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Lakers squash New Orleans (the basketball team, not the city)

Tuesday night at Staples, the Lakers welcomed another substandard squad (the New Orleans Hornets) into Andrew Bynum gets position on David West 12.1 the building, and once again dispatched them with little problem (a 20 point lead at the half) en route to another double digit, taco-laden win. You've been reading a lot of this book lately, the latest chapter being last night's 110-99 victory, LA's seventh consecutive. It's an entertaining read, notwithstanding the parts about end-of-game performance which admittedly tend to drag, and good enough to put the Lakers at the top of the NBA's winning percentage food chain

Yes, the Lakers have made the push by feasting on the weak and sickly of the NBA like a pack of lions might antelope in a National Geographic special, but as we noted last night, the Lakers can only play the teams on the schedule, and they're absolutely dominating games. Meanwhile, there is awareness, as noted in Tuesday's game wrap, that the guys entrusted with late leads need to perform with more consistency.

Dwelling too much on this point, though, is a little like nailing the Pick 6 then focusing on the taxes. Kind of misses the bigger picture, you know?

Andrew Bynum missed only one shot en route to 21 points. Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest each notched 18 points, Jordan Farmar 10. Lamar Odom had eight boards and six assists in limited minutes, and Derek Fisher led the team with seven assists, six in the first quarter. Feel free to rummage for more figures in this handy-dandy box score.

More Lakers/NBA news below the jump...

    -Pau Gasol has transformed the Lakers since his return from a hamstring injury, but might need a little help getting into the All Star Game. But not the opera. Definitely not the opera. 

    -In a candid interview hitting stands this week, Ron Artest talks with The Sporting News about many personal issues and admits to drinking Hennessy at halftime as a member of the Bulls. Makes Tweeting during games seem harmless in comparison.  

    -The Lakers are doing the work defensively

    -Former UCLA standout Darren Collison, who had 20 points for the Hornets in Tuesday's game, has done good work in place of the injured Chris Paul

    -Allen Iverson is officially back in Philadelphia. It's a situation that makes sense for both sides. There's really only one sort of squad that ought give Iverson a look. Top shelf teams can't, because they don't want to screw with what is already working. Bottom feeders shoudn't bother, because what's the point? Sure, he might mean a few more wins, but what's the difference between 23 and 28 besides some ping pong balls? Meanwhile, any PT he gets is time younger players part of a hopefully brighter future don't. But Philly, a team with legitimate playoff aspirations as the season started in a weak Eastern Conference can benefit from Iverson's talent. The injury to Louis Williams (broken jaw, eight weeks) leaves them with Jrue Holliday as the starting PG, and as much as Holliday may be a talent, he can't lead a team to a postseason slot.

Iverson can step in, logically makes sense as a starting guard, and hopefully get them on the right track. The Sixers will have to make some choices when Williams returns, but for the time being, Iverson is a good fit. Plus, Philadelphia may be the only place in the country where Iverson really does sell tickets in a meaningful way. If he can help them get back in contention for a six-to-eight seed (Philly may be 5-13, but Charlotte has a seven seed right now at 7-10) it'll be well worth the investment.

    -A fantastically funny quasi-PSA from Alando Tucker and the Phoenix Suns.

    -Now that he's the (or at least a) man in Houston, Trevor Ariza needs to demand the ball. 

    -Rasheed Wallace isn't shooting well in Boston, but he is managing to pick up technical fouls faster than my buddy Chris used to acquire Grateful Dead bootleg tapes. Which is saying something, because that guy had an SUV's worth of those things. 

    -The Heat, coming to Staples on Friday to play the Lakers, beat Portland last night. The Blazers are now 12-8, and struggling to find an identity. A young team with young leadership, they need to work through the growing pains that come with stretches of bad play.


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Check new espn about Ron Ron. In Chicago would drink at half, brawl was not his fault and Joey crawford gave lake show the western conference because "Kobe was on the floor."

Is this the start of the crazy train? I hope not because I like Ron and his defense makes us almost unbeatable.


Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

how good is this Laker team?...I don't think any of us really know yet, we have strong suspicions, but I don't think we will see the real team until after the All Star break (and indeed maybe not until the real season i.e. them playoffs) then the rest of the league may just very well throw in the towell and collectively drop down to the D-Leauge...

without a doubt an unbelievable great time to be a Laker fan--we are indeed fortunate my friends...

not much to rehash--though the battle for tacos was scintilating, as it were, seemingly...

the new coach for the Hornets looks like he should cut down on the burritos...

when the hell is our next game?

"Sunday morning creeping like a nun"

"how about one potato two Sir?...Let's not be childish Jenkins"



the lakers lose late leads because of the tacos

the other teams have nothing else to play for, so they play for that . . . I KNOW IT

Like a 10 karat diamond ring or some fresh road kill, Ron Artest is impossible to turn away from. I love these quotes:

•On why things fell apart for him in Chicago and Indiana: "It was all my fault. The first team, in Chicago, I was a head case. I worked really hard but still had this ghetto thing in me that I could not get out. … I could've stayed at Indiana my whole career, but I said I wanted to be traded. I was getting more stable, but I was still unstable and I was a bad teammate. They had to get rid of me."

•On accepting a role in Bryant's supporting cast: "It's weird because people don't think about the whole basketball game. There's offense: Kobe averages 30 and is a great offensive player. Then you have defense. So on defense, now I have my supporting cast. … I'm one of the best defenders to ever play basketball, so I'm still the first option on defense."

•On his feelings toward Ben Wallace, the Pistons center whose altercation with Artest touched off the melee in Detroit: "I see Ben, I'm on my guard now. I'm always in the mood to fight him. … I'll get suspended 10 games, 15 games (because) I'll just fight him right there. It won't go into the stands."

First off, I love the fact that Ron calls the rest of the team his supporting cast on defense. This is exactly what we needed. He's like Rick Fox on steroids. Or hennessey. Also, how many SFs in this league would even dream of fighting Ben Wallace? Artest is a bad man. But a good bad man. As I sad in another post, I really think we're getting the good Artest, not unlike the Malcolm X the world got after he went to Mecca and prayed beside both white and black men.

We're in for a historic run here.




Surprised DJ didn't get some run last night after the game he had against the Hornets last go round. Was it something he said?

Surprised Phil mentioned Ammo's contribution, which seemed to have good intentions but not a lot of results. Phil sees things months away.

Not surprised some Lakers looked at times like it was the forgone conclusion it was. Complacency is all visiting teams can hope for but not what ya buy a ticket for.

Surprised I actually thought Joel Meyers did a good job of interviewing Matt Dillon who obviously didn't want to be interviewed anymore than JM wanted to do it. "Did you play any basketball?" "not really" "the movie comes out Friday." What would Chick do?

Not surprised the basketball highlight of the evening was Phoenix losing.

Trade Sasha the malcontent for Anthony Morrow and Speedy Claxton!

SA coins the verb "Taco'd" outstanding indeed SA

"The NBA, where Taco'd happens"

you can just see the pregame and or halftime stategium for the opposition..."okay guys let's go out there and give 110% and try like hell not to get taco'd"...


ok, is Vegas laying odds on who goes first? Eddie Jordan or Iverson? Maybe they both don't make it until the end of the season? LOL!

So the Suns get eaten alive by the Knicks and its not news on a thread....

Yes, its not a typo.....THE KNICKS BY 27 POINTS CHILDREN.....

You know...The best team out west...As was quoted by the broadcast team....

And as for the Blazers.....I watched the complete game and wow are they out of sync or what...4 point guards...And Brandon Roy thinks he's it but he's not...
Beasly played a blinder...Kwame's cousin played well..

Maybe this Blazer team will be ready in 10 years from now....

Hennessey at halftime huh?

Wow...Well, at least he admitted it.

Would I want a person who would do something like that on my team? NO.

Laker leadership will be put to the 'test' this year. I just hope its all going to be worth it in the end.

Go Lakers!

@ Kam brothas
Nice touch on the posting section back at the bottom again. Muchos props!

@ Floyd
Great post.

So we have the heat and suns coming up in our next two games at home. After that I don't see another real test until our big game against Cleveland on Christmas day. How long do you think we can keep this winning streak going?

Tiger Woods, Manny Pacquiao, Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton, Mike Sanford, Adam & Eve what do they have in common? They were all human who have sinned or committed transgressions. In the first place why did we glorify them and used them as models in everything? They are model on a particular purpose, don't expect perfections from finite beings.

Precisely, this is the reason why we should not glorify our athletes. Admire their talents but don't expect too much from it outside the realm of their specialty. There are certain aspects in everyday life where you are better than them. The same is true with glamorizing what is popular because of it was the choice of media or social networking, reality TV. Just because it was discussed by ESPN or published by TMZ, it is worth our attention. If Tiger Woods chose to have many girlfriends, so what? Moses has more than 100 wives. I think there are more important things in life that need to be addressed to than getting into gossips, innuendos, useless debates and intrigues.

Your kids, jobs, parents, friends, close kins need more of your attention and care. They are often ignored because our attention is always diverted on other things that are glamorous and popular. Just my own perception.

{A Personal Note from Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. to Thriller}


Dude, I've been one of your biggest supporters since you donned the Purple and Gold, but you've just past the limit!

Okay. You show up on Jimmy Kimmel shirtless and in what appears to be boxers. Kind of funny.

You've had several interviews where you discuss how you're human and you've made mistakes. Okay. Cool. You're expressing the importance of maturing as a human being.

NOW you're discussing smoking marijuana and drinking Hennessey AT HALFTIME?!?!?!?!? Too much information, dude! What the hell?

Drinking at halftime? Could you be any more stupid? Particularly speaking of it in a jovial manner!?!?!?!? I mean, if it was a complete apology to the people of Chicago, that's one thing, but talking about it like it was all good and fine?!?!?!? Come on, man! Get real! You're a PROFESSIONAL athlete. You can't be drinking at halftime?!?!?

And you're saying that the Brawl at the Palace wasn't your fault?!?!?!? Everyone knows that you were provoked, but, dude, I don't remember anyone throwing you into the stands! You ran into the stands UNDER YOUR OWN FREEWILL!!! Be man enough to admit that!!!

Thriller, I've liked the growth you've had, but you've got to realize that sometimes being a man isn't just getting stuff off your chest. Sometimes it's about putting your head down and SHUTTING THE HELL UP!!!

Play basketball.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


{A Personal Note from Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. to Sasha}


You're not a garbage time player?!?!?!?

Hell yes you are! On this team? With the way YOU'RE playing? You're a garbage time player!!!! Know you're role!!!

Now, if you were playing for the Nets you'd absolutely be a starter, but on this team with one of the best starting lineups in basketball history while you're committing turnovers and losing leads... you're a garbage time player.

Also, what also angers me about your statement, is what makes you think that you're any better that Josh Powell or DJ Mbenga, other "garbage time" players? Do you REALLY think you're a better player?

Stop complaining, whining and puffing up your ego and just play basketball.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


{A Personal Note from Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. to Luke Haters}

The reason why The Bench Mob is playing so poorly is because they lack Luke Walton's leadership. Luke Walton keeps The Bench Mob playing within the system (Triangle) and thereby improves their offense.

All you people who have been screaming about how Luke Walton sucks need to reflect upon how much better The Bench Mob played before he got hurt.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Jon K.
I always love your posts, its one of the reasons I visit this blog so much. But man, you seem angry today.

thanks floyd . . . .

BK, I don't know, maybe it was your Grateful Dead reference, or Artest's admission, but I couldn't help but think of Doc Ellis throwing a no hitter while trippin on acid. That always amazes me. Would that be good subject for a documentary?
"Taco'd" was definitely good coinage by SA. Seems like it would work on a T-shirt or bumper sticker.


I can be a moody cur at times, but, man, telling everyone he's drinking while on the job? How was that a good idea? He's trying to reform his image.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We are going to lose hardcore against Miami.

Know why?

Because around their 7th straight win is when the lakers get REALLY COCKY and start acting like they can beat anybody and end up getting PULVERIZED by a mediocore team because they let their shield down over shear cockiness.

I hope my boy D-wade doesn't tear them up to dam bad!

Yes he's my boy... Doesn't mean i'm not going for the lakers though.

Jon K - I completely agree.

How's that triangle working with the second unit? I'm pretty sure that the loss of Luke has something to do with it.

There are 3 areas of a triangle..Not one. :) The bench hasnt played well all season..It got better when Lamar came back but obviously they still have issues.



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