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Lakers' Artest probably not playing tonight

Lakers forward Ron Artest is doubtful for tonight's game against Golden State because of a concussion, meaning he will probably miss a third consecutive game.

Artest continues to see a Los Angeles neurologist on a daily basis but has not been cleared to play.

Artest also injured his left elbow in what the team said was a tumble down a flight of stairs at his home on Christmas night.

The Lakers will probably start Lamar Odom in Artest's place, though their reserves will again be stretched thin after being outscored by Phoenix, 52-31, on Monday. Golden State, like Phoenix, employs a run-and-gun style.

--Mike Bresnahan

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So who's the wiseguy that was posting under "smush farmar" in the last phoenix game chat?

Pls show urself... U had me rollin on the ground... U are one funny dude.
Posted by: yellofever | December 29, 2009 at 01:02 PM


actually it is smush asking back his starting role on the team. this smushcalade will never end

Andrew Bernard,
- - - - - - - - - - -
When the going gets tough, the tough need to get going so don’t lose faith and let the trolls and fair weather fans turn you off on the blog. Barry Stavro and the LA Times are not idiots. They already have seen how the hits took off the minute the blog discussion focused on Drew, who has now surpassed every Laker but Kobe as a polarizing force for Lakers fans. Those of us who have long posted here realize that this wave of new critics will disappear as soon as Drew starts to play well again, which he will do in January. What we need is for the smart, insightful fans who really know and understand the game to hold tight and keep the truth illuminated. So please, we need more posts from you, Andrew. You are one of the brightest and most articulate bloggers who post here. Put the pen to the paper of the fingers to the keyboard and help us hold the fort and keep the blog-sync-think viewing the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Nemaia Faletogo,
- - - - - - - - - - -
Just wanted to thank you for fighting the good fight. I’ll be your wing man any day. It’s human nature that most of the posters still think that you and I and other Bynum supporters never criticize Drew’s performance or effort. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, we are harder on Drew than the Bashers, who still REFUSE to appreciate ANY contribution from Drew. So keep punching away and don’t let the losers get you down. By June, they will all have crawled under their personal rocks and the Bynum Bashers will have disappeared just like the Kobe Haters like KL and Gunnar.
- - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - -
My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Here is my current take on what is going on with Drew.
First, I think Drew has really been bothered most of the month by an upper respiratory infection. Phil has mentioned this several times and it does seem that Drew quickly gets tired as the game goes on. I know for a fact that I have struggled with the same ailment almost all month long and it adversely affects my energy. I expect that we will see a much more vigorous and energetic Drew in January.
Second, I think for whatever reason, the team has forgotten what made them so successful early in the season, which was pounding the ball inside to Drew, Pau, and Lamar in the post. Last night, there were several cases where Kobe, Fisher, Farmar, and Brown cast off long jumpers while Drew had great position low in the post. You would think they would have learned that the way to win is to pound the ball inside. How our perimeter players can justify ignoring Drew and Pau and playing inside-out basketball is beyond me, especially when Drew had a terrific first quarter, scoring 9 points, grabbing 6 boards, and stuffing Amare Stoudemire with an intimidating all-ball block in the paint. Yet, we continued to try to shoot it out with the Suns, rather than taking advantage of our height and length in the front court. Play inside-out basketball and Drew will be fine.
Third, I think we need to remember how inexperienced Drew really still is. That is why I think it is critical that we feed him the ball. Playing behind 4 other veteran players, Drew can easily get lost in our offense, which is exactly what has happened in many of his recent games. Early promising starts evolve into mediocre games because we do not go back to Drew. We need to make sure that both Drew and Pau get 15 shot attempts each and that Kobe keeps his shot attempts in the low 20’s unless he is on fire. He can shoot 40 times if he is hitting over 50% but our overall team play as well as Drew’s personal play will improve with attention. To me, as soon as his health permits, Drew should play more minutes and return to being an offensive focus. That will energize and ignite his entire game – boards and blocks – and give the team its points in the paint.
Fourth, I think like most players, Drew does read what is being said about him in the papers and on the air. He hears the calls for more defense and more rebounding and I think he has responded well. His rebounds have been the best per minutes played for several games now. Same with his defense. While he did get one posterization by Amare, he still blocked two of his shots and did a far better job guarding him than Pau did. If he scores, fans scream for boards and blocks. If he gives them boards or blocks, they complain about points. You could see Drew looking more to pass the ball when he gets it. We just need to give him the ball back.
Finally, I categorize the issue of whether Pau and Drew can play together as ridiculous as thinking that the Lakers would benefit by trading Drew for an offensive eunuch like Noah and a backup point guard like Heinrich, who would not be much of an improvement if any over Fisher or Farmar. You don’t trade a big like Drew for a younger inferior version of Ben Wallace. That is the type of panic stricken strategy that should be limited to the Live Game Blog only as it does not deserve to be even raised in a normal post. You build a championship team and season by teaching the team how to play together. More pieces are not needed.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Tales of Whale and Woe.

After the earlier thread regarding young Bynum's regression and now we hear that Artest is still seeing stars and another up-temp team in our cross hairs, it makes me wonder...will we see Sahsa in the starting line up to add Odom to the Bench Mob mix?

I understand that Phil is trotting out his best team, on paper, and to be honest the triple towers haven't played amazingly or horrendously, but to sure the Bench production has suffered.

In my opinion, you can play all three, but starting all 3 is a bit much. We lose potent size coming in for either Gasol or Bynum and starting hasn't solved Lamar's shooting issues this year. Lamar is playing below his abilities right now. I'm not talking about his offense, which everyone pretty much agrees remains a sort of a 'secret weapon' for LA, but his defense and his playmaking, way too many turnovers, way too few assists. That's where Lamar is hurting this team, not getting his guys involved and going.

Luke, when he returns, will give us another forward that moves the ball well and he will help Bynum get going, I think. Luke has always been real good at getting the ball into good post position and that will be a welcome addition.

Kobe needs to dish it out a bit more. Gasol and Bynum need 15+ shots each to keep them in the flow of the game. Kobe is amazing, to be sure, and I don't want him easing off the gas, but he needs to allow others to help him win some games. It's not to a point where it seems like a problem, but it could be.

I tried posting yesterday, but my PC was giving me fits. I predicted a Suns win because the team, in general, looks lead-legged. I also wrote that I prefer how Sasha's playing right now as opposed to Farmar. I think Phil needs to find Vujacic a steady 15 mpg and if that means less Farmar, so be it. At least Sasha always hustles on defense and doesn't get down on himself if he misses a wide open look. I've pretty much had it with Farmar blowing a lay up in his first few minutes of action and than head-hang-doggin' it for the rest of the game and looking lost on defense. Your a freakin' NBA player, hold your head up, boy.

Anyhoo, I predict a big Bynum game tonight and hopefully a 6-7 assist game for Lamar.


I'm telling you, there's more to this Artest thing then meets the eye.

aiight. the difference is that we own Golden State. Look for fish to light them up and Odom to get twenty rebounds.

Hey, it could happen, and then i would look smart. It doesn't happen, hey, it was the fake dude.

Ok, a lot of good stuff in the comments last night/this morning. some not so good, but whatever.

Zaira- I think it get it. Is it sort of synonymous with ‘crush?’ Maybe not. I think if I remember my French properly, faux amis is sort of what my French prof would call a false cognate, like if we thought that ‘poission’ meant ‘poison’ instead of ‘fish.’ Am I keeping up? So far as I know, asphalt is the mixture of oil, tar and sand they use to make roads, but I don’t know too many slang terms that use it.

I’ll try to work a bit of Italian in somewhere. I don’t speak it, but I can find a lot of movie quotes.

“…In the meantime, chill with the Hemingway extended paragraphs that make this blog worse. I did not like the K boyz at first, but would be glad to buy them around anytime.
Posted by: mhs | December 29, 2009 at 12:38 AM”

Well said, except that I think Hemingway was known for his short and economical style, preferring to use ‘le mot juste’ instead of opting for length. Perhaps we are favoring a more Dostoyevskian approach, what with the neuroses and the paranoia and the sense of moral disappointment. Personally, I prefer Faulkner, or at least I use ‘stream of consciousness’ as an excuse. Also perhaps a bit of Beckett. And Stan Lee. That guy is my muse and god.

Troy- So you are saying you only come around to point figures and imagine worst case scenarios. Gotcha. In all seriousness, while I don’t really appreciate your negativity, I appreciate you as a guy who really does live and die with the Lakers. I will only criticize you with full tongue and cheek, but pardon me if I intermittently take time out to destroy your opinion of Pau Gasol, possibly in a manner similar to which Pau destroyed Dwight Howard last year, which is to say thoroughly and in every way possible. And um, we beat Denver, and I have no doubt we would have beaten Boston.

Well, there goes Thriller's career as a burgeoning stuntman.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mamba- Hey, I did insightful analysis twice already this year. Don’t be that way. Actually, I want to clarify again- along with justanothermambafan, you have what I will describe as the best blogging attitude. Your humor and basketball knowledge have nothing to apologize for, but your attitude is the best thing about your posts. You are the glue in our locker room, the secret intangible to our team chemistry. I hope you are a Laker blogger for life.

“Ron Artest falling down a flight of stairs with a bottle of Hennessey in his hand after being SO caught up in belting out Billy Joel's "Italian Restaurant" that he distractedly tripped over a box of ramen noodles (what was that doing there?). Now he can see dead people.
Yep, Laker Nation, "the weirdness" is upon us.
I think we're going to have to skin an aardvark, cover Mamba24 in chunky peanut butter, and set Bill Simmons on fire. It's the only way out.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.
Posted by: Jon K. | December 29, 2009 at 06:39 AM”

This actually makes perfect sense to me. I actually do prefer to get caught up in Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ while wandering through my single floor residence carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels so that I trip over a box of Chinese take-out, possibly mu-shu pork, and gain the ability to see the humor in John Irving novels, but we all have our idiosyncrasies.

Good work, Jon K. But skinning the aardvark seems a bit harsh, and Ron already had too much trouble with PETA. Can we just torture in psychologically by playing Whitney Houston and George Michael at it?

JohnnyV- Good points. Well supported argument.

Porky Pig- You definitely have a point. I’ve been noticing some of the same things. I don’t necessarily draw the same conclusions, but good observations.

“And don't forget... "on the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Five Gold Rings" (that's Kobe's Christmas song this year).
Posted by: Tsphere | December 29, 2009 at 11:35 AM”

Good one.

JasonF- your stats are right, but if I may give my take, I think that Kobe responds to injury by demonstrating that he is still a threat. It isn’t a one or two game strategy, it is a season long one; to keep himself the focus of the defense. As you implied, the Lakers play better when teams actually focus on Kobe, and Kobe knows this. He doesn’t shoot to make himself look better to fans, he shoots to scare the other team. If other teams ignored Kobe and played tough defense against everybody else, Kobe would go nuts and score a lot, but over the long term it would hurt the team. Just my opinion.

Finally, another to Zaira- I talked a bit about movies, but I was wondering if you had read either Umberto Eco or Italo Calvino.





I have seen a lot of comments in game chats based on anecdotal evidence that fish is missing too much, and a lot of comments that he seems to be getting older and losing his game. I wanted to see if any of this had a real basis in fact.

So in the interest of polishing my analytical cred, I took a few minutes and looked at DFish’s career stats. I was originally trying to figure out whether he was worth owning in a fantasy league. I was under the unempirical impression that he was doing better this season when he was playing fewer minutes and that his averages were going up. This was in fact true for about a ten game stretch between the middle of November and the middle of December, but I wanted to see if I could extrapolate anything about his future performance based on his minutes. I went to and loaded his career numbers;

First I looked at his mpg per season over his career. I had expected that his totals in fgs, 3, assists, rbnds and stl would be higher if he played more, for obvious reasons, and they were. But then I compared his total minutes played to his %s, FG, 3, and FT %. You guys can check for yourselves with the link, but without crunching the numbers too seriously it looks like over the last five or six years, since he went to GS, Fish has actually had a significantly higher FG and 3 FG % when he played more minutes. This really goes against most of the assumptions I had been making.

I don’t know how this actually breaks down with further analysis, if I took the stats from each game and ran them through a statistical program, but I wanted to bounce the idea off people before I ran too far with it. What do you guys think? Should we actually be playing fish more?

The concussion must be severe for Artest to miss 3 in a row. As hard as his head it takes a hard wood that will sideline him that long. There used to be no Artest, no Gasol for the Lakers, how come they are now the prerequisite to victory. What happened to Odom, Bynum, Fisher and Farmar, they are veterans too in this team, can they not support Kobe against Golden State?

Thriller's concussion must be relatively severe.

I mean, it's not like a NORMAL person just got rocked on the noggin. It's THRILLER who just got his brain rattled. Things might just start being complex and not in a good way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"I'm telling you, there's more to this Artest thing then meets the eye. "

Yeah, it's kind of looking that way.

When accounts of what happened are so vague, it generally points to something being covered up.

Are distractions, injuries and a depleted roster AWESOME?!?!?!?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


this is such a long season.

LakerTom- Nice to see you around. I guess it’s sort of natural, but a lot of people have been blaming you for inadvertently causing a bit of this by raising expectation for Bynum to unrealistic levels. The argument (and I have made it on occasion) seems to be that Bynum is only disappointing if we expect him to play on the same levels as Shaq or Kareem, and if we just regarded him as a long shot #10 pick who played very little in high school and was drafted more as a project than as a key contributor. What do you think?

Another thing on Drew- due to injuries, he and Pau have played something less than an entire season’s worth of games over the last two seasons. Yup, they probably will play better together if they get a chance to do it more often.

Something I wanted to say about Lamar- His defense is extremely inconsistent, but it isn’t inconsistent between ‘good’ and ‘lousy.’ It’s inconsistent between ‘extremely good’ and ‘sorta ok, beatable with good offense’ There is a difference and he is still one of our best defenders. When he, artest and kobe were playing together they had some utterly dominant performances.

“I'm telling you, there's more to this Artest thing then meets the eye.
Posted by: troy | December 29, 2009 at 02:03 PM”

Yup, but is he an Autobot or a Decepticon? And which one? And please nobody say 'Jazz.'


We beat Denver, but barely. We needed some lucky plays to do it. Last year, Denver was the better team. You have to admit that. We got by, but only with luck. First game this year, Denver destroyed us.

Lets revisit this Denver v. Laker thing when they play again in Feb. I think you'll agree that Denver is the only true Western Conf team that could beat the Lakers in a 7 game series.

Phred again,

Two things; first, just because Fish has improved his quality of play doesn't mean he's effective. Can you honestly say that he's better than any of our main competitor's PGs (Dallas/Denver/San Antonio/Utah/Phoenix---Boston/Cleveland/Orlando/Atlanta)

Second; forget Orlando; they won't make it to the Championships this season. Do you think Pau can play well against the Denver front line for the WCF, and then the Boston front line in the NBA finals?


Ok - we lost last night- so what? It's 1 of 82 and it sure doesn't mean we need to trade everyone & his brother & start from scratch. For the love of god, people - settle the frick down. Pick up the Hennessey - or the vodka if you prefer - knock back a couple, put your feet up, and chillax for awhile. It will definitely do you some good. And if not - it may keep you from posting crazy crap that has no business being on here IN DECEMBER.

Ok - stepping off the soapbox now.... whew! Glad to get that out of my system...

Jon K - you said "If someone sets T.J. Simers on fire and no one is around to see it, is it truly a tragedy?" Seriously, this had me ROTFLMAO!!!! Too funny!!! And yet so true....

phred - thanks for the props. Before there was the love, there was... well - I don't know what there was, but there sure was a lot less bashing going on around here.

Can't do the live chat tonight - meeting... Still - you guys better pick up the slack for me. Remember to greet each other. BE POLITE. Stop bashing Socks... or Farmar... or Luke... Focus on the positive. Use the rally caps if you need them. All will be well. WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!

Oh BUTT-ler boy- still waiting on that apology. I don't care where you are - YOU OWE US THAT MUCH.

Sonny - wattup man - good to see you around these parts. The things we've got lurking around here give the word TROLL a bad name... At least you've added some "class" to the class of trolls we've had around here... Keep coming by!


Nothing but another title will suffice.


Dang, what is it with Lakers and housework? Kobe ripped his finger moving glass now Artest rips his skull. Hire help, guys, or just holler for the groupies to help and stop it!


I want to take a moment to say "thank you" for your articulate, poised posts. I do enjoy reading (nearly) everything that you write, and I never skip a post from you. Whether or not folks agree with your assertions about Bynum, at least you assert your assertions in an agreeable manner. And now, thank the heavens, I will stave off the alliteration.

Bynum is struggling mightily. He is slumping with the best of the slumpers. But for those of you ready to write him off, ready to trade him for a small, you must heed the time-tested basketball truism: YOU CAN'T TEACH HEIGHT.

We've got a young, promising, athletic, legitimate 7-footer here. And you want to trade him for... a point guard? That's crazy. Or, as a good friend of mine says, KERAZY. Why does he say that? I have no idea. But it sounds just as crazy as your trade ideas, which are muy loco.

After tonight's 26/12 game from Bynum, the tumbleweeds will roll silently across the deserts of doubt.

As always...

Go Lake Show!

>Phred my friend I thank you for all the kind words and I promise I'll pay you the $20.00 I said I'd give to you for saying them next week. Lol! Seriously big brother thank you, it's things like that, that keep me and this Blog going. Oh and if I didn't say it...No, no, no not OUT FREAKING STANDING! You always get that, i just want to wish you and yours a Freaking great Holdiday. Hold them close and show them some of that special Phredington "Love" A wise man said "It's all about the Love." Love ya Brother, Happy Holidays!


in Calvino's spirit, we should all pull a tarot card and we'll have a reading of Lakers fortune for the next 5 years.

and talking about "stream of consciousness", yesterday i picked up a CD with the same title by Max Roach in duet with Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand), an old recording from 1977, reissued lately. it is what Roach wanted to achieve with his playing.

THose who are blaming Kobe for not involving Bynum are wrong. All Bynum needed to do is play with energy, grab 10 rebounds, block 3 shots per game and we will be all right. Now is that too much to ask?? Look at the way he runs the floor and look at the way Amare or even Benga runs the floor. Then you can tell that bynum is not playing with energy at all. He just needs to get mentally involved in this game!

Now if Golden state plays like yesterday against boston, then Lakers will lose 2nd game in a row.

Caliphilosopher- what are you getting your phd in? Philosophy, by any chance?

Jon K- perhaps Butler is like the proverbial rose; dump enough )*(& on his head and he will actually grow. : )

Troy- nope. The better team is the team that wins. That’s exactly what I mean by the term “better.” You can judge a team in all sorts of ways, but at the end of the day, the only goal is to win. Every single NBA champion has been the best team that year. Period. You can use whatever statistic, observation, opinion, excuse, asterisk or just plain BS to say anything about anybody, but the winner gets a trophy and a ring and a banner and a parade. Only one team gets to do it that year. That what I want for the Lakers, every single year. That’s ALL I want from the Lakers, every single year.

Troy, second, about Derek Fisher- they don’t give the title to the team with the best PG. Who do they give the title to? See above. For every other comment anybody ever makes, see above.

Third, I don’t have any idea who will be in the finals this season. I do know I want the Celtics to be in the Finals, and I want the Lakers to beat them, but if we have to beat somebody else, I can live with that.

Lastly, if we don’t win it this year, I will not blame any particular player or coach or injury or sunspots or seas minerals. If we lose to somebody, it will because they were better than us. Maybe they aren’t better than us last year, next year, in 1985 or in 2023, they would only be better than us for THIS season. No mystery, no quibbling, no hair splitting.

Justa- wait, before the love came around there was less bashing? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Did the love do any of this? I am confused.

mamba24- holidays? Oh crap, i knew i forgot something this year. Dang it. Did they have like christmas and everything already? With like trees and Santa and stuff? oh wait, i already made the Hickory Farms joke, i can't do both. Oh well, i tried.

I just wanted to say it again





Andrew Bernard. I just read your post from the previous thread. Dude, you are my hero.


Thanks for the Roll Call shout-out...


So many words are being written about Andrew that it makes my head spin. Yet, there is just one word that the kid needs to display... Passion... Desire... "Ganas" (okay that's three words, including one in Spanish).

He has skill, but without the Effort (word #4) he is not worthy to wear the Purple & Gold. There's no learning curve for Effort. You either give it, or you don't.

Sadly I won't be able to watch the game this evening- which is going to be a much needed WIN for LA, I assume.
What worries me about this past stretch of games (hopefully just a brief weird spell- I'm with Jon K on this one) is the complete lack of ball movement. Nada. Zip. Zero.
Triangle offense doesn't need a typical point guard but does require passing, cutting, hitting the open man. Ain't happening.
Love Fisher, but really, does any point guard who can't get any entry pass into the post have more rings than Fish?
Kobe- totally fierce, totally a warrior, and totally hitting crazy shots but waaaaay too many Kobe shots and waaaaay too few passes from Kobe to create shots for others, like Pau and Drew in the post. Whenever the bigs pass and then re-post, they don't get the ball and are then in no position to rebound.
With passing and cutting, posting and reposting tonight we get an easy win and back to Laker basketball.

Andrew Bynum is one of the softest 7-2 men I have ever witnessed on a basketball court. He literally is a little kid in a mans body and there is no hiding the little kid part of it when he steps on the court. Nobody and I mean not 1 player in the NBA is scared to take it to the hole on Bynum, and that to me is the biggest issue with his game. He needs to learn how to become a defensive force and not be so overly consumed with being an offensive force, because the Lakers have plenty of that. He should watch videos of Shaq in his prime who intimidated and dared people to take the ball to the bucket. Bottom line Bynum lacks passion, desire, drive, intensity, and aggressiveness to his game. Watch Andrew Bynum play one full game and you will really wonder if he even feels like playing basketball.

There is no truth to the rumor that Ron-ron got whacked on the head with a golf club after his wife went through his cell phone... 8-)

phred - I don't know... when I get on the soap box there's just no telling what will happen. It all gets confused in my head and things quickly spiral out of control. Ok - the love is good. The love is more recent than the bashing. However - the bashing seems to be outrunning the love and if we're not careful it may just mow the love down and then laugh like a hyena.

It's not good. The bashing I mean. Seriously - it's December right? And we won last year with pretty much this same team right? And we have Socks (relatively) healthy and working his way into becoming the Beast we know he can be right? And we have Thriller - a serious upgrade for our defense, not to mention his passing skills right? Also - we have the best record in the league at the moment right? And the best coach in basketball? And the best player on the planet? And the Euro MVP? And Mr. 0.04 himself?

HOLY CRAP!!! What the hell is everyone getting so upset for?? Because we lost a couple of games??? You guys seriously were expecting perfection? An 82-0 season??

You guys (and you know who you are) really need to chillax. I've recommended either Hennessey or vodka before. Now I think it may take more serious measures. Y'all need to find a good psychologist and talk about your mama for awhile... sorry but it had to be said.

WAKE UP!! It's only December and there's a lot of season left to play. Y'all were freaking last year too and how did that end up?? Oh yah - WE WON!!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!!!!!

So - maybe simple advice to you to keep it real won't do. How about you live in the shoes of a Clipper fan for awhile (sorry Jon K) .... or a Nets fan.... now THAT will give you something to cry about.

Meanwhile - the rest of us will be here pointing out what went wrong and hoping for a better performance next game, all the while understanding that it's a looooong season, it ain't over til it's over, and Phil will undoubtedly have this team peaking at EXACTLY the right time. WHICH IS IN JUNE.... NOT DECEMBER....


But again - it's all about the love, right guys? (and girls!)


Nothing but another title will suffice.

(And they are NOT won in December)

Laker Tom -

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Socks will become the Beast.

However - he needs to either get healthy (if that's his current problem) or get his head out of the clouds thinking about the All Star game, and get his hiney in gear and get involved every second he's on the floor.

I don't care if Kobe's shooting even though Socks is in good position. GO GET the rebound if Kobe misses or high-tail it down to the other end right away. No more jogging while others are running. Put a body on your man. Box out. GO GET the rebound.

Drew has nothing but up side. I have no doubt the coaching staff and his teammates will get the best out of him before this season is all said and done. I have no doubt.

Those with doubts can sit at the back of the bus (or bandwagon) and talk amongst yourselves, cuz you WILL be proven wrong. Mark our words.

Laker Tom, I see you are now trying to blame Kobe for Drew's struggles. WOW.


"But skinning the aardvark seems a bit harsh, and Ron already had too much trouble with PETA. Can we just torture in psychologically by playing Whitney Houston and George Michael at it?"

I don't think that would work, but I'm RELATIVELY certain that repeatedly beating Whitney Houston and/or George Michael with a live aardvark being swung by its tail MIGHT work!

Does sell live aardvarks? Team! We've got to get on this! Quick!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




I hope Thriller doesn't feel the urge to get his Aunt Bunny on any time again soon. Those of you who caught that reference are in the rare air of the 40-plus blogger crew. Laker Kev

jon k - now that would just be silly. i mean, lets try to stay rational here. do aardvarks even have tails?

Dear Kobe 7 assists = team win.
Dear Phil - please start Powell and tell him to just reblund and play D.
Dear Fish - how about getting some assists?

The most compelling part of tonight's win over the Warriors at Staples had to be Thriller's "explanation" at halftime for what happened Christmas night. After listening very carefully to every word he said, I still have no friggin' idea what the heck happened!

"I can't remember everything...It was for Christmas -- maybe it was the presents. I can't remember much in between...My wife said I was asleep for like two or three minutes. Obviously I don't remember that part. I went to the hospital. It took me about an hour to get my senses back."


phred... "crush" is indeed a great synonime for "asphalting" ;)
(not the other way round... ehy! I'm the neologist around, after all... :))

About literature, sure I do read the classics.
Eco and Calvino are.
I am always impressed when abroad people actually know them. I always wonder how translation changes their impact, cos both of them have very peculiar style of writing and it's not easy to translate Italian properly in English, style-wise. It's the two language approach of syntax and verbosity that akes that really uneasy (read that my MASSIVE admire for every translator who does his job with love and care for the world to catch more masterpieces to read...)

I actually love a lot Pirandello and Moravia. I would take them always over the two amazing writers you mentioned.

But it's no really a list.

Reading is my favourite way to pass solitary time. I am not really a tv watcher. But I am certainly an avid reader. Every tip in that department is really something I will be grateful for :)

Now about Ron Ron (and I have to write this in a second, as in 20 minutes my meeting at work starts):

Ronald, dear, listen to me honey:
I don't care about you wandering around your house doing the craziest of stuff. I don't mind nor judge if you walk around naked bashing 20 chicks while drinkin Hennessy and shouting and yelling at your significant other to "join the party"... I don't care about a single of the fancy/stupid/funny/absurd/showman-like things you are so fond of.
It's your life and businness.

BUT (there is always a *but* somewhere to be said...)...


We need you on court.
You are our securing lock on the defensive side baby. Be proud of this. You've become that so quickly you have amazed me. And I am sure you have amazed lots of your teammates along.
That is a point of HONOUR. Huge honour.
Please, please... please Ron: don't waste that.

I know all this was just a mistake, probably under such circumstances you can't tell nor will due to embarass you would put the team under (which is fine: we have to protect the team). I know you won't replicate that.

You're here to win, aren't you?


Cos you're destined to be one of the main factors for us to replicate the Parade already this year.
Be proud of that.
And work it accordingly to the flattering premise.

So many words are being written about Andrew that it makes my head spin. Yet, there is just one word that the kid needs to display... Passion... Desire... "Ganas" (okay that's three words, including one in Spanish). He has skill, but without the Effort (word #4) he is not worthy to wear the Purple & Gold. There's no learning curve for Effort. You either give it, or you don't. Posted by: DC Mamba | December 29, 2009 at 05:16 PM

DC Mamba Love your passion, but in Drews case he is just hurt. Still do I have to say it, your post was...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

Jon K - now that would just be silly. i mean, lets try to stay rational here. do aardvarks even have tails? Posted by: phred | December 29, 2009 at 07:30 PM
Do they have tails? Man let me tell you I was talking to one the other night after the game and the story that aardvark told me...What's that you say? Oh not that kind of tale, never mind.

Hey, it could happen, and then i would look smart. It doesn't happen, hey, it was the fake dude. Posted by: phred | December 29, 2009 at 02:09 PM

Damn, why didn't I think of using that.

SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.CRZYFAN Posted by: CRZYFAN | December 29, 2009 at 07:21 PM

You are right my friend and it will be. in about 10 minutes some nice young gentleman will be over and ask you to try on a jacket. don't complain if they put it on you backwards just humour them and go with the flow. Then once they have your crazy @zz restrained..... Lol!

Those with doubts can sit at the back of the bus (or bandwagon) and talk amongst yourselves, cuz you WILL be proven wrong. Mark our words. Posted by: justanothermambafan | December 29, 2009 at 06:13 PM

The back of the bus? Oh no, We shall overcome, we shall overcome someday, oh deep in my heart...Lol!


Ron Artest, one of the most coordinated, athletic folks on this planet, falls and bumps his head and no drugs or booze was involved?!?!? Give me a break.



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