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Live from Staples: Lakers vs. Suns

When last these teams met, the Lakers cruised to an easy 121-102 win. Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum combined to shoot 26-38 from the floor and the Lakers dominated in nearly every facet of the game. Meanwhile, the combination of Amar'e Stoudamire and Jason Richardson were 4-24, and Steve Nash was Mermaids limited to 13 points and five assists. On the other hand, the Suns were on the wrong end of a back to back, at the wrong end of a brutal road heavy stretch of the schedule. 

So while the law of averages says Phoenix should look a little better tonight, over the last few weeks they didn't manage to get any taller, and that's what ought to matter here. The Lakers, who didn't have Pau Gasol in the first installment of the season series, have an almost comical advantage in length and bulk. If they again go to it consistently, they'll be okay.

On the other hand, the Suns are like NBA mermaids. What they do looks all pretty and alluring. It's easy to get sucked in by all the clamshell bikini tops and start playing their game... which is the easiest way to end up at the bottom of the ocean, where it's exceedingly difficult to carry on a healthy and vibrant relationship. The only way I see Phoenix staying in the game is if the Lakers get away from their strengths and lose discipline in shot selection. What the Lakers do well- getting the ball in the post and taking shots at the rim- both creates high percentage shots for the home team and limits easy run outs for the visitors. In a half-court game, the Suns will have a much tougher time generating good looks against the length and mobility of the Lakers.

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{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Posting Snapshot Of Life In Northeast Ohio}

So, I was on my way to my nephew's soccer game. They play soccer indoor here in the winter because they're a bunch of wimps. You don't play soccer indoors. That's not soccer. Just like Canadian football ain't real football.


I passed a bar named "Fuzzy's Tavern."

Painted on it's windows in bright red letters read:

"Fuzzy's Tavern: Where The Elite Don't Meet"

Ahh... Ohio. It does has its charms. I wanted to walk in there and shake the owner's hands, but I instead had to sit patiently and watch my nephew win the state Championship for indoor soccer.

Still, it's not real soccer, but the kid played well.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Got the win and held Suns to below 90. Now that's what I call a real Lakes Game.

Best team in team in the NBA. Period.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Foreever.


Hello Everyone,

I'll just say this right now:

Ron Artest is THE missing ingredient to our defensive problems over the years, the man wasn't kidding when he said he was the defensive captain. The man was showing the rest of the guys how to get things done defensively, and you know the addage: Offense wins the game, Defense wins the championship!!! What a great pick-up by our team. The whole team has the makings of extreme greatness, god willing, we will be up to achieving that potential.
Phoenix will never beat us this year if Stoudamire continues to avoid playing D in the box.

Mamba24, please add me to the rollcall!!!


Gotta agree with Cap's Goggles. To use an SAT analogy, Artest is to defense as Pau AND Kobe are to the offense.

Stay with me here. Artest can and does often set the overall tone of the defense. Off the ball, it seems he worries about where and how everyone is positioned. As much as Pau facilitates and passes, Ron is just as proactive and smart about rotations, switches, etc. Everything is just sharper with his communication and input. And his activity is infectious. As everyone moves around Pau/Kobe in the post or on a drive, everyone keys off of Ron's ability to force the offense to make plays.

How is he like Kobe? Ron can take the other team's best player AND be involved even when that player doesn't have the ball. He can take the brunt of the other team's attack.

I think some people lament the loss of Trevor Ariza, as even I do, if I had to choose 2 out of Ron, Trevor, and Lamar, Ron and Lamar have the most advantages by a FAR margin.

Watching game 6 of the 91 WCF with Lakers/Blazers. We are a lucky city for having both Vin Scully and Chick Hearn as announcers.

Hello again, everyone

watching that classic Lakers Game they show on Sundays, this time it's Game 6 1991 western conference finals. I just got hit by a wave of nostalgia listening to the one and only Chick Hearn and Good Ol' Stu Lance. Why can't announcers today sound like that: Informative, sticking to the game, none of the junk I hear on ESPN with Van Gundy (Absolute Laker Hater) and Marc (Please give me a coaching job even though I have no credentials except being a former player) Jackson. Hell, hearing Chicky Baby call the game, I could close my eyes and still visualize the game, everything, from missed shots to made threes. With those numbskulls at ESPN, I get nothing but fishing trip stories and college game recaps....WHILE THE GAME IS STILL GOING ON!!! It's sad that Chicky Baby left for the broadcasting booth in the sky, and we are left with this's about as bad as listening to Tom Heinshon rip on the Lakers in those old Lakers game taps that my Uncle has.....Terrible...simply Terrible.

watching Magic play, I'm amused at how Suns fans believe he's somehow the equal to Magic or how the Suns of a couple of years ago were the second coming of Showtime.

No way.

On the Lakers and admittedly, even the Celtics of old, every one of them could pass. Magic not only made the pass that led to a basket, he made the pass that led to the pass that led the basket. The Suns, for as good and overacheiving as they can be, don't have that sort of chemistry. Maybe its a function of basing their system off of Nash's creativity; if Nash himself didn't create a shot for the team, there is no shot to be had.

The entire Showtime team passed well. Their spacing, their touch passes, the knowledge of where they are supposed to be was the way basketball is supposed to be.

Sports karma in the universe was disturbed earlier when the Raiders scored 3 TDs in the 4th quarter to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Lakers cream Suns. Order has been restored.

Thank you, Lakers.

Chick was usually doing a simulcast, TV and radio. His "words eye view". It was the best of times. Thank you CHICKIE BABY!

I absolutely agree with cap's goggles, and i would like to take this opportunity to in a very very small (brian scalabrine's mvp chances small, perhaps, or Lebron's humility sized small, but I digress)

WE NEED A REALITY TV SHOW to determine the next Laker play by play man. We can probably drag somebody out of the discard pile to be the color commentator. This would be huge! How many people would give up their jobs, leave their families, abandon all self respect, stuff their children into weather balloons, just for the chance to sit in front of that hallowed (and presumably syliva spotted) microphone.

I mean, we hired a coach who had nothing more to recommend him than that he was a halfway decent broadcaster, why not a broadcaster that is simply a good fan? And we have, in house, without any extraneous entanglences, an actual reality show star to lend her considerable (ahem) weight and stature to the project.

This needs to happen. I'm going to write to Jerry just as soon as I can find a barely legal model to carry the message into his inner circles.

this would work, yes?

Larry, can you at least start a Bandwagon?

watchin that replay against the Blazers.

my observations:
1) IMO, the Blazers had a more athletically talented team.

2) Perkins was as good a mismatch as they had back in that day. A 3 point shooting lefty big who has LONG arms.

3) Old back then is everyone's peak years now. I think that was one good thing about Michael Jordan's influence; every basketball player isn't averse to the weight room nowadays.

4) AC about longevity. Too bad it took him the longest to score.

5) Kudos to Adelman for rockin a 'stache for as long as he has.

6) Drexler was a little overrated or his importance was overstated relative to Jordan. Clyde is still a great, but he was never ever a west coast version of MJ.

7) Stu had a lot of enthusiasm back then. He still sounds the same, but clearly, he was Chicks partner, as opposed to Joel's peer.

Ron Artest cannot jump. Oh well, I'm still glad he's a Lakers.

I still believe we're going to trade Ammo for Trevor Ariza.

Nice work Jon K...

Hope this game was a good birthday present to you Laker Tom.

Happy Birthday dude. Hope you get better and better

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