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Kobe Bryant fractures right index finger: DO NOT FREAK OUT, IT'S NOT AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS

UPDATE- 11:45 pm: No change in the diagnosis. It's an avulsion fracture (caused when a piece of bone is pulled off by a tendon) near the tip of the right index finger. As it was explained to me, no further testing or anything like that needs to be done. It is, so to speak, what it is. Kobe will wear some sort of splint similar to what he had on in the second half of Friday's game against Minnesota for perhaps six weeks, or however long it takes for the bone to heal. 

While he's not expected to miss any time, Kobe, normally willing to shake off any injury like a duck does water, conceded a level of concern, because of the location (right at the tip of the finger of his shooting hand), but he doesn't believe it's anything won't be able to play through. "You just get used to it," Kobe said of playing with the splint. "It's just a different technique to shoot the ball with (it)." The injury is similar to the one he suffered to his right pinky in '08, but without the corresponding ligament damage.


Hopefully the headline put you in the right frame of mind to keep reading...

In the first quarter of LA's Friday night tussle with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kobe Bryant had a ball tip off his right index finger, and left the game in some degree of pain. He started the second quarter on the floor, but when he came out of the game at the 5:45 mark Kobe went to the locker room for further examination.

The result: An avulsion fracture of the right index finger. No real reason to panic, though. Trainer Gary Vitti fitted him with a splint, and Kobe started the third quarter on the floor. At the half, he was 4-7 from the floor, and is currently 7-15. The injury could certainly be having an impact, but assuming he doesn't have to miss any time- seems unlikely given how he's on the floor as I type- he'll likely adjust to any splint, just as he did the tape job when his pinkie finger was all shredded up. 

More after the game, I'm sure. By the way, with two minutes left in the third, the Lakers are up 77-68.


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Kobe's gonna need a bionic hand soon, a la Luke Skywalker in Star Wars...

Fisher 2 for 10, Bynum 6 for 9. Now what's wrong with that picture?! Please sit him and let Farmar play.

Tracy McGrady 2nd in All-Star voting for guards and hasn't plyed a minute? Anybody reading this blog should be voting every day for LAKERS starters. Bynum is second to a strong forward(Amare Stoudamire) at center!! GET OUT THE VOTE!!

My brother did this to his finger with a softball and it is still bent 17-years later after surgery.

What a game...
Something unharming gettin tricky out of an injury.
It would be unrequested for, unless you realize what is to have the best baller in your team, and risking to have him out due to an injury.

What got from this game is that Kobe's presence as a teammate is SO huge for anybody, even the coolest of players, my adored Pau, had to freak out a bit out of the situation involving Kobe.

The other thing I have to underline, is the stubborness and the leadership will of THE GOD, the one and only Kobe Bryant.

I heard his interview as the game ended and man, this man is overhuman.

"No big deal, I already played with a broken finger. It's all about the sore side of it."

LeBronze would have give up for games and games with a fingernail broken.
Kobe instead had fire in his eyes even when the game was ended.

I'm amazed, impressed and even scared at the way this man is made of pure driven will.

They guys will fly NOW for tomorrow game.
Let's hope this kinda hectic effort off from tonight won't affect us but ANY WAY, we're gonna grow.

What we are was shown today too: in the needin time, Lamar started to play again awesomely, Pau is just amazing, and Ron Ron did some of the most spectacular things lately seen at Staples.

This team is just TOO big.

And you can't stop the Mamba.

Nba, can you handle this?

Have a great day you all and thanx for the chat and all news regarding Kobe KBros :)

Kobe has three fingers left, at this rate, he's trading a finger for a ring each year LOL


But did your brother have Gary "Dit Da Jow - the magician" Vitti on his side? He even got Andrew Bynum back on the court within 4 or maybe 50 weeks.


Arre we really that nerdy that we are saying "DON'T FREAK OUT ITS NOT THAT BAD" to relieve ourselves?


Come on man, Derek is CLUTCH, it all matters in the end.

DJ - go back and look at how many CLUTCH SHOTS Fish made compared to that 'Farmer'? How many games/series did Fish saved compared to that 'Farmer'?

I guess your observation is more profound than a coach with 10 championship rings and makes millions per year.

Start faxing your resume to the Lakers Head Office they may need you after Phil retires!!!

DJ - go back and look at how many CLUTCH SHOTS Fish made compared to that 'Farmer'? How many games/series did Fish saved compared to that 'Farmer'?

I guess your observation is more profound than a coach with 10 championship rings and makes millions per year.

Start faxing your resume to the Lakers Head Office they may need you after Phil retires!!!

18-3 Yeah!!! 11 straight wins....

I vote evryday for West all-star...


What's going on with your Fingers? It seems like your delicate fingers are becoming a consistent issue for you. I hope your hand doctor is keeping up to date on the fuel that drives a serial assassin sociopath. Have you herd of the diesel? DIIIIIIIII

Amare's idea of playing defense: By growing facial hair!!

In an ESPN Interview, Amare's reply on why he's growing the beard:

Q: Is that why you're going with the beard now? Tell me the story.

Amare: Just want to give a fierce defensive look out there. I just go with the beard to see how it goes. So far I'm diggin' it. I don't know about everybody else, but it's not bothering me at all. Got a new-look Stoudemire out there.

So, now we know why Nash does not play D. Coz he's got a clean shaven face!! LOLOL



Love it.

Yeah, right, BK. We're not going to freak out. Good luck with that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's my three and a half cents:

Kobe has a HUGE consecutive game streak (255 games including playoffs, 296 if you don't include the two 1-game suspensions in 2007), and I know he wants to continue that. The last game he missed was against the Bucks on March 7th, 2007, but that was due to suspension. The last game he missed due to illness/injury was against the Hawks on December 8th, 2006, and it was due to a sprained ankle.

Kobe competitiveness alone will prevent him from missing the Jazz game in Salt Lake, so there's NO way he's missing that.


Double however...

He's probably going to view the Utah game as a litmus test to see how he performs with the injured finger. He'll have three days until the Bulls game on Tuesday night to decide. If it doesn't go too well, and depending on professional doctors' "suggestions", he may choose to sit out 2-4 weeks to get this healed. This ain't the pinky, folks. The index finger is MUCH more valuable and crucial.

Kobe is smart, and will make the decision that is best for him and the Lakers in the LONG run--which includes their playoff success. 70 wins would be awesome, but I'd rather see the Lakers in the mid-50's with a repeat title run than a 79-3 record with us losing the Finals.

I really hope he doesn't have to miss any game time, but prepare for the possibility we may not be sharing Christmas with Kobe.

D Fish? Clutch? NOT!
Yeah, I will make at least 1/5 3 pointers.
What about the 4/5 he misses? If he would make some of those, we wouldn't be in the situation where we need a clutch shot.
As my son says about me, too old and too slow. And I am 52!

There is no reason to freak out:
1. Even if Kobe had to sit a few weeks this team is good enough to win a lot of games without him;
2. This team doesn't need home court to win a ring;
3. He won't sit out.

Johnny P

I am a huge Kobe fan and a little worried about that rubberband that just snapped in his finger. The index finger has more to do with shooting than the pinkie.

Kobe is not human. Reports are that last night, he did not go into the locker room to have an ex-ray and a splint.

The splint was only a cover-up.

Truth is, he went into the locker room to remove his index finger, whereupon he instantly grew a new one.

I would tell Kobe to go the doctor about his finger.; and if it is broken
have it fix and stay out the game until it is healed up for him to play
again. If not, he will have deformity in his finger in later life when he
decides to retire from the NBA.

Peace & love

Kobe seems to be channeling Ronnie Lott.


I had the exact same diagnosis last year regarding my right thumb at the top knuckle. I had to wear a splint for about 3 months. I hope Kobe is okay but I can tell you it is not something as minor as you think. You do have wear a splint and you absolutely cannot flex the knuckle if you want it to heal. And if you do flex it, wow it is painful. The best and quickest fix is to set a pin in it. I didn't get one. I can't afford the best doctors like Kobe can. So I hope that makes the difference in his case. I was told no sports or lifting period. It was quite painful for awhile. He will not be able to flex the tip of his index finger. He will also have the cast interfering with how and where the ball meets his thumb and the rest of his hand. It will be uneven. Thinking that he will simply be able to adjust and play like he can doesn't sound realistic to me. I think he not play and let it heal, even if the Lakers lose some games because of it. It will give the others a chance to gel and the Lakers should still be able to win against many rivals without Kobe. Let Bynum get some more rebounds and Lamar get more rhythm and Artest fill in with some more points, like he did in Houston. If Kobe rests then he would probably be ready to play in about 8 weeks. But as I say, I did not have the level of doctor and medical technology available to me that is available for Kobe. But sometimes it doesn't make a difference. This is a small but very nagging fracture. It is not his pinky either. Think about not be able to use your index finger properly to guide a basketball off the finger tips. Hard to do. I really hope you Optimists are right. I am a Laker fan and want to see Kobe playing his total game. It's amazing to watch him. I just hope I'm wrong. I will be very happy if I am. We will find out soon.



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