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Lakers 96, Bulls 87- Postgame Chat

December 15, 2009 |  7:44 pm

The box score shows a win (that's good) and a spectacular night from Kobe Bryant, who poured in 42 points on 15-26 from the floor and 11-15 from the line (no complaints there, to say the least), but despite leaving Chicago with a nine point win, the Lakers will have plenty to work as they head up whatever highway takes them to Milwaukee ahead of Thursday night's tussle with the Bucks.

My guess is that the coaching staff will start with the defensive glass. The Lakers held Chicago to under 39% from the floor, but thanks to a whopping 22 offensive boards for the Bulls, the disparity in field goal attempts was fairly absurd- 96 for the Bulls vs. 79 for the Lakers. That ain't good. Joakim Noah's 14 offensive boards nearly quintupled Andrew Bynum's total (three) for his entire 25:13 of burn. That ain't good, either.

There's more. The ball movement wasn't always crisp (when it was, LA dominated), the first quarter defense was pourous at best. On the positive side, once Q1 came to an end, the Lakers tightened up considerably, allowing 17 points in the second and a mere 14 in the fourth.

All that, and more, to talk about in the chat box below.