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Goodbye and thank you

As some of you may already know, today marks our last day at the Los Angeles After more than four years spent running and growing Lakers Blog, this was not a decision taken lightly. In the end, though, we felt it best to pursue new opportunities. We're proud of the work we did at and the site we leave behind. With that in mind, it would be wrong not to point out those who've played a key role assisting us.

We'd like to thank the Los Angeles Times staff and editors (especially Tony Pierce, Barry Stavro, Mike James and Randy Harvey) for their continual support and enthusiasm. Brian and I were afforded an astonishing amount of freedom to push boundaries, take creative risks and generally think outside the box, allowing us to bring our personalities into the blog and make basketball what it should be: fun. There aren't a lot of mainstream outlets that would let "shrimp on a treadmill" become a recurring character, but we lucked out landing with one that did. We also want to thank Mike Bresnahan both for the recommendation that helped us land our job at the Times, and his advice as we learned the ropes. He's a good guy and a great beat writer.

Most of all, Brian and I want to thank Lakers Blog's readership for its presence, energy, loyalty. We took this position in 2005 with the goal of creating a vibrant online community- I believe our exact words were "a sports bar on the Internet"- but even in our most ambitious moments couldn't have pictured a "Champps" quite this electric. Fostering a place where Lakers fans from all over the world can meet to share a common passion has been an enormous source of pride for us. Whatever success we've achieved in developing the site is based on the unfailing contributions from everyone around the blogosphere. For that, we thank you.

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We thank you guys. From the core of our Lakers beating hearts. Never change you two sparkling purple&gold headballs. Best wishes for all you want to accomplish in your future. It has been a serious honour to meet you here.

The size of your greatness is the love that you've inspired along.
Keep doing it.
Keep carrying high the flag of great, real, lively and savy sports writing.
You Are Lakers Blog For Life.
Let's retire your numbers from the field in our personal - and very heartfelt - Hall of Fame.


Will the LA Times Lakers blog continue under new stewardship, and if so, who will take over?

Also, just to add, congrats on the new opportunity. I wish you two the best.

What? you guys are leaving? will you be going somewhere else to start a lakers blog? Man this sucks. You two were the best. For four years ive been reading this blog everyday. Since way back when the blog was purple and gold. We're all going to miss you guys. You guys revolutionized the way we follow the lakers.

I wish you two the best and good luck. Also, thanks for everything.

"Make it one for my K-Bros and one more for the road."

Oh, I am not adjusting well to the news of the K-Bros leaving us. Congrats and all to them: well deserved obviously. But what do we do? Where do we go? Do we stay here? Do we follow? Can we follow?

Sorry for making this about me, but golly I'm already in the midst of a mid-life crisis and now I have to find my way through this upheaval too.

Mamba24 and/or Phred: how about one of your tribute songs? By the way, where ARE you guys with all this going on? Has the blog world foresaken us?

(deep breath) Okay, okay...I'm better.

So, I propose a toast to AK & BK after the game today. Please join me.

To AK & BK: Huzzah, Hurrah and Boo-yah! Hope to catch you on the flip side (along with the rest of the family from this wonderful little slice of blog heaven).

A dopo,

Very sad. Really guys, thank you.


Thanks guys!

I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach.

I've been on this blog nearly every day for four years, since its first inception.

Why is this happening in the middle of the season?

As TrueLakerFan stated, "What? you guys are leaving? will you be going somewhere else to start a lakers blog? Man this sucks. "

This is just so unexpected and I've become very attached to this blog and the personalities that compose it.

I feel a lot like how LakerTom stated, like children of a divorce... however in this case you've just been informed that your parents are getting divorced during the Christmas Season and after never seeing your parents fight.

I'm stunned.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So, I guess the only solution is for all of us to go over the Michael Tienete's blog.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We had fun.
We had joy.
We had seasons in the sun.

Wishing you the very best.


Good luck and God Bless K. Bros.

Whaaaaaaaaat! Can't believe this AK and BK. My days were never complete without a dose of Kamenetsky sarcasm. Thanks for the last four years of Laker thoughts! Good luck on your next adventure!

Thanks guy's........

Take care.....Congrats on the new job and i look forward to visiting your new home....

Do i need to bring a house warming gift?....I dont know,maybe something for the hall stand or the mantle piece....How about a hat rack?....

I know....A pair of snips for you take to your cigar lounge...Clip the ends with...

Did anyone think to get the guys a going away present? I'll start with a cyber bottle of Cuervo while the comments are still getting pushed through. Cheers K-bros!

I've already said my "thank you's" and "good bye's" and "good luck's" - and I meant every word. THANK YOU and GOOD BYE and GOOD LUCK!!!!

But now - back to what this means for me - and by "me" I mean "all of us left over here in cyberspace who come here all the time looking for a good time and some Laker news to get us through another day".

My stomach hurts, my head hurts, and I have no idea what to do next. Do I stay? Do I go? I'm not living a "Clash" life here so I have no idea. It's weird how I have no idea who any of you are, but I still feel like I'm losing family.

THIS TOTALLY FREAKING SUCKS for me - and by "me" I mean "us".

Again - I'm happy for you AK & BK. You've created a monster here. And by "monster" I mean "one hell of a great place for us". But now it's changing and I have no idea what to expect and it's making me puke in my mouth a little just typing that....

I hope nothing changes.... but it's too late for that. Still - I hope to still see everyone on here - if it remains a great place to hang. I also hope to see you guys at the new AK/BK site - I'm sure it will be great. I think we'll all need to become a little bit schizophrenic to accomplish that.... It may be easier than it sounds though.... I'm feeling schizo at the moment.

Sheesh - what a bizarre post.... train of thought.... whatever..... We'll have to help each other through.... I love my blog fam.

In Benicio Del Interno taking the reins?

AK/BK - for the past few years, it has become a ritual for me to sit in front of the TV or the computer, shifting between the Laker game being broadcast and this blog. And the next morning, this blog would be a must see for recaps, highlights, laughter, etc. I suspect that for innumerous other Laker fans, you guys and this blog have become a part of their Laker rituals, almost inseparable from the games themselves. And I think that's one of the best testaments to what a wonderful job you have been doing. So thank you, and I look forward to seeing your work in the future. Merry Christmas! Vonislav

BK & AK,
My hope for you is continued success in whatever direction you are aspiring to achieve. I did not know what a blog was until you guys came along. I didn't post at the beginning, but I've been reading your blog since it started. I'm in Memphis, so I needed this blog to get my Laker fix on. I'm gonna miss you guys. Will the blog be continued?, or is it shutting down?. May God continue to bless you


PS: Jon K (I am a girl)

Conrats guys, you deserve it. we follow you to ESPN now?


One last live game chat?


This truly was a shocker. But we're with you for the next phase.

Just like John K and other regular bloggers, I have been on this blog for almost its entire existence at LAT. You guys are the glue that keep us together, in bad times and good times. I access this blog daily from home, work, here in US and where ever when I'm on travel status. Your excellent posts of our favorite team will be surely miss! Well, I hope the journey (or opportunity as you described yesterday at the end of the Nets game) is worth it! Good luck to both of you at ESPNLosangeles. We will look you up starting tomorrow at your new address: (I hope it's correct address). I'm sure you will do a good job at covering LA sports but I doubt that you will have the freedom covering just one team, our Los Angeles Lakers, like the arrangement you have with the LAT.

Mamba 24, how about a final tribute roll call for the K Brothers!

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Say it isn't so. I wish you guys all the best.

Guys, you will be missed. I always made a point of reading your blogs before I did any work in the morning.
Thanks a lot and best of the luck for the future!

(Now if you're looking for a replacement I know a guy who would love the job ;P )

guys, whats the deal?

who's gonna blog for us now?


Any game links? Is this the end of live game chats? If they hire only one blogger, it might be.


AK and BK leaving us, eh? The LA Times must be really hurting for cash and brains... See you elsewhere online and thanks for the years of great Lakers coverage!

Fare thee well and met met indeed Brothers K...

thanks for all you have done and remember those immortal words of John W. O. Lennon M. B. E.:

"thanks, you've got a lucky face"

as well as his sage advice to the American teenager, which obviously applies to you two as well:

"don't get pimples"

and so as my Python (Monty) friends would say....wait for it....steady...

"don't let the door hit you in the ass you soggy gits"

seriously, thanks again...



"Jon K (I am a girl)"

Okay. Ummm... cool. Good to know.

If I use the male neuter form of "guys", please don't be offended by that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


What the hell happened?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I am declaring a permenant jihad against ESPN.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Dudes, what are we going to do?

We need to form some sense of concensus here and proceed forth.

We must keep the pack together.

Also does anyone have an idea of what just happened. Are the Kamenetzky Brothers leaving for more money? Is that what happened? In midseason? Really?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Stay cool, AK/BK.
As Jon K. puts it, Lakers for Life. Mamba is our King.

Lets see some defense Lakers.


Hard to say goodbye on a blog that was doing great run by the KBros. Well, we will see you on but it is no longer run by LAT. It would take sometime to replace the KBros creativity and professionalism in running this blog and at the same time giving freedom to express their own insights without editing its content. It took you more five seasons to make this blog an institution, I don't LAT will just let go a project that is working. You helped Lolo, Faith and others start their own blogs as a testament of your professionalism in assisting peers and possible competitors. Well, the blog pie is huge and their is a place for everyone. One thing sure, you don't have to sell the work of the Kamenetzky, it has been tested and proven. However, it will take sometime before posters will adjust to a new environment. Good luck and God bless on your curtain call thread.

To LAT (Randy Harvey in particular)

You already have a clue of what works in a blog. As you can see, you tried all kinds of bloggers in other sites from Adande, Kareem and several others, it was only the Kamenetzky blog that survived and created a Laker community. I'm sure you have some ideas who will run the blog. Well, Broderick Turner has been with the Lakers since the Magic Johnson era, perhaps you can try him if he can fill in the void of the KBros absence. It is not an easy task to take over and manage this blog. We have international talents here and emotions run high on the Laker passion as well as individual fan dome. I know the road the failure if you let the likes of Simers or Plaschke run this blog or someone like Heisler who have a preconceived opinion on every NBA subject matter. It is hard to discipline bloggers like Jon K, LakerTom, Laker Truth, WesJoe, Mamba24, Ex, Hobbitmage, Kblitz, Vman, Tim-4-show, phred, justanothermamba and many more if the new LAT blogger does not adhere in free give and take on Laker views. He should be strong enough to gain respect on the subject matter. When there is a question, a LAT blogger is qualified to provide an answer. You can't avoid posters like KAJ did in his blog. Well AK & BK were successful because they let the posters speak among themselves and performed the great job in moderating.

Guys, I'm so sad. I've been reading you only for two years but you have completely changed the way I follow the Lakers. Your work here is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Hey Jon K,

I have absolutely no idea at all what happened. I tune in yesterday just before the chat & find out my home away from home is going bye bye.

I'm happy for the K-Bros if this is indeed what they wanted and is good for them. Otherwise, I'm pissed my little family here may split up.

I'm going to check this site out to see what will be happening. I'm also going to check out the site where AK & BK will be - under my same name - to see what will be going on over there.

All I know for sure is that I want as little disruption & change as possible. Of course I also want world peace and we can all see how that is going...

What do you suggest?

No Jon... Don't go army against espn. I plan a ghandi approach there: rule them with grace. Nah, okay... Ain't gonna work; (I did set up an account there though...).

I am waiting for the game broadcast to' reprise I assume an easy win: we Are already dominating. This unless Kobe as well is shocked about the bros leaving from here.

I hope some insight will be provided soon after. It's gonna suck to' not have the game chat today. Would have been fun (NO) if the FunnyLosers (aka fakers) of yesterday would have again take their staged lameless up. Oh, well.

I really want the general way of this blog to keep its routine running. I won't have troubles in handling multiple doors open for Lakers ( not really multiple: this is my home, espn la will become my road to' KBros. I am teetotal and drug-free but I guess I can be' refined as A&B Kam junkie... ;)).

I hope there won't be too much of anarchy and that tomorrow all will be smoothly makeabke again.

Anyone else notice that there's been no word at all about the transition? It makes me wonder. Why all the silence? Hmmm.


Good Luck.

Hardly a day goes by without myself, family, and friends checking 'the Blog'

We'll miss you.


I think AK and BK are already gone. We're on auto pilot and interns.


There's not even a live chat today?

That sucks!

Dear K Bros,

This is a repost from previous thread, but it's more apt for this one.

It's redundant for me to say "thanks", but I don't care. You guys have provided such a wonderful forum to discuss any and all things Lakers. Your knowledge, research, wit and sense of perspective have made this site a great refuge for all the Laker faithful. As a result, of all the sports blogs I've visited, this one has the best family vibe to it.

Laker Tom, Jon K, Phred, et al, I haven't had time to post like before, but I've always enjoyed your insights and passion. Let's hope the new Laker blog-meisters will do a commendable follow-up job, and that our Laker fellowship will not be broken.

Your Laker friend, Laker Kev

PS, Laker Tom, Jon K, I feel your pain

Wow, this sucks. :(

I'm glad you're happy, or at least seem to be!, about your new opportunities, but damn, I'll miss you around here!

Good luck in your ventures and adventures...

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to address a specific question that's come up among the readers. The timing of our departure was unavoidable, because this is when ESPN Los Angeles is launching. If we didn't take the job now, it wouldn't be available at all. Obviously, it was a move we felt was necessary and positive, so we needed to leave during the season. Like everyone, the timing isn't what we'd prefer, but rarely is any situation perfect.

Anyway, I hope that clarifies the matter. And we truly appreciate the kind words from everyone. Take care and we hope to see you around.


wes - you may be right.... this totally & completely sucks.

I only hope tomorrow proves to be a better day...

Although I don't see how that will be possible...

I'm all GHE today & plan to be that way for awhile.

K bros-

Thanks for all the Lakers talk since 2005. Good luck! Hope to see you on TV and/or hear you on the radio in the future!



We'll all be here. Unless something tragic happens like they shut the whole operation down. But that would be stupid, being the best thing the Times offers by far. We'll see. I got mad at AK a lot, but you can't deny the dedication the brothers showed. They really, really set a high standard that I hope sticks around after they've left. They were there for us close to 18 hours a day and always classy.

So. Oh well.


Sorry, Floyd, I came here for an argument.

It will be hard for any other news source/blog/whatever fill the place that LakersBlog has had in my daily life for many years (usually as a lurker). This is truly a loss for everyone in the Lakers community, but I wish all the best to you two.

Fight on!

make the team in your image. trade with fellow GM's, draft the guys you want, sign the guys you want. manage the team from the front office to the hardwood while making some new friends.

Any game links guys?


Congratulations, Ks

I'm sure Mom is proud :)

We all appreciate this community you two helped create. Till later.

I take a break and when i'm back i found THIS???
Yeah, this sucks.
Well boys, you both did a very VERY good job creating this community. I thank you for all the good moments, and the bad ones too. I'll miss your mom's additions to the topics. We'll be orphans around here.
Love you guys,
Buena suerte!!

ooooooooo - when Mamba24 finds out about this you guys will be in big trouble...

And don't even get me started on what Faith will have to say....

K bros,
Can you give us an idea of what you will be doing at the new site, specifically in regards to the Lakers?

Thanks K Bros.


what's your yahoo email account again?

AK & BK,
THANK YOU! This has been my home away from home. Good luck on your new endeavors.

oh man. I had no idea. thats what i get from straying away from the blog this season.

Well, great thanks to all of the tremendous work you guys have done on this blog. You have really done great work journalistically using technology which is the essence of what a blog should be. By far you guys write the BEST section of the whole LaTimes regular news, other sports internet newspaper, etc. Seriously you guys have been fantastic and you two will succeed.

I am not sure if anyone is throwing it out there, but thanks for having the utmost patience and having a deep connection with fans...not necessarily readers...well perhaps the hybrid of both. Instead of being too high-brow and thinking that you should write and interact with readers who are not as smart or versed in Lakers news/knowledge/strategy etc like other writers/bloggers on this site, you give great cadence to the people who follow you guys write. That is something that is lost in this day and age. isnt technology there to make interaction better? of course, and you guys have done that. Big props guys.

good luck keep everyone posted and wherever you do resurface and some of us follow to see what you read, dont forget about the little people!

The Lake Show

many thanks Kbros!
ive been a regular reader/lurker for the past 2 years here though i seldom post.
thank you for making this blog wonderful.
good luck. spread the love of sports and of Lakers!

Thank you also guys! This is my favorite Laker blog.

Question!: Would you still be a laker fan after this?

Wes - see you found (and posted) a link... in the future, as long as they old threads are still up, you can always go back to previous live chats and click those links.

Jon and others.... I imagine that there's only so much more that the Kbros can say and post at this time but at least posts are still going through. I'm sure we can find a way to keep the gang together... whether it's here or elsewhere.

93-81 in Detroit in one of the easiest games ever. Great Ron Ron. Pretty improved Drew. A no hint game. Take note of the cave-mavs game instead. It's really a fight. I have to' go sleepin now cos in 6 hours I leave for a work trip to' Hannover and I fear the same mess Lakers faced in New Jersey due to' snow...

A final farewell filled with love to' Brian and Andy. As I land in Germany I will sneak in your new place and cheer. Though this is still my place. Cos here Are my fellow Lakerholics.

I hate goodbyes. I'm all for catch you soon again-s instead .

Stay cool brothers. And always ride wild the Lakers pride :)

before you leave, a great deal of thanks guys. this site is included in my delicious dayender and daystarter. even during lunch, and "sometimes" during my workhours. best of luck!

The Brothers K created an amazing community here.
There are so many blogs on the internets, but very few that fostered the feeling of being part of a shared experience.

I, like so many others, especially those of us who don't live in Southern California, found myself flipping back and forth between either a live link to the game or ESPN's gamecast, and the live chat. The game is just more fun when sharing it with fellow Laker fans. Even those that think the world is ending when the Lakers lose a quarter...

The intelligent and humorous writing that both Andrew and Brian brought to this blog were a cut above almost every other sports blog out there.

I wish them the very best and hope they continue to further their career.
Their talent should take them pretty, pretty far.

thanks fellas. appreciate you guys hunting down all the lakers stories and opinion peices across the world wide web. see you over at the WWL

I'm also pretty curious as to what is going to happen in the future. Are AK/BK going to be running a Lake Show blog over there? Who's getting the job to run the website here?

If they're having a call for applications, I'm throwing mine in the ring. It would be great to have a reason to move back to L.A. with some gainful employment.

This really was my little internet haven since I've been out here in West Texas. Thanks AK/BK for making this thing great.

If this is it, want to say shout out to my blog brothers before they turn out the lights.

AK and BK are right, this has been and is about US. Knuckle bump to y'all.

Wow. I come back after a while and this what I find? So sad. Haven't been this sad since AK and BK stopped the Dodger blog. You two will be missed

Thanks guys. This was the b-ball blog I read most consistently. Good luck.

AK, BK, I must say you leaving sucks more than a Sun Yue led fast break. This WAS the place to comment, find out news, see what others thought of the game, and get the latest on players injuries, contract disputes, and marriages to reality TV stars, you will be missed. Like Chick Hearn suddenly not being there, we will be forced to reminisce about these last five years.

Thanks Much

AK and BK,

Thanks so much for doing such an excellent job with this blog. I'm a diehard Laker fan, and I've enjoyed getting my news and well-balanced commentary from you two the most. You guys are very talented and will go on to write more great stuff at ESPN LA, where I'll be following along.



Vman - I doubt the lights will be going out... the Times online grows their readership through venues like this. The blog's grown a lot since its inception, they'll likely want to keep it rolling and try to avoid any major erosion. Of course, there's other Lakers blogs out there and that will include the Kbros new venture... we should all try to keep some cyber continuity going with existing blog handles, etc... we've gotten to know each other over the course of years and it would be a shame to let that go.

And........After allowing Celtics fans in NOT EVEN A THANKYOU.....

See what type of people we are dealing with.......

You could at least thank AK/BK........gee.....The nerve of some people....

AK & BK, sad to see you two leave. I never posted much, but followed the LakersBlog almost daily (sometimes several times daily). I'm guessing your podcast will still run, as it's hosted by ESPN?

Anyway, good luck to your new endeavor. ESPN is a big opportunity, and I'm sure we'll see your talented work rise to the top. Looking forward to the day I can look on's front page and see the regular Kam Bros feature, and say "I remember back when they were on one of the back pages..."

Best Wishes,


nooOOooOOooo! wait are we still going to have this blog? :(

Thank you AK and BK. This has been a great blog with a great feel.
Perfect match for a great team! All the best in the future.

:( :(

i remember when the blog still had that yellow background


So now that ESPN’s grand plan to expand their empire into regional and local sports has lured the KamBros away from the LA Times, what should we expect tomorrow morning. Will there be a new host or hosts? Maybe the Times will get real smart and hire Kevin Ding to take over. Now that would be a sweet move. More likely, we’ll be given a handful of guest moderators from among the LA Times dwindling stable of writers. Imagine T.J. Simers hosting the LA Times Lakers Blog? For some reason, I am hoping the Times realizes what they have and make the right moves. I hate ESPN and would prefer to stay here if they can continue what’s right.
No matter how you slice it, though, this means a splintering of the community we all have grown to love. Some of us will stay with the Times out of loyalty. Others will migrate to the KamBros new site on I doubt the KamBros will recreate the same site for ESPN. Andy and Brian more likely want to spread their wings and seek new universes to conquer, aside from the obvious financial advantages they will surely enjoy. I just hope they don’t end up doing a watered down version of the Blog where the focus is on ALL LA sports and not just the Lakers. That would be a travesty. AK and BK on the NBA rather than the Lakers. Or AK and BK honking the ESPN King James bandwagon. If so, that is a loss to Lakers fans worldwide.

They may still be in LA but if ESPNLA continues to display the headlines only shallow approach to sports with a heavy East coast bias that makes you grind your teeth in frustration, they won’t be seeing me pay any Insider fees. Far as I am concerned, AK and BK are just like favorite players who have been traded. I wish them well and hope for the best but they’re no longer part of the team. That may be harsh but that’s how it feels to me right now. We’re old news, a temporary anomaly of creativity that existed for a wondrous four years but now must fade into history as ESPN begins its conquest of local and regional sports to our detriment.


I predict the K bros to be very successful in their endevours. Godspeed. Thanks for the memories.

Congrats on your new gig.

I'll miss the Bros who had the class and poise to take more than they dish.

I'll miss the easy access to Laker info and analyses that you guys reliably provided.

I'll miss the B, S & T we never saw, the give and take which you generously allowed.

Looking forward to your continued success.

ESPN is lucky to have you.

Coming soon: KBros @

All the best to you KBros! And thanks for the years of great Lakers coverage!

I've been coming here since this blog started. Wishing the best for the Kbros! You guys will be missed! Good luck! Go Lakers!!

AK/BK -- You have run this blog like a blog should be run. It is obvious that you both puts tons of effort into it with all the very, very regular updates. Your tremendous enthusiasm and levity and comes shining through, but at the same time you both treat all the users of the blog with first rate respect. Congrats on the new position, they could not have picked better candidates for a Lakers blog on ESPN-Los Angeles. Good luck to you and I am glad that Vonislav Waferdenko got a chance to get a few last thoughtful words in.

LT - well stated but no need to fade into history yet. This blog worked in large part to the K-bros wit, talent and dedication but don't forget the bloggers' role in it all. I remember being impressed by your writing from the earliest days on this blog. You developed, from being a great analysis guy, to having a unique, humorous and very human take on things Laker-centric and much more. If you hang in there, this blog will be the better for it.

I've been following the Lakers Blog for at least 3 years and never got the courage to actually post anything. I feel like I know AK/BK and all the regular members here like an extended family. When a game is on, I log into the live chat and as I told hubbie, it's like watching a live Lakers' game with a bunch of cranky and crazy buddies (meant in a most endearing way). I guess, this is as good a time as any, to post something and expressed my appreciation for what the K-bros have done for this blog.

As someone who once grew a community website from 3 to 3000 members, I respect the firm yet compassionate manner with which AK/BK ran this site. They made everyone feel included, yes, even the trolls (though many of us would love to throttle them with our mouse cords).

Lakers Blog is my destination several times a day, at the top of my bookmark list, and the first place I go to every day. I love this blog and everyone who contributes to it in one way or another, from Mamba24's roll call, to Laker Tom's insightful analysis, Jon K's razor sharp humor, funny Phred and many others (in fact, I have grown quite fond of our resident troll, Red's Love Child, too).

I'm not sure what's gonna happen to this wonderful blog once the K-bros are gone. Perhaps it'll keep on going, and we all hang around until it dies a natural death from neglect (or worse, mismanagement). But one thing for sure, it'll never be the same without the K-bros.

But you can't hide great talent, and sooner or later, we know the K-bros will be 'discovered' and lured by something better. So a better opportunity comes along and we understand it's something that you should pursue and we're happy for you to take the next step in your career.

So a BIG thank you for all that you've done for us here, and all the best!

didn't think horrible news can come from the lakers camp in the midst of a 4 game win streak, but you have done it... hopefully the comments are true, and that we will see you on

best of luck on your new ventures (which I hope you will keep us updated on where to follow you somehow), and in the meantime, we will miss you!

GREAT JOB for Last 4 years !

It becomes my habit every morning coming to read LAtimes and Laker's blog here. There is a lot of great story... especially we share the moments of 81, MVP and championship again. It was a great 4-year journey.

All the best to you guys. You will have a very successful life.

TAKE CARE. Will search where you will go online.

sad to hear u guys are leaving. u guys made this a fun place. good luck

The K Brothers:

You are truly a class act. I've spent lots of hours here, and I've enjoyed every moment. Thank you for everything you've done for us zealous, over-the-top, fanatical Lakers fans. I wish you both only the best.

To my Lakers family: Can't wait to celebrate on Figueroa with you again in 2010.

Go Lake Show!

Jad (aka The Outlaw)


Where will we go now?

Sad day. This, like many people have said, has been my top source for Lakers info and fun reading from both you guys, AK/BK and the bloggers. Have come here every day in the last 3 or 4 years. I still remember the first time I clicked onto the blog link. The LATimes Lakers section said, "The Kamenetzky Brothers have the dirt on the Lakers" or something to that effect. I was intrigued, and started since that day following the blog. This has blog community has been like an extended family just from reading what people say, and what AK/BK write. So it's truly sad that you guys won't be part of this community anymore. I'm happy you guys are getting the recognition you deserve, though.

Your numbers (though I don't know what they would be) should be retired in the Lakers blogosphere, next to other greats such as, well I don't know. You guys are the George Mikans of Lakers blogging.

Permission denied.


That sucks.

We sure will miss you guys.

Good luck with your future undertaking.

Thanks a lot for the Lakers support you all have given through your hard work.

Here's hoping to see more of you guys in the future, here or wherever.


I agree...where will we go?

WOW!! I had no idea this was happening. Selfishly, I'm extremely depressed. I love this blog- and it's my number one site for following the lakers. I've loved all of the Kam Bro's witty and insightful posts. I don't post much, or follow the live blogs, but I check multiple times a day. This is really sad.


Thanks for everything. You guys have been great, and I'll certainly miss the forum. As an aspiring sports writer, you've been inspirational. I've enjoyed your work immensely, and look forward to reading you on ESPN LA. Congrats on the new gig...

I knew this was coming, but I feel like I'm in mourning. We gotta all stick together, friends. Every one of you who posts is as important as who hosts the blog., now what?

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