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Hire Pau Gasol for your next New Year's Eve party

If you're looking for some entertainment for your next birthday party or wedding, why not hire Pau Gasol?

OK, it's not the real Pau Gasol, but this Pau Gasol impersonator, believe it or not, has been fooling folks across the Southland. Lancaster resident Michael Fanter has gained a cult following since he's decided to make a little extra money by imitating the Spanish center.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how anyone could confuse the real Gasol from the impersonator. Fanter's version of Gasol looks like one of the Geico cavemen.

But what do I know? These supposed Lakers fans outside Staples Center act like he's the real deal:

-- Austin Knoblauch

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I am about to' close iPhone - I am at a Multiplex Movie Hall to' see Brothers - but reading this before lights go out rapidly forced me to write horrified.

I sentence this fella as an obvious candidate for Faker of the Year.

Stop impersonating Pau.

Or else, develop the same skill in the game so that we can make him rest more and double the effect on court.

That would definitely help us currently ... ;)

Yeah that dude is like a foot shorter than Pau.

He looks more like Dave Grohl in a Laker warm up.


LOL, omg. He is the homeless man's Pau Gasol.

This reminds me of the time I went to a club in Hollywood in June and there was a guy there who was totally trying to look like Pau. He even had a Lakers championship shirt on, along with the longish curly hair and beard. I could not stop laughing at him.

I will accept no substitutes!


Watching that video made me cringe.

Something tells me that Michael Fanter has hooked up with drunken chicks under false pretenses.

If I was Pau, I'd show up on Michael Fanter's doorstep one morning and then make sure he didn't look like me anymore by doing a little ad hoc plastic surgery with my fists.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


cough, gag, spit, spit

Hell no.

By the way, these links to this Paltry Pau are clogging up my computer.

damn get a life! he's whack!

Nice clip Austin.

How about some real post game footage from our MAMBA!

Or even something like this will do!

Trade Andrew By-numb for Marc Gasol .By-numb has no skills and a lazy bum.

I'm glad to see that bloggers seem in a generally better mood after last night's win. A number of you have been acting like cranky mad mood children lately. A little perspective on the state of the Lakers lately - 12 and 3 during the month of December, still the best record in the league, Bynum went into a funk and seems to be working his way out of it, Pau signed an important extension and Kobe continues to be the hardest working man in any sport. I think we're pretty fortunate. And as for Ron, I hope he gets completely right before he returns to playing. Concussions are nasty things. I've had a couple bad ones and they're nothing to gloss over.

Trade Andrew By-numb for Marc Gasol .By-numb has no skills and a lazy bum.

Posted by: Tom | December 30, 2009 at 02:44 PM

And you lazy bum too cause no write good and no funny.

And LA Times tech guys, you have a "next post" link up with no post.


That IS Pau Gasol. Don't you guys know that?

There's a really good podcast by Bill Simmons and friends that starts off with 10 min of pure Kobe talk. They begrudgingly--like pulling a tongue from a frozen flagpole--admit that Kobe is on another level that the rest of the NBA with his ability to change his game at will.

They just asked, "How come just Kobe? Why wasn't it Kobe and LeBron with Hakeem working on post moves in the offseason?"

Very nice.

And speaking of very nice, the middle lady with the fake Gasol; she looks very nice.


Jon K.....

I have a really nice clean baseball bat you could use on him....

I think that Pau impersonator played a couple of games right after Pau signed his new contract. Pau took a week off to celebrate and had Billy Shears take his place.

Tom Daniels


Very interesting point on Drew's weight being kept down for his knee. I hadn't thought of that. I will watch him differently.

What I notice is that early in the season (pre Pau) he was confident and aggressive on offense. Quick into his move, and even shooting that 10-15 foot face up shot with no hesitation. Now he is getting the ball more at the high post and looking to pass, and in the low post seems to start his moves less quickly.

I think a good dose of force feeding Drew the ball could bring him back to life on offense, which, as with most young players, would bring him back to life on D and the boards.

Tom Daniels

Impostor Pau is hotttt!!! I think I saw him at the parade. yum


For some reason, I think a baseball bat soaked in burning tar would work better.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


laker fans are the dumbest of all nba fans and that video proves it and no im not what you dumb laker fans call a laker hater because i think kobe is good but WITHOUT KOBE THERE IS NO LAKER TEAM think about it let that sink in he had to play with injuries because they would lose with out him thats sad you had to risk your star player just to win some games laker fans are the dumbest and take kobe off lakers see how many laker fans you will have haha where kobe goes so does the lakers band wagon most people don't even know the lakers starting 5 they just know kobe and know they just won a championship(congrats) so they say they are laker fans im not a nba liking person but my 3 teams i like dallas mavs, the spurs and i always go with my home team the doing better this year than last the memphis a die hard football player/fan GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!! we made history 0-6 come back and we going to go 8-8 and we was in the playoff picture no 1 has ever did that b4 the best nfl team ever back on subjects most SO CALL LAKER FANS ARE HOPPING ON THEIR(LAKERS) BAND WAGON!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, well... apparently, we have a hater here. And quite an uneducated one at that.

In response to "darriusl," (the poster above me) here's the Lakers starting five:

PG - Derek Fisher
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lamar Odom (We're leaving out Ron Artest because he's injured)
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Andrew Bynum

Every sports franchise, whether it be MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL, is centered around superstar players otherwise known as "Franchise Players." Owners, scouts, coaches, and general managers search for talent anywhere they can find it with hopes of signing needed role players that can best complement their franchise players' talents and meet the teams goals. Needless to say, it's a given that the Lakers are centered around Kobe Bryant and it just so happens that the Lakers have the right mix of players centered around Kobe. Another nice feature about the Lakers is once Kobe is ready to step down, LA has another centerpiece in Andrew Bynum when he's ready to live up to his potential.

"darriusl," since you are a Spurs and Mavs fan, your obvious franchise players are Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki. Now, you feel the need to blab around like a 5th grader on a sugar rush, that LA would not be the same with Kobe. Who can argue with that? Of course the Lakers would not be the same without Kobe? But on the same token, how good would the Mavs be without Dirk Nowitzki or Jason Kidd leading them? How many wins could the Spurs grab without Tim Duncan or Tony Parker? Do you hate Kobe because he's that good? It's ok to be honest with yourself.

Obviously, you've come to this website to hate on Laker fans; Southern California fans, in particular. But what you fail to realize is that a lot of residents in and around the Southland (and wherever they may be) have loved their Lakers for numerous years. Some of our older generation Laker fans have been following the Lakers since their inception in Los Angeles which was 50 years ago, to the Wilt and Jerry years, to the Magic and Kareem Showtime Era, to the Shaq-Kobe era, and up until now. For you to call us and every Laker fan a "bandwagon fan" is a slap in the face to all of us.

Let's get one thing straight: If you want to talk bandwagon, the real bandwagon fans are the Boston Celtics fans who suddenly realized they were still in the NBA after toiling around for 20+ years without a championship.

So please "darriusl", do us all a favor and love your Titans because they're not getting anywhere. Love your Spurs because they still can't hang with LA. And please give your love to your Mavs because Kobe can still outscore them with his broken index finger in 3 quarters and end up winning the game.

The Lakers organization is currently in possession of the highest winning percentage all time in the NBA, most regular season wins, most NBA Finals appearances, and second-most NBA championships. We love our Lakers because we're proud of them and we want to witness them continue to succeed.

Get your weight up and come right with it next time before you post on here with your negativity and childish banter.

This is LA. We love our Lakers.

if he chooses to spend his time impersonating him then who are you to judge?!

Um..Sorry but Pau is way better looking and has a sexier walk!!

And Pau isn't such a douche to be walking around in his own uniform..gimme a break! He has to hide his hotness incognito style.



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