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Artest, Bryant making improvements

Ron Lakers forward Ron Artest, who suffered a concussion that forced him to miss Saturday night's game against the Sacramento Kings, saw a neurologist for the second consecutive day Sunday in Los Angeles and has shown signs of improvement, the Lakers said after practice Sunday.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, who has yet to speak with Artest, said he was hopeful that his 30-year-old small forward would be able to play Monday night when the Lakers face the Suns in Phoenix.

Artest will be re-evaluated again Monday before a decision is made.

He was hurt after Friday night's game when Artest fell down a flight of stairs at his home while carrying boxes at his home.

Artest injured his elbow and had to get stithces to the back of his head. He was treated at the UCLA Medical Center emergency room Friday night.

As for Kobe Bryant, he said his strained right elbow "is fine" and that he will play agaisnt the Suns.

Bryant was injured right at the end of the third quarter during Saturday night's game against the Kings.

"It's still a little sore," Bryant said. "But it's good enough."

Bryant participated in a little of practice Sunday.

Bryant called his injury a stinger that will go away.

He also has a fractured right index finger that he has to deal with.

Still, Bryant was looking forward to playing against the Suns.

The Lakers have beat the Suns twice this year and by easy margins.

But the Lakers are coming off a double-overtime victory Saturday night in which many of their players played heavy minutes.

Bryant played 51 minutes, Pau Gasol 51, Lamar Odom 50 and Derek Fisher 40.

"This is going to be big challenge for  us,": Bryant, said. "I'm interested to see how we respond to it."

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Ron Artest tries to get past Minnesota's Ramon Sessions during a game on Dec. 11. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Iron Man Kobe B. truly is an incredible fella. I want him to' rest, but at the same time it's hard not to go after his competitive, made-of-steel attitude in honour of which he looks farward to tomorrow game.

I can just admire him. Completely.

And then PRAY no major injury will affect him (which sounds scary considering he plays with a broken finger, stringed elbows and bummed knee... ).

Kobe, Kobe... You're one of a kind. The bestest of kinds.

Mr. Turner, I'd like to quiz you on our today's Lakers. Based on your expansive experience with the team, how do you assess the situation on the heavy minutes played by Kobe, Gasol, Fisher as we go forward to more road trips and in mid season? Did Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Wilkes, Nixon played more than 40 minutes at the beginning of any season?

What do you recommend for this team on the coaching staff and the Lakers front office?

Blog hosts and Bynum.

I like the BYnum off the bench idea mostly because of team speed. With Fish a year older and no Trevor, we've slowed down.

Host wise, not a problem to surf for analysis, it would be nice to get the posts up in a timely manner. This forum will always be about the blog brethren. Hopefully the new guy will approach the gig accordingly.

Winning cures all. GO Lakers

Continually having to scrape and scramble to beat those NBA also rans in OT and getting blown out by the real title contenders is going to result in one worn down Kobehog and an even softer Paula Go-Soft come playoff time.

Second round and then it is Cancun time for Lakers

Edwin, No need to ask Broderick these's questions you have the Laker community. Think about it, there's Laker Tom, Jon K, Mamba24, Just another mamba fan, just to name a few. We have a ton on knowledge and 2 tons of opinions. Laker Tom what's up with Drew? Give me some insights to what's going on with him.

Edwin: i agree with your previous post regarding Bynum and LakerTom. Keep posting your objective thoughts! Go Lakers!!


you wrote: But does that mean trade him in December, because as spoiled world champion fans the lakers should have lost 4 games (at this point) and not 5. It's ridiculous when you really think about it.

my response: I care less about having lost 4 games and more about *how* we
lost 4 games. It *really* bothers me to see our players doggin' it and not giving
the effort, after watching a Rocket lose 5 teeth and not miss a game! How does
a 7-ft giant get out worked by a non-HOFer who is 6'6? Everything has been
handed to him on a silver plate and it doesn't seem to be enough to motivate him.

Laker Kev,

you wrote: Hobbit, you are sounding like the next emperor of the Bynum fan club...then again maybe not.

my response: LakerTom seems to be becoming neurotic because Bynum isn't
living up to the hype of the summer and he's being called on it. I've taken up
the task of solidarity due to the season. Somebody's got to stand with
LakerTom while Bynum is pissing in the wind. Who care's if Bynum pisses
on himself and the Laker fans? We're supposed to be a cyber family, so I'm
going to stand next to LakerTom and accept the Golden Shower. A comrade
in arms. Necessary gear for the shower: Rose-colored sun glasses and one
of those scuba dry suits, because Bynum has a bladder the size of New Jersey.

Loved your post! Can't really talk about it now. Standing next to LakerTom.
Go Bynum!

Edwin Gueco,
Loved your post! Can't really talk about it now. Standing next to LakerTom.
Go Bynum!

Man, I hate when common thinking belittles new ideas. There should be no sacred cows when it comes to expressing ones' "ideas". Therefore, I will AGAIN put my thoughts out there simply BECAUSE it is what's on my mind.
Point 1. We won last year with Bynum playing a small role and limited minutes.
Point 2 Gasol IS A GOOD Center.
Point 3 Lamar IS A GOOD PF
Point 4 Artest is a serious upgrade (in my opinion) at the 3
Point 4 Kobe is the best of the best at the 2
Therefore my real point is... Why can we NOT entertain the IDEA that if we are able to trade Bynum for a PG of the future, that we wouldn't be better off?
Am I saying that Bynum won't be good? no
Am I saying that if we do hold onto him that he will develop? I think he will.
All I am saying is that Gasol is a good center and we have what we need. Trading Bynum (who is a valuable asset) for a Point Guard we can use NOW AND will also be a good investment in our future is not WRONG! Why are people afraid, intimidated, or reluctant to even talk about it? I don't get it. It's not like Bynum is royalty. He hasn't been a warrior for us that we couldn't stand to part with.
Let's at least admit that Bynum has become a sacred cow partly because Jimmy Buss drafted him and that he might very well develop into a nice player.
It is my belief that Bynum is having a very difficult time playing alongside the players we have NOW. He played VERY WELL Until when..... that's right, when Gasol came back! Since then, he has struggled.
A GOOD Point Guard will be a great investment for us for YEARS! If Bynum goes to the bench now (which is what should happen), how is that maximizing our investment? A good Point Guard would dramatically improve things for us and also would probably include a valuable backup to Lamar, Gasol or Artest.
I hate when people jump on an idea and call it stupid. I am just speaking my mind and I don't think I'm alone. I had the same thoughts over the summer and out of defference to some of you here, I put my thought about Bynum away. Well, you all had 5 months since then and now look at us.... back where we started.
If we asked Kobe if this would be a good idea or not, I bet Kobe would be with me on this! I think Kobe would say, we need to add another point guard. Let's use Bynum to get him. We would still have Fish, right?

I know that as Lakers loyals, we want our team to win every game. I am not, by any means, saying that winning every game is NOT important. I am, however, of the opinion that when our SUPERSTAR is suffering from a fractured index finger, a strained right elbow and a strained knee he should not be playing 51 minutes; neither should Gasol or Lamar for that matter!!

Our great coach PJ needds to get the rest of the roster involved!!!! Aren't they all getting paid for their professional services? Don't they all get RINGS when the team wins a championship? Well, make them train harder, teach them and coach them to become better players and grant them the PT and the opportunity to earn their keep, and their rings: otherwise, trade them! But do not jeopardize anyone's health for the sake of winning or because we stubbornly believe that "if I/he don't get it done then who will" unless - as any champion would react - the championship game is on the line.
Let's not sacrifice more for less... especially at the beginning of the season!


I have been reading this blog for a couple of years now and have only recently started posting, albeit infrequently. But one of the reasons that I have kept coming back is the enjoyment I have gotten from reading Laker Tom's posts. I have found his insights and opinions to be thoughtful and well written. He has been criticized in the past for the length of his posts but I think that is just plain silly. This is clearly a labor of love for him, as it is for many others here. There is nothing wrong with being an unabashed Lakers fan AND an Andrew Bynum supporter, even if LT's ode to Andrew can be a little over the top. So what? I'll take passion over blandness and groupthink any day. Some of the recent testiness on both sides of the Bynum issue though has left me a little saddened. I believe that a wide range of opinions is what makes this community as vibrant as it is. My wish is that we do so without the rancor and petulance creeping in of late.

My feelings about one Andrew Bynum? I believe Andrew's potential is extraordinary. Talk of trading him at this stage of his career is wrongheaded and uber shortsighted. He can and will develop his considerable talent. But I am very concerned with his frequent negative body langauge and the conspicuous lack of effort that he has shown over the past few weeks. Pau in the paint may account for a decrease in his effectiveness but I expect full bodied effort from every Laker player regardless of the line up on the floor. Bynum may not always have 20/10 nights and that's more than fine, but by God he should at least "DieTryin'!" Sorry couldn't resist. In short, my wish is that Andrew takes a page from Laker Tom and demonstrate the same degree of effort to his job as LT has to the blog.

Best wishes of the season to all.

Ex~ I like the idea of bringing Andrew in off the bench. The risk of him pouting as he has done in the past is offset by taking some of the starter expectation to perform away and giving him more room to operate when Pau is getting a blow. After all he put up excellent numbers when Gasol was hurt.

Lakersfan wrote:
Yeah, sure Drew is one of the best centers in the league today compared to whom? Just think at one time these centers were competing against each other, Kareem, Hakeem, Robert Parish, Ewing, young Shaq ( who got is rear kicked by Kareem in his waning years) and many others
Who of us here did not simply fill in the blanks for this guy KNOWING he was talking about Hakeem The Dream? I think The Green Asterisk is splitting hairs here.

Johnny V, I hear you and you make sense; it is 5 years now and the case is closed on Andy Bynum, if he were truly were going to be a great center it would have happened by now. Your problem is he is being paid like he is a great center and you can't unload the $58 million dollar contract. Bummer but you are stuck with him, his contract and his pretty mediocre game through 2013.

can someone tell me what the heck is wrong with Bynum? dude has just disappeared lately, is he sick or a baby or just another Benoit Benjamin?
man I would hate to think the Lakers wasted so much on him...he seems like a lazy bum?

So now even the Lakers front office agrees that Artest needs to have his head examined?!??!

Kobe reminds me of the Monty Python's black knight. It's only a flesh wound !!! Were his arm ripped off during a game, couldn't you see him saying that and continuing? Were his leg ripped off during a game, couldn't you see him saying that?



Nice name !!

As a patriot, I may not agree with what you say, but - as long as you're not a troll and you're constructive - I will die for your right to say it.

And, at the risk of hurting my rep and people's feelings, your idea of trading Bynum for a point guard is not totally insane. We reaaaaaaally lack a good point guard. For that matter, we lack anybody who can consistently knock down an open shot (let alone create their own).

I also agree that Bynum has NOT been the key to our success. We did not get to the finals and win the next year because of him. That said, when he got his mojo up, he blocked and altered a lot of shots in the playoffs.

Sort of the question is, do we lose more or gain more by the trade. Since Pau is sooo good, and Mbenga a reasonable plug in the dyke. We would not become weak at center with the disappearance of AB.

On the other hand, we have serious room for improvement at the point guard position. It is, along with our whole second unit, the hole in our armor. Sealing that leak could make a tremendous difference.

On the whole, I tend to agree with you. The guard would have to be a proven factor. And, we must realize that we may have to contend with regret when Bynum becomes the predicted beast.


She of this, Die Trying is totally right. We need to put Bynum in the second unit. Why? It is totally undeniable that Bynum's effectiveness disappeared as soon as he started playing with Pau. When he is the lone big man he does much better. I bet giving him the down low to himself would INSTANTANEOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY make Bynum's numbers soar.


LakerTom & Laker fam,

LT - Great to see you back on here brother. I've been hammering some of these guys pretty hard on the live game chats in regards to Andrew Bynum, especially the fools who blame Bynum for everything that goes wrong during the course of a game(Kobefan in Cupertino, LAL_Fan, K-O-B-E, Hobbitmage among others). Instead of commenting on every player and the game in its entirety, they blast Bynum for every rebound and block we don't get, every shot or FT missed and every blown defensive assignment or rotation. Seriously, some of these guys even ask why didn't Drew do this or that when he isn't even in the game!!!

As you mentioned, I have no qualms about fans criticizing Drew because I have criticized his game as well even though I'm a big supporter of Bynum. What bothers me is when fans fail to recognize how Drew's PRESENCE along with Pau changes the game drastically for us and opposing teams(even opposing coaches and players have stated this). If playing two 7 footers at the same time is easy, then why aren't many teams doing it??? Because very, very few teams have two skilled 7 footers that can play on both ends of the floor. This is why PJ will stick with the script regardless of some these so called fans on here say, because PJ knows better than most how having Drew and Pau in at the same time CHANGES the complexion of the game. This is also the reason LO is coming off the bench and Mbenga will hardly see any playing time at all this season. For those clamoring for Mbenga or a trade, they're missing the point here. Mbenga, while aggressive defensively is an offensive liability and limited. Trading a 22 year old big man with post up skills is ridiculous. Maybe some of you on here would like to trade Bynum to the Blazers for PG Bayless since many on here are pining for a PG. I'll tell you right now that if Bynum went to the Blazers, they'd be a bigger threat to the Lakers than anyone else in the west.

Finally, I expect Bynum to still have an impact on our goal to repeat and win titles for years to come. I laugh at you guys that want him gone or benched because PJ won't do it, he's to smart. Besides, PJ stuck with Kwame Brown for three years so that should tell you something. Sorry folks, barring an injury, Andrew will not be heading anywhere soon other than the starting lineup night after night. If some of you don't like it, tough. Live with it.

Sorry, but any talk of trading Andrew Bynum is a sure sign of basketball ignorance. JohnnyV, you use the fact that the Lakers won the title last year with a limited Andrew as a reason why the Lakers could trade him for an upgrade at the point. You seem to ignore, however, the fact that the Lakers won the title last year with Derek Fisher at the point. If the Lakers end up meeting the Celtics in the finals, you can be darn sure that we'll need Andrew Bynum.

As for the ridiculous loyalty to Lamar Odom, and the steadfast refusal by virtually everyone on this blog to apply the same standard to his play that they apply to Andrew's play, I'm blown away. LO is one of the most inconsistent players in the league, and a guy who routinely fails to live up to his ability (or is 6 points against Cleveland all you think he can offer?)

I'm not defending Andrew's effort, which I think has been less than ideal of late. However, to bash Bynum for his lack of effort while extolling the virtues of Lamar Odom is simply unfair, and the idea of trading a 22 year old center with the ability that Andrew has is simply dumb.

Excellent post DieTryin, great insights.

Carlos DeeP and some others,

Agree with your assessment except for one, Phil cannot make bums play like a players and he knows, we got to win as much as possible because home court in playoffs means a lot. You said "Trade them". Mitch was able to do the trick couple times, get Gasol for next to nothing and get Ariza for almost nothing. Don't you think league already knows Sasha is a shooter who can’t shot, Farmar is PG who can’t shot/defend or anything in betweeen? Who else they going trade? Luke? Please be real... Except Adam’s expiring contract we have no tradable assets. And don’t forget, triangle is not something you can pick up on the middle of the season. So we stuck pretty much.


We all due respect, your fascination with Bynum bugs me. Kind reminds me MikeT/Kwame saga, pardon for my comparison. Did you even watch last night game? Bynum was not moving at all, he was like either under the weather, or lazy, or did not care or anything in between. And he is playing like that already for considerable amount of time, since Pau got back. What is going on? He’s not a Bynum who was on tear in November, looking like a legit treat to Dwight Howard for supremacy in many years to come. Now I’m feeling shame because I voted for Bynum in ALL Star and he is not an ALL Star by any stretch of imagination. Let’s be real; he is not playing like an average Center as of now. So, instead of continue your pointless defense of Bynum let’s try to get to the bottom, because now he is not looking like someone deserving this rich paycheck from Lakers.

Have any of you been over to kbros new site? It just seems that their writing is different. Can't put my finger on it but it's just not as interesting as their articles were on this one. Oh well - best of luck to them.

Jon K - you should apply for the vacant job here.

1. You are a Laker lover through and through.
2. You hate the celtics.
3. You dont' idolize lbj.
4. You have interesting insights and thoughts about the different players.
5. You're willing to hear other people's p0ints of view. (except about Walton and other trades we need)
6. You would come up with a lot of entries so us Laker bloggers can get our fix.

I gotta say, the regular season bores me to no end nowadays. Phil Jackson is coaching to test his players and then putting Kobe and the starters in at the end to bail the team out if needed. Its old hat. It doesn't happen all the time, but everything that he (and Popovich) does is typically a setup for the playoffs.

Its not playing to win the game, its playing to win it all. Great, I love championships, but I feel its pretty inexperienced people that jump on or off the bandwagon at this point in the season. For me, and I know for alot of the vets on this blog, we know the routine...and it feels, routine.

This whole Artest thing has me pretty worried. We've not been told the whole story. Something a little weird is going on.

When is Luke getting back?

I'm sorry, but with playing such a shallow bench (which I am TOTALLY AGAINST!!!! Do we want to wear out and strain our starters?!?!?!), we need Luke back and quick.

Not only is he the glue of the bench, but with Thriller out, Luke should start and Lamar should push the bench.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Personally I think blowout games are not to the benefits of the winning team; simply because it gives the winner false over confidence at the same time it will push the loser to play much harder to redeem their miserable loss. Now, in response to the Green Asterik; all I want to say it it is just wishful thinking; and I gather the Green here indicates Celtics green. As a die-hard Lakers fan, I have no ill wishes towards any of the Celts players; just let the better team win; and not posting any idiotic wishful thinking. Pitiful!!!

I personally don't think it would be a good idea to trade Andrew at this time, if it comes to a point when the team must trade him. Why? Because with his current play (I am referring to his December Debacle), no GM would part with a quality big that is at least equivalent to a Drew playing well in November (nearly 20/10/3 in p/r/b). The most we can get is probably a second tier center with no (or very minimal) upside. That IS NOT a wise decision!

I'd rather keep Drew and hope that he turns his game around and become at least a 15/10/2+ player ('07-'08 stats). He is 15/8/1.7 right now, though I admit his overall effectivity at the moment is suspect. If he goes back to being a 20/10/3, then swell! I am still hopeful that the chance of that happening is going to get better in the coming weeks.

One thing I noticed about Drew's recent play is that he seems to lack energy. It doesn't seem to be knee-injury related as I saw him elevate a few times. I think he's more winded, which is closer to having a respiratory ailment -- which has been reported a couple of times.

As an example, in one play in the Cleveland game, I saw how he battled Shaq in the paint, pushing and shoving and finally being able to seal off Shaq away from the basket. When a Cavs player took a shot and missed, Drew's big body took out the Cavs leaving him alone for the rebound. What got my attention was that even as the ball bounced towards Drew, he DIDN'T actively jump towards it to snare it; rather, he stood rooted to the ground. The ball eventually got close enough to him that he just stretched his arm to get it. IF any of the Cavs hustled, they could have easily taken the ball away. I did notice that he seemed winded down and was kind of breathing heavily.

I think plays like that illustrate someone who gets tired easily. I see Drew have short explosive bursts, only to lag behind and slow down considerably afterwards. I think he may have issues with his endurance at the moment: remember when he used to run the floor in November, being among those who reach the basket first? I can't recall seeing him do those anymore in last last few weeks.

Maybe he needs to get checked up; maybe he needs to work on his cardio a bit more; maybe he needs to develop his endurance as well.

And maybe... just maybe, it may behoove us Lakers Fans to be supportive instead of destructive. I don't mean for us to gloss over Drew's failures... far from it. Let us examine his every shortcoming, with the intent of finding out how to fix it. And not just him... with all Lakers.

So to those who advocate trading Bynum... give the guy a break, and unless a reasonable exchange can be made, then don't bother wasting energy into it. As I mentioned above, I'd rather have Bynum with his huge upside, rather than trade him for a 2nd tier or aging center (with parts) with no upside.

But we should also temper our sometimes unrealistic expectations that every game should be a masterpiece. There will be ugly games that will result in wins for us -- that should be okay. There will be nights when we lose -- that should be okay. The point is, let's encourage our team and each other. There WILL be disappointments, but the true test of a true fan is someone who can take a bad game in stride and focus on the next game.

After all, we aren't playing for the best record (although getting it is a bonus). We aren't playing for specific games (though a good game every time is ideal). We are playing for (in the words of Jon K), RINGS!

I've been a true-Purple&Gold since I saw Jerry West play. I've never switched teams even during the Lakers dark ages of the early to mid 90's. I never bought into the Jordan mass hysteria, as Magic will always be the greatest of all time for me (Kobe is a very close second *grin*). I didn't bat an eyelash when Devean George, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, and Smush were starters (with The Bean). I'm not about to beat down on the current Lakers (and Bynum) over a few bad games.

I will continue to cheer, to encourage, and hope good things for the Lakers -- for I believe that is what a true fan is. And if ever I have some bit of bile in me, I'll fling it the opponent's way.

Lakers Faithful all the way!


"Why can we NOT entertain the IDEA that if we are able to trade Bynum for a PG of the future, that we wouldn't be better off?"

Because in most systems the point guard is the quarterback of the team, but in the Triangle the point guard is more like the left guard of the team and the center more like the center linebacker (or at least star tight end--from an offensive standpoint).

My footballerific point is that a dominating center will fare far better (and play a far bigger role) than an electric point guard in The Triangle... such a center also better empowers us to win.

So, all this trade talk of Bynum is COMPLETE nonsense.

Our best trade asset is Adam Morrison. I like the kid, but he has to produce and NOW.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You are like Juror 8 in "12 Angry Men". Trying to convince the rest of the bloggers that Bynum is going to be the beast.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

We're all rooting for him to break out but there is something wrong in his mind.

Johnny V,

I'm not afraid to talk about trades. I see the writing on the wall. As I've said for years on this blog, it's all about the playoffs, dammit. Certain bloggers here get excited over regular season games. I don't. I'm too damned greedy; I only want rings for my Lakers. So I don't post much when the Lakers win, but when the Lakers lose, I post alot. Because wins don't mean that much except in the playoffs.

That said, there's no way we get passed Western Conference teams with our current roster of an unfocused, uncaring fat ass named Andrew Bynum, a soft-man named Pau, and a D. Fish, a man I admire, so I will not insult.

The problem is that we win alot of games against teams because they don't have the Laker kryptonite; an effective PG coupled with a thuggish front-line. Teams that do have this kill us.

Denver, for example, has our number. They should have won last year, but they were inexperienced and unfocused. Mark my words, with our current roster, no way we get passed the Nuggets this year.

And even if we, can you imagine the butt-kicking we'll get from Boston in the Championships?

What's the solution? We must address our PG and front line situation NOW.

Phil Jackson, a genius of a man, is making a crucial mistake by not starting either Farmar or Shannon more. I love Fish, but we can't go another year with small, fast PGs beating us up. Also, Fish doesn't shoot a high FG%, so he can't offset the scoring of the guards that torch him; which is why we get Kobe going into Kobe-Mode and overshooting, unless our bigs compensate for the scoring Fish gives up (more on that in a minute).

Fish should be a backup; a stabilizer for the bench, and used in crucial moments in the game. Shannon or Farmar should be starting. This won't happen, though. Why?

My feeling is that PJ doesn't want to demote one of his his captains, fearing a break in chemistry and emotional turmoil for the team. Moreso, I really think PJ feels that Fish is the only Laker than can control Kobe. Kobe is something of a bully to his teammates, except for Fish, whom he respects. If Phil demotes Fish, who will reel in Kobe when Kobe gets wild-eyed? Farmar, the Dumbo-eared virgin? Shannon, who is happy he's even in the NBA?

Regarding our center position; deep inside, I like Bynum. I think he has potential. What I don't think he has is drive and determination. This may be because his mentor is Kareem, who isn't exactly a passionate fellow himself. Bynum is also young; he has millions of dollars at his disposal, and he's been partying with Hugh.

But moreso, I think Bynum feels like the little brother who's always left out.

You have Pau, who's the number 2 option on the team working the key. You have Kobe doing what Kobe wants to do. Artest is always going to get attention. So then you have Bynum, who gets lost in the shuffle, and I think this bothers him, emotionally. If Bynum feels left out; he checks out.

So the real issue is, how do you get Bynum to buy into his role on the team? I think Phil wants him to concentrate on being either a defensive specialist, or a rebounding monster. Problem is, Bynum feels his only way of truly getting attention is to score. But you have Kobe and Pau for that. You see the problem?

Should he be traded? Yes, BUT ONLY IF we can get a top level PG for him. Otherwise, we have to work with him and get his head into the game. Phil has his work cut out for him, and something tells me Bynum doesn't 'properly respect' Phil.

The Clippers are only down by two to the Celtics at half.

Let's go Clippers!

Go Clippers!!!


I totally agree with you, Johnny V. Bynum hasn't figured out how to play alonside Pau. PG is by far our weakest position and I just don't understand why Shannon isn't getting the bulk of the minutes there- yeah, he can be inconsistant at times, but you can't tell me that D Fish has been the poster boy for that category this season. I'm not sure who we could get in return, but I would have no problem packaging Bynum, Farmar, and Vujastink in a deal for a top notch guard. If the Buss' won't ship him out, then he should at least be playing with the second unit so he can have more room to operate on the box.

Bynum needs to pick up a few more offensive moves, it seems his only move is to catch on the block on the left hand side, crouch and dribble with his right hand towards the basket, and then go up with this jump hook. That is really all I see him doing. It is so choreographed that opposing PG's sometimes block his shot from behind.

If Bynum is isolated 10' from the basket one on one, I don't think he's got any kind of move he can do. He has to catch low post to be a threat.

Pau, on the other hand, has a plethora of options and moves, including going up and hitting the 10' shot.

I'm not sure what Bynum worked on this off season offensively, don't see much progress over last year. COrrect me if I'm wrong...

I'm not down on the guy, I think he has potential and the Lakers need a BEAST on the inside to win deep in the playoffs. However, I am sort of chagrined that he has not developed more on the offensive end.

Defensively, he doesn't seem to move his feet and get in a position to defend, especially with a point guard coming at him.

Trading him for a PG? does the triangle need an upgrade at PG? We need some kind of physical beast down low. A presence that causes fear. Hopefully that is what he gets molded into, but I'm not sure if he buys into that.

But as far as him wanting to score and that being his desire when he's out there?? Learn some moves first!


Just wanted to say that I stand firmly with Laker Tom, Fearless, Nemaia and a few others. #1 - don't even think about trading Bynum. It's sheer foolishness. #2, although Drew has functioned well with the second unit in the past, I don't think now is the time to revisit that. We don't even have a real second unit right now, the bench players have clearly demonstrated that they need a babysitter out there and Pau's the best guy to slide over and anchor that part of the rotation (which usually includes Odom at the 2 and Bryant at the 3). Bynum's best use is starting alongside Pau and posing immediate matchup problems for most teams out there. I thought last night was Drew's most complete game in a while... true, he missed shots but he showed good energy, hustled back on defense, rebounded well, got blocks and assists. I'm seriously astounded by the trade suggestions... from your mouths to other GM's ears - they'd love to sign Drew.

As an aside, does anyone on this blog attribute at least some of Pau's great rebounding numbers this season (far above his career stats in that category) to the fact that Andrew Bynum's presence allows Pau to slide down to the PF position and gain a huge advantage over opposing players that he would not (and did not) have if he was the starting center?

Simply put, Andrew makes Pau better by his mere presence on the floor.


>>> Andrew will not be heading anywhere soon other than the starting lineup night after night. If some of you don't like it, tough. Live with it.

You're probably right about the first part, and you're also probably right about the 2nd part.

Like Laker Tom, you're entitled to your opinion. But so are others who post here. That's why lights flash and sirens go off when I see anything that smacks of dogmatism. If we all agreed with each other all the time, this blog would not be worth reading.

It's just too politically correct to say the Lakers are still the Champions and only have five losses to date, so there's nothing to lose sleep over. You know who's losing sleep? Phil. In a quote posted on The Site That Shalt Not Be Named, John Ireland shares an exchange with PJ on Saturday:

John: "Now that you've had a night to sleep on it … what bothered you the most about the Cavs loss?"
Phil: "You think I slept last night?"

For the record, I'm not in favor of trading Andrew. I am in favor of holding players accountable, whether their name is Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, or Andrew Bynum.

Mark my words. Mitch and Phil are holding players accountable. They rarely do it in public, thank goodness. They are pro's. They see things from the inside that we'll never see. They say things on the inside that we'll never hear. But holding players accountable is their job. Asking "what if?" questions is their job.

The coaches can chart the way forward for Andrew. It's fair for us to question whether he's following it. Some of us who doubt it are speaking out. Our voices can not be silenced.

No way, Bynum should not be traded. However, he should be crucified in the Lakers Blog until he learns to defend, rebound and becomes a focal point in the triangle. He is not a lost cause, he can be improved. LakerTom has been spoiling him with too much carrots, we got to use the stick to neutralize those spoils.

Today, it is hurts to say bad things about Bynum, part of us says that we are discouraging the fellow's progress; and part of us, also tells that he needs a lot of scolding from fans who wish him total success. Right now, he has developed some bad habits, bad attitudes on refs and he is getting off track to the right path. You see Socks, referees are human and if you study closely what they want, then there will be no disagreement. If they call 3 seconds, then avoid staying on that post count 1...2.. step out or if a ref calls on illegal screening avoid those moves, however it doesn't mean that you can't do some basketball antics or cheats to get ahead of your opponent. It is just a matter of studying human behavior of refs, of teammates, of opposing C's and adopt them with it with your style. Always learn new techniques, practice new repertoire until perfection. Studying at age 22 should never stop, because professional basketball is a career. When you stop learning, then it is the start of retirement in NBA, it can happen at any age.

First lesson, go back to the tapes and criticize your game and improve it. Second lesson, look at yourself at the mirror as a 22 year old lad frown on refs call, now start smiling but not too much they might think you're nuts. lol!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you really think the Lakers would consider trading Bynum, then you have lost touch with reality.
If you really think the Lakers would trade a rare big for a common small, you don’t know basketball.
I don’t think Drew has played well the last month but I trust Phil to make whatever adjustments he feels is necessary to get Drew back on track, even if that meant sending him to the bench. For sure, he would laugh at the suggestion of trading the Lakers big advantage in the front court for a point guard. The Bynum Bashers will all eat crow and claim to have loved him from day 1. Or just disappear like most of the Kobe Bashers. But the blog never lies and their foolishness has been documented.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Go Clippers!!!!


Hell of an end to that Clipper game!!

For those who are ready to trade half the roster after we lose one game, take heart that the Clippers just beat the Celtics!

Whoa! Looks like Jon K's gonna be one very happy dude today. Great work Clips for bringing down the Greens!

Nemaia Faletogo,

1st. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

2nd. I have issues with what you wrote. Front and center sport. Let's see you
back up your words or will you snipe and run away.

you wrote: I've been hammering some of these guys pretty hard on the live game chats in regards to Andrew Bynum, especially the fools who blame Bynum for everything that goes wrong during the course of a game(Kobefan in Cupertino, LAL_Fan, K-O-B-E, Hobbitmage among others).

1st. hammering is a bit strong. unless you've a 2 oz. ball peen. You swing like
a girl. Are you?

2nd. I don't blame Bynum for everything. Feel free to start re-posting my
words. I have said the following about Bynum (paraphrase):

- It was a mistake to go to Italy instead of training/dissing Kareem.
- single digit rebounds and pts. is unacceptable.
- his energy output is pathetic.
- It would be nice to see him have a great game against a good/great center
before we anoint him as an all star.
- I hope one of the Lakers coaches puts their foot up his behind and gets him
to try harder.
- Noah, Brad Miller and any houston rocket show more effort than Bynum has
for the last month.

With those things re-phrased, I challenge you to repost anything I wrote
which supports me blaming Bynum for everything. I repeat. I *CHALLENGE*
you to repost anything I wrote which blames Bynum for all of our loses.

My feelings about Lamar Odom have been clearly documented for years on
this blog. Ask KB Blitz.

I do not blame Bynum for everything that goes wrong. I blame Bynum for
having a loud mouth and not having the game to back it up. I blame him for
not hustling! I blame him for focusing on offense instead of defense and

Our bench has not done very well. Sasha is getting almost no playing time and
I'm not sure that he deserves it. LO is Mr. Inconsistent. D-Fish has missed
shots consistently for 2 years. I said something roughly two years ago and
it's as true now as it was then. I said (paraphrase):

The Lakers will go as far as the rotation of Gasol/Odom/Bynum allows.
Regardless of the consistency of our bench or pg.

Would I like our pg to play better? YES! Would I like our bench to play
better? YES! Do either of those things cause us to lose games? NO! Why?
Kobe Bryant! The triangle offense doesn't require a pure pg. Our starters
are young enough to play long minutes. Phil Jackson is a bloody genius!
D-Fish is clutch in playoffs!

I miss Sasha's shooting. I miss his emotion. Neither of those things got us
the win last year. Kobe, Ariza, Gasol, D-Fish, LO & PJ got us a ring. We
upgraded from Ariza to Artest. Kobe "Bruce Willis" Bryant alters everything!

So. You can either re-post my words and prove me wrong. You can
publicly apologize/admit you're mistaken. You can ignore this rebuttal
and continue to swing your pint sized mallet.

If you take the latter, everyone on this blog will know that you're a coward
& an ignorant, illiterate brown-noser.

Stand up and be counted sir!

While you're figuring out what to do, what is Bynum's point average and
rebound average during the month of December? How many games have
the Lakers lost during the month of December?

from the lat

Kobe Bryant cut off the questions before they began.

"Elbow's fine," he said to reporters. "Next question."

Bryant sustained a strained right elbow Saturday night but finished with 38 points on 16-for-30 shooting, including two three-pointers in the second overtime.

Bryant was hit on the elbow on a drive near the end of the third quarter and spent most of the fourth quarter using his left hand, leading Jackson to ask longtime trainer Gary Vitti whether Bryant would be able to play to full capacity.

"I asked Gary to check with him during a timeout," Jackson said. "He came back and said, 'If I tell you that [Bryant] can't play, he's going to break my arm.' "

Bryant stayed in the game, won by the Lakers, 112-103.

"That's why God gave me two hands," Bryant said, smiling. "I don't know about you. Just in case you get a little cramp in your index finger while writing, you can write with your left. Or type with your left."

Nemaia Faletogo

>fools who blame Bynum for everything that goes wrong
>during the course of a game(Kobefan in Cupertino, LAL_Fan,
>K-O-B-E, Hobbitmage among others).

First of all I'm writing this on behalf of all those fools (I got an idea, we’re all idiots and you kind of genius, no problem here) because of some of those "fools" probably don’t have a time to answer your ridiculous accusations, obviously coming from someone who did not bother to read our comments in their entirety, someone who got a glimpse probably one or two to make an opinion. Very smart of you, Mr. Genius
We did not criticize just Bynum, you fool, instead almost every member of so-called “Bench Mob” for atrocious way they playing not only yesterday but almost entire season. The way Bynum play yesterday was beyond believe, for every human being who has pair of eyes, and brain to remember Bynum circa November and Bynum a la now and make some primitive comparison. We can, you – I’m not sure after everything you wrote. It has nothing to do with Pau presence, or absence. Even when Bynum on the floor and Pau on the bench, he is playing like a different Bynum, he’s not running floor anymore, not protecting our basket, not showing on pick and roll and etc. The obvious reason why the late play of Andrew Bynum created such an uproar, because me and majority of fans, yes, those “fools” you’ve mentioned, don’t understand the cause of such deterioration of his game and trying to get to the bottom of the problem. Is he is sick? Then why he is playing? His knee again bothering him? He lost his motivation? Or what? Obviously you have all the answers, judging from your post exactly.. zero.

For some saying Bynum had most complete game in the while
PTS - 3 (1 of 9) You called it "miss couple of shots"? I can not even remember last time starting center shot exactly 11%. By the way his +/- from yesterday - 5, lowest one including bench.

I'm not saying trade him now, I just would like to know what is going with him.


I'm obviously extremely humbled by your recomendation.

But, you know, I don't think the L.A. Times have an ad for this position in their classified position. They'll do it their way.

[Did I mention that that Clippers beat the Celtics on a last second shot tonight?]

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hail to the Clippers! They just beat the Celtics, really made my day! We're all by ourselves as number 1 in the standings. I know, I know, it's only December. Still feels great though to have another LA team send the Celtics packing.

Rick Friedman

Thank you for you post. Our bench is not playing, so our starters keeps playing those ridiculous minutes, and it's not good. It can bite us in May/June


"Whoa! Looks like Jon K's gonna be one very happy dude today. Great work Clips for bringing down the Greens!"

Brother, I am!

Clips took down the Celtics last year, too!

Looks like our little brothers are finally growing up a bit!

Go Clippers!!!


well that Clipper game is a real smack in the face to Celtic trolls anyway...


So starting Farmar will help us to guard small and fast PGs? He lately can not guard his own shadow and been owned by any no name PG from oposing bench, how in world it'll be better than Fish? In addition he can shot, worser than Fish.

Rick - you're absolutely right of course, when you point out that diverse opinions make this blog worth reading. I've always found your points to be well considered and I can certainly understand the frustrations voiced about Bynum's recent play as well as that of other players... and yes, accountability is warranted. I have to say however, that just as criticism has its place, so does support. The idea that some of us are lauding the team record and defending specific players shouldn't neccessarily sound alarms, it's just our own way of looking at the same team but seeing it differently. Still, I hear where you're coming from and would certainly never want your voice silenced. All that said, I'm still hoping that we stand pat with the guys we have, in terms of depth, chemistry and financial realities... I honestly think we're better off letting Ammo's contract expire rather than trading it for one with longer legs.

Hey Green Ass-terisk
At least the Lakers "scrape and scramble to beat those NBA also rans" unlike the Celtics who loose to the Clippers, no back to back, no reason at all... Don't claim Paula P., and his draining knee either... one and done Green Weenies, enjoy yester year...

in the post game of the Clippers-Chowds game, behind the 2 commentators was Lakers fan with a Lakers 24 shirt and he was pumping his chest/shirt like Kobe does after a buzzer beater. wondering how many lakers fans were in the Staples. first Clippers sold out game of the season.

and obviously or as expected, one of the Clippers guy said that Chowds r the best team in BB. was that because wanted to pump up the Clips victory, the Hatered 4 the Lakers, or because the Clips never beat the Lakers so his comments r mute?


i support you 200%. i will give 100 to edwin also and 100 to rick and others.

for the past years, we had like 2 seasons when we had to listen daily to the
PJ daily report that later became "the Eloge (praise) to the Calves"

now looks like we have "the Praise of the 2 bumped Knees" (i hear in the background David Byrne's score for Robert Wilson's "Music 4 Knee Plays")

so Lakers family, what is more pretty, or less annoying?

2 Pretty Calves
2 Bumped Knees


i'm wondering when will this cycle end. i hope i did not forget the player on LOOP. damn, it feels like.

Hear! Hear!

Lets trade Bynum for Kwame. Getting Mike T back onboard would be well worth it.

Seems to me if Bynum is to succeed, he needs to be THE focal point as in the #1 or # 2 option.
Bynum doesn't want to be a role player, he doesnt want to accept that. Odom is willing and can thrive as a role player. 2 totally different personalities.
Try Bynum off the bench see if he can learn to check his young ego and the door and play some team Defense and play with some heart and energy. If the dude just plays hard on D (he's capable) they'll feed down low.
I don't think it's time to start thinking about trading him. Have to reiterate he just turned 22. There's going to be some ups and downs.
Good Point Guards are easier to find than good Centers.
what everyone's failed to mention is that the kid is HEALTHY FOR ONCE knock on wood here comes january >.<

Celtics lost to the CLIPS BABY

Baron at the Buzzer FTW, eat it!

I am pretty amazed that anyone argues for letting Farmar or Brown start. I really don't think Farmar knows the triangle enough to score inside the offense to the degree that Fish does. I'ld stick with Brown just for the better D.

On the other hand what's wrong with an offense that allows some guard other than Kobe to dribble-drive and dish the sugar? Its been a decade so we've all forgotten what a quick #1 guard can do. Your thoughts?

Oh and Phil please get Powell some playing time!!! You're going to need him at some point and he will be rusty.

Bynum for CP3

p ang,

not Bynum for Kwame

but Laker Tom for Mike T. and because the salaries don't match, lets throw in Nemaia. and a cake.

Aloha Hobbitmage,

Perhaps you missed it but I don't believe Andrew ditched Kareem last summer. Kareem has Leukemia and his work load has been cut way back.

Michael H

Morning LakerLand ;)

I enjoyed reading this thread and in a second I am gonna contribute a bit at the Bynum-edes that's going on firmly since ... well, two years?

But first of all, two random notes (hobbit, you quoted that already but can't resist: it MADE my morning today, I was reading it and smirking on my cappuccino cup):

"Yo Cavaliers, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Clippers has one of the best beating up bigger asses performances of all time!"

So... I guess being beten up by Cavs is less degrading than being beated up (repeatedly) by Clippers? Am I correct?

Now before all green trolls and lacking-humourism Lakers haters from all over the world will jump on my throat, I think like we absolutely have nothing to worry by December struggles and losses, neither have the Green Enemies. It's JUST regular season. Be cool with it.

Or Kanye won't let you finish, you know...

Now back on Bynum.

Well: I am by no means a Bynum "lover". I ean, I am keen at the big guy cos he's a Laker, but I have no fascination with him, I am not one of his accolade and to me, until he won't step up, he's behind Lamar Odom interms of "my love gain" cos Lamar was one of the factor in the last playoffs that helped us repeat. He was more than Andrew.
There it goes my list of values.

So my words should be if any biased in the reverse.

Which makes maybe my will to ABSOLUTELY NOT TRADE BYNUM count some more on his defense.

To me the only player I would really love to never wear a Laker sweater again is Sasha. Again, if he can get back to his roots (which I don't think he's actually capable of) and being an efficacious and helpful 8th player, able to shot his threes and turn out games for us in 10 minutes, I am open and more than open in covering my head with ashes and walk naked on his doorway and express my regret for his bashin (not really that way...). But until THAT won't happen, he's gonna get trashed by me ALWAYS.

Not Bynum.

For the mere reason this guy has only mental blocks in my eyes.

All that he's struggling with comes from mentality.
Which is maybe a bugger more than f he had technical flaws to work over.

Bynum is probably somebody who has trouble in getting acquainted with either bigger personalities (Kobe) or better developed skills (Kobe and Pau).
I think he's in constant searches of approvals by them, but in a temptative, shy way.

He's young and pumped.
He knows what he's good for. But he can't convey his will into play yet, cos I can see he overthinks everything.

His play is not natural nor fluid yet. Is like there is a millisecond too much between the way his head thinks the action and the way his body executes it.

I think that millisecond is the second guess at what the people he's in search of approval from would think of his output.

Look, in all this, I am blaming Andrew.
His problem is all in his head: so it's by his head that has got to be worked.

I think starting from the bench for a while would be good but only if along that there would be warm words thrown at him, explaining him that is not a punishment, rather than a more convenient path of developing.

I would never trade BYnum because if the problem he has is mental , like I think it is, to trade him elsewhere would make him fluorish rapidly and fullfill his great premises on a rival team.

Don't want a rival to get bigger.
And they would cos I can see Bynum explode if traded. Elsewhere.

I want him to explode HERE: he's our insurance on a good future.
Some good slapping will do him good. BUt like a loving mother, every slap has to e explained and then followed by a hug.

I don't see how trading Bynum (hypothesis anyway really difficult di per se) would make us better. All people generally mentioned as worthy for his trade would find themselves in a system unknown, along players unknown and the chemistry wouldn't start to develop quickly at all, causing endless damages in our camp.

Team sports are a delicate chemical reaction. Maybe I tend to think so due to my job, but all I know about that is that you don't change ingredients while the reaction is about to compact and is boiling.

The only plus I would like for our team, but again I don't see it happen and again the only one I would love to kick out for it is Sasha, is a pure three point shooters.

That wouldn't really cost much in terms of integration: it would be the 8th man coming in, not a starter or the 6th man.

But maybe Sasha can get back there, in which cases Lakers DON'T NEED ANY CHANGE.

Andrew, I am not kidding boy: every single day we play I put some strong bets on you finally be what you are freely.
But you keep letting me down.

I still cross my fingers and keep the faith.

You are a Laker. And therefore my heart goes on with you.
I hope some soon, soon time you will be as loving reciprocal as you oughta to.

Final note: Everyone calling Pau "soft" rapidly gets my "pity them, and go further" look and disposition.

Pau is Kobe's baby. Everyone elses' opinion about him is frankly blind and unmattering. Not to mention hilarious in the "soft" statement.


"I asked Gary to check with him during a timeout," Jackson said. "He came back and said, 'If I tell you that [Bryant] can't play, he's going to break my arm.' "

Bryant stayed in the game, won by the Lakers, 112-103.

"That's why God gave me two hands," Bryant said, smiling. "I don't know about you. Just in case you get a little cramp in your index finger while writing, you can write with your left. Or type with your left."


This man is THE man.
I want him to rest, I am concerned about his overplaying miutes cos I think we don't really need to win streaks now... we need to win them in playoffs but seriously... - not that I needed this insight to be aware of this reality - WHO can sit the Mamba? Honestly everytime I picture images in my mind of the locker room... PJ trying to accomodate Kobe and *suggest* he might take some quarter off. Kobe turns his firing eyes to him, then to the teammates, look at his finger, elbow, knee all treated and goes: "Nah. I'm Bruce Willis. Gotta save the day".
I LOVE Kobe.
Better.. I adore and worship him.

But I also firmily believe in his ethic and intelligence. I assume whenever he will feel he needs to rest he will tell it. He wants to repeat more than anyone of us wishes to.
He knows all about NBA seasons. And he knows all about himself.
He will know when it's time to rest.

I am confident about it.

Second funny piece (sorry there, can't resist either).
Going on her best Kanye Impersonation (and look folks: I ADORE Kanye West. Musically he's a genius and don't care at all if he's a fool. Which he certainly is btw...):

Any bets on when we might be hearing from the Green Asterisk again? The Clippers know how to silence a troll!

Oh, yes, of course I forgot, dear Gree, Troll, Paul Pierce was out with a hyperextended knee, or something like that and Garnett was playing with a sore back. When things like that happen to Kobe, he hyperextends his hoggishness into a second overtime and, as soon as the feeling comes back, puts the daggers in his opponents' necks.

The real mystery for me in the Sacto game was how Pau managed to do the same thing as Rondo last night in the waning seconds: missing two clutch free throws, either one of which could have iced the game.

And while I'm at it, welcome back not only to a good young Kings team with a bright future and a budding return of our traditional interstate rivalry, but to the incomparable Sonnybelfast, a sharp wit and our "favorite" and truly beloved troll.

In spite of the short Christmas hangover, this is a pleasant time for California teams. Even the Warriors took care of the Suns. Let's hope our weary and battered lads can do the same.

Good Morning, All!

I'm up remarkably early for no darned good reason and still committing to my morning ritual of reading the L.A. Times and visiting the best blog in the world (don't let me down, L.A. Times, we need a leader here... and soon.)

1. As a Clippers fan for 24 years, I personally cannot remember a better win than last night. The Clippers CONTINUOUSLY lose on the last shot. That's what they've done. That last second buzzer beater? That's a Laker trait. It's not a Clipper trait, but to win against the team with the best record in basketball with two of your best players hurt? That's huge for the Clippers' mojo.

As Mamba24 has said it before, the Clippers are the Lakers' little brothers. Yes, you sit on your little brother's chest and make him slap himself and say, "Why are you hitting yourself?!? Why are you hitting yourself?!?" but someone else messes with your little brother and you're in there with both fists. That's my stance on the Clippers. Good thing that they're taking care of our business for us.

2. These little injuries to Kobe are freaking me out. Kobe is the toughest player in basketball (sports?) however he may need to get some fricken rest. I'm angry at our bench right now and Phil Jackson. The bench needs to play. As it is said, "The 'best' is the greatest enemy of the 'good'."

I fear that this crazy notion of beating the Bulls' 72-10 record is causing some very strange substitutions/minutes to happen. The only guy who seems to "kind of" having his minutes limited is Derek Fisher. KIND OF. Let's be honest with each other. We're not the youngest team in the Universe. We're young, but we're not Oklahoma Thunder young. Our starters need to have their minutes limited after seasons of "reaching the Finals" and playing in international competition "during their time off."

As an athlete I know that you have to rest sometimes, otherwise injuries happen. I am not particularly prone to injury, but someone I train with (who happens to be the best martial artist I've ever trained with) tends to get little injuries if he doesn't rest. Despite the fact that this guy is a remarkable athlete, he needs rest or he tends to get injured. It happens. And it can happen to our beloved starters if they don't get more rest.

3. Phil needs to go deeper into our bench not only because of diminishing the risk of injury to our starters, but to make this team better.

Sasha has been complaining about minutes. He's being a baby, but all the same, "The Machine" (I type that with a chuckle) will improve with more minutes... as will everyone. We're going to need that in the playoffs. The bench has been our Achilles' heel and, like a muscle, we need to work it out to make it stronger.

Will it cost us wins? Yes. But this is not about the short-term, it's about the Championship. The Team wins a Championship. Not the starting five. Improving the bench needs to be the number one priority right now for a variety of reasons.

4. People who have been calling for the trade of Andrew Bynum are fools. Andrew Bynum is the future and the cornerstone of any realistic dynasty. That much said, he deserves criticisms. Something is wrong. K

Kurt Rambis is gone.

Kareem is gone.

These are the two coaches closest to Bynum. I fear that if they were still here we wouldn't be having this problem. Methinks that it is time to hire Hakeem Olajuwon or Bill Russell (I know, not going to happen) as a "special assistant" coach for Andrew, because what's happening isn't working.

I've read that Jim Buss has created some bizarre psychological separation between Phil Jackson and Andrew Bynum, if so, then who is coaching Andrew Bynum? Kurt's not there. Kareem's not there. Someone needs to reach out to Andrew because he's playing like Kwame Brown right now (but with worse defense).

I don't blame Andrew, but I do blame the situation (no reference to "Jersey Shore" there). Something needs to be done. Arguably our third best player is playing well beneath his potential. Something is wrong.

5. If there are two players to consider trading, they are Adam Morrison and Sasha Vujacic. Right now they have zero trade value, the only way that they gain trade value is by playing them. So, we need to play Ammo and The Machine for two reasons:

a) By playing, they get the opportunity to improve and, thus, contribute.

b) By contributing, if they are not what we need, they gain trade value post All-Star break for a player who can actually help us win another Championship.

6. [Did I mention that the Clippers beat the Septics at the buzzer?]

7. If anyone has a few bucks in their pocket, they need to go see "Avatar." Better than the original "Star Wars." Really. A complete game changer. I'm interested in seeing how the propaganda in the film (and it's there) is going to change the culture in our society (because it will), especially among easily molded young people. There is a strong environmental and anti-war theme to the film that it is difficult not to be affected by, so powerful is the imagery of the film.

8. Andrew Bynum should probably come off the bench for a week or so. At this time, I'm almost thinking that DJ Mbenga and Adam Morrison should start and Lamar and Andrew should come off the bench. A shake-up is necessary. Considering the minutes of the Sacramento game, I am reminded of the historic general King Pyrrhus of Epirus's statement "If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined."

If we beat one more team with our starters playing 50+ minutes, I fear for the health of this team.

Remember, our greatest enemy is not another NBA team, but ourselves.

9. People need to lay off Laker Tom.

10. L.A. Times needs to get someone to actually moderate this blog as opposed to letting people sleepwalk through it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"And while I'm at it, welcome back not only to a good young Kings team with a bright future and a budding return of our traditional interstate rivalry, but to the incomparable Sonnybelfast, a sharp wit and our "favorite" and truly beloved troll."

I am still amazed at how the Kings have improved. I think that Evans may be the Rookie of the Year. When Kevin Martin gets back, if he integrates well, the Kings may be a playoff team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why do we always have to ponder individual performance with individual statistics?

Isn't more important to focuss on team's performance as a whole?

Isn't the beauty of the game much better that PPG, RPG, FG%,FT% and so on? We have converted ourselves into little computers processing data and translating it into conclussions.

Do you guys think that if Drew would keep 20PPG and +10PPG every night we would play better and win more games? We have a long list of players that their individual stats are great but don't make their team better.

Why do we always have to choose a guinea pig when we lose? In my humble opinion, we did not lose because of this or that player; we lose games because we don't keep the rythym of the game, we let the opposite team to play their own game and we don't move the ball wisely so that's a little bit of everybody's fault.

A few extra thoughts on Bynum:

Andrew Bernard, totally agree with you. Pau higher RPG has a lot to do with Bynum sharing the floor with him. Pau needs Drew's strong presence inside to
develop his game better.

Bynum is particularly bashed in this blog because of LakerTom continuated praises. I'm pretty sure Laker's organization is not that worried about Bynum's performance.

In fact even if he is not totally adapted, I am sure we play better with Bynum than without Bynum. The problem is that he needs to sacrifice his offense in order to be a perfect fit on this team. The season is very long and we can have injuries. If Gasol is out for a few games, Bynum's game will improve. Basically we don't need to use all the kid potential as of now.

The problem is that everybody has been praising him too much and the guy is still a kid. He thinks that he needs to score to become a great player and don't get the idea of his current role. In fact I think he is pretty frustrated and that affect his confidence and aggressiveness.

Let's see how long it takes for him to grow up and accept his role on the team (which is very important even if we don't need his scoring). Unfortunately if he keeps on his stubborn attitude, he may be the one asking to be traded.

just another "index" swish,

"one of the Clippers guy said that Chowds r the best team in BB. was that because wanted to pump up the Clips victory, the Hatered 4 the Lakers, or because the Clips never beat the Lakers so his comments r mute?"

It's because these victories are so rare for the Clippers. He's trying to hype up Clipper Nation (and perhaps the Clippers themselves) because they so often beat themselves. He's trying to build hope and courage for this team because it is exceedingly rare for the Clippers to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Don't take it as an insult. Take it as hype.

Go Clippers!!!!


Play Shannon more...15 points in 12 minutes, adds speed, defense and rebounding skills

From C.A. Clark at 'Silver Screen and Roll':

(Compare this to the pablum we've been fed recently)

"Forgive this Lakers blog writer for writing yet another "OMG Kobe" piece, but Kobe Bryant is demanding just such a piece with nearly every game. It is becoming surreal. How can one man continue to produce so many dramatic moments, make so many big plays, and show so much grit, toughness, and determination? What can he possibly continue to do for an encore?

Kobe Bryant's legend is already assured. With 4 championships, an MVP and a Finals MVP to his credit, he already has the hardware of a top 10 all-time guy. He could retire tomorrow and he would still be known as one of the best of all time. And yet, Kobe has taken his legend to a completely different level this season. It has gotten to the point where hyperbole no longer does him justice. His list of recent feats is becoming so ridiculous that it sounds like a tall tale. Forget the comparisons to Micheal Jordan or LeBron James. It's time we start comparing Kobe to Paul Bunyan or William Wallace.

Just to get the events all in one place, here's what Kobe has been up to for the last few weeks.

Friday, December 4th - Kobe hits the game winner against Miami that he would later call the "luckiest shot I've ever hit in my life.

Friday, December 11th - Kobe breaks his finger in the first half of a game against the Timberwolves, but comes back after halftime and continues to play. He plays the next night, and every game after.

Wednesday, December 16th - Just 5 days after he breaks his finger, Kobe hits another buzzer beating game winner, on the road, against the Milwaukee Bucks

Tuesday, December 22nd - In the third quarter of a game against the OKC Thunder, Kobe seems to clearly hyperextend his knee. He admits later to "being scared" about his knee pain, but calmly walks to the huddle, and then comes back onto the floor and sinks two free throws and leads the Lakers to victory.

Saturday, December 26th - Kobe strains his right elbow against the Sacramento Kings, and it causes him enough pain that he effectively stops using his right arm for the 2nd half of the game. But, he does not come out of the game. He plays as a one handed decoy. He ends up getting two huge defensive stops against Tyreke Evans. Then, in the 2nd overtime, he fights through the pain to hit two huge three pointers to put the Lakers up for good and win the game.

Keep in mind, Kobe is having the best shooting year of his career. And, if we remove the one bad game against the Cavs, Kobe is shooting EVEN BETTER since breaking his finger than he was before he broke the finger. He's already played a large portion of a game with effectively one hand tied behind his back, and still led his team to victory. What's next for Kobe? Is he going to start shooting fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse? Does his blood have the medicinal properties of a unicorn? Is he a real life version of Wolverine?

There's plenty of debate regarding who the best player in the NBA is. But there should be no question as to who is the greatest player in the NBA, because right now, Kobe is re-defining greatness. He's displaying a level of desire, commitment, dedication, and pain tolerance that nobody else in the NBA can match. It is often said that MVP is awarded to the best story, not necessarily the best player. If that's true, Kobe might already have his 2nd sewn up."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Troy, JohnnyV et Al,

We don't need to trade Bynum, we need to get a sharp shooter in the short term and a PG in the long term. I don't know if you guys noticed but one of the biggest advantages that we had was to play inside out with out two big footers. Gasol or Bynum receiving on the post being doubled teamed and passing the ball outside for a wide open shot. The problem is that we either have missed these shots or the player in the arc does not feel confident to shoot. Defenses adapt to that quickly and double teams are more aggresive inside.

I would trade Farmar and/or Sasha and/or DJ Mbenga (whatever is needed) for either:

Rudy Fernandez (that would be my first choice, he would fit perfectly on this team, quick, sharp shooter and still cheap)
Stojakovic (I might be dreaming...)
Jason Kapono
Martell Webster

He needs to prove himself, until then try to be objective and not bash faithful fans when we see what is happening out there on the court. Go Lakers!! Posted by: hyacinth | December 27, 2009 at 02:30 PM

Hyacinth, don't be afraid to express your opinion, that's what this blog is all about Opinions. Yes you may get attacked sometimes, lord knows I have. But stand your ground and say what you believe in. I support you 100%

Michael H,


1st. Completely non-basketball related: I cannot tell you how much I miss
the pidgin english of my teachers from Hawaii. "On your okolei "

2nd. re: Kareem & Lukemia. Actually, my understanding was that
Bynum decided to go his own way before Kareem came out with
the news about Lukemia & that Kareem's lukemia had nothing to do
with Bynum not training with him.

from our own blog:

**** snippets ****
"Kareem has been an instrumental part of Andrew's development and improvement over the years, but as Andrew is entering his fifth season, there's a lesser need for such intensive work together. Therefore, Kareem's workload will be generally lessened."

The Daily News' Ramona Shelburne relays a fair amount of disappointment on KAJ's end, both in the decision itself ("I think there are things that have to do with basketball that he could learn but he's getting on in years.'') and in Drew's time away from the game this offseason. Bynum, who maintains an extended break was necessary for mind and body, says the separation is nothing personal, and he'll still seek out his mentor's guidance. But there will be some distance between the two, for sure.

*** end snippet.

*** snippet from the link in the story ***

Abdul-Jabbar expressed disappointment in Bynum and the situation, saying that ``I think there are things that have to do with basketball that he could learn but he's getting on in years.''

Bynum said he understood his mentor's feelings, but that it's not personal and just a natural evolution for him in his career.

``I understand where he's coming from,'' Bynum said. ``It's definitely tough (for him). As of right now, I have my direction and he's still helping me. As long as he doesn't stop helping me everything is going to be fine.''

Over the summer, the two had no contact.

After that, he took a 41-day vacation in Europe and Asia, then went back to Atlanta for a month and a half to work with his personal trainer, Sean Zarzana.

He travelled through Europe with friends, backpacking and riding on trains just like a typical 21-year old kid who just graduated from college.

While Abdul-Jabbar expressed disappointment that Bynum was away from basketball for so long, Bynum said it was needed break both personally and professionally.

He also skipped the USA Basketball senior national camp in late July. Though he did not seem upset, Lakers coach Phil Jackson acknowledged Thursday that the team had encouraged Bynum to participate in the camp so he could get more experience on the court.

In other summers, Bynum had returned to Los Angeles before training camp began at the end of September and worked with Abdul-Jabbar on his basketball skills.

This year, Abdul-Jabbar said the first time he saw Bynum was at media day on Tuesday morning, the same day training camp began.

``He's got to figure it out,'' Abdul-Jabbar said. ``Maybe he feels that there are things to be gained by doing it his way. So he's going to try it his way. I'm available for him, he knows that.''

Bynum said he still intends to work with Abdul-Jabbar in practice and watch film with him, but acknowledged their work won't be as extensive as it was in the past.

**** end snippets.

So. Instead of working on his basketball skills, Bynum did no work with
Kareem nor did he go to Team USA basketball camp. He played tourist
in Italy. Swell. And in December, against reasonable 5's he's not performing
well. Startling really. Never saw that coming. What are the odds?


The Cleveland game should be a wake-up call to the Lakers that the other top teams have improved greatly and can match whatever the Lakers bring.

For example, Cleveland - by playing Shaq at center and Ilgauskis at forward and Lebron at small forward completely stymied Bynum and Gasol and Artest. So much for a huge front court for the Lakers. Cleveland's front court was much bigger and stronger. Bynum is a little kid next to Shaq - particularly when Bynum is playing without any will, desire, competitveness or smarts. Artest did all he could but Lebron is Lebron. Gasol had his hands full with Ilgauskis.

The Lakers team (except for Kobe and Artest) played with no desire, no willpower, no competitiveness, no energy.

I think they were scared by Cleveland. They played soft.

What the hell.

You have got to give Bynum and Odom a kick in the ass for playing so poorly.

Bynum's funk is the funk of a completely spoiled kid who expects things to be catered to him, who finds he has to work hard to be successful and doesn't want to. Respiratory infections and Asthma are not an excuse. Just look at Kobe - with his broken finger and busted elbow.

Bynum, you've got to work your ass off. Get with the game. Talent without desire loses to those who have the desire. I don't want another Benoit Benjamin - who you look darn like.

Lamar? you've got to work you ass off as well.

Lamar is playing like a fat cat. Perhaps getting married is slowing him down. His wife has to whip him more, then, so that he can play better. A good man has a better wife behind him. But then, if this year is evidence, I don't know if his wife is that good for him.

Chloe, you've got to kick Lamar's ass. Dammit.

LAL Fan,

I wouldn't start Farmar. I would start Shannon and develop him. Like I said, I don't care so much about the regular season; I only analyze our playoff aspirations.

As such, I see that Shannon's size, strength, and speed can counter the fast, stronger guards our biggest threats in the playoffs attack us with (Denver-Billups (strength), San Antonio- Parker (quickness), Dallas-Kidd (strength), Cleveland- Mo or West (speed), Orlando-Nelson (speed and strength), and Celtics-Rondo (speed).

Fisher, quite simply, cannot compete defensively or offensively with the above stated PGs. Farmar can't either at this point, because he doesn't have the consistent offense, and he's undersized. Shannon has all of these components, but he's not used enough to develop a flow.

But as I said, Phil won't start anyone over Fish, due to Fish's ability to control Kobe. But I would like to see Phil imploy a Ginobli-type rotation San Antone uses, where as Fish starts the first, say, 5 to 6 minuted, and then you bring in Shannon for the bulk of the playing time.

Hell, Fisher is a great man, and a clutch player, but he's 35 years old, going up against PGs that are 10 years younger than he, and much more naturally talented. The only way to not upset the chemistry on the team, but to utilize the skills of Shannon, is to limit Fisher's playing time to about 15 min p/game, and essentially use Shannon for the bulk of the time.

TO: Zaira and others who don't like my, or other bloggers saying Pau is soft...

Pau IS soft. He's very skilled and valuable, but he's soft, mentally and physically. He's perfect in the games that are medium to low key; but during high intensity games, he disappears.

Also, thuggish front lines from other teams bully Pau and take him out of the game. This has been proven with Denver and Boston, especially.

I like Pau, but he is what he is- a soft player who can be effective in certain situations. And overall, he's a very skilled player. But...he's soft, and that hurts the team sometimes, and may cost us another championship.

Even PHIL JACKSON HAS CALLED PAU SOFT, and on more than one occasion. So, I don't think the opinion that Pau is soft can be truly debated.

But I also don't necessarily think he's a fatal deterrent for our chances of success (we obviously won a championship with him). When he goes into his soft-mode, our mentally tougher players like Kobe, Fisher, Lamar have to step up. If they don't, we lose.

And for that matter, Bynum hasn't proven that he's much tougher than Pau (just bigger).

Fact, I'll go on record as saying that Bynum is soft.

He's not intimidating on defense; he doesn't own the key like Shaq use to, and he doesn't have that thug attitude like Garnett has.

Pau+Bynum= a soft front line.

Nice post Zaira,
I hope the others here understand that I do think that Bynum is a very fine player and will be a very good center one day. Heck, I think if he were on a team that's developing guys instead of on a championship run, he would really be able to show that he's special. And I mean he's special right now.
The thing that is bugging me big time is that Bynum and the Lakers are trying to find a way for him to fit into the mix we have now. As I see it, we are contenders for the next 3 or maybe 4 years (5?). Salary cap issues and the luxury tax put tremendous pressure on a team that isn't using every effeciency available to them.
If we continue our investment in Bynum and what he may bring us when he finally learns to be efficient in our current system and with our current players, we risk what we are doing right now. That's how investments work. My point isn't that Bynum stinks. My point is effeciency and team flow. So I again put out there, IF we asked Kobe what he would want, do you think Kobe would want to trade Bynum? I would say yes. And AGAIN I say, if we brought in a new PG, then Fisher would still be on the team! So therefore, we could play Fisher less minutes AND work the new PG into the system.
IF we agree that Bynum's issue seems to be fitting into our SYSTEM (playing two bigs at once), then we are keeping him for when Gasol leaves the team. The Cav's played Shaq and big Z at the same time and they still had flow, we didn't.
Andrew is a good center. All I am saying is, that if he continues to be a drag on flow and if he continues the way he is going now, then we should at least be able to talk about it and keep it real. Should we trade him now before we KNOW if this will work? Maybe no. But the truth is, I have been watching this for quite awhile. I had these same thoughts last Spring and began to talk openly about it this summer.
Maybe all the talk about Bynum and his development is making me nuts. We have a championship team NOW! If it turns out that Bynum is a guy that needs to be "The Man" and if the TEAM continues to suffer the transition/learning/adjustment, then let's at least talk about it.
IF Bynum does figure it out. IF he does become part of the flow. IF he can become part of the unconscious flow of effeciency that the others have, then I will be as happy as anyone. But what if we aren't seeing it? Do we give up Kobe's and Pau's championship years? Do we keep Bynum for when Pau is gone or past his prime?

Compare this to the pablum we've been fed recently)
Posted by: Jon K. | December 28, 2009 at 05:17 AM

In fact even if he is not totally adapted, I am sure we play better with Bynum than without Bynum. The problem is that he needs to sacrifice his offense in order to be a perfect fit on this team. The season is very long and we can have injuries. If Gasol is out for a few games, Bynum's game will improve. Basically we don't need to use all the kid potential as of now. Posted by: Ganapia | December 28, 2009 at 04:26 AM

@HOBBITMAGE even though I disagree with some of your criticism of Bynum, still in all GREAT POST!!

Jon K

thanks 4 the "hype" comment.

do the clippers raise a banner at staples after last night victory? :-)

IF Bynum does figure it out. IF he does become part of the flow. IF he can become part of the unconscious flow of effeciency that the others have, then I will be as happy as anyone. But what if we aren't seeing it? Do we give up Kobe's and Pau's championship years? Do we keep Bynum for when Pau is gone or past his prime?

Posted by: JohnnyV | December 28, 2009 at 07:36 AM


i'm in shock that you even went there? did you had your morning coffee/tea yet?

so lakers/Buss/ invest min. 500 mil. 4 next 5 years so Kobe & Co r in position to win a few more championships (i guess till #18-19)

and they will throw all that away to accommodate Andrew" Black Hole" Bynum in "decay" (that's the new word out there in the BB blogosphere)? whowwwww

what else should "WE" do?

1. evacuate the Playboy Mansion 4 him
2. ask Rihanna(?) to wear a chastity belt
3. hire Hakeem, Russell, Shaq, Wilt and Mikan
4. send a note to Ferrari to send him a custom made interior with the latest model that comes out of the pipe
5. any other capriciousness i'm not aware of

4 a PUNK?



Things even out like you know they would, Clippers beat Celtics does that mean Celtics no good
During a season you gonna have ebbs and tides, that why Phil emphasizes enjoying the ride
A straight shot thu may get you there fast, but it won’t provide any memories that will last.
A team is defined by the competition it plays, and it aint gonna win all the time always.
If you played every game at 100 percent, when the playoffs arrived your team would be spent
What did the Colts do in yesterdays Game, they said perfect record be damned, Superbowl is our aim
Then Look at the Patriots when they were perfect too, Then got to the Superbowl and they were thru.
All that I am trying to get across, Is that some good can come from what looks like a bad loss
In a game of players of somewhat even skill, the team that dominates is the one with the strongest will.
Soft and Hard are relative terms and they don’t take account of the fire within that burns
A wise man said be like Bamboo that bends in the wind & then springs back to see another day begin
And not like the Oak that is proud and Stong , till a stronger wind comes & the Oak is gone
Some people are never satisfied, They hate the scenary and can’t enjoy the ride.
All they want is to reach the goal and not take heed of lessons as the ride unfolds
So People, people you just won a championship, The Smush years from your minds must have slipped
I’m Mamba24, writing poems is what I do, Take it for what it’s worth, it’s all up to you.

LO needs to get it together, his game stinks. We stayed up at night hoping the Lakers would resign Lamar, and this is what we get in return. More inconsistency C'mon man get your head out the ground.



Kobe is shooting EVEN BETTER since breaking his finger than he was before he broke the finger. He's already played a large portion of a game with effectively one hand tied behind his back, and still led his team to victory. What's next for Kobe? Is he going to start shooting fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse? Does his blood have the medicinal properties of a unicorn? Is he a real life version of Wolverine?Posted by: Jon K. | December 28, 2009 at 05:17 AM
Preach On, Jon K. Undercover Agent Supreme!!!

Trade Bynum? HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaaaaaaa. Love you silly knuckleheads. Reminds me of the out of work brother-in-law living in your basement in his pajamas and telling you how much better life would be if you just got a better job. Man, that Bynum trade would be called "the reverse Pau trade" and would finally take the monkey off Memphis's back as the absolute worst trade ever.

Anyway, my New Year's wish for all my Laker Nation bro's is to see Sasha join the starting rotation, play 30+ minutes, regain his Machine cred, and double double every game. Do I really think he could? No way. The guy sucks. But if he could pull it off, we'd all get to see what Zaira looks like covered in ash and walking naked through the doorway.

Psyche! Seriously, I love all the personalities here, the great basketball insights, and yeah, all the diverse opinions. Happy Early New Year!

Laker Nation rules!!! Green Nation sucks!!! (thanx baby bro Clippers...PS, how about trading us Blake for Sasha?)

CornerJ (...swish!)

Troy -

Where exactly did Phil say that Pau was soft? Do you have any evidence of that?

Let me add my congratulations for the Clipper victory... done without Griffin (who's a monster and will develop beautifully) and Camby, so Pierce's absence (on a wheelchair somewhere?) is no excuse. I watched the waning minutes of that one in the early morning hours here. Delightful! But I've always loved Baron Davis.

My only team is the Lakers but I'd like to see the state of California move into the kind of dominant position Texas - with its three powerhouses - has had in recent years. So go Clips, Kings and even the Warriors (with our man and my Frenchman, Turiaf). Maybe one day soon we actually will have the "hallway series".

I loved your summary of Kobe's incomparable greatness. Like everything else with Kobe his recent one-handed and off-handed mastery is something we've seen develop over the years through hard work and determination. I remember when he broke his finger (at the start of the 99/00 championship season?) and he was out at practice shooting with his left hand. Then a few years later continuing to play with his right shoulder dislocated. At the time it seemed like irresponsible self-indulgence, but the skill has turned into something nobody's ever seen before: the ability not just to bear pain or compensate but to be effective in games with only half a body working. Part of it is a game of poker, the supreme bluff, because I think Sacto had reached the conclusion that Kobe couldn't get off a clean and accurate shot with his right hand, so they stopped worrying about defending it.

Poker is part of basketball. Shaq and Lebron have always relied exclusively on their physical strength, presence and speed to "dominate" a game, not to control its strategy, not to surprise the opponent. Kobe has skill, strength and speed and exceptional coordination (much better than Shaq or Lebron), but not in an automatically "dominating" way, so he adds that other major ingredient - strategic intelligence and flexibility.

We'll see how he adapts again tonight. Here's hoping playing the Suns brings Drew back to life and this silly prolonged discussion about trading him or lamenting his sporting demise is cut short.

Ganapia, are you by case wishing Pau could get injuried so Andrew could be free to express himself?

I am sure I got your post wrong. I must... I definitely have.

Troy: sincerly I have little to say to confute your opinion on Pau: I think what Kobe thinks about him. His words just days ago on Pau, the way he is just what this team and Kobe himself needed, and the way he still underappreciated "But not by me" he says, pretty much vocalizes my ideas about Pau 110%.

And no way he's soft, especially "mentally". That man has an overimpressive IQ on court. Something that makes him stronger than any other fella in this game with the fair exception of Kobe The God Bryant. He's got an elegant and refined style of play. Something that amazes my eyes totally. Something that I pay to see everytime I am in LA, just right after Kobe's EVERYTHING on the floor.

Last year he was so soft he annhilated Superman. He's not a overmuscled thug. Maybe we have two different concepts of strenght. If being strong implies just be thuggerish and gangsta, if it's all about tackling and breathing on somebody's neck, (which is useful, but not necessarily the only form of strenght needed by a team) sure Pau is someway and occasionally soft. And I would like to add "luckely".

I repeat: Pau is in my eyes what he is in Kobe's eyes. PJ has called him soft to inject a reaction in him when that was needed. That seemed fairly clear to me. After those remarks, Pau has developed a great approach to the games both defensively and offensively. You won't see him asphalt in style anybody: you will see him gain position, attack board without being invasive and find the best position to be useful for the team. Not because he's soft: but because he's SMART.
If it isn't a very valuable strenght in his game for you, don't know what to replicate, other than to me he's all the strenght I want to see from him. That lacked in the Cavs game: and in fact I was the first one tipping his play that day "awful". I have no problems in stating things as they are when I have to. But that was just one game. And it was not a problem of softness: Pau simply didn't provide any of his smartly tough play that day. The results of that lack of play have been under everybody's eyes.

Actually nothing I could say is gonna change your mind anyway abou Pau, am I wrong?
And it doesn't matter in my life.
Doesn't matter in your life.
Doesn't matter in Pau's life.
We are just gonna disagree completely about this forever.

No real trouble there, I am sure, for either of us. This blog is a fairly huge place to contain both our views.

Jon K.... thank you a lot for the quotation of C.A. Clark's piece. My eyes gaze of glittering love reading it :)

Johnny V., I think you've pretty much underlined Drew's trouble: he feels the pressure of being in a team with a shortage of patience about his developing pattern. That is for sure a trouble.

Like it was his trip in Italy (hobbitmage... great post)


Nobody better than me can understand your love for my own Country and the will you had to wander around our blessed landscapes but man.. why not pickin up France more... or... England or Spain? It irks me when I hear sentences like "Bynum missed the camp cos he was in Italy". Shouldn't you have put the Country blame on some of our pretty neighboroud places?


This guy wants drive me crazy.

Anyway... I am looking forward to tonight's game. Hope that things can be taken lightly.
If I have to bet, I don't see Ron Ron taking part of it.

Well, let's look at that with good spirit: if by the time of his acquiring somebody would have told us that the first CrazyArtestShow would have taken place after Xmas would you have believed it?

I was ready to have one *insanity*^ every three weeks.

We are doing good also on that front.

*shakes head and rolls behind eyes thinkin of Thriller thrilling s**t in his own house after Cavs demise*

Laker Land: where all that is possible and even a lot of what is impossible happens on a daily basis.

The Green Asterisk:

YOU wrote: “Uh.......Kareem never played against Shaq, or Bill Russell and after winning three straight NCCA titles he certainly had the respect of everyone with a shred of basketball knowledge the moment he arrived as the #1 pick in the NBA..........geeeez what a ridiculous statement.....Laker fans are painfully ignorant about basketball”

Pardon me for imagining Kareem beating the crap out Shaq but I do want to point out that I never mentioned Bill Russell. If you are hell bent on being correct then at least don’t try to temper with the evidence. By the way, I should have included Bill as in Walton and the real beast Moses as the list goes on and on. I wounder how Bynum would stack up against the real beasts of the past....deeeeeeeeep thoughts!

Bynum cant be traded just like the dog-Sasha because their contracts are way to big. TIRED OF ALL THE EXCUSES ABOUT BYNUM's KNEE OR BEING YOUNG.-ITS ALL ABOUT HIS LACK OF EFFORT AND BEING LAZY! HE IS A MOMENTUM CHANGER THE WRONG WAY. LAKERS WON LAST YEAR WITH DEFENSE AND ODOM. Pretty bad when I root for Bynum to be in foul trouble or Phil takes him out because Bynum he just looks at the lay up after lay up or he falls for the up and ender move-Foul, Foul, Foul.


HAHAHAHAHA: " LakerTom has been spoiling him with too much carrots, we got to use the stick to neutralize those spoils. "

Nemaia, you sound like a catholic school teacher who is used to "stick" treatment, hahahaha! Bend over LakerTom, 6 sticks for you and 8 for Nemaia. Why more for Nemaia, because it is even worst not to learn from other's mistake and follow their leader blindly.




It's happened many times, especially after the 2008 loss to Boston. I remember quoting him on this blog. Phil will often use words like "timid", but it always means the same thing. But anyway, just google Pau Gasol soft, or timid, and you'll get your proof.

in this one, Phil doesn't admit to it, but Pau does have the reputation (I wonder why...)

Zaira, Caliphilospher;

Please answer me this...

1) Do you think Pau Gasol has had a reputation for being soft?
2) If yes, then why do you think he has this reputation?
3) Who's "softer" (mentally and physically) in your opinion, Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum (think about it)?

Hello Mr Mike James of LAT

As you can see with this blog, a thread is just a thread for the sake of change in subject matters. The bloggers within the blog create their own thread from several discussion or conversations among the chaotic diversed Lakers fans. It is an organized chaos of well perceived thoughts and suggestions.

However, it doesn't mean the moderator-blogger would not budge in nor answer questions paused unto him. I don't know if Broderick was reading the succeeding comments under his threads. He never answered our questions. I believe this is what WesJoe was saying that we missed insights from our moderators or participation in the debates. We need someone who is familiar with the organization and in-the-know of what we are discussing, a moderator who would lead discussions.

I hope you will address these concerns in the succeeding threads.


The bloggers within the blog create their own thread from several discussion or conversations among the chaotic diversed Lakers fans. It is an organized chaos of well perceived thoughts and suggestions.Posted by: Edwin Gueco | December 28, 2009 at 10:24 AM

And now a few words for Edwin The Master...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

3) Who's "softer" (mentally and physically) in your opinion, Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum (think about it)? Posted by: troy | December 28, 2009 at 10:19 AM


BYNUM IS A TRUE BIG CENTER WITH SKILLS buttttttttttttttttt he still needs Kareem's tutelage if he wants to be a great center. Left on his own and surrounded by weavers of Emperor's New Clothes then Bynum will remain as an under achiever.

Sexy Sadie what have you done
You made a fool of everyone
You made a fool of everyone
Sexy Sadie ooh what have you done

Sexy Sadie you broke the rules
You layed it down for all to see
You layed it down for all to see
Sexy Sadie oooh you broke the rules

One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover
She came along to turn on everyone
Sexy Sadie the greatest of them all

Sexy Sadie how did you know
The world was waiting just for you
The world was waiting just for you
Sexy Sadie oooh how did you know

Sexy Sadie you'll get yours yet
However big you think you are
However big you think you are
Sexy Sadie oooh you'll get yours yet

We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table
Just a smile would lighten everything
Sexy Sadie she's the latest and the greatest of them all

She made a fool of everyone
Sexy Sadie

However big you think you are
Sexy Sadie

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