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This week's 710 Lakers PodKast

Hamstring anatomy Because it wouldn't be Thursday without the newest edition of your favorite bit of Lakers related ear candy (if it's not, keep it to yourself)...

Part I: Hamstring Week! at Lakers Blog continues. We kick around Pau Gasol's comments from Wednesday's practice about his injured right hamstring, get in depth on hammy injuries with sports injury expert Will Carroll of Baseball and Basketball Prospectus (and editor of The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries), and discuss AK's alternate theory of Pau's recovery timetable.

For just the interview with Carroll, click here.

Part II: We start with a breakdown of Kobe Bryant's domination in the post. From there, it's on to league-wide issues. LeBron James says he's done talking about his impending free agency, but given how much LeBron has enjoyed stringing the media along ahead of The Great Summer of 2010, we don't think he can stick to it. After all, last night against the Magic he was wearing shoes with a tribute to the Yankees on 'em. With that in mind, we provide a few other passive-aggressive ways in which LBJ could hint at his future home. Finally, we lament the short (shelf) life of Earl Smith III, and reveal my secret bowling moniker.


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Edwin Gueco,

Here's a link to a pic of Pau and Novia.

If LeBron really wants to leave Cleveland, there is no better place for him than our very own Lakers.

He'll have the best chance to win multiple championships here in a large market for the best franchise in the league. He'll have the chance to play with Kobe and eventually take over as the #1 guy as Kobe ages. His power and athleticism would perfectly complement the skill of Kobe. And the Triangle is perfect for his skill sets - ball handling and passing.

Most importantly, the Lakers have the most assets to get a sign-and-trade done. Everybody but Kobe is tradeable on the team. And Cleveland will have strong incentive to trade LBJ out of the East and get valuable assets in return.

Not too inconceivable, is it?

I can't decide what's worse - "The State of the Hammy" or L.O.C.O.


Sherrif - I think you misunderstood my garbled comment, through no obvious fault of your own. I'll clarify. What I meant to say was HELL TO THE NO to Byron as the next Lakers Head Coach. I'll even go so far as to say HELL TO THE NO to him becoming an assistant here. However, stranger things have happend....

There's a phony phake phalse phred on here? What is this blog coming to? Is nothing sacred?


Yo enough with this whole dwade or lebron is coming to LA. I myself am guilty of mentioning cp3 coming earlier but that was more 2 make a joke on b. scott (heh heh can't help but hate on anything hornets a lil bit, afterall in 2008 some in the media called them better than us, lol so many scores 2 settle but umm i digress )

No superstar is coming to the lakers in the next couple of years, why? Because this team as currently constructed is making the finals in the next 5 years. Yeah no maybe's, kobe's got a good team now and anything less means he ain't the legend we all know him to be. And if we're that good, nobody is messing with the formula by going oh maybe we can swap Gasol for Dwade. And oh Gasol is the euro mvp y'all, fall back and show some respect.

The Lakers are loaded and we're here to kick some serious booty, quit thinking Boston etc are on our level. Dwade/Lebron/Garnett need to start talking about making a new big 3, cuz that's the kind of firepower you're going to need to bring down purple and gold. And pls allow me to point out that I never once mentioned Andrew Bynum in my rant, if lakertom is right even that 3 together might lose.

Respect the equation BSPN, we're ain't going nowhere. This league is ours, y'all just don't know it yet.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Good thing for us, it's Pau that's out and only because his "backup" Lamar Odom is not too shabby himself.

What if Drew was out? Then we have Cash Mbenga.
OK, that wasn't too bad for 2 games but not for a back2back versus Suns and Nuggets.

If Ron was out? Luuuuke! PJ's son.
If Kobe was out? Sasha? Don't even think about it.
If Fish was out, OK, we have 2 good young uns backing him up.


YOu are precisely correct. Reason why I am not so enamored about the thought of LBJ or any other star joining the Lakeshow. We got some serious team here that is projected to content for championship the next 3-5 years, why would anybody wishes to bring in a superstar and overhaul what's working?.. Enough with it already.

hell to the no, huh? catchy. I kind of like it. Yeah, i don't know about the falsely ascribed comment. I have occasionally read things on the blog in the morning that I didn't remember writing the night before, and for a minute I thought that was one of them, but no way would i have thought anything that stupid was funny. Also i like to think that a true phred comment has a dadaesque, stream of consciousness non sequitor to it that is very hard to duplicate.

Also a bit of affected conceit, natch.

As for a list of suspects, i can't imagine who i might have offended recently. I am such a sweet tempered and sensitive guy. sigh.

Is there not a game at 10:30? It's 10:40 by my computer. Bustards.


Just let Gasol rest while we are winning matches. We are not in a hurry and it is better to wait.



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