry Okazaki.
First taught in Hawaii.

2nd & last soke prof. Sig Kufferath (hawaiian).
the majority of the elders and oldest 3rd
generation teachers are hawaiian or spent time there.

All of our seminars/banquets/get togethers
are hawaiian.

KB Blitz,

re: Bynum & GSW. We'll we had said that he would have an ok game against
a team w/ no inside presence. What was encouraging to *me* was that he
wasn't lethargic. He actually seemed to be trying. Maybe big people
scare him? Maybe he feels that he'll commit a foul against a big man, because
they're all more skilled/veteran than him?


I am in absolute agreement with you. One of my issues with Bynum was
defense. [ I say that to indicate that I have been watching defense vs. I'm
trying to get in a dig at Bynum. ]In watching the loss to phx, we weren't closing out the 3-pt line
like we did last year. Pau doesn't seem as physical as he was last year either.

I think that if we didn't have Artest, our record would be much worse.

I'm less concerned about our bench than most. reasons why:

1. With the exception of Trevor, isn't this the bench that won a championship?
Have they been off lately? Yes. Yes! However, Sasha is showing signs of
life. They certainly have the ability. The biggest question is how will they

2. That Phil Jackson seems to be a pretty good coach. 10-2 in the finals is

3. Kobe, Pau, Artest are capable of playing long minutes for the season &
playoffs. Two of those 3 plus any 3 from the bench and we should be
able to hang with anybody for 20 minutes per game.

i give us a C because the last three weeks only kobe and gasol are scoring points really tho kobe scores too much for the kind of team we have. Second only kobe,artest,fisher are playing the best d gasol too but not as good as them. third the bench is up and down most of the time down and last bynum is not getting it done. LO need to score a lot more points and play smart d. The point is we have the best record so far but we can be much better so i guess i can give them a b+


They were an A until they failed to show up in "prime time" against the Cavs and couldn't handle 4 games in 5 days very well at all. Kobe bailed them out yet again when they had horrible defense in their latest win against Don Nelson's team. The bench is a disappointment.
Everyone outside Kobe is inconsistent - even Pau's production dropped recently until the Kings - and Fisher's D is suffering of late.

Bad defense against offensive rebounds, P&R and too many turnovers. Not a great record against elite teams on the road.

Leading the league in everything else, though, including the easiest schedule to date.

B- and decreasing... They ' sort of ' took care of business with a schedule strong in home games and mostly weak teams which accounts for the best record, but haven't faced many strong teams yet and generally haven't done well when they did (Bad losses against Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Phoenix, Houston, Utah). And still could have lost a couple more barring some miracle shots by Kobe. They looked good for a stretch when Pau came back... but defense, focus and effort has been VERY suspect as of late and the offense doesn't look fluid, too much reliance on Kobe which translates in heavy minutes for him very early in the season. Add to that a bench that hasn't been able to hold ANY lead against any team save for the NJN (clearly the worst team by far) and well... I think they have much improving to do as the schedule gets tougher.

man, best record gets an A.

if you want to grade the achievement of potential, then a B+. leading the league is leading the league.

Tom D, thanks for the reply re: Bynum. I also think he needs to be force fed a bit. I'd like to see the sort of line ups that allow him to be a focal point, and thus allow him to get his touches or at least be the recipient of alley-oops. Being out there with Kobe, Pau, Ron, etc., makes it difficult not to be pigeon holed into being just a rebounder. Throw Bynum in with Luke, Jordy, Lamar, and Shan/Sash and he will get his touches and be more successful, especially against those second string teams.

I think we'll likely see this later in the season. Phil is still either testing these guys, allowing them to gel, or holding his cards close to his chest. But while we have an incomplete line-up, the mandate isn't for Bynum to prove his worth, but its to just make it through this part of the season healthy, and become cohesive as part of the team.

LAKERS NEED THE FOLLOWING and all good shall prevail in the La La land where the players eat quiche:

1. Ron Artest back healthy and playing, a key in Laker's defense. Ron makes Laker's defense go from good to great!!

2. Luke back and healthy, a key element in the 2nd unit. He is needed and required.

3. Stay healthy and in get in sync as a team.

4. Bynum to beg Kareem to be his mentor again (provided Kareem's health permits):

As Phil pointed out:

Jackson thought Bynum might be missing somebody else.

"I think maybe Kurt [Rambis] being in Minnesota might have an effect because Kurt was working with him a lot more than Kareem the last year," Jackson said. "I think Kareem had a big impact on Andrew two years ago, three years ago, but Kurt was working with him more hand in hand than Kareem this last year. Kareem hasn't been here in maybe three weeks. I don't know if they're that close in their communications."

5. Bynum is not up for trade, nevaha. He is the real deal, sigh, young and in need of careful nurturing.

Jon K. -

I wish they had a way to give "+" and "-" grades; I would have given a B+. It's lower for that exact reason - the collective intentionality of this squad is lacking a bit. I don't doubt that they'll pull it together later, but for right now, I can't go any higher. That's why they got less than an A- in my book.

Maybe I'm just a hard grader?

I give Lakers a B grade, because they played very well in November. Kobe took over in scoring when Pau Gasol missed the first 11 games, Bynum was effective then, although I did not like they lost to Rockets and Mavericks. Lakers will have to take avenge of these 2 games. But now, Bynum has dissapeared and is sloppy. Sasha is not playing well. Kobe hit 2 game-winner shots but Lakers later lost to Cavs. Thats the most unforgivable thing. Now Ron Artest has a concussion and is not ready to play. So they deserve a B grade right now. I hope they regroup and get a A+ at the end of the season.


Phil like's bigger/taller guards and Nate does not fit that bill.

I think Bynum had enough help from Kareem and Kurt for a very long time. How come some of you think he still needs them. Don't you think the Lakers already catered to him so much that it is time for him to show what he learned from them both? The excuse that he's still young and inexperienced is not good enough for me. He's been in the league for 5 years and now is getting paid so much money. He owes us Laker fans to show what he's made of consistently. It's time for him to incorporate and show what he's learned. Of course i see an upside from him and i want him to show it. He talks a lot. But action speaks louder than words. I wish he'd show more passion and effort out there. Send a message to the opposing players that he's the Laker's center, a beast around the basket. To be there intimidating those who dare get near the basket. C'mon Bynum, time to show it consistently.

With their lapse in D, I give them a B.

The key to this season in order of importance:

1. The Bench Mob

2. Andrew Bynum

That's it.


Our bench needs to play like they are a Championship caliber team. That is more important than Bynum putting up 20-10-4 numbers.

Don't get me wrong. Bynum needs to improve. But that is not nearly as important as the bench... and I wonder, to an extent, how coaching has effected the current dynamic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just some thoughts.....

Zack Randolph is playing really really well...His game has matured and he seems to have as well...............

The Cavs are playing well...They seem to have good chemistry...

And that is what i think our problem is Chemistry......
I think once the complete team gets in sync,this team will strike fear through the entire NBA....

I dont expect us to go undefeated,but the run into the playoffs should be good..

Bynum....My thoughts tend to be about him getting past the all star break..Once that mental barrier goes down, i believe his game will get back to what we have seen in the past..
Im not worried about the all star game...Players wait whole careers to make it,but his priorities should be season and playoff form not lolly pop games that dont mean jack squat....

I'll give them an A if we had beaten more of the elite teams...Cleveland,Dallas, Denver.

Lakers are doing well against not so tough teams, but they are not yet ready for prime time, meaning playing against Cleveland or Boston. But they can be better, and I hope it will happen sooner than later. The upcoming game against the Mavs will be a good test, but not the ultimate one.

I am not unhappy about the Christmas day debacle. It's better for them to know their points of weakness and work on them. It wasn't just Lebron, they couldn't even keep Varejao and Mo in check.

Here is the breakdown of grades I give at the moment:

Lakers B+

Kobe A : His D is more impressive than his O, for me, and his desire.

Pau A- : May be the smartest big man, but does not hold the ball tight.

Rest of the team: B- to B+

i give them a b for their offense and a c/c- for their defense. in all of their loses, except for the xmas game, which was poor on both sides of the ball, their defense has been the lakers' weakness. they still can't handle the high pick and roll and they are slow on weak side and help defense. unfortunately, as much as i like d-fish and don't think it is entirely or even mostly his fault, the break down on defense usually starts at the pg position, where young quick guards take advantage.

Apparently, there are very few teachers on this thread. Brutal curve, dudes. The student with the top test scores (games) doesn't get an A??? What, you guys think they hand out the trophy in June to the team with the best "style points" from the Romanian, French, and Kazakhstan judges?

Get serious. The ONLY thing that counts is the W's. The Lakers are at the top of the class. #1. A+. Finito.

I gave the boys a B, due to their struggling defensively, due to' bench inconsistency so far, and due to' a general heavy rely on The God, on Pau and Ron Ron.

Team wise, we have so many to' develop.

Agree with Charles, losing Kurt is affecting us.

All that said, whomever say other teams Are better than us or have done better than us, Are clearly not Lakers supporter.

Are you kidding me?

We have the best record after a B- performance. See you when we will also be' in SHAPE... It's gonna be' fun;)

cos it's true: regardeless of time by time occasional candy , the only, the true thing that matters is the ring.

I don't care about anything else. And nothing else matters ( ah, what a song!!!)

have everybody a great end of the year.

Affectionately, your friendly Miss Z.;)

For the best record in the league!!!

Could they improve... abso-friggin-lutely

Yes there are areas that need improvement, but the Lakers have the BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE. If they are a B then there are no A's.

If you're not happy with how the lakers are doing, go ahead and cheer for the Clippers. Whiners and complainers.

It's the bench, stupid. The Lakers will go only as far as their bench takes them. At playoff time, when the starters are a little beat up and need more rest time, the bench has to come through. And the bench is definitely not there yet. Signs of life, recently, but not there yet.

easy B for me, B- to be exact, I'm not seeing the effort I would like, but you can't argue w/ the results, : best record in the league, yet lots of room for improvement.

I gave a B primarily because of the overall record. We looked bad against Cleveland and have not looked good since. Kobe haveing to score 34+ for us to win is akin to Lakers circa 2005. Artest's absence makes this much difference? Bynum's not meshing with Pau, But most of all our Team d is lacking -- giving up 118 in two consecutive games?



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