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Lakers winning streak caps out at 11

December 13, 2009 | 11:37 am
Just like the amps used by Spinal Tap.

But that's where the similarities end, since there are rarely laughs for fans when the Lakers need to begin a victory roll again from ground zero.

For that matter, the 102-94 fall probably wasn't a barrel of monkeys for the players, either.  Particularly Kobe Bryant, who was not only competing with a finger fractured the night before, but a stomach bug as well. So goofy turned Kobe's tummy that the standard Gatorade and orange slices were skipped for a serving of intravenous fluids.  Playing with a body on the fritz has been a staple for Bryant over the years, but every once in a while, we're reminded that the man is in fact made of flesh and blood. Phil Jackson remains permanently impressed by Kobe's ability to grind it out, but even he suspected the ailments had piled up too heavily for the All-Star.

Another issue that emerged during the loss was Pau Gasol's touches. On the plus side, he's been channeling his "inner Ben Wallace" these days, matched a career-high twenty rebound mark established just 24 hours earlier. Even more impressive, El Spaniard grabbed eleven of them on the offensive end. But as Gasol shared afterward, he was seeking out those second chances in part because he didn't think he'd see the ball otherwise, eleven also matching his shot total as well. He mentioned the paint's increasing popularity as a hot spot among teammates, and there's only so much real estate to go around. Are perhaps too many folks looking to make hay down low?

Not necessarily "problematic," but still interesting is Jordan Farmar's present and future with the Lakers. It's a topic he and I recently discussed, and now Ramona Shelburne examines it further.


LO is trying to find an offensive flow.


    -Jerryd Bayless is under fire over what appeared to be criticism of Blazer guards that aren't him.
    -Vinny Del Negro might have bought himself a little more time as Bulls coach after a win over the Warriors. He's got the endorsement of a coach with a ring, for what that's worth.
    -Forget the rest of the article... Chris Bosh has a documentary?
    -How do you say "dunk" in Russian? Gerald Green.
    -Weird as this may sound, the Nets may be lacking direction.
    -Z.Bo would like to be an All-Star.