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Goodbye and thank you

December 20, 2009 |  2:00 pm
As some of you may already know, today marks our last day at the Los Angeles After more than four years spent running and growing Lakers Blog, this was not a decision taken lightly. In the end, though, we felt it best to pursue new opportunities. We're proud of the work we did at and the site we leave behind. With that in mind, it would be wrong not to point out those who've played a key role assisting us.

We'd like to thank the Los Angeles Times staff and editors (especially Tony Pierce, Barry Stavro, Mike James and Randy Harvey) for their continual support and enthusiasm. Brian and I were afforded an astonishing amount of freedom to push boundaries, take creative risks and generally think outside the box, allowing us to bring our personalities into the blog and make basketball what it should be: fun. There aren't a lot of mainstream outlets that would let "shrimp on a treadmill" become a recurring character, but we lucked out landing with one that did. We also want to thank Mike Bresnahan both for the recommendation that helped us land our job at the Times, and his advice as we learned the ropes. He's a good guy and a great beat writer.

Most of all, Brian and I want to thank Lakers Blog's readership for its presence, energy, loyalty. We took this position in 2005 with the goal of creating a vibrant online community- I believe our exact words were "a sports bar on the Internet"- but even in our most ambitious moments couldn't have pictured a "Champps" quite this electric. Fostering a place where Lakers fans from all over the world can meet to share a common passion has been an enormous source of pride for us. Whatever success we've achieved in developing the site is based on the unfailing contributions from everyone around the blogosphere. For that, we thank you.