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Pau Gasol to sign extension with Lakers, Kobe Bryant could be close

We hit on it via Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld the other night, now the LAT's Mike Bresnahan confirms: Pau Gasol and the Lakers are ready to sign a three year extension that would keep him in purple and gold through the '13-'14 seasons, not coincidentally the same year a proposed extension for Kobe Bryant would also expire. 

Bres also reports that talks between Camp Lakers (outstanding archery and water sports) and Camp Kobe (sports focused, excellent arts and crafts) are again progressing. Amounts of money aren't really in question there- there's no position from management but, "Hi Kobe, here's the all the money we can give you"- but delivery and other perks:

"...The Lakers have offered Bryant the most they can under salary-cap rules, but the sides are believed to be discussing smaller items such as whether the 11-time All-Star can get most of his annual salary at the start of each season, which has been the case throughout his current contract. Another sticking point possibly includes whether he can again have a no-trade clause, which came into play when he demanded a trade from the Lakers in May 2007..."

That deal will happen at some point. Could be soon, could into the summertime. But it would be flat out shocking if Kobe actually left LA. Still, while the extra security provided 24 by Gasol's extension, coming about a season and a half before the Spaniard would have become a free agent, can't hurt when it comes to Kobe's vision of the team's future.


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Good news all around. I just hope bad news isn't lurking in the form of ideologies clashing. That is, I hope Bynum realizes that he's needed a lot more for his defensive efforts, i.e. rebounding and blocking shots, than for any offensive arsenal no matter how nice it may be.

I really don't even know if Bynum can be a steady, consistent defensive player at his position right now. I really don't know. It seems like when his shot's not falling his entire mind shuts down. Just rebound and block shots buddy. That's it.


I think I actually did a little jig last night when I read the news. Pau was born to wear purple and gold, and it is my most sincere wish for him and us to see #16 hanging from the rafters at Staples, right alongside #24. Kobe and Pau will retire as Lakers.

And to top off this glorious piece of news, Philly snapped Boston's streak (I knew they weren't going to get to 12 in a row), and the Nuggets lost!

Best. Day. Ever.

Bynum has a good head on his shoulders. I think he'll become a real stopper on defense. Scoring is natural. I think he WANTS to be a great. Lakers culture is a virus. Be great or get outta town.

Ohh and enough can't be said how over the last two year players actually want to play with Kobe now. They finally see it's about winning and nothing else.

On an other note. Bill Simmons is attempting a season long reverse jinx. Don't believe a word he says.

How about the rumor on Camp Kamanetsky, are u igning with ESPN blog? Well, ESPN is no longer within the tradition of the Laker Nation. If that is true, you belong to Disney sports who will be dealing with leprechauns, lebronze, magic and cuban.

Well, it is also understandable the plight of LA Times. In the first place, it is not an LA company anymore but reporting to the Tribune and owned by a billionaire who resides in Chicago. Anytime, it will be under his disposal to unload to get rid of financial pain. Seemingly, there is no job security for the KBros bloggers. If he unloads, we have lots of billionaire in LA and Hollywood waiting for that opportunity. I believe LA Times will always be around to service a mega market.

We love you the KBros as our best moderators that we can embrace and relate to, but our passion runs strongly with the Lakers. Our team will never leave LA and its fans, therefore we stick as one with the team through thick and thin. If we have embraced scrubs wearing purple and gold, what more of a scrubby blogger, for example - Bill Plaschke or anybody who will eventually replaces you, i.e. if you so decide to change employers. My point is that whoever carries the Laker banner that is where we will park our hearts and brains as faithful fans.

Pau is the best power forward in the NBA. Especially considering how young/old he is, this is a good signing.

Did anyone see the Nowitzki/Landry collision in the Houston/Dallas game? One of Landry's teeth was left lodged in Nowitzki's elbow. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Dentally speaking, for me that ranks right up there with the scene from Marathon Man as horrifically cringe inducing.

I have two words for Landry. Dude, mouth guard.

Great news for us fans regarding Pau. I truly believe he is caught up with the Laker ways of life. The professionalism, the history and the great love of the fans for the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. Once a Laker Always a Laker. I believe he has bought into Kobes way of playing, hard and smart.
As for Bynum he is playing well and shows/has potential of being one of the greatest. He needs to develope is own identity as a player. I would like him to be a inside force dunking and rebounding all the time, with a new weapon developing in the summer, the skyhook would be great. i really believe he is trying to playing like Pau. Remember he came straight out of high school and limited playing. So he is still learning and his mind, as mature at it is, is still a youngsters mentality. He will get over this hump and OMG watch NBA, the beast will be released.
We Lakers fans are spolied, 20-4 and I see many suggestions that the Lakers make trades. No trades needed, unless a monster offer comes along, doubt that! The Pau/Brown trade has affected the league in a way that one day should be throughly analyzed. Come January the LAKERS will be the force that all the other teams feared would come. Phil Jackson knows when to tighten up and get ready for the run. I cannot wait for January. LAKERS POR VIDA!

So I hear Shannon Brown got the invite for the dunk contest!?

I really can't believe someone in the Laker organization isn't in Bynum's ear everyday telling him that if he leads the league in rebounding and blocked shots, he would be a shoe in for the all-star game. Seems like a no brainer.

justanothermambafan: from the post game chat - "I heart our Spanish Acquisition."


Especially because - NOBODY expects...the Spanish Acquisition.






Zaira and Ophelia:

Please let me know when the next Pau Groupie meeting will be held so that I can put it on my calendar. I'll bring the cookies.







you know I always dig a Python (Monty) reference especially with one so highly appropriate---how about the comfy chair?


It is great to be a Lakers fan! What a solid nucleus for years to come with Kobe Pau, Bynum, Ron Ron, Lamar, Brown, and Luke. Just need the PG position locked in to be a another Dominant Dynasty. Some Veteran looking for some Jewelry should sign for the minimum. Maybe someone like Nash would like a ring or two instead of the money...ooops, I forgot he can't play a lick of D.

Lakerfan from Carson....the girl that does my tattoos has por vida tattooed on her wrists....for life.....I like it...

Not the comfy chair, Floyd!

Wes - I hear what you're saying about ideologies. I also think Drew's sorting things out a bit, playing next to Pau. It's still a work in progress for him, he gets tentative with the low post getting cluttered. It should be fine... look for him to turn a corner soon.

The Kamenetzky Brothers can't leave the blog.

Laker Nation will invade the offices of ESPN and burn that building down.

The cable channel will suddenly go the blank static as my face screams into the camera "GO LAKERS!!!!"

Yeah, this can't happen. The consequences would be too dire to imagine.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers FOREVER.


Somebody speculated that Bynum maybe trying to be like Gasol? Yikes, I certainly hope NOT. That would be wrong, wrong, wrong... Face it, Andrew just does not possess the finesse of Pau. Never has and never will. It is best that he tries to be more like Shaq -well, not the attitude nor the work ethic but the style of play.

Simply put, Andrew Bynum needs to get a bunch of tattoos and become a Gangsta. That is, in order to be a real "Beast" he needs to become mean and nasty and dirty. OK, maybe not the last part so much but you all get the idea...

Maybe Andrew can start by going into the stand and beat up some knucklehead opposing fans? LOL...


"Simply put, Andrew Bynum needs to get a bunch of tattoos and become a Gangsta."


"Gangsta" is SOOOOO 2002.

I mean, come on.

Time to grow up a bit.

Bynum just needs to hustle a bit on the boards. That's it. He doesn't need to try to be someone he isn't.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hindsight of course is 20/20, but just imagine if the Lakers had thrown in Andrew Bynum on the Pau Gasol deal and retained the rights to Marc Gasol instead.

There's be an improvement in team rebounding and team chemistry, and probably little or no drop off in scoring or defense.

The Buss family would be saving themselves about $20 million per year for the next few years in salary and luxury tax.

Pau Gasol might even have given them a discount on his new deal just to be able to keep playing with his brother.

And the Lakers would have two caucasians in the starting lineup for the first time since, oh, the days of Jerry West and Gail Goodrich? (At least ones who actually belonged there?)

understatement of the decade to be department:

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak declined to comment on Bryant or Gasol other than to say, "Generally speaking, we'd love to have both players finish their careers as a Laker."

and yes Ex, the comfy chair indeed---and maybe even the soft pillows too !


to answer those who have asked, we are in fact leaving the Times. We'll post about it in the morning, but in case people were wondering...


The silence spoke volumes!

Congratulations!! (I'm assuming that you consider this a positive step.)

I think so too, Dave. He'll be fine. I want to see this team go against quality eastern conference opponents so I can better judge Bynum improvement beside Pau. I'm glad I'm not Mitch, because if I am, I have to keep Bynum trade possibilities in my mind, especially with Bynum's offensive game and media presence. He could bring a lot in a trade. In fact, if Utah is inclined to package the NY Knick's near #1 pick (pg John Wall?) with Boozer, what better piece to add to Deron Williams than Andrew Bynum? And how good would a John Wall, Kobe, Artest, Boozer, Gasol line up look?

But I'm not mitch, and Bynum's not going anywhere.



I give you big, open handshake for doing such a good job and being there for all us Laker fans. You guys were the best and we'll miss you probably remember you guys all our lives the way I remember Siskel and Ebert.


You know, in Thailand on a person's birthday he has to buy dinner for all of his friends. I think AK/BK owe us at least a dinner and a few hundred beers for all the good times.

Can you ship mine to South Bend?


Here's the first thing that poped into my head as a tribute to the Kambros. It's somehow fitting:



"to answer those who have asked, we are in fact leaving the Times. We'll post about it in the morning, but in case people were wondering..."

I am freaking out right now.

Not cool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LakerLass... let's sign this deal then.
Chocko cookies are preferable ;) and for me, no cinnamon thanx ;)



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