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Lakers 96, Bulls 87- Postgame Chat

The box score shows a win (that's good) and a spectacular night from Kobe Bryant, who poured in 42 points on 15-26 from the floor and 11-15 from the line (no complaints there, to say the least), but despite leaving Chicago with a nine point win, the Lakers will have plenty to work as they head up whatever highway takes them to Milwaukee ahead of Thursday night's tussle with the Bucks.

My guess is that the coaching staff will start with the defensive glass. The Lakers held Chicago to under 39% from the floor, but thanks to a whopping 22 offensive boards for the Bulls, the disparity in field goal attempts was fairly absurd- 96 for the Bulls vs. 79 for the Lakers. That ain't good. Joakim Noah's 14 offensive boards nearly quintupled Andrew Bynum's total (three) for his entire 25:13 of burn. That ain't good, either.

There's more. The ball movement wasn't always crisp (when it was, LA dominated), the first quarter defense was pourous at best. On the positive side, once Q1 came to an end, the Lakers tightened up considerably, allowing 17 points in the second and a mere 14 in the fourth.

All that, and more, to talk about in the chat box below.


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Bynum, 3 whole rebounds. Yeah, All-Star, choke!

Oh, and is their really a question about who's the best NBA player, perhaps ever? I mean just after illness and with a broken index finger on HIS SHOOTING HAND for crying outloud, torches Bulls for 42!! Enjoy this great player my friends for the next 9 years (I hope, at least)!

i agree DJ. 3 rebounds? it's all about effort when it comes to the boards...and we got another donut from fisher. time to pull a luke walton and bench yo self.

Andrew Bynum's lack of focus is trouble me! 7 rebounds total in the last two games for a 7 footer is not very good..

Saw the thread about Kirk Heinrich.I've long thought he'd be perfect for us.I think he still would...injuries mess a player up...theres no reason why he wouldn't return to form and he wouldn't need to do much in our offense.He'd be worth the money even at half mast so long as he was healthy,could hit an open shot and defend.

Fact is we've basically locked in the guys we need to over the next three years plus (Kobe aside and he's not going anywhere)so the costs are financial rather than 'oh no we can't resign player Y) it just depends how much tax the lakers are willing to aint my money basically so I say get him.There isn't a player in the league that is more of a perfect fit.Gasol was down on his chips too...look what a match will do for a guy.

If its the right player then pay for him.Brown can be a great guy off the bench...we'd have to sink some money into Farmar anyway...just do the deal.Its far more likely Heinrich bounces back than disapears.He's just having an injry plagued season...that messes your shot up.Its absolutely a risk worth taking IF Buss is prepared to pony up with the cash.

how come lebron scores 40 points and it's all over's front page, and then kobe scores 40 with a broken finger and it's nowhere to be found?

earth to bynum do you read?!?!?!

call it lack of effort, lack of focus, lack of energy.. just a pathetic all around very lazy performance... its like eversince he found out amare has more votes he suddenly turned it down a notch... noah just ran circles around you and put on a freakin clinic?!?! we talkin bout noah who had 20 rebounds and over 13 offensive and 6 blocks!?!?

common big fella WAKE THE HELL UP! you better than that!!

The big issue is Kobe Bryant!! He needs to get the big men involved. Pau said it last game. The big men need and deserve more touches. It is human nature. If you are capable offensively, you should be involved more. When you're completely ignored offensively, it affects every aspect of your game. Pau got 8 shots! Andrew 10! Kobe 26!

The reason the game was so close was because as dominant as Kobe was offensively, it creates tension and lack of flow as a team when he is completely intent on dominating offensively.

Drew can wait until next year for his All Star.


>>> Andrew Bynum's lack of focus is trouble me! 7 rebounds total in the last two games for a 7 footer is not very good..

Dude, that's still a rebound per foot!

Seriously, Andrew is in a serious slump. Actually, his defensive effort for the past four games has been totally lacking, not just the last two. It's more than focus. It's mindset.

Despite all the coaching from PJ on down, Drew refuses to accept that he needs to be a defensive powerhouse.

Laker Tom, if you're reading this, you may need to get a plane ticket and personally track Andrew down and set him straight. He'd probably be more likely to accept the word of his biggest champion than accept it from the coaches who pull him from the game for lack of effort. I really do believe that Andrew has a stubborn streak that prevents him from becoming the Beast that you rightly believe he can be.

I don't believe that I or anyone else is dumping on Drew, or picking on him. At least I hope not. The team and its fans both need and want Drew to be the best he can be. This is all about desire, not about ability. I'm sure the coaches are in his ear. I hope he is listening.

I can't think of another player that could drop 42 with a freshly broken finger. His laseresque focus and adaptability is non-comaparable. LBJ might be the most physically dominant, but he's got another level or two to reach KB's strata...

Drew should be criticized for his rebounding efforts. I think his emphasis on scoring has left him severelly lacking in the rebounding department, and throw in defense also. I also hear alot of people talking about trading Farmar, but they
neglect to mention the speed that he provides. Take him off this team, and they are too slow. The only way trading him makes sense would be getting another speedy player in return.

Hein Nguyen - yes and no

Its hard to argue with Kobe's field goal percentage in this one but on the whole I agree with you...some nights Kobe wants to get off - show a guy up,remind the bulls that they should have traded for him,pad his stats,he's feeling it - whatever.

Kobe has to stay happy, team has to stay happy.There needs to be a balance.I guess he found he could score at will and could make up for his last outing...fair enough...But those other guys have got all star teams,statistics,endorsments and an overly critical media waiting for them too.I'd much rather Kobe take a bit more rest and force the other guys to beat crappy teams like chicago especially with a broken hand and flu and stuff.

That said, I'm not about to choose the day of a sublime performance to criticise Kobe.Kobe is a superstar and the best player of the last decade - thats what he does and who he is.Andrew just has to suck it up.If you want the benefits of playing with Kobe and being a laker you gotta accept a few of the drawbacks and theres no excuse for that kind of effort from him.

yellofever :

Agree on all counts that Bynum is missing in action, seems to have lost focus and zeal for the game. We want to see that blue collar work ethic and he seems to have gone Hollywood on us. I believe too much praise of him being the laker best center ever or a beast has gotten to him and I am a patient man..tik..tok..tik..tok..

I think our ball movement is a really big problem....

Phill Jackson ......Shannon Brown should have played more....

Interesting the FIRST thing almost for the blog after a WIN is to complain about Andrew Bynum's defensive shortcomings specifically his rebounding.

Now I've been a Bynum critic but come on its one thing to criticize a player after a win like something like Scottie Pippen did in the 1994 Playoffs. Just because Bynum got outplayed doesn't mean he did not contribute I mean 11 points from him were a big contribution.

That being said this is the reason why I'm not with the Big time Bynum fans on him. Being outrebounded by the Bulls is UNACCEPTABLE. Gasol netted 16 rebounds (12 on the defensive end) and Odom in less than 31 minutes got 8 rebounds. Bynum got 3....and again he let an opposing center outrebound him and this isn't Dwight Howard...this is Joakim Noah.

Have to think whether he really cares about winning another title or getting on the all-star though.

Still mebbe tomorrow is fine but AFTER we win? Man it's not like he's Kwamay Brown or something.

with kobe, its always that if the other players go for it and are agressive, he will defer to them. If they are lazy, and lackidasical and only get 3 effing rebounds, then he will not consider them even on the court

Having had an early love affair with Bynum's potential it is especially troubling to me to see him at this current plateau. I've begun to wonder if he has the internal makings to actually reach his physical potential.

Sometimes when watching one of his low post moves, I can't help but feel like it is just the beginning of something special. I had this same feeling relative to rebounding two years ago when I was watching what I thought was going to be the next Moses Malone. Bynum was becoming a rebounding machine before his first injury.

Now, he is literally a puss on the boards. He is also getting outplayed by opposing centers, Noah - Lopez, etc. night after night. So what has happened? Is it a maturity issue, a phase, or has enough attention been paid that he doesn't surprise anyone anymore? Maybe the injuries left him missing something. I really don't know what his issue is - but as a basketball fan, I will be truly disappointed if this is the level of effort we are going to get from Bynum on a consistent basis. This is a hall of fame talent being wasted on guy who isn't putting forth the effort.

It is ridiculous to watch opponents play volleyball over the top of the Laker bigs - especially when Gasol, the finesse player is grinding out 15 - 20 rebounds a night. Bynum should be in there knocking people on their ass and staking claim to the middle. If he plays this role and doesn't score a point the rest of the season, barring injuries - the Lakers win the title. And please don't bring the - there's not enough rebounds to go around argument. This guy should own the boards. I think it is time to sit Bynum and let him consider his options as a player who wants to play on cruise control. Currently, Bynum is no beast.

Hien Nguyen and Kiwi,

look, it's not like Kobe was being selfish or was trying to up his ppg. The first few minutes or so of the game, the ball went inside to the bigs (Bynum and Gasol), but they couldn't score over the Bulls' bigs, and we dug a 12 point hole going into the 1st timeout. That's when Kobe did what he did, scoring 20 points to even the score at the end of 1st quarter. I was disappointed by Bynum and Gasol's effort today. Although Bynum has come a long way, he's still not an All-star. Gasol has been playing a significantly below his last year performance.

We won... on the road.

Kobe has a broken finger.

We have the best record in the NBA.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mitch does it again! Trades Mbenga for DHoward! Trades Farmar for DWilliams.

Laker payroll reaches 1B, luxury tax not yet included. Buys out all the scrubs and keeps just 8 players to save money.

Just tried this trade on ESPN trade machine: Trade Morrison, Farmar, Sasha to Bulls for Hinrich (future starting PG) & J. Pargo!! Money works out, Chi loses Ammo's expiring contract and a young PG behind Rose. GET ON THE PHONE MITCH AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. If we can get Tyrus thomas in addition somehow Lakers would be set for the next 3 yrs!

I was fully expecting to log on tonight and see fans mirroring there dissatisfaction with Drew's defensive effort. I'm glad to see I was not alone in feeling very frustrated. For about six minutes Artest started guarding Noah and pretty much shut him down on the glass. If you have the game on DVR, go rewatch that sequence (mid 2nd quarter, I believe). Artest was physical with Noah, fighting for position, denying him the inside as other Bull's got ready to shoot. Artest was extremely effective against the taller Noah for that stretch. It was nothing Drew couldn't do physically. It's something he chooses not to do mentally.

Gasol said it right the other night about his new focus on rebounding. Paraphrase: The Lakers can score in an infinite number of ways. If you want to add value to this team, you need to play defense. I think Bynum is a good kid, I just think he isn't mature enough to be who the Lakers need him to be right now. I use to think that of Framer and Sasha, but I think Farmar is slowly starting to see the light and I give alot of credit to Sasha for playing more effectively in the limited minutes he's gotten in the last few games.

I'll also add that I'm not thrilled with Odom's rebounding either. His patented vollyball pass to himself is a neat trick but he goes to that well far too many times (i.e. every time). sometimes he just needs to get two hands on the ball and pull it in. His technique creates far too many loose balls around the opposing teams basket.

Finally, that Heinrich kid can play. And even though kobe was torching him, he made some sweet shots of his own. I would be thrilled to see him as a Laker.

Bynum's lack of rebounding has probably irritated a lot of Lakers fan. Thus, Bynum will not get enough votes for the All-star game. I hope he does not make it. Maybe it will light a fire under him and he will start hustling more

Will Bogut dominate Bynum tomorrow? We shall see. The bigger concern should be Brandon Jennings lighting us up.

Only 8 shots for gasol??? Gasol isn´t a rebounder, is a scorer, a big scorer. I think rebounding isn´t is work (maybe Bynum). Only 10 points is umbelible and that´s main reason to bryant´s 42 points. Lakers not rules yet. Pau Gas0l is a 30/15 quietly. What happend with Pau and the Lakers? Is Pau tirerd, maybe he will play in Spain now.......????

i have been here since 2004. It has been five seasons; I heard different views on Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Sasha Vujacic Jordan Farmar etc.. I did observe. Today I place my own:

1. Derek Fisher must sit on the bench. Although at times he has been a source of offense and defense, he does hold back the growth and speed of the team. I remember his game changing shot in our Miami encounter last week, yes he did help us win but he and Kobe were responsible why Wade almost single handedly lifted the Heat over us. Jordan and Shannon can be capable of helping us more than Fisher.

2. Andrew Bynum lacks effort at times. But please observe this, when an opponent drives to the basket Bynum must meet the player because his teammate has been run over. It happens to him all the time. How can he rebound when he had to defend the rim; how can he box out when he must endure the responsibility of others.

3. Pau and Andrew lack of effort comes from lack of touches. we can win with them taking 50% shots. I know Kobe is Kobe but please give your brothers a chance.

I don't hate Fisher but I think Jordan and Shannon must be given a chance to play more minutes.
Thank you.

You are right on the money. Bynum and Gasol played soft and lazy. They did a weak job fighting for position in order to get the ball and Kobe saved their butts. If they continue to put forth that type of effort, teams like Boston and Denver will take us down. Noah does not have half the physical skill level as Pau, Bynum, or Odom but he clearly outplayed them all on sheer effort and heart. I am really disappointed, especially with Bynum. The only time he plays hard is when he wants to score, no boards and no defense. He is no all star. Artest sucked tonight also but it was not due to lack of effort. Where was Fisher, he was the invisible man on offense and Rose lit him up. We did get a nice lift from Shannon and also Farmar to a lesser degree. Odom had some decent moments but overall continues to consistently perform below the level he should , he is the poster child for underachievers.

Picking on Drew? Hell yeah I'm picking on Drew. I want you all to answer a simple question, as honestly as possible:

If in this moment you had the power to make a straight-up, 1-for-1 trade of Bynum for the Celts' Perkins... would you do it? Be honest now.

Do you ever see Perkins relent on D, or the offensive/defensive glass?
Do you ever see Perkins shoot less than 50%? 75%
Do you ever see Perkins complain about touches?
Do you ever see Perkins grab 3 rebounds a game?

And remember which guy has the 100-mil contract. One would think THAT would be the guy whose effort you never had to question.

Maybe Kobe was prophetic in his "ship his a$$ out!" comment three years ago. Ruminate on that over breakfast, if you can stomach it. You may get to see it up close come June, when the truth comes out. I hope I'm wrong.

I had one more thought. Consider what Bynum's already got: the fat contract, the NBA title. He's a young dude, surrounded by proven talent, and he's never had the experience of being known as "the guy". Call me crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he secretly dreamed of being in a place like Memphis or Jersey, free to score 23 points a game and be the star of his team. Would he throw away a chance at a second championship for something like this? Remember, Bynie's just a kid, always told he'd eventually be a superstar, and now he probably feels he's twiddling his thumbs around other bigger stars. Unlike Odom, who knows he's got something special and already has been "the guy" (with miserable results on that other L.A. team), Bynum hasn't had that experience.

For the second time, I hope I'm wrong. And yet, again, I bring up Kendrick Perkins: dude's also got a title, surrounded by superstars, but he's banging like he's never been there before. He gets it. Will Bynum? We'll see.


I love it, a rebound per foot for every other game! I will settle for a rebound a foot per game for Andrew! And for everyone else, I'm not trying to knock Bynum after the win but this lackadaisical pattern of our future center must be addressed by the coaching staff before playoff. I don't buy the argument that we don't have enough rebounds to go around. Come on, Noah got 11 offensive rebounds yesterday and he's only 6' 10" 240 lbs. Lack of effort is the main culprit in Andrew's case. I observed that Andrew just standing around allowing Joaqim to run around him for a rebound!

Andrew has 1 1/2 months to proove his worthiness as a back-up center for an all stars game. At this rate, he will be staying home watching his girlfriend, Riahnna's Russian Roulette music video.

Ok Bynum is struggling a lil on rebounding,when you have typically 2 centers in the game(Bynum,Gasol)and one pulling down 20 rebounds it's kinda hard to be fighting for your own rebounds,Lamar only had 5 or 6 himself,the main issue is Kobe here,with all the talent on this team he has no reason shooting 26 times from the floor despite how good he's shooting,when he does that it takes everyone else out of rhythm. I would like to see one game where someone else takes more shots than him,our strenghts are inside with Bynum and Gasol and these guys get 18 shots together,Kobe I think still dosen't get it,as great as he is he is still all about himself,once he learns to get and keep his teamates involved the Lakers will be unstoppable,Look at the Celtics for example,anyone of those guys take the shooting load on any given night and no one complains about it because they're winning,I love Kobe but I also love our front court,let those guys take the shooting load and protect the basket,you and artest are great defenders so do more of that and get these guys involved early and often and we know you can do what you do when you need to do it. Derek Fisher needs to run the second unit,Farmar and Brown are both better ! LAKERS FOR LIFE !

I forgot about Hindrich's comments, just do it! Farmars has not earned his spot as backup point guard or future point guard for the team. D Fish , nowadays, has reached that moment and unable to contribute consistently to the team. I love his spirit and competitiveness but his body has failed him..It's normal, dang, D Fish is 35 years old and has been in the league 14 years now! Watching Farmars ran offense night after night is painful! He is who he is, a Smush Parker's clone! Perhaps Chicago would agree to dump him for Farmar and Adams!!

Heinrich would be a perfect addition for this team, Boston has a much better bench than we do right now. Two things about Bynum, and I hate to say this, but with Kobe's injury, he's doing the selfish thing again, trying to show the world he can do the impossible. At the expense of getting other players involved early. And it's about time to put Fish on the bench.

"Dude, that's still a rebound per foot!"

Bynum only has 2 feet, so last night he actually had 1.5 rebounds per foot!! Stop undercutting his stats like that!!

For all those (Hien Nguyen) who still think to criticize Kobe for his level of assertiveness, listen to SA who hit the nail right on the head, to wit:

"with kobe, its always that if the other players go for it and are agressive, he will defer to them. If they are lazy, and lackidasical and only get 3 effing rebounds, then he will not consider them even on the court"

This is even more pronounced on the road. Kobe, and the whole rest of the entire world, knows that young players are simply not as effective on the road. Period. There are some whole franchises who've been deep into the playoffs who've seemingly NEVER have been more than mediocre on the road. Phoenix, anyone? This is a huge sample size and a clear and acknowledged trend. Statistics, observation, and anecdotal evidence all make this fact painfully clear.

So, we expect Kobe to somehow think that this particular group of youngsters would be any different (I mean, DANG people, Drew hasn't even played a whole season yet, I don't know if he's even played 82 yet)? Kobe knows that he has to step it up on the road. Simple as that. Like I said yesterday, he takes maybe 20% more shots on the road than at home. It is to be expected. It is obviously a winning formula (the best road record last season, one of the best the season prior). It is going to happen.

At issue is the fact that AB needs to shut the eff up and grab some rebounds. Block some shots. Give #24 the dang ball and get the heck out of the way. Socks does that, he'll look like the monster that he is. They'll win a whole pile of road games. Everyone with a mike will stick it in the young guy's face and ask HIM about his poise under the pressure of the road like he had anything to do with it at all.

People, we keep talking about that balance of the Mamba and the facilitator like its the big issue. Wake up. The point is now moot. Kobe has already figured it out. Just sit back, watch, and enjoy. And count the rings.

Oh, and enjoy the many different ways Nike figures out how to make Kobe's puppet punk LBJ's on national TV.



Hear, hear! Truer sentiments have never before been spoken in this forum! I nominate your comments the best of the day (until usurped, pro'lly by Mamba24, or Tom, or somebody).


There are three ways this roster could make immediate improvements:

Kobe could play within the offense more
Bynum could focus on rebounding and defense
Lamar could focus

I doubt that the first and third will happen at this point in their careers. I had hopes for the second, but it is looking less likely now. Hopefully Bynum is not going to be one of those players who is satisfied with reaching 75% of their potential.

Yeah, 3 rebounds is bad. But before the Bynum dissing begins, remember that the way the defensive scheme is set up, most rebounds will go to the power forward.

And it's about time to put Fish on the bench. Posted by: lakerfan | December 16, 2009 at 06:19 AM

I want you all to answer a simple question, as honestly as possible: If in this moment you had the power to make a straight-up, 1-for-1 trade of Bynum for the Celts' Perkins... would you do it? Be honest now.
Posted by: Joseph | December 16, 2009 at 05:42 AM

HELL NO! But I'd ship Perkins @zz out!


I will leave the heavy praise to LakerTom, my LakerBrother. But I feel I must offer some perspective regarding Drew.

(When this blog was screaming, "What's wrong with the Lakers?!?" when they were 8-3, you might recall my challenge to wait another 11 games before passing judgement; since it was too early yet. Didn't hear much complaining eleven games later when they were 18-4!)

Although this is Drew's 5th year in the league, even his harshest critics will agree that he has NOT had a full 4 years experience coming into this season. His record is a bit Odenesque...
--1st year less than 8 minutes per game
--2nd year got traction
--3rd year ~ down goes Bynum!
--4th year ~ down goes Bynum!
Add to these numbers the distant reality that he played NO COLLEGE BALL. And, as if it really mattered, he did not put together full seasons in High School ball either.

My Point? He is still young, learning, , , INEXPERIENCED! Although he possesses a dose of Farmar-like confidence (good thing), he still is INEXPERIENCED. And, like all inexperienced players (especially big men), there are pendulum like swings in performance. These swings are part of the process.

Perhaps we should suspend some of the critical rhetoric on Andrew and give him room to grow. In other words, wait a while before going off on him!

Here's a thought for you to consider. NOT based on potential, but on pure performance at this point, what other centers would you rather have than Drew ~ straight up, one-for-one trade? Consider that, and then temper your judgment.

I think we all know he has a ways to go (how dare he not have arrived in maturity and work ethic by the age of 22!!!). But, some honest appraisal also reveals that he is NOT a PROJECT CENTER ~ He is the real deal. He just needs some time.

All good coaches, teachers, mentors, tutors understand that in order to succeed, the young and insecure-but-cocky, inexperienced need greater doses of encouragement & patience than criticism & negative limitations.


Andrew has 1 1/2 months to proove his worthiness as a back-up center for an all stars game. At this rate, he will be staying home watching his girlfriend, Riahnna's Russian Roulette music video. Posted by: Wallace | December 16, 2009 at 06:06 AM


Hien Nguyen,

You wrote: He needs to get the big men involved. Pau said it last game. The big men need and deserve more touches. It is human nature. If you are capable offensively, you should be involved more. When you're completely ignored offensively, it affects every aspect of your game. Pau got 8 shots! Andrew 10! Kobe 26!

The reason the game was so close was because as dominant as Kobe was offensively, it creates tension and lack of flow as a team when he is completely intent on dominating offensively.

My response:

Were you watching the game or did you just look at the box score afterwards?
Brad Miller and Mr. Noah got 8 blocked shots. 8 BLOCKED SHOTS! One of
the local stat hounds can clean this up, but a fair amount of those were on
our C's. At the C position, we got out rebounded 28 - 19. Bynum got
abused on the defensive end! Like a red-headed step child.

Please explain why Kobe should get Drew involved when Drew isn't getting
good position? Bynum has a tendency to rely on his athleticism vs. relying
on his skills and improving his skills. That didn't work last night.

I appreciate your offensive mindedness, but this is a long running argument.
DEFENSE wins championships. If you back and read about Phil Jackson &
the Chicago Bulls you'll find that it started off with a defensive mindset. I
bring that up, because you have the same coach involved. Therefore, he's
interested more in defense than Bynum making the all-star team because of
his offense against teams like the GSW.

You brought up Kobe's shot #'s vs. Drew & Pau's. I would suggest that you
go back and look at Kobe's shot #'s over the last two seasons. What you'll
find is that Kobe takes b/n 20 & 24 shots per game. If we go with the low end
of that number then Kobe took an extra 6 shots over 4 quarters to offset the
sub par performances of Bynum, Pau, Odom & Artest. Let me restate that.
He took 6 extra shots to offset the poor performance of 4 players. One more
time. He took 6 extra shots to offset the *ENTIRE* C/PF rotation last night.
That's an extra 1.5 shots per 12 minutes. Do you *really* want to gripe about

The lack of flow happened because we didn't shoot/play well. Reference
Artest 3-14 & Fisher 0-2. [ That Rose guy & Mr. Heineken probably had
something to do with Fisher. ] If not for Kobe taking over in the 1st quarter,
to keep us in the game, we would have lost.

FYI, on they have the play-by-play page. Here are some
interesting snippets from the 1st quarter:

Noah blocks Artest layup. 11:47. Bynum misses 15 footer. 10:45. Gasol
misses 15 footer. 10:10. Noah blocks Kobe. 9:41. Noah blocks Gasol. 7:13.
Noah blocks Gasol. 7:11.

FYI, we're down by *8* at this point. One of the things that should grab your
attention is the blocks. A more subtle point is that we're being kept away
from the basket.

You talked about Kobe being intent on offensively dominating last night.
Let's get this right. Our resident superstar read the flow of the game, busted
out his hero outfit, colored the splint on his broken finger [ pts for style
count in the land of MJ ] and rescued us.

It's a win. I'll take it!

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!


Perkins is making $4,250,000 this year.

He`ll get $4,390,000 next year.

Free agent in 2011-12

Well, I was worried about The Finger. Kobe gave Chicago The Finger!!

Otherwise a pretty lackluster effort. Gasol had a rare off game. Good rebounding numbers, but he looked off all night. Artest shot poorly, he had a number of open 3's and failed to do his job keeping the defense honest on the perimiter. And Bynum, well more on him later.

The good? Both Farmar and Brown continue to grow into their roles off the bench. Farmar is playing much more under control and within the system. Brown is growing as a player. He has a lot to learn, but the sky is the limit for him.

Bynum? That's another post

Tom D.

Meh....I've got no issues, though I do agree with what alot of people are saying about Bynum.

I'll say one thing though....if he gets to the post season without injury because he's not getting into the scrum, I'll take his lack of effort.

Besides, he got the 2nd least minutes last night. I think Phil's seeing the same thing, so I'd wait to see if it plays itself out.

Hopefully Bynum is not going to be one of those players who is satisfied with reaching 75% of their potential.Posted by: exhelodrvr | December 16, 2009 at 07:42 AM

That's still 200% better than Kwame Brown!

Yeah, 3 rebounds is bad. But before the Bynum dissing begins, remember that the way the defensive scheme is set up, most rebounds will go to the power forward. Posted by: Marty | December 16, 2009 at 07:43 AM

The man says so much in so few words!...OUT FREAKIN STANDING MARTY!!!


I'm with you.


There's an awful lot of negative on here considering the Lakers' record, some of it from me. That's the nature of the NBA I guess. It's a long season. Guys have ups and downs, teams have ups and downs. You lose games. You win ugly. Last night was a bit of an ugly win, but it was a road win, a 9 point road win at that.

Look, Kobe seems to holding up pretty well, even with a broken finger. Gasol is playing at a very high level. Artest is anchoring a very good defense. A rotation of Fish, Farmar and Brown is holding down the guard spots pretty well. Bynum has some issues, but he is a very solid NBA center and compared to last year, with him hurt, the Lakers are much stronger. And Odom coming off the bench is an incredible luxury.

As fans we all have a right to complain. And we will. And I will. And we can all hope Mitch makes a great deal during the season to make the team stronger. But, outside of possibly Boston, there isn't a team in the NBA that wouldn't trade rosters, straight up. While we see all the flaws we need to make sure we enjoying the strengths of this team.

Tom D.

I agree with you Wallace. I posted that on Twitter last night and got a comment that Pau is the reason why Bynum isn't pulling down boards. I say hogwash. It is lazy and lack of effort. He doesn't make a move or jump for rebounds. I watch Pau moving on the defensive end to back up a teammate and Drew doesn't even try to cover his back on the boards. I don't understand. I'm 5'4 and could probably manage at least 3 rebounds. I don't believe size matters but EFFORT is priceless. He made Noah look like an allstar last night. Come on Drew let's put some effort into your game on the defensive end instead of trying to score on the offensive end. PLEASE!!!

But, outside of possibly Boston, there isn't a team in the NBA that wouldn't trade rosters, straight up. While we see all the flaws we need to make sure we enjoying the strengths of this team. Posted by: Tom Daniels | December 16, 2009 at 08:35 AM

Tom Daniels you are a fair and good man...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

It's a win. I'll take it!
Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!! Posted by: hobbitmage | December 16, 2009 at 08:03 AM



@Hobbitmage, I always appreciate your perspectives, very right on!!

My thought:
If Kobe doesn't dominate last night we get creamed!

People think Kobe is just gonna bow down in defeat! You all are buggin! I remember him saying years ago before a finals game against Indiana when he sprained his ankle, the reporter asked. What will it take for you to not play in this upcoming game, Kobe replied unequivocably. "Any snipers in here??

I rest my case. You play hard regardless of the situation. If your shot is off, you find other ways to contribute to the game. If you have a hot hand, you feed that hot hand. You do whatever you gotta do and that's Kobe.

Pau and Drew need to man the EFF up and stay that way!

Note to Kobe :

Do NOT be foolish enough to play "tough guy", and stick that fractured index finger in Rondo`s face again this year. No telling what Rajon might do to it!

Note to Mamba24 :

Good, put down your steel conga drums, and try to enjoy one day of life away from your beloved Venice Beach Boardwalk!

OK, its time to talk about Drew. First let me say that having Drew this year makes the Lakers a better team than last year. He is a dangerous offensive force and a long defensive presence. And, of late, the Lakers may not have looked to him enough.

But clearly, with Pau back, the Lakers don't need Drew to be a 20-10 guy. A 14-10 guy would be just fine.

Drew seems to be struggling right now to find his game. There are three issues, I think. Pau being back means he needs to adjust to a lot less touches. He probably still is dealing mentally with the 2 injuries. And he is also probably still being careful out there after the foul-fest of last year's playoffs. He wants to stay on the floor.

But the bottom line for Drew is he needs to play harder. Pick your word. Hustle. Abandon. Agression. Passion. Watching how hard Noah played last night only made it all the more clear. Drew seems to playing with caution, sometimes at half speed. He doesn't chase every rebound, go after every loose ball. What the Lakers need right now from Drew is not an All-Star appearance (what could be more meaningless?). They need intensity on both ends. They need him to RUN up and down the floor, not lope.

I like Drew, and even as is he is an asset. And he is a young, growing player who has not played a lot of ball. It is not time to dump on him or trade him. But he needs to learn that hustling will make good things happen, help his team win, and pad his stat sheet. Which will help him get to that meaningless mid-season game.

Tom D.




Y'all must LOVE Artest!

from latimes:

Reporting from Chicago - Ron Artest is a fast learner.

In the few months he's been able to call the Lakers his new team, he has one thing figured out -- don't ask Kobe Bryant how he's feeling.

"If I ask him how his finger is doing, he's going to strangle me," Artest said. "When he's hurt, you're not allowed to ask him how he's doing or you're not allowed to ask him, 'Are you OK?' He gets really mad. Really. You think he's playing. He's really serious."


"I asked him a long time ago, 'Do you speak to God, do you speak to Jesus?' Some people are just on another level," Artest said, before turning to a Twitter analogy. "Somebody asked me, 'Does Kobe Bryant tweet?' And I said, 'Does God tweet, because God is unbelievable.' "

To everyone else who was talking about Kobe and the flow of the game,

"It was important to come out and for me to have a good game," Bryant said. "I didn't want people thinking that because I have a broken finger, we were weakened or something like that, because that's not the case."

I would like to have this phrase put in the Lakers Dictionary under the words:
leader, leadership.

My Man! Let me go buy a new hammer & chisel. You are soooo on the Mt.
Rushmore of basketball.

Can we get this for a definition of sickness: Among other things, his left-handed up-and-under move erased John Salmons and put the Lakers in front, 92-84, with 39.2 seconds left.

Can't y'all see the Sony Playstation announcer talking about Kobe?

Bynum: I wish Kobe would give the ball to me more, so I could dunk and
play in the all-star game.

Announcer: Do you know what Kobe did this summer? He studied with "The
Dream". He worked on his post moves with his right and left hand.

Bynum: But I want to be in the all-star game.

Announcer: Up & under with his left hand.

Bynum: Yeah, but ...

Announcer: Left Hand! *slurp*

Kobe. Rated G for GREATNESS!

Kobe had 8 turnovers with that finger, but I agree that his going off for 20 points in the first quarter was what saved the Lakers last night.

Bynum's effort on the glass is inexcusable for someone with his size and skill set. I also don't like the fact that he rarely kicks the ball out of the post these days. Once he's received the pass, he's going to commit to the shot 90% of the time, whether it's a good or bad shot. When the shot's not working like it did in Utah, we're in trouble.

Good, put down your steel conga drums, and try to enjoy one day of life away from your beloved Venice Beach Boardwalk! Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | December 16, 2009 at 08:45 AM

DAMN!! You found me out Red!!

Kobe. Rated G for GREATNESS! Posted by: hobbitmage | December 16, 2009 at 08:51 AM

Hobbitmage Rated O for...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

But, outside of possibly Boston, there isn't a team in the NBA that wouldn't trade rosters, straight up. While we see all the flaws we need to make sure we enjoying the strengths of this team. Posted by: Tom Daniels | December 16, 2009 at 08:35 AM

Tom Daniels you are a fair and good man...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

Posted by: Mamb24 | December 16, 2009 at 08:41 AM


RED, The Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic is calling you!!
That is all!

Disjointed THinking

Noah's 16 offensive boards was as amazing as his shot, which defies absolute principles of Physics.

This roster shouldn't need 42 from Kobe, especially when it comes with 8 TOs.

I saw the ball get passed to Pau!

Remember when we played inside out and won soo easily?... ahh the good ol days.

Andrew and "activity" both start with A and that's where the similarity ends.

The Lakers are the best team in the NBA, they can take the criticism.

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Even we at times take Kobe for granted, You better cherish seeing the best baller on the planet
I know he’s not perfect but then again who is, But in ballin you know he’s the best in the Biz
As for the Lakers getting rid of Dfish, I would just say be careful for what you wish.
Dfish does the things that stats don’t show, that allows others in the limelight to glow
You started with a Sock & now have a Beast, But still in all the nitpicking just won’t cease
If Kwame had shown this kind of improvement, There would be a Kwame for President movement
It makes a guy say am I missing something, Didn’t 6 months ago the Lakers win a Ring
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ME TOO........


I'm with you.


OK so we don't have to worry about Kobe's finger, We don't have to worry about Pau Gasol, Lamar is busy doing what Lamar does, Farmar is playing much better, Brown is producing, Walton is out injured, which leaves a massive Blog complain/worry hole, that must be filled with something, ERGO = Bynum is not getting enough rebounds, Fisher is old and slow, we need a new point guard, blah blah blah. Let's worry about winning the games on this road trip, Bynum is not a natural rebounder,on our team Odom is that guy. Fisher is not out there to score much , just run the triangle. Any new replacement would need at least 6 months to run it as well as Fisher, The playoffs are less than 6 months away.

Good morning CRUE!!!


Ok - so last night we barely taco'd the Bulls, and Kobe had 8 turnovers, and Socks wasn't a beast, and Gasol had an off game, and yadda yadda yadda - SO WHAT?? WE WON!!!

Don't you guys remember some of the same old arguments last year??? And what happened??? WE WON IT ALL!!! WE GOT A RING!!!! It's much too early to be so up in arms over the "flaws" of this team. We are better than last year. At the moment we're not quite as healthy considering The Finger and Luke's Back. This will improve. The team will improve. We will peak at exactly the right time - during the playoffs.

Come on people - I said it last year and I'll say it again - enjoy the ride!! You are watching the greatest player on the planet and the NBA's best team going for the DYNASTY!! PLEASE - enjoy yourselves!! It will be over far too soon, and there's not as much fun in "remember when...." as opposed to "did you see that last night??"

Mamba24 - we need some kind "Chillax and Enjoy" bandwagon - people get much too serious around here too quickly!


Nothing but another title will suffice!

“The big issue is Kobe Bryant!! He needs to get the big men involved. Pau said it last game. The big men need and deserve more touches. It is human nature. If you are capable offensively, you should be involved more. When you're completely ignored offensively, it affects every aspect of your game. Pau got 8 shots! Andrew 10! Kobe 26!
The reason the game was so close was because as dominant as Kobe was offensively, it creates tension and lack of flow as a team when he is completely intent on dominating offensively.
Posted by: Hien Nguyen | December 15, 2009 at 09:16 PM”

A good point, but not the end all and be all. And, cause I have league pass now, as y’all were warned, I actually have some observations. I’m not a sportswriter, so excuse my excessive wordiness and pedantic tone. : )

As I wrote last night, we needed a lot more movement when the bigs were in the paint. This is usually true for the Lakers. Like most teams, definitely Phil Jackson triangle teams, the shooting percentages are higher the close you get to the basket. (Yeah, stop the presses) Also I will argue that the more that we pound inside the harder the other team’s big guys have to work on defense, which usually hurts their offense.

But there were a few exceptions to this last night. One, the Lakers will definitely take what you give them. If you are double teaming the post players every time, they will take an outside shot, and the more open they are, the more will go in. Two, the Bulls had great games from Brad Miller and Noah inside. They got low and took position, and they concentrated on rebounds over shooting. Hinrich, Rose and Deng took over more of the scoring load early, and when they missed, Noah got the rebound. Three, Brad Miller was playing outside when Bynum was inside and pulled Bynum out of position and away from the basket. This allowed Noah to get more offensive rebounds and also caused Phil to play Odom more.

When Odom was in, Miller and Noah had a size advantage down low. I think there were a few possessions where Pau and Odom passed it to each other inside, and those were the ones we scored on, and often drew fouls on. But I think that these exceptions only emphasize how many possessions there were when Pau took the ball and Odom wasn’t moving inside, either just slouching on the perimeter waiting to take another long range shot, or actually being pushed outside by the Bulls. Usually Pau was sitting there with Miller, Noah or both sitting on him. He couldn’t get elevated and ended up taking a lot of fade away hooks and jumpers, or taking it up with one hand. Pau got a lot of offensive rebounds on the game, but most of these were following up his own miss or Noah-blocked shot.

There is some good to all of this. First and foremost, we won. Second, very few teams have two guys like Miller and Noah, so trying to take this strategy and use it when they play the Lakers won’t necessarily work real good. Noah is a beast of a rebounder who can score a little bit, and Miller is a down and dirty veteran who can also still hit the occasional shot from midrange. And more to the point, the teams who do have some version of this double headed post threat, few have winning records. Minnesota ran a lot of the same things, but Jefferson and Love couldn’t score enough inside for it to matter, and neither of them could pull Bynum outside. Heck, for that matter, I don’t think either BM or JN are going to be this good the next time we play Chicago. They both had above average games.

Of course, I guess very little of this is news to most people who post comments here, who know way more on this subject than I do, and it is probably also not news to people in Boston, Cleveland and Orlando, who all went out of their way to make moves to give themselves big post players to give them a combination of guys that could both fight for the ball inside and pull guys away with outside shooting. Sure, we’re lucky that Dwight Howard can’t score unless he dunks, Sheed is old and Perkins can’t shoot and that Mike Brown is apparently too stupid to play Shaq and Ilgauskas at the same time, but they are trying.

So, not being a coach, I’m not sure what I would say all this leads to, but I would think that maybe working on post passing between our three big guys is a good idea. This is, of course, what I always say, and I’m absolutely sure there is more to it than that, but still, if they try it and it still doesn’t work at least they’ll have tried it.

Oh yeah, I’m sorry, with all this actual, hopefully things-happening-in-the-game based analysis, I’m sure you guys will have to forgive me for not blaming all of this on Bynum’s lack of ‘eye of the tiger’ or whatever. I just don’t get that.

And justa, right on. Tom Daniels, you da man.



Sorry, that did get kind of long.

Critcism's fine. The 3-peat years were some of the most tranquil Laker times ever. We need these.

I hope you guys speak sarcasm too.....

While people don't like Bynum's activity (and I didn't last night), I'm not calling for more effort or to trade him for an effort guy. That's like asking for the blue collar guy on a decidedly white collar team. You need one, but not at the expense of one of the dominant centers in the league.

Teams will always have to adjust for a big guy, no matter if he's the most skilled, has the most effort, etc. For all of Bynum's flaws, he's tall, moderately skilled, has soft hands, and has potential.

Besides, you can have a 'bad game' when Kobe scores 42 and you've got Pau essentially playing your position on the other block.

Marty wrote:

Yeah, 3 rebounds is bad. But before the Bynum dissing begins, remember that the way the defensive scheme is set up, most rebounds will go to the power forward.

Posted by: Marty | December 16, 2009 at 07:43 AM

Is the defensive scheme also designed to let the man being guarded by the center dominate you on the offensive glass? 3 rebounds would be fine if Noah had been kept under ten. Not only was Bynum not rebounding, he pretty much wasn't doing anything to help with "team rebounding" by putting abody on Noah.



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