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Live from Staples: Lakers vs. Jazz

During a conversation about Luke Walton's upcoming turn behind the mic (he'll take over for Mychal Thompson next to Spiro Dedes during Friday's game against the Wolves and again Saturday night in Salt Lake City), Phil Jackson said he's sure Walton can take care of himself, and know what he should and shouldn't say.

Q: Is there anyone on the team he's be concerned about doing that job?

Big smile.

"Just Ron."

Too easy.

Other notes for tonight's game:

  • If you missed it, the Jazz are playing very well (8-2 over their last 10), but they're seriously beat up, too. Among the names you'll recognize, Ronnie Price, Kyle Korver, Andrei Kirilenko, and Matt Harpring are out. (Kyrylo Fesenko has a stomach virus, but that's rather less impactful.) The silver lining for Utah has been a chance to get guys like rookie guards Wes Matthews and Eric Maynor on the floor. Matthews, starting at the two, has had a big impact, particularly on the defensive end, and Maynor is contributing as well off the bench.
  • Carlos Boozer is playing well again, averaging 21.3/10.9/3.6. Has he found the light? Is he just trying to get out of town? Doesn't really matter, because the end result makes him a tough cover. (PJ did take a mini-swipe at him in his pregame media session, though, noting how he "likes his game on offense." He didn't have to specify which side of the floor, you know.) Deron Williams is Deron Williams. Really freakin' good. Defensively, Andrew Bynum will draw Boozer, and the more mobile Pau Gasol gets Mehmet Okur.
  • I saw DJ Mbenga before the game. Turns out the injury he suffered in Tuesday's practice was to his right ankle. A little treatment, and he was good to go today, taking part in shootaround and hopping vigorously on his right foot in front of trainer Gary Vitti in the locker room to demonstrate his fitness. He seems fine.

Chat box below.


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Hey AK / BK -

I've been on the live chat from the beginning of the game tonight, but other than a few introductory comments nothing of mine has gone through.

Are you guys censoring me or having tech difficulties? Or maybe just not seeing them?


so... it ended 101-77 and I could see it coming cos, very unlike me, not even being down by 8 at some point put worrying thoughts in my brain.

Lakers are so superior to every team this year is just about remember in sports you have to put your BEST effort in it.

When Lakers suffer, is cos they think they can play safe.

But when we actually do our best... we end like tonight: sending Jazz jazzin around a shrinker cos I can imagine they will have nightmares for a while following their ECLIPSE in the last third of this game.

So Pau was his usual amazing self, Ron Ron did his job, Lamar was really fine tonight and Kobe... well, Kobe is THE GOD.
How can we worry, seriously?

I am really happy cos no matter what PJ wanted the bench people be part of the game.
No matter what he wanted Drew to play D and even if he had a gray game I am sure he learnt a lot tonight, which will be useful for times ahead.

Even Sasha Garbage Time Vujacic did something decent! (just THAT: I mean, is not like he rehabilitated himself or anything. He did his job of saving some minutes for the big guys, but even today he managed to fuss too much. That guy just thinks too high of himself. Humble down and you may get 7 minutes instead of 3. And be content with that.)

Last year we would have lost this game. Anybody who has seen last year games knows that.

We are way more mature this time around and I am happy for it.

I still like the way we get challenged by physical teams. I ma sure next time Utah will be even more difficult to face. They'll grow.

But so we will.

What ESPN people are not willing to see is that the gap between us and the rest is evident. We have just to put in our best effort, again.

Cavs lost painfully. They're not worthing the hype.
Nuggets lost as well and as well they are our main obstacle in the West, but still can't touch us.

I'm eagerly awaiting for road games.
But still, to me is not about winning: is about TESTING. The more we get tested, regardless of the result, the more we will surface as the unbeatable best.

No one can stop us.
Just ourselves. And it seems we have learnt from past years how to not get fouled by our own myth.

Amazingness in LakerLand.

Have all a great time and thanx for the chat.

Disturbing trend, Bynum is not going after rebounds hard if he is not having a good night on the offensive end. He did after Phil sat him for a while.

DISTURBING TREND CONTINUED......... not a single block shot for a tall kid...I am sure he changed shots..but would like to see Bynum impose his defensive presence...... or maybe not his calling........I am a patient man so tik tok tik tok

Jazz were limited to 6 pts in the 4th? Are you serious?

I too was thinking about Bynum's lack of rebounds - a M Malone or D Rodman would never, ever get shut off the glass like that. EVER. But, I'm not terribly worried about this...

What I do think about is how the Lakers were down 8 pts part way through the 3rd when Phil decided to go with the "athletic" line-up. No more Bynum, no more Fisher. Lakers immediately went on a run and caught back up.

And much to my amazment, Phil put Bynum back in but kept Fish off the floor, even putting Sasha in instead!!!

So what was the result?

Well, that final score pretty much sums it up.

Now, don't get me wrong - correlation is not causation, BUT many of us have been harping on this for a LONG TIME now, less minutes for Fish and more minutes for the Browns and Farmars.

You don't need late game heroics when you're up by 21.

'Nuff said about that - it speaks for itself.

I didn't see the game, so my comments are based upon individuals protests towards Andrew Bynum's defense.


Did we lose the game? NO!!!!



[Jon K. goes over and punches a stone wall and then walks over to his keyboard.]

Really? Really? Come on, guys. Andrew Bynum is an exceptional talent. Is he terribly mature? Well, no, but that's okay because he has huge room to grow, which is a good thing, right?

It freaks me out that people expect this KID to be Bill Russell at 21. I just don't know that to say I'm so angrily confused.

We're the best team in the NBA HANDS DOWN and people are focusing on the negative... and it's really not THAT negative... at all.

Seriously, really?

How would these people get by if they rooted for a team that actually had to struggle? I just want to tear my hair out.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Why did the television announcer say that Shannon Brown's father was a guard. The Lakers didn't have any guard last name brown in the 87 and 88 season I don't get it what did they mean by that?

beating Miami with a last shot: there is Kobe

holding the Suns under 90 and Jazz under 80: there is Lakers or Jazzercise



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