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Ho, ho, ho? Fans more embarrasing than Lakers

December 26, 2009 | 10:51 am

At least Lakers fans aren’t known for being “soft” any longer.


Now they’re simply childish, impatient and spoiled.


The foam-finger frivolity at Friday’s game was the most ridiculous fan behavior I’ve seen in six seasons of covering the Lakers. If not for Philadelphia Eagles fans infamously booing Santa Claus, this would be the lamest holiday hijinks in sports history.


True, fans didn’t throw paperweights. Instead, they heaved their pride. On Christmas, no less.


As my brother, Chris, pointed out, those foam fingers came from the expensive seats. The promotional items were about 14 inches in diameter and probably weighed six ounces. Any flings from the upper deck would have landed harmlessly in the laps of Boss-wearing, Coach-toting well-to-dos. It was up to the wealthy ones, the privileged few thousand, to throw them from there.


(Full disclosure: My mom was at the game, sitting about 25 rows behind the basket by Cleveland’s bench. She didn’t throw any foam fingers. She had already left the building, which she was entitled to do because of the staggeringly poor effort put forth by the home team.)


Let’s not forget the fools who threw plastic bottles onto the court. I mean, really? Has society gotten this angry? Hopefully those people pay stiff fines, even if $1,000 is what some of them make in 30 minutes of work.


Lakers fans will blame the refs. Or maybe their team’s sad effort in a totally one-sided loss. Let’s not be silly. If you threw one of the foam fingers on the court, you’re as lightweight as the promotion itself.


--Mike Bresnahan