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Live Game Chat: Oklahoma City vs. Lakers

The Lakers are looking to keep the good times rolling in a much warmer locale that, thankfully, isn't Detroit or New Jersey. It'll be interesting to see how the team responds coming off a successful road trip before heading into their Christmas Day showdown against LeBron and his bodyguard.


[Updated, 10:26 p.m.: Lakers defeat Oklahoma City, 111-108.]

-- Austin Knoblauch

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I want Russell Westbrook in a Laker uniform before this season is over. He's our PG of the future. Mitch, put together a combo package. Sasha, Ammo, and Zaira (sorry, Babe, you're the most valuable part of the package).

Lakers in the first half always look like they're just going through the motions. Warming up. Stretching. Up two pointrs, down ten points. Whateva. No big deal. We'll kill then in the 3rd...or 4th...or OT. Whateva.

Kobe Bryant is not human.
That's all I have to say.

Kobe... tell me where I have to bring offers at your haltars and I am there. NOW.

This can't be a man like the rest of us.

I have to admit that I'm absolutely bored at this point in the season. I was looking at our former blog gods new digs and I must say that I'm not the least bit impressed at this point. I think once they get the ball rolling, everything should be better, but right now, nothing beats the somewhat jaded, we've seen it all feeling I get from here. Its not that we aren't passionate (far from it), its that we know when to be passionate.

For instance, tonight I went and lurked over at AK/BK's chat, and those Thunder fans were hanging all over every shot, every perceived wrong call, etc. EVEN THEIR MODS. AK/BK were their usual witty and somewhat detached selves, but that's like alot of us. I didn't notice any Laker fans jumping ship when the Lakers were down in the first, nor did I notice any OMGs when the game was close. Can't say the same for the rest of the Daily Dime crew.

Its simple: Our boat doesn't get rocked as easily.

AK, congrats for conducting a fine live chat tonite. It was well coordinated and people were cool. Well, the hard critics are not yet there maybe Wallace, I mean once a magnetic player gets on the floor the great debate begins. There is only one player who can rouse the whole chat. Guess who?

Thanks also to Mike B. for answering my question in the early afternoon. Well, of course we know Mike B is busy on a game day and also for press commitments, nonetheless we got a fresh news that Coach K is part of the contenders. Rightfully, I find him more qualified than Byron.

The Lakers again played 9 players, which is just a cameo appearance by Sasha. Well without Kobe on the lineup, we would have lost the game against OKC. This is a good team and I think they will make it to the playoffs either 6th or 7th position. This team needs two veterans like Amare & Bosh, they could be going for the best four in the West.


do you understand simple math?

dfish + 32 MIN = westbrook almost trip dub (21 pts 13 assts 7 rbs) and best statline of the year

and if bynum is playing well again and gettin his groove/confidence back and finally hustling for boards why not reward him with some extended minutes especially at the end of the game.. but of course i forgot... you never make in-game adjustments.. why you always gotta mess with the kids head anyways? he deserved the last 5 minutes NOT lamar who was playing like crap launching 3s all over the place... no wonder the game was so damn close.

was the outcome of that game ever really in question? really?

well, maybe there was a bit of a question when it looked like Kobe broke his knee....

pray for team health, the true arbiter of rings this year.

Honestly, I was disappointed in Bynum's effort last night. There is just no pep to his step. That 0-5 start was awful, with all five misses right up at the rim - those need to be dunks big fella! But what really got to me was this singular inability, or lack of desire, when it comes to pursuing the ball. It's like the backboard is made out of kryptonite or something. I swear, balls literally have to fall into the space he is standing in for him to get a rebound. Whatever the opposite of "crashing the boards" is, is what Bynum is right now. I want to see Andrew Bynum go positively POSTAL on Shaq and Z on Christmas Day. I'm sick of all this pussy-footing around with Andrew - enough already!

Going back to the Live Chat I noticed Hobbitimage wanted to know about viewing in France. Well, you have an offer of League Pass, which you can find here: It's $150 for the season or $30. The good part of that is it's only € 100 thanks to the tanking dollar.

I haven't tried it however. I go with the links provided by ATDHE and kind members of the blog. Generally it works, but often you have to have a few options open and be ready to switch when one administrator announces they're blocking the channel.

For several years I subscribed to Canal+ and/or Canal Sport, two pay TVs that have traditionally held a monopoly on NBA games here in France and I had to hope and pray that of the two or three games a week they aired during the season, some of them might include the Lakers. I did manage to have the luck to happen upon Kobe's 81 point game with that system. It's like winning at roulette in Monte Carlo!

I'd be glad to give you any other advice you need. And... bienvenue en France ! On a besoin d'autres fans des Lakers.

(01) JON K,. – OWNER - You guys know who would be even cooler than Kevin Ding? Roland Lazenby.
(02) SEGEBOY fka TALIQ – DRIVER - Lazenby would be blog heaven ... it would mean latimes is finaly acknowledging that laker fans are mamba faithfuls
(03) MAMBA24 – I Like Kevin Ding but Lazenby definitely would be my second choice.

(01) LAKERTOM - OWNER - I think it is time to start a new bandwagon to show our support for the LA Times Lakers Blog.
(02) LAKERLASS - DRIVER - sign me up for the "WE’RE LA TIMES LAKERS BLOGGERS AND PROUD OF IT” bandwagon.
(04) #4 -gotta say, LAT is coming through in the clutch. An abundance of posts? Check. Game thread? Check. Comptetent writers? Check....not enough of sample size to know if they are competent Laker Bloggers.
(05) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - THANK YOU LATIMES for keeping us going. We really appreciate this - so far, so good
(06) TOM DANIELS - The Times deserves a grace period while they figure out the transition
(07) LAL_FAN –
(08) EDWIN GUECO - I second LakerTom, we are proud
(09) JON K. - The Times deserves a grace period while they figure out the transition
(10) THIRTY2
(11) RICK FRIEDMAN - Do I really have to make a direct request to be added to the WE’RE LA TIMES LAKERS BLOGGERS AND PROUD OF IT” BANDWAGON
(12) THE OUTLAW - "Still feels like home to me."And it does.
(13) MUD - i rarely participate in the live chat, but i think it's a big part of what makes this blog into such a nice community. i'm really glad that the LAT crew has decided not to destroy a great format
(14) EAGLE BOY - Give the new guy(s) a chance - just because it will be different doesn't mean it will be worse. It could be better, who knows.
(15) FAITH - Mr. Edwin Gueco has spoken and so it shall be lol.
(16) JEFE101 - Please add me to the "WE’RE LA TIMES LAKERS BLOGGERS AND PROUD OF IT” BANDWAGON" - I loved the Kam brothers, but there is no way I'm crossing over to ESPN territory. LAT Lakers Blog is still home. The comments are still the juice that keeps things interesting.
(17) YELLOWFEVER - Pls count me in all bandwagons
(19) FLOYD - glad this blog is making the adjustment---never really any doubt, as it were...
(20) SAMLL - You know I have to be on that Lakersblog bandwagon. I'm with you guys all the way

(01)JustAnother "index" swish - OWNER
(02)TCB24/7 - DRIVER -Please add me to the Kevin Ding bandwagon. I'm into that dude's writing
(03)MAMBA24 - RIDING SHOTGUN - He does have a certain flair
(04) # 4 - His writing is insightful and well thought out. Seems a little more personal than just reporting. Not a swipe at all at our resident writers here on LA Times. I like Mike and Broderick very much, and i'd like to see more from the rest.
(05)JEFE101 - As much as I respect Broderick Turner,...I do like Kevin Ding a lot.
(06) JUSTALAKERFAN - Add me too please to the Kevin Ding Bandwagon. Kevin Ding the real Thing.
(07) JON K. - Please put me on the "WE WANT KEVIN DING!!!!" (Note:Exclamation) Bandwagon.
(08) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - add me to the "The Dinger for Blog God" bandwagon. I've been a fan of his for awhile!
(09) TIM-4-SHOW - I'd be on that Kevin Ding bandwagon in a heartbeat.
(10) LAKERTOM - I have long been the Dinger’s biggest fan.
(11) MIKE - Bring on Kevin Ding! This blog is misleading, you did not mention Lamar Odom's assist and rebound while you did with the rest of the team. Are you an Odom hater?
(12) THIRTY2
(13) YELLOW FEVER - Pls count me in all bandwagons
(14) RIDING PINE - We want Kevin Ding! Some good posts all around from bloggers
(01) JON K,. – OWNER - You guys know who would be even cooler than Kevin Ding? Roland Lazenby.
(02) SEGEBOY fka TALIQ – DRIVER - Lazenby would be blog heaven ... it would mean latimes is finaly acknowledging that laker fans are mamba faithfuls
(03) MAMBA24 – I Like Kevin Ding but Lazenby definitely would be my second choice.
(04) LAKERTOM - Roland would be a good choice. Another guy who might be good would be Eric Pincus. Overall, I am still hoping for Kevin Ding. That would be the finest.
(05) THIRTY2 –
(06) YELLOWFEVER - Pls count me in all bandwagons

Kevin Durant and/or Russell Westbrook need to be Lakers at some near future point in their career.

Russell Westbrook would clearly love to be a Laker.

He's a Bruin, after all.

There ain't a Bruin on the planet who also isn't a Laker fan. Those two things kind of go hand-in-hand.



I like Broderick Turner's personality. He has a relaxed enthusiasm which is nice. Also, he seems to have a mild speech impediment, which kind of adds to his personality. It's nice when people have quirks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


from an LAT article:

"I was very concerned," Bryant said. "I had to do my MCL check, ACL check. Everything was intact so I was good to go. I'm Bruce Willis, man. I'm fine."

Holdon. The man does individual ligament checks? Not I rotated my knee
to make sure it was ok. He checked individual ligaments!

Zaira, you are soooo right!

Good morning,

The big story out of Tuesday's game isn't the W, but the number of starter's minutes on the floor it took to achieve it. It seems the coach has lost confidence in his bench, and apparently for good reason. Add Bynum to the list of disappearing acts. He played the fewest number of starter minutes and had the least impressive box score, after a road trip that was even less impressive.

One might argue that the first home game after a road trip is a trap game, and only the vets have the experience to overcome the syndrome. But the bench is supposed to provide its best contributions at home. Last time I checked, Staples Center is still home.

Asking the vets to log this many minutes at this point in the season doesn't bode well for what they'll have left to expend in June.

Trade alert: It's impossible to believe that Mitch and Phil will be content to go the rest of the distance with what they have. True, Walton will soon return, but that's not enough. Mitch will have to perform another daring act of petty larceny to swap any of the bench players he has for what he needs. Yet he's pulled it off before, so I guess his free get-out-of-jail card is still active.

As for Bynum, whatever funk he's in needs an instant cure. That's the biggest Christmas Miracle on my Lakers' wish-list.

Meanwhile, bring on the muppets. Go Lakers!

The Lakers keep winning on off nights, good to see and a sign of a great team (oh, and by the way a great player). I am very happy with Phil's goal of "winning out December." It seems Phil is now ready to start putting some pressure on these guys.

I hope they rest up the next couple of days and come out ready for Cleveland. This is the kind of battle with an elite team I have been itching for. No problem getting motivated for LeBron and LeShaq.

There are only a handful of these kind of games over the course of the regular season. Let's hope Drew benefits from the Xmas rest and comes out to prove something against the MDE (Most Diminished Ever). And that Kobe comes out with no ill effects from the knee tweak. And Artest turns LeBron from tossing chalk in the air into a chalk outline.

Looking forward to a great to a great Christmas gift from the Lakers.

Tom Daniels

I will re-frame the same question addressed by Lal_Fan yesterday. Do you think OKC will give away Russell Westbrook for Farmar et al Vuj, Ammo?

I wish the F/O gets the message the type of PG we wanted, one who could take the lead in the waning minutes. Maynor and Harpring went to OKC for a 2nd round draft pick, a Euro from Germany. This kid must be better than 1st round draft pick Maynor and Jazz included Harpring to meet the luxury deadline. When the Lakers played the Jazz, our PG's could not even match Maynor so I was just wondering the rankings of our PG's compared to the rest of the league.

Mitch, can we not find a good PG in Europe, besides RRubio? What is the role of Vlade Divac today with the Lakers? Last time, I heard he was running for political office, is he still representing the Lakers?

Holdon. The man does individual ligament checks? Not I rotated my knee to make sure it was ok. He checked individual ligaments!Zaira, you are soooo right!
Posted by: hobbitmage | December 23, 2009 at 07:41 AM


Mamba, sir, I'll take that #4 spot on the Lazenby bandwag....

Jim Joyce,

I think you gave the proof yourself that Phil is a great coach. If Derek Fisher is really as bad as you say (can't dribble, pass, set up teammates, etc.) then Phil has actually won four NBA titles with the worst point guard in NBA history. That's not too bad.

He's also won with over the hill PFs AC Green and Horace Grant. The vey ordinary Rick Fox. Pau Gasol at center (a great player, but really, that skinny guy matched against Dwight Howard?). Luke Walton, a blog consensus Worst Player Ever.

Yes Phil had had talent. And yes, Phil is a great coach.

The NBA is not about beating every team by 20 points every night over 82 games. Look at a team like OKC with guys like Westbrook and Durant. Or Milwaukee with Jennings, Redd, Bogut, etc. There are no nights off, there are legit ballers all over this league. Great teams lose 15 times a year.

Phil knows how to lead a talented team of indidiuals to the ultimate team goal. Ask Del Harris and Doug Collins how easy that is.

Tom Daniels


Lakers as franchise of the decade! Maybe someday your Yankees can become the Lakers of MLB.

Tom Daniels

Lakers have a total salary of 91.3M and the salary cap is 69.9 therefore we have additional luxury taxes of 21.4M. It will be paid soon unless they make a move before the All Star Break. How much are the contract of non-working players?

Ammo - 5.2
Sasha - 5.0
Luke - 4.8 (injured)
Powell 0.9
DJ 0.9

Total 16.8M

Another angle based on expiring contracts at end of the season

Derek - 5.0
Jordan 1.9
Ammo 5.2
Powell 0.9
DJ 0.9

Total 13.9M

The problem of Mitch K is how to make a mixture of these maturing contracts and get help from the PG standpoint. Jerry Buss is paying extra 21.4M in luxury taxes on top of 91.2M or a total of 112.7M. while he has 16.8M inactive roster used on garbage time or cameo appearance. Is there a market for these players or a combination of expiring contracts?

Just asking...if the answer is NONE, let's play all the way to the playoffs with 8 players Why? Every time PJ plays the 9th, 10th and 11th player, we are endanger of losing the game on sub .500 team. And if the Lakers are against the above .500 team from the Jazz up to 6 other teams, Lakers have to utilize Kobe, Gasol on the entire game. Without Artest, Laker defense is porous and lame, can't blame Kobe w/ two broken fingers, hyper extended knee, elbowed on the jaw still playing run by extra batteries.



Tom D., according to ESPN ranking of top 50 Laker players (only), Walton is ranked #42 and his career is not yet over, it can go up or can go down. Derek Fisher is #14.

Therefore, if Luke can just imitate Kobe by playing a little bit hurt, his stock could go up. Where are his deficiencies? Shooting, defense and speed against those SF gunners of other teams. His asset is HIQ in feeding the ball to Kobe, Pau and Drew. While on injured list, is he trying to improve these deficiencies?

I suggest LAT should conduct a survey in the blog and rank our players and see where Luke and Fish belong in 2009-2010. That's the only way to resolve the issue. It is too premature to rank them on the Top 50 based on the outlook of one scribe.



Kobe's the Terminator!

Tom Daniels, you just wrote down my exact thoughts.

hobbit!!!! That sentence by Kobe was so amaazing I tweeted it from the airport this morning as soon as I read it. Man is just a God, everybody knows... but also hilarious in his own way.
(I guess now we also know why he shaves head: he wants to be like Bruce Willis... LOL... )

I want to share with you this interview by Derek last night: you know how I really think Fish is basilar to us so this is why I post it... but it's also due to its content.
I loved his answers and I think it's a good insight.

On the Bynum's side.
This is difficult for me cos I also think he has to do so much more. And I am seeing his troubles and they scare me cos if we want to win he has to develop a decent approach to the game, and learn how to channel his great energy into something more... *brained*.

But I have to go with the Lakers themselves: they wanted him stay. They all try their best to make him fluorish. Kobe sn't harsh on him anymore. He sees something that can be great in him and if he does, I do.

I am really demanding and you can bet Bynum will have to sweat seven sweaters to gain real praise by me, especially if - as I expect - he's gonna be tricked on Friday game by Shaq and Mo and LeBron. But even then, I see he's trying to progress. He annoys me, he strives me, he stings me with his behaviour but I give him room until Kobe and PJ do.

That's my faith in the Lakers.
They are not masochistic.
And Bynum is no Garbage Vujacic.



Put me on all the lists. I think I'd go with Lazenby first, but both are excellent choices.


"And Artest turns LeBron from tossing chalk in the air into a chalk outline."

Tom Daniels

Posted by: Tom Daniels | December 23, 2009 at 08:11 AM


Tom --

With a big nod to Mamba24 (who normally provides such kudos) what you wrote was simply OUTSTANDING my fellow Lakers Lovin' Brutha !!! Keep up the great posts!

P & G R

I can't believe that Adam Morrison is making more money than Derek Fisher.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tom D: Your comparison of PJ to his predecessors Del Harris and Doug Collins is exactly on point: By comparison to two of the biggest LOSERS in NBA coaching history, PJ does look like a genius. (Note that neither of them ever got another NBA head coaching job.)

But that doesn't make him a great coach.

It's not about winning by 15 every night. But it is about playing hard and playing well more often than the Lakers do. And making the most of the talent you have.

I can imagine the Celtics are just loving what the Lakers have become this season: Reliant on Kobe to shoot 25-30 times a night and score 30-40 points.

Because the Celtics know they can stop him, like they did in 2008. And if the rest of the team isn't ready to step up (and they sure haven't practiced that so far this season), the Celtics can beat them.



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