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Hire Pau Gasol for your next New Year's Eve party

December 30, 2009 | 12:12 pm

If you're looking for some entertainment for your next birthday party or wedding, why not hire Pau Gasol?

OK, it's not the real Pau Gasol, but this Pau Gasol impersonator, believe it or not, has been fooling folks across the Southland. Lancaster resident Michael Fanter has gained a cult following since he's decided to make a little extra money by imitating the Spanish center.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how anyone could confuse the real Gasol from the impersonator. Fanter's version of Gasol looks like one of the Geico cavemen.

But what do I know? These supposed Lakers fans outside Staples Center act like he's the real deal:

-- Austin Knoblauch