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Live chat: Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

Following last night's defenseless debacle in Phoenix, the Lakers should find some relief against an upset-minded Golden State squad at Staples Center. 

Four games in five nights has taken its toll on the defending champs and they'll be eager to finish out the year on a high note. We'll see if someone other than Kobe Bryant can have a standout game.

But Golden State hasn't been itself lately -- the Warriors are coming off impressive victories over Boston and Phoenix.

[UPDATED, 10:14 p.m.: Lakers defeat Golden State, 124-118]

-- Austin Knoblauch

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Too funny, I agree Golden State has not been themselves lately. Thankfully, they were tonight....Poor defense in general tonight, but I like that Phil is giving the bench some quality minutes.

I forgot to add during chat a huge "Happy New Year!!!" to AK who moderated again greatly all by himself.

So... we won.

I guess none wanted to be bothered with all people starting to yell at the supposed "Lakers crisis" before New Year's Eve.

Seriously: we are not at our best. Not even half of it.

Regardless of the victory, our play is wounded by a shape that is not flattering at all. We are slow, we need a lot to gain position, we have mismatches very two seconds and we are not sharp at all.

All the flow in our game is not there.
It's not about will, or lazyness: it's clear to me that is truly about being not up in shape at the moment.

We are in company there: all major teams who were good at the start of the year are strugling; those who were bad are besting themselves. Then of course it has to do with the opponents as well but regarding Lakers the opponents matter just till a certain point.

When we are up in shape, focused and with a good timing reactivity (non eof which was on court today...) we don't care about opponents cos we are simply better than anyone (Sure, we are).

I don't want people to get ecstatic at tonight win cos there's not much to be happy about.

Though a couple of things are:

Bench people played DECENTLY.
Not all of them.
Shannon did not.
But Sasha although not really good, was at least competitive. Nervous and as usual not bright, but at least in 20+ minutes he showed up. I would never say he had a "great" game. He did not. He got rightly reproached by Kobe but all in all, it was a step up from his latest NO show.
Farmar did way better than Sasha.
He had the pointers we needed in topic moments of the game.
Also he had some idiotic play but again, he's a reserve. He did a more than decent job tonight. Not a good one. Not yet.

Still, as I stated clearly immediately, the bench contribution would have established the output of this game. And it was a plus contribution, for once. Nothing to make us jump on seats: but better than all the rest of the year. It's an improvement. We have to focus on that, and go on.

I am not worried of rour lack of presence tonight.
Don't be fouled by numbers: both Pau and Kobe (the IMMENSE Kobe, and my sweet Pau for you all ;)) were tired and not completely focused also tonight.
They supplied with their above class range. Which, in case of Kobe, is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Seriously. The man is an alien.

But our game as team was poor also tonight.
It's all about the physical energies that bewilder us ofr the worst right now. It's a biorythm that is on its lowest curve. It's just something every sportman has to face. No need to be dramathic there.

BTW. I know.
I haven't mentioned Drew.
I haven't cos I don't know what to say.
He played not up nor down tonight.
I know we need him though. Tonight he was not up nor down. So... I'll pass and read what others have to say.

I still want underline we were minus Ron Ron. I have yet to read what you wrote about his missing tonight cos I was sleeping when all posts on him surfaced. I know he looked there while interviewed in the game.

I know we need him on court.
We are a whole different force with him there. He carried much of our defense so far. To substitute his weight in the game in that fudamental is not easy at all. Never.

So... this is by now.
Just wanna thank League Pass director to grace my eyes with courtside view at a certain point.

Now I can go and have the meeting with the stupid idiot that made me lose Las Vegas New years Eve and being as cool as it s needed to not choke him down.

Thank you Lakers for another emotional night. I got you babes.

Have everyone a good evening :) My day's just started ;)

PS: phred... it's always a pleasure to read you Sir. :)

Well the Triple Towers experiment doesn't seem to be a good idea. Pau and Lamar play much better together than AB and Pau. All 3 of them at the same time is a mess.

Also, the Ron Artest effect is greater than I expected. He gets injured and the defense really falls apart.

At times, this team starts to remind me of the '06 lakers where Kobe has to score 40 just for the team to be competitive.

I think Kobe should probably shoot more 3's to help open up the post for Pau and AB. Is there a defensive minded guard out there who can also hit the 3 that we can trade for?

Something about me is very protective of Thriller.

I think he is special and I mean that in a historical sense.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Something is wrong with the Lakers. The way I saw them play lately, they're committing too many turnovers. I think maybe because the opposing team now knows that they could just clog the lane inside, much like what players do when they zone defense. Now of course, the down side is that 3-pointers can be open at a much higher rate. Although knowing the Lakers, they can't capitalize that vulnerability as they can't shoot the three. So I think, maybe, they need to work on their outside shooting.

Just watched the game on League pass! Tough win by a win anyway. Its good that we keep winning these tight games. That prepares ourselves for bigger competition.

Hope Farmar keeps the level.

I really like Ronny Turiaf. I wonder why we let him go. 17MM in 4 years is something we could afford...

Bynum game was good but it seems that PJ is cutting his playing time even more. Unfortunately for him Gasol and Odom are a better combination right now.

The Lakers provided adequate defense at the end and outlast the Warriors to bag their 26th win last night. Kobe had an all around game and won the game almost by himself (44 points and 11 dimes). Pau's season best 27 points provide Kobe with the necessary scoring to keep the game close before Mamba took over the game in the 4th quarter.

I'm glad to see Sasha and (Still the worst PG in the league) Farmar contributed last night. PJ finally recognized that DFish's legs are no longer respond to his big heart and sat him down at the crucial last 8 minutes. Instead of having DFish chase the speedy Curry or run over the pick set for Ellis, Farmar did an admirable job keep up with them.

Kudo to Lamar for showing up in the second half. And after watching the last five games, we need to send a search party for "AB" who falls into his habit of fading away in the second half. I hope the coaching staff notice ths obvious trends that are bugging all the fans for the past 3 weeks. Where is our beast?

Have a Happy New Year and hope to see you all at the live chat on Friday.

(PS - Faith, I hope you're feeling! I've never seen you so animated about our team's lack of defense in the past few games. I'll have a shot of chilled grey goose for you tomorrow night).

Keep the Faith!

I don't think that Mike Bresnahan is as talented as the Kamenetzky Brothers.

I'm a bit surprised at the quality of the post-game commentary of Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner's analyses. It has a much higher production value than the Kamenetzky Brothers' analyses, but there's not so much depth to the actual analysis.

I mean, myself, 65% of the blog and 40% of the people at Staples Center could do the same thing:

"The Lakers played okay tonight."

"They miss Ron Artest."

Really? Really?

I don't know. I guess I was spoiled growing up reading Jim Murray, listening to Chick Hearn, and watching Howard Cossell. I just look at the pure competition of sports as the pinnacle of human drama. It seems that a lot of modern journalists view it as mundane as buying a sandwich at Subway.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


{Begin rant rooted in righteous anger}

So, I just clicked on T.J. Simers' article on UCLA's bowl win.

I got two paragraphs into it before I clicked out.

The guy makes me sick.

If this guy hates his job so much and hates sports so much why is he allowed to continue to write for the L.A. Times?

Is he even aware that there are other people out there in the world who are intelligent, talented, and actually have to work for a living? I mean, the guy gives the impression that he has nothing but scorn for all other human beings. He's a misanthrope in the worst sense who has such an over-inflated sense of self-worth.

He's not even talented.

He's not.

I know a dozen people close to me, most of whom aren't even professional writers, who can write better than this guy.

But he's one of the premier writers for the L.A. Times sports section?

We get rid of the Kamenetzky Brothers, but we keep T.J. Simers?

How does this makes sense? At all?

Do ANY of us really want to read a curdmundgeon who just sneeringly sits back and continuously insults people while at the same time displays minimal skill and inspiration as a writer? It's disgusting.

The guy is the embodiment of all that is wrong in the world. He just attacks people in a way that vomits out his own insecurities as a human being. He cuts people down in a desperate attempt to cover up his own failings as a professional.

And the L.A. Times promotes this guy.

Totally Bizzaro-World.

Laker Tom is a FAR more talented writer than this jerk and he does so from his laptop in his spare moments while working a full-time job.

As a reader, I'm just tired of giving this guy the benefit of the doubt and then feeling like I've been spat in my face after reading part of his articles. I'm simply tired of it.

I appreciate quality. And, as a reader, it truly bothers me that this jerk is given such a large platform for so long. I've been a manager in the past. I've run a magazine. If one of my writers was as negative as T.J. Simers is and so self-absorbed, I'd pull him aside and try to figure out what was going on. If he kept it up for a few more months, I'd fire him. (And we're talking a podunk magazine of 65,000 circulation monthly.) T.J. Simers has kept this up FOR YEARS!

How is this tolerable?

What compromising pictures does T.J. Simers have of the L.A. Times' Editor-in-Chief?

I mean, really?

Seriously, 95% of the readership of the L.A. Times would cheer if this guy was fired and replaced with a writer from some local high school paper, but he's kept on staff as a premier writer. How stupid is the management at the L.A. Times?

Anyone with common sense would make a move, but the L.A. Times doesn't. And we wonder why newspapers are struggling.

It's just infuriating.

It comes down to this, "Does the L.A. Times really think that their readership is THAT stupid? That we are unable to recognize quality?"


I do not like starting my day having to be exposed to this type of person. It's like waking up to have sickness coughed in my face.

I'm sure that 95% of the readership of the L.A. Times will agree with me.

{End rant}

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


the lakers need an athlectic guard/forward to come in and get hustle points. Our bench is filled with guys who are fundamental, but not gritty, floor burn types. Turiaf and Ariza were those types of players. The recent teams we have lost to have out-hustled us to rebounds and loose balls. We need an energy guy to bang, grab rebounds, and change the flow of the game. Our bench guys look like robots and never impose their will on the game. There has got to be a scrub in the league or d-league who can come in, take some fouls, and crash the boards. Who cares if he is an expert at the triangle? We need hustle and desire. Maybe somebody who WANTS a title, rather than a contented "fat cat" who is just going through the motions.

Something about me is very protective of Thriller.
I think he is special.Posted by: Jon K. | December 29, 2009 at 11:24 PM

Oh he's special all right! And he especially better leave that Hennesey alone before walking down stairs. Just playing with you Jon K. I don't mean no harm. Lol!

Well, let me say this, WE CAN RECOGNIZE QUALITY AND T.J. SIMERS IS NOT A TALENTED WRITER! HE NOTHING MORE THAN AN UGLY PERSONALITY! That's it.Posted by: Jon K. | December 30, 2009 at 06:40 AM

Jeeez Jon K. T(hat) J(ackass) Simmers worked years to develop that ugly personality and do you give him any props on it? N0000000000! You got to harp about his writting.
Writers are a dime a dozen but an Ugly personality like Simers... Now that comes alone only very rarely.

I only have one thing to say. Where's Ron Artest? Is he really hurt? Is this one of his antics? Is this a case of being embarrassed by the Christmas loss and maybe getting chewed out a bit too much by the coach? Without a "Ron Artest" or a "Trevor Ariza" type player, the Lakers will continue to struggle with the ...Golden States and Suns of the world, especially with a hurt Kobe. Fortunately, half a Kobe is better than many average NBA players.



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