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Lakers 107, Bucks 106 (OT): Lakers stuff Bucks for display purposes...

(See that header? In the biz, we refer to it as a callback joke! Wit!)

It's a story Lakers fans have read over and over, but never tire of. Call it "Game Winners for Kobe Bryant." Wednesday night in Milwaukee, Kobe wrote another chapter, rising over Charlie Bell at the left elbow as the final seconds of overtime expired for what was as pure a turnaround jumper as can be. The result was more fuel for his legend and a 107-106 overtime win for the Lakers, a happy result in a game they really ought to have lost (or at the very least, one the Bucks could/should have won, depending on how you like to view this sort of question).

Watching the clip below, a few things stick out:

For Kobe, who scored LA's final seven points after the Lakers fell down six with 1:25 to go in the extra five minutes, it was a chance at redemption after he missed an almost identical look at the end of regulation that also could have ended it in favor of the visitors. (Generally speaking, granting Kobe Bryant a do-over isn't sound strategy.) After the game, everyone was in good humor. "I told him, 'Why did you keep us waiting? You had the same situation in regulation,' " Phil Jackson joked. "Really, he wasted a half-hour of our lives. I just don't understand that boy at times." 

Bryant wasn't LA's only star. Pau Gasol recorded his first career 20/20 game, finishing with 26 points, 22 boards, four assists and four blocks. Gasol got the touches he'd been looking for and clearly took advantage. On the glass, it was his third straight game with 20+ rebounds.

Just as it was Tuesday in Chicago, the Lakers struggled at times, and (obviously) couldn't pull away from a Bucks squad that may be strong in their home building (the loss dropped them to 9-4 at Bradley Center) but is not of LA's caliber overall (the Bucks are now under .500 at 11-12). Milwaukee really did have every opportunity to win the game. They missed critical free throws down the stretch, cost themselves points with lane violations, and couldn't get stops when they needed them.

The Lakers, on the other hand, locked Milwaukee up over the final minute-plus of OT, giving themselves a chance to win. It wasn't pretty, it required a few breaks (one being the Kobe drive with under a minute to play in the OT where he drew an and-one on Andrew Bogut, a play that very easily could have, and probably should have, been a charge) but at no point did LA actually give up on the game, just as it was against the Heat before Kobe's previous buzzer dagger. 

More game wraps:

    -From Milwaukee's perspective, interesting stuff from both Brew Hoop and Bucksketblog. And in LA's corner, Silver Screen and Roll.

Other notes:

    -The box score notes five fouls and only three boards in 24 minutes for Andrew Bynum as his rebounding lull continues, but after the game PJ provided what could be a reason- illness. Bynum hasn't been feeling well, but while he admits his wind is down, to his credit Bynum wouldn't use it as an excuse for lower rebounding numbers.

    -Adrian Wojnorowski of Yahoo! Sports writes that there's something in Kobe's story that could help Tiger Woods in the long run.

    -PJ would like to see a two year rule for players heading to college before the NBA.

    -TrueHoop's Henry Abbott notes Kobe gave a little something for everyone last night.


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BTW, the and-one wasn't on Ersan Ilyasova (who missed the two freebies towards the end of OT), it was on Andrew Bogut (who also missed a key free throw that could've won it near the end of regulation).

Fixed. Thanks, Neil.



I don't usually comment on the threads you and AK write but this thread is, as Mamba 24 says, OUT FREAKIN STANDING!

Miss it. Noonan!!

The Bucks stop, y'hear?!

I couldn't help LOLing at the announcers "Miss it!" because, really, who hasn't shouted that while watching a close game? Boy, am I sure glad Kobe is on our team!

And Gasol was an absolute BEAST last night! Simply phenomenal. I read a statistic that he's now tied with D. Howard for rebound leader, but he's not eligible yet because he hasn't played enough games. Impressive? You bet. Surprised? Not in the least. At least not me.

And speaking of rebounds, I'm willing to cut Drew a little slack with the rebounding for a little bit. I think we all knew his average would decrease after Pau came back. That said, I'm not willing to cut very much more slack. He needs to start fighting for boards.

Just think what ciould have been:

"On January 9, 2009, Parker officially signed with Guangdong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association, making him one of the better known foreign players employed in the CBA, which is due mainly to his exposure gained in the country playing alongside Kobe Bryant" from wikipedia

Posted by: Mamba24 | December 17, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Mamba24, YOU ROCK!!!

How does it go? OUT FREAKING STANDING!!!

Phile Jackson is priceless:

And because they’re now an old married couple, Jackson poked some fun afterward. He noted Bryant’s miss on a similar jumper at regulation’s end and asked him: “Why’d you keep us waiting?”

Smiling at reporters later, Jackson said: “Really, he wasted a whole half hour of our lives.”

If I were Scott Skiles and the Bucks, I would have sent the guy guarding Odom (who i think was Ersan) to double Kobe. NO WAY Odom makes the jump shot. Absolutely no way.

"third straight game with 20+ rebounds. "

Might want to check your facts on that one.

to all who think that the Lakers would be better without Kobe, please return to your own team's site.

there may be others who can do those kinds of things, but there are no others that would have even been playing basketball, if they were in the same situation as Kobe is right now, regarding the index finger. i'll take a few mistakes along with that kind of drive.

it's a long season. Drew will be ok and so will the team. please people, let's not freak out over any one loss, no matter how ugly. at least wait until losing becomes a trend. oh wait, some of you can't stand half the team when they are winning....

i'm so happy with this team(for the last 3 years), especially now that they are finding ways to win games that they ought to otherwise lose. THAT is the only difference between the great and the good(and even some of the bad) teams. the great teams find ways to win, even when it's not their night. the Bucks were on fire last night and had all the momentum, but the Lakers(great shot when we needed a bucket Fish!) weren't having any of this losing stuff...

Greetings from Hong Kong, where I'm on vacation for a couple weeks. Sorry to see that I've missed a couple of the best games of the year, but not surprised that Kobe has taken it upon himself to carry the team while they're on the road. As for the Bucks announcers: I haven't heard them, but I'll check out the NBA League Pass replay when I get a chance. All local broadcasters are biased. Especially those in provincial towns like Milwaukee and Salt Lake City, where beating the Lakers (or even coming close) is potentially an epoch-defining event. Pitiable, but true...

AS A NBA CHAMPION.............................

Lakers have a humongous target on their fore head, simply put, for rest of the league Laker team provides a barometer of what it takes to be CHAMPS!! Therefore, all the under achievers (teams and players) and wanna bees psyche themselves, and, for 48 minutes play the best game of their season or for that matter even their career. It goes to show the amount of resolve and desire it takes to be Champs!! It is hard to fathom looking in from outside the resolve and discipline it takes to be a champion.

There are pros and cons for being the fastest gunslinger:

Keeps the team battle tested and ready at High Noon. Back off Varmints!!

No rest for the weary!!

Reminds me of John Lennon song:

Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
And one day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn't like that
He said I'm gonna get that boy
So one day he walked into town
Booked himself a room in the local saloon.

Rocky Raccoon checked into his room
Only to find Gideon's bible
Rocky had come equipped with a gun
To shoot off the legs of his rival
His rival it seems had broken his dreams
By stealing the girl of his fancy.
Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil
But everyone knew her as Nancy.
Now she and her man who called himself Dan
Were in the next room at the hoedown
Rocky burst in and grinning a grin
He said Danny boy this is a showdown
But Daniel was hot-he drew first and shot
And Rocky collapsed in the corner.

The doctor came in stinking of gin
And proceeded to lie on the table
He said Rocky you met your match
And Rocky said, Doc it's only a scratch

A thought on the Bogut blocking call and the supposed travel by Kobe.

Watch the video. 2 steps. Legal. Bogut's feet no set. Block.

But listen to ESPN's innuendos. Or other lazy writers who put pen to paper without doing the research.

The Kobe curse is that people will forever look for ways to discredit him. Enjoy this now. Appreciate him. He will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play this game and so called basketball fans would have missed out on appreciating his talents while he's still playing.

Close ones keep the killer instinct sharp, don't they?

K Bros,

Please ask Kobe Bryant about the importance of the RALLY CAPS. There were none when he missed the shot that took us to overtime. Their typing, clicking, tapping creation was going strong when he made the final shot. They were, for the millionth time, clearly the key to this Lakers victory. Please ask him what the most important impact that the RALLY CAPS have is.

Thanks, and . . .


LOL, "miss it!" HAHAHAHAHA.

Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

"whew that was close" Yul Brener 1959

it does seem we always play sub par in Buck town and I though last night was another example of that for the most part...

I really can't figure out why we don't play the inside outside game a lot more---like a lot a lot...and it seems there must be some Leauge mandate that prevents us from setting high screens for Kobe on a regular basis...think of that, Kobe gets a high screen and the defense has to leave somebody (either Pau or Bynum) and then they pay dearly---2, 3, or 4 guick passes later and a lay up every time (if not a mid jump shot or a dunk by that Kobe dude who seems to have some talent, seemingly)...

and as for the pick and roll---if we used that little play regularly we would score close to 150 points every game...

and it seems we've fell in love with the 3 point shot again...

I have a theory that this Laker squad doesn't want to make it too easy on themselves, so they play away from their strengths just to keep them interested and challanged...

but enough of that small meaningless talk--don't want to come across as a complainer when we are winning games (and highly entertaining games at that)--just some constructive critiques, as it were, seemingly...

the Buck announcers were a riot---they sometimes come across as good fair reporters telling it like it is and then just go balistic on something...

the color dude had to eat his words a couple times "that's 100% absolutely the wrong call" (with vigor) and then the replay---oh munch a bunch of crow pie buddy---

and that last "miss!" was nothing but a sports curse (in our favor)---can't say as I have ever heard an announcer yell something that blatant before--unbelievable indeed...

the crowd reaction to that last shot was amazing---Laker fans were fairly quiet all game long or so ---didn't seem like the usual support---then they came out of the closet on that last shot...lots 'o fun...

wish Michael Redd was a Laker...

Really stoked we have that guy who wears number 24, whatever his name is, on our team... not to mention that tall highly skilled, extremely smart guy from Spain...

I hate these days when we don't have games---they used to play three in a row didn't they?

"sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come"

"are you here for the holiday package or just a BJ?"



3rd straight game of 20+ rebs?????

How long are the lakers going to rely on Kobe and Pau to pull them out of their doldrums? What the heck is wrong with Bynum? Is Kobe the only one who is refusing to let the Lakers lose?

Here's what I want. A simple concept but surely very difficult to complile. An article listing Kobe's last-second game-winning shots since he came into the league. Who wouldn't wanna relive each one on that list? Wonder how one would go about putting such a thing together and exactly how many there are. I'll tell ya this right now, there are more than a few (LeBron).

Lakers said :"The Buck(s) stops here", and came out of the Bradley Center :)

Everyone's telling that should have been a charge, and not a block. See the video, and look at the feet of Bogut, not his torso. His torso is stable and not moving, but see his feet, they are still not set and he was shuffling a bit. So, its a valid blocking foul, and NOT an offensive foul.

One thing I would say: Any game where LO makes both FTs when he goes to the line, we dont lose the game!!

I hope everyone took note of Fish's two clutch defensive stops in the last five minutes of the game as well as his tying jumper to send it into OT. He may not be the best PG in the league, but no other player on this squad, besides Kobe, can be counted on in crunch time to raise his game.


I would take Joakim Noah over Bynumb any day.
Here's a guy who hustles, rebounds, and gives 100%. He is a team player and would fit perfectly on this Laker team. Bynumb was a no-show in the playoffs last year and has been a no-show as of late. Bynumb is healthy and has no excuse for his poor performance. Trade him before it's too late. 3 rebounds last night, ship his arse out.


This trade would be beneficial to both teams
The Bulls get a low post scorer and Bynumb would get to shoot, shoot, and shoot to his hearts content, that is until he injures himself again, plus they get a 3 point shooter in Sasha.

The Lakers get a seven footer who hustles, can rebound, is physically sturdy, and has a championship pedigree. How many rebounds did he get the other night against Bynumb? 22?

They also get Hinrich, another great fit for the team.
This trade is a win win situation for all.

Bynumb in no way deserves to be on the all-star team


I am not a person who usually puts Kobe and Jordan in the same category...but man over the past 3 seasons Kobe has been lights out with those special moments that get ingrained in your head...he's like on a really nasty run right now thats as good as anyone who has ever played.

BD/Staples 24 -

Where are you man. I saw Fish doing what he does..playing winning basketball. I saw Kobe doing what he does..winning games. I'd like to hear more about how Farmar should've taken that shot that Fish hit and how Kobe is killing this franchise...
Crickets in here!

Jon K,

"Is Pau Gasol the best white power forward/center in the league since Bill Walton?

I'm thinking he is."

That belongs to Kevin McHale. Yes he was a hated Celtic who clotheslined Rambis but give credit where credit is due.

Gasol is great but until the career is over there can't be a comparison. If the comparison was made now McHale wins in a heartbeat.

Nothing to take away Pau. In my opinion he's the best fundamental big man since Tim Duncan.


"Powell at the 3?"

I'm all for it.]

Now THAT"s crazy talk that since that is comparable as Amare Stoudamire being capable of playing Small Forward (and he looked terrible playing SF at the All Star game).

Why not put Bynum at PG while you are at it Jon Jon?

I thought Jackson was horrible at doing this?!

Watching that video, I'm still amazed that roughly half the crowd jumped up in exultation as Kobe drilled the game-winning shot.

Kind of shocking, actually.

Well, most of America hates us, but I guess that still doesn't keep us from being "America's team."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Remember when I said Redd hates losing to Kobe because Kobe is smarter than him? To wit:

Redd’s thoughts when I (Jeremy from asked if he needs to start passing up shots he used to take:

"Play basketball. Play basketball. If a man’s open you hit him, if you got the shot, shoot it, that’s how I play man. So, that’s how I’ve always played. Just play basketball. You’re at your best when you don’t think and just play."

Every move on the court that Kobe makes is calculating, planned, anticipated, cold, methodical, and dripping with intelligence and heartlessness.

Redd, apparently, just goes for what he knows. Catch, dribble, pass or shoot. What else is there?

When Kobe takes a three early in the shot clock its invariably because he knows that if he drains this one, there is yet one more nail being pounded into your coffin. Kobe's sickles are those long three pointers.

When Redd does it, its because he can make it.

A subtle, yet huge difference.


Imperabo is right on Pau's rebounding.In fact the last five games his numbers are 12, 20, 20, 16, according to what I studied when I was young next games he should have the following numbers 30,30,26 and 32 rebounds!!

Yet another amazing shot by Kobe. True is that we never gave up that game and thanks to Kobe we won that game. We were definitely lucky but you need to be that close to have that remote chance. This is really how Championship caliber teams are built. Never give up and never take anything for granted.

In regards to Bynum, I have no doubt that he will come back strong soon. We just have too many weapons and we are still in the process to adapt all these together.

Still, being a bit ambitious, if we really want to have an unstoppable team we need to get a sharp shooter to make our bench mob more effective and also get to play perfect inside out game.

KB Blitz,

"Why not put Bynum at PG while you are at it Jon Jon?"

Okay. Okay. Fine. You've made your point.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I wrote a Lakers Secret Agent report that was completely true and did not use harsh language, but it seems the Kamenetzky Brothers are returning to earlier form and chose not to post it for reasons that are completely unclear to me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The first time Bynum had 3 rebounds he said he should do better.

Walk the walk, Drew. Talking the talk doesn't cut it.

Before I hear it again, were Kareem, Hakeem, MJ this erratic when they were 22?

- Just because Kobe got the "superstar call" against Bogut's flop (should've been a no call) does not change the fact that Kobe normally does not get the superstar calls.

- Kobe scored the last seven points after being down six in a back to back on the road, as well as the game winner at the buzzer with only eight fingers, coming off a 42 point performance against the Bulls while recovering from a virus, yet Henry Abbot somehow finds a way to marginalize Kobe's play. What a surprise.

- Gasol is even better than last year, and I expect him to improve for years to come, which is a scary thought.

- Phil mentioned something about Bynum not feeling well. Is there a minor injury that we are not aware of? does he have the flu? I find it hard to believe that Bynum's play of late is a simple case of sulking from a lack of touches, or a lack of motivation or trying to fit in with the return of Gasol. There HAS to be something else, something physical.

- With Redd and Bogut healthy, coupled with the development of Jennings and Ilyasova, the Bucks can make some noise this season.

- Fish made Luke Ridnour look like Isiah Thomas last night.

Kobe is one for the ages, Enjoy!

Def the right call for Kobe for that 3 point play. Watch this replay video at 3:20, def not a charge or traveling at all.

Jon K

As we've explained before (and I'm pretty sure to you), we can't just reprint unverified accounts about different players, their families, etc. We have no idea about the credibility of the person who told you these stories or that you're relaying it accurately. There are libel issues and the Times has explicitly said they don't want comments along those lines.


Maybe Fisher should just play the last 2 minutes of every game. That's the only time he seems to be any good.


not to nitpick but being a Beatle freak I just had to say that Rocky Racoon is Paul's song---but I did like and enjoy the reference---thanks...


Hey BK, great share on the Kevin Ding article on how PJ drew the final play in OT for The Bean. I couldn't help but chuckle as how the supremely talented Bean was initially flabbergasted at the Zen Master's design (Inbound from the backcourt? With just 5 seconds?)... but, as what happens to every great student, it soon dawned on him that the wisdom of his Master was just so sublime.

Jackson stopped drawing and just gave Bryant a dead-eyed look that basically said: “Are you going to let me do what I do or what?”

Jackson resumed drawing in the backcourt, and with that, Bryant ceased being surprised.

“Then I got it,” Bryant said later as he walked out of the visitors’ locker room, his epic resume now bulging by one more shot. “I knew exactly what he was doing.”

Jackson wanted to help Bryant by deterring Milwaukee from double-teaming him.

That snippet above was so priceless and just shows that Phil is really deserving of his ten blings... putting to naught assertions that he isn't doing his job. The Zen Master rules!

“Jim, where are my cookies?’
Dammit Jim, I don’t know, I’m a basketball fan, not a food critic
This is going to make me laugh even longer than the Eric Carmen video.

I actually had this written before I got to the end of the comments and read Floyd's. Usually I’d just shut up, but I thought it was interesting.

“Lakerfan- speaking from the hills of Dakota, and maybe Floyd could back me up here, but I’m pretty sure Paul wrote that one. I actually posted a comment about it. Research, man! I’m not providing this valuable service for my health, you know.
Actually, good way to work in a good song. Props.”

Anyway. Like Floyd said, good song, and


Did one of the broadcasters say "Miss it!" to curse Kobe? Either way, they had the same posture as D Wade when Kobe hit the Miami shot, which is to say, they were bummed.

And I'm really bummed about the Chris Henry thing. I just don't like to see entire families get washed away by disasters, which is what the Henry clan a) experienced in Katrina, and b) will experience in the future because Chris was supportung the whole clan.

And why didn't his girl stop the darn truck when he was pounding on the roof? Witnesses saw her pull out of his driveway with him on top. Half a mile later he's dead. I hope she's OK.

But. Go Lakers.



Indeed it is Paul and not John and thanks for pointing it out. As you know now of all the 4 beatles, me a john fan :). I think I had John in my mind from his recent death anniversary.


Kobe both missed and made the game winning shot last night. After the game, they showed a list of leaders for game winning shots for the past few years. I am curious to see a list of most missed clutch shots.


U took the words right out of my mouth.. But dfish should also start the first the 2 minutes too.. I think he's earned the right to play a total of 4 minutes a game with his clutch play... If his jumpers fallin and he promises not to drive in the lane then play him 5 minutes



just 4 U, the list of Kobe's buzzer beater of his career was created and updated last night.

yes, there is a MJ one too, i do not care. they have the same number at this time, except MJ jas some with free-throws. Kobe only shots. enjoy

Eric Pincus is reporting that the Lakers and Gasol are near signing a 3 year extension....starting at around 18 mill for the first of year of the extension....

Bynum,Artest,Walton,Odom and Gasol would be sighned for a total of 4 years..

Now its Kobe's turn....

This link is dedicated to the Beatles' fans in the blog. It was started by lakerfan, seconded by Floyd and then phred. I guess you are withing the baby boomer age to be a beatle fan. I know WesJoe is a beatle follower too.

p. ang,

You got a hey day on Bynum R & D. Nemaia and LakerTom ar currently in solitary confinement waiting for Bynum explosion in Nu Jessy. Will he rebound? No, that's the work of Gasol. Will he defend? No, that's the work of Artest. Bynum is a specialist good only for dunk, post up and bank shots, that's his job description. lol!

Best White Power Forward/Center since Bill Walton?

KB Blitz is spot on for mentioning McHale.

Although, a Walton contemporary cannot be ignored---Dave Cowens

Hey Jon K,

Email me that slanderous info. My full name at hotmail dot com.


Edwin G,

I'm not picking a fight with Bynum supporters, what I am is venting. It's frustrating watching that much talent being wasted due to attitude. Its Kwame and Smush all over again but with so much more natural talent and skill which makes it even more disappointing.

We've heard all the possible excuses for Drew, even PJackson has given him an out - that Drew's sort of sick. But saying its because he's 22 is just so wrong. 5 years in the league after high school where were Moses Malone, KG, Kobe et al? I know where Kwame was, stinking up the league.

puddle-if you didn’t read it before, let me say it again; brilliant, and good stuff.

Lakerfan- hey, give Floyd his props for being the Beatles expert who pointed it our first. Also, I’m not really that big on John myself, I tend to place guys like Dylan, Simon and Cohen first when it comes to lyrics. But hey, John was quality.

Edwin- I just bookmarked that. Good link. This is among many reasons why I appreciate this blog *ahem* forum so much. You get such a wide range of artistic and otherwise appreciation. Also I would like to say; appreciate, appreciate and appreciate.

Red’s Bastard; Yeah, I am utterly surprised and ‘ahem’ surprised that a comment that implies a racial favoritism towards white players is seconded by Bird fans. Um, wasn’t Bird a white forward? Oh yeah, y’all knew that.

p ang- you are selected to be my rational candidate for conversation. LakerTom based hyperbole aside, Bynum is a 10th place draft pick. #1?, yeah, Andrew Bogut. I really single you out because I really respect your opinion, and I would like to see future Bynum comments based in some ‘hey, he was a #10 pick!,’ based point of reference. Can you help me out with that?

LAKERTOM- Hey, swine flu ain’t supposed to be that bad for centadecagenarians. Where you at, man? You went out of your way to give love to Pau and Kobe. They are doin good, and Drew is doin ok. Pull your head up, man. Pull your head up.


p ang,

I agree with you on Drew's lack of production lately, however I disagree with you comparing him to Kareem, Hakeem and MJ at age 22. First of all Kareem and MJ are legends who played at an early age and were successful at every level of basketball(even though MJ was once cut from his HS basketball team)so they came into the league as great players. Hakeem was a little different in that he was a late bloomer, but again he had collegiate experience prior to coming to the NBA.

Bynum played no basketball until he attended HS and came directly into the NBA as a PROJECT regardless of the fact that he was drafted 10th. The Lakers literally took a huge gamble on Bynum who was chubby and raw. He was and is nowhere close to what Kareem, Hakeem and MJ were coming into the league because of the experience factor alone. Bynum has great potential, but it's up to him to maximize and attain it.

I can only imagine and speculate what would've been had Bynum never suffered those two devastating knee injuries that in my opinion has taken some of his explosion he had prior to being injured. I'm not making any excuses for Drew, just pointing out that he may need to play an entire season injury free to finally fulfill his potential.

His rebounding has been abysmal and pathetic lately and I wondered about something that maybe we've overlooked. Drew may not admit it, but I think he's still mentally tentative and timid because if you recall both of his knee injuries occured while going for rebounds(first injury was going for a rebound and then landing on LO's foot and the second injury happened while he was getting ready to grab and OREB of a Kobe layup). Still, it's no excuse for Drew not having better rebounding numbers the past several games.

Also, Kareem, Hakeem and MJ had no major injuries before the age of 22. Do you think that MJ would've been the same if he had two major knee injuries before the age of 22? Possibly, but who knows? Leg injuries seem to affect big men more than smaller players for some reason. Shaq was very, very fortunate that he didn't suffer any major injuries to his knees during his career especially when you consider his size and weight.

Again, I agree with you in regards to Drew's rebounding and defense of late, but I mostly wanted to address the comparison you made of players at the age of 22.

nem- so, bynum is doing good compared to players who got much more pre-nba experience, or is bynum doing bad compared to other 22 year old nbaers? i am a bit confused. can we just agree that we will take bynum over any other straight-from-high-school-number-ten-draft-picks-since-2000-sort-of-players?

hey, i like a good bynum is either sterns gift to the lakers or the worst waste of a pick since, um, a preemptive pick of kwame debate as the next guy, but at some point, we have to move on and just enjoy-watching-us-some-good-basketball, right?






Nemaia Faletogo,

you wrote: Drew may not admit it, but I think he's still mentally tentative and timid because if you recall both of his knee injuries occured while going for rebounds(first injury was going for a rebound and then landing on LO's foot and the second injury happened while he was getting ready to grab and OREB of a Kobe layup). Still, it's no excuse for Drew not having better rebounding numbers the past several games.

my response: I would like to point out that against the puny GSW's or LAC
where Drew was bigger than others, he actually got rebounds. I raised this
point at the beginning of the season when LakerTom was singing the praises
of "The Beast that is Bynum". I said, (paraphrase) "I would like to see him
have a good game against a quality center before we put him in the HOF".
The meaning was/is: I'd like to see him perform well against a quality center
before we anoint him as the next great Laker Big and put him in the all-star
game. This is also when a lot of talk about Bynum being the #2 option was
going around.

A question for you: How do you correlate "Drew may be tentative" with
"Drew went to Italy instead of training with Kareem" ?

If Bynum is sick, and PJ is drinking that kool-aid, who am I to disagree. I
would point out to you, that #24 has had the flu and a fractured finger
& yet still gives it his all.

To quote the "machine", my leader plays hurt so I play hurt.

He's 7 feet tall, 22 years old, and carried a playboy bunny on his shoulders
last year. If you're looking for sympathy from me, it's in the dictionary b/n
poop and syphillas. [ sp? ] He's a young multi-millionare on the best team in
the NBA. Man Up or retire to the Heffner mansion! We're trying to win a
championship around here and we're carrying enough dead weight as it is.
I appreciate the talent he has, but character counts!

I'd rather see Mbenga play. He doesn't have as much talent, but he plays hard
and he's grateful for what he's got.

Phred, I gotta go buy more sausage.

just another "index" swish,

Sir/Ma'am, I do not know who you are, but I know that you ROCK!
If you are ever in the SF/Bay area, please let me know. I'd be
happy to buy you a beer/pepsi!

also i would like to tell everybody that I just finished watching the first quarter on league pass, and the only rebound drew missed was because he was trying to guess where the bounce was going and he got outguessed by three bucks defenders he couldn't have established inside position on anyway. We will see what the other quarters show.

mage- drew has done ok against some quality centers in the past. He went blow for blow against Shaq on several occasions and he made Yao Ming work enough to disrupt Houston's offense. I really am thinking that if Drew was a role player he would be excelling. And if Drew wants to be a star, he is doing the right things, putting one foot in front of the other on the court. I won't waste time arguing that Drew is the future of the franchise, but I will argue that I would rather have drew than any of the 'old man's idea of centers' that are being mentioned in trades. We are not having much of a problem keeping the other teams bigs from being an impact offensively. We are even getting enough rotation from our bigs to limit what the other teams guards can do.

Does this work? Well, we're winning. Does this work like you would expect it to work if you had GOAT centers and PFs playing at the top of their game? Probably not, but if I was to ask a GOAT post player they would probably explain that the NBA is an offensive league, and just staying on top of penetrating guards is a pretty good way to win.

Lets back up a bit, try to be grateful that we have 3 great post players and we are the favorites for the title instead of being grateful that you are right and you want to make sure everybody hears your complaint and thinks 'yeah, that guy was right. Heck, i'm not even going to watch the games anymore, I'm just gonna let the complainers on the blog tell me how everything is going.





They are reliable quotes from a person I have every reason to believe is an accurate source.

I think you guys are being WAY overly restrictive and I am confident in the honesty of what I attempted to communicate; however, despite my frustration I kind of understand where you are coming from.

Despite all this time, you may not know that I'm being honest as opposed to being filled with crap and you probably don't want to deal with the responsibility of posting something that you're unsure of... especially against the monster that is Corporation LeBron.

Anyhow, it's cool, but you've read the background, so you, at least, know what's going on.

By the way, I tamed things down in hope that you would post it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Do you want all of it or the Nicks Notes version?

I don't have saved so I'll have to retype it and it wasn't short.

Also, it isn't all slanderous. Quite frankly, a lot of the knowledge gave me a newfound respect for what LeBron had to go through as a kid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Heck, i'm not even going to watch the games anymore, I'm just gonna let the complainers on the blog tell me how everything is going.




Posted by: phred | December 17, 2009 at 11:28 PM


I feel your pain, brother! I feel your pain.

Drew's doin' all right in my book.




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