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This week's 710 Lakers PodKast

November 12, 2009 |  4:35 pm

Hamstring anatomy Because it wouldn't be Thursday without the newest edition of your favorite bit of Lakers related ear candy (if it's not, keep it to yourself)...

Part I: Hamstring Week! at Lakers Blog continues. We kick around Pau Gasol's comments from Wednesday's practice about his injured right hamstring, get in depth on hammy injuries with sports injury expert Will Carroll of Baseball and Basketball Prospectus (and editor of The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries), and discuss AK's alternate theory of Pau's recovery timetable.

For just the interview with Carroll, click here.

Part II: We start with a breakdown of Kobe Bryant's domination in the post. From there, it's on to league-wide issues. LeBron James says he's done talking about his impending free agency, but given how much LeBron has enjoyed stringing the media along ahead of The Great Summer of 2010, we don't think he can stick to it. After all, last night against the Magic he was wearing shoes with a tribute to the Yankees on 'em. With that in mind, we provide a few other passive-aggressive ways in which LBJ could hint at his future home. Finally, we lament the short (shelf) life of Earl Smith III, and reveal my secret bowling moniker.