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Kobe Bryant fractures right index finger: DO NOT FREAK OUT, IT'S NOT AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS

December 11, 2009 |  9:14 pm

UPDATE- 11:45 pm: No change in the diagnosis. It's an avulsion fracture (caused when a piece of bone is pulled off by a tendon) near the tip of the right index finger. As it was explained to me, no further testing or anything like that needs to be done. It is, so to speak, what it is. Kobe will wear some sort of splint similar to what he had on in the second half of Friday's game against Minnesota for perhaps six weeks, or however long it takes for the bone to heal. 

While he's not expected to miss any time, Kobe, normally willing to shake off any injury like a duck does water, conceded a level of concern, because of the location (right at the tip of the finger of his shooting hand), but he doesn't believe it's anything won't be able to play through. "You just get used to it," Kobe said of playing with the splint. "It's just a different technique to shoot the ball with (it)." The injury is similar to the one he suffered to his right pinky in '08, but without the corresponding ligament damage.


Hopefully the headline put you in the right frame of mind to keep reading...

In the first quarter of LA's Friday night tussle with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kobe Bryant had a ball tip off his right index finger, and left the game in some degree of pain. He started the second quarter on the floor, but when he came out of the game at the 5:45 mark Kobe went to the locker room for further examination.

The result: An avulsion fracture of the right index finger. No real reason to panic, though. Trainer Gary Vitti fitted him with a splint, and Kobe started the third quarter on the floor. At the half, he was 4-7 from the floor, and is currently 7-15. The injury could certainly be having an impact, but assuming he doesn't have to miss any time- seems unlikely given how he's on the floor as I type- he'll likely adjust to any splint, just as he did the tape job when his pinkie finger was all shredded up. 

More after the game, I'm sure. By the way, with two minutes left in the third, the Lakers are up 77-68.