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Sunday brunch: Feast on hot Lakers links, syrup not included

Kobe and Durant
 You've watched your Sunday news programs. You're settling into a day of football. That doesn't mean you can't take in a little Lakers news in anticipation of tonight's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples. This is the age of wireless internet and endless gadgetry. Multitask. The Lakers have a few things on their to-do list, if you ask Phil Jackson. He'd love to see fewer turnovers (14.7 per game, 13th in the league). And there's no such thing as too much defense, either. That could be tightened up (at nearly 102, the Lakers are 8th in the NBA in points per 100 possessions).

Of course, Jackson is also quick to note that it takes more than 12 games to really understand where a team stands on big picture issues. Call it a tribute to sample size. 

The visiting Thunder roll (sigh) into town with a 7-6 record, having won four of six. Not exactly world beating, but a major improvement over last season, when Oklahoma City didn't notch its seventh win until January 14. It's been almost exactly one year since Scott Brooks took over as head coach, and they've improved consistently since. Having pushed the Lakers to overtime in OKC and won roadies in San Antonio and Miami, the Thunder won't be intimidated by LA's Sunday whites. In the first go round, the Lakers didn't have Pau Gasol. Tonight they will. Andrew Bynum, who turned an ankle Friday against Chicago, says he'll play, too, though Saturday at practice PJ wouldn't confirm it. 

As FB'n'G's Kurt Helin notes, Kobe Bryant vs. OKC's Thabo Sefalosha is becoming one of the more intriguing Kobe vs. _________ matchups around the league. How Bryant attacks him will be one of the more interesting aspects of the game.

Promotional Note: We'll be on 710 ESPN's pregame show starting at 4:30, until sometime in the 5 pm hour.


(Photo: Kevin Durant guards Kobe Bryant. Credit Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)

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Good Morning Everyone...

Jon K...Sorry i did not have time to respond yesterday...

Baby sitting duties..

In regards to the comments from the announcers...Your right and i dont think it was that bad...I read the transcript and unless people ring up and complain both of those guys would have called the next game..Last week my local soccer teams coach was speaking to the media and because the team is not doing well a journalist was really getting stuck in to him and made some remarks as a joke and has now been fined $10,000 and he has to watch the games from the grandstand for 2 matches....

The media and some of the public need thicker skin man..It was a joke and the papers went to town on him big time...

Picking up on the K Bros "rants" from the last thread posted.......I just read the candidates for best playoff performances of the past decade.

Where is Kobe's performances as an option? Is it me?

How can you not include as an option the clinching game against Sacramento in the Western Conference Semifinals?

In that game Kobe played 48 minutes and shot 15/29 for nearly 52% accuracy.......... he made his only 3 pt attempt and made 17/19 FT attempts. He grabbed 16 rebounds with 3 assist and 2 steals..........and oh yeah he dropped 48 points..........and he was only 22 years old. Does anybody remember that game? Is it me?

Now look at the game he followed that up with. The Lakers at the time were heading into a series against the 1999 Champion San Antonio Spurs. This playoff series at the time was the consensus among critics as deciding who the NBA Champion would the guy with the bad breath on the Espn commercial would say........Huuuuuuuuuge!

Going into the hostile atmosphere of San Antonio for game 1.......Kobe's numbers were incredible later prompting Shaq to call Kobe the best player in the game......period.

On May 19, 2001 Kobe dropped these numbers on the Spurs

45 pts on 19/35 shooting and 54% accuracy and grabbed 10 rebounds leading the Lakers to the first of a four game sweep of the Spurs.

BK......Help me. How could these games NOT be included in one of the best playoff games of the decade? Is it me?


On the previous thread, you mentioned a problem installing iTunes. What exactly was the error message (cut/paste here)? And give me what your hardware/software configuration is. The details do matter. For example, you may have downloaded the wrong version of iTunes (there are different versions for Macs vs PCs, 64-bit vs 32-bit machines, etc.).


Ah,I remember those games well. However, much of the media only want to remember either what MJ has done(seems like a long, long time ago now), LeBron against the Pistons or Wade's performance against the Mavs in the finals(although the Mavs would be called for fouls if they even breathed or looked at Wade a certain way). That Kobe had that type of performance against the Kings at 22 and then game 1 against the Spurs should be mentioned with other top performances of the decade. How about Kobe's heroics against the Pacers in Indiana after Shaq fouled out and Kobe took over and singlehandedly won the game in overtime for us??? While some may disagree with me, there still seems to be some bias against Kobe in my opinion.

It's also pretty awesome how Magic in an interview several weeks ago during a Lakers game reminded people that Jamaal "Silk" Wilkes scored 38 pts to supplement Magic's own monster game against the Sixers in game 6 of the finals. It's a shame that more star players don't publicly give more credit to mates that had great supporting roles and games to help win a title or big playoff game.

Go Lakers!!!


"The media and some of the public need thicker skin man..It was a joke and the papers went to town on him big time..."


The media consistently make these things a bigger deal than they are.

Men (and women) talk good-natured smack sometimes. It's healthy. Who did you talk the most smack to growing up? Your friends. It's healthy. It's funny. And it means that you're truly on good terms with them when you can poke them verbally without having to worry about hurting their feelings.

Uptight, over-sensitive, emotionally undisciplined people don't get that. They embrace a sense of political correctness that is based upon a sick philosophy that you are responsible for other people's feelings when you are not. People are responsible for their own feelings.

I do agree that it is generally good to be respectful to others, but we don't need to be reverent of others (which is what political correctness actually expects us to do).

As I stated in an earlier post, humor is generally rooted in irreverence. We give up our irreverence and we give up our societal sense of humor. I, for one, am not willing to live in a society without humor because extrapolated far enough SOMEONE is going to find anything that is humorous offensive on some level.

People have a responsibility to society to be generally respectful and they have a responsibility to society to have a relatively thick skin because otherwise they become whiney, annoying, politically correct wimps who expect everyone else to bend over backwards to placate their tender sensibilities.

And such expectations are the expectations of a spoiled and petulent child.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


yeah i remember that san antonio game 1...kobe was dominating ... taking on 2 hall of famers at the rim in duncan and robinson.....THE Nba freaking ptus dwade's nba finals game...okay he had good game but come on if you breathed on him that game it was a foul on the mavericks.

Thanks, Corner J-

I'm running Windows XP, trying to install the latest version of iTunes (the computer is an HP dv2000). Here's the message I'm getting:

"There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

I've hunted around for a solution, and haven't found anything that has done the trick.




It's not just the big's that could benefit from steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. I hear every season about how any player, whether an undersized guard or a thin center, needs to hit the weight room and get stronger.

But bigger muscles is not the only or even primary benefit of drugs. They can help you recover quicker from injury, increase your stamina, help you become quicker and faster. Help you jump higher. These are all benefits that basketball players, with millions of dollars on the line, would covet.

And even brute strength has it's uses in small guards. I love me some Derek Fisher and I would love to see the Lakers continue to groom him to be a head coach some day. But his primary edge that kept him in the league this long was that he was one of the physically strongest dudes on the court, let alone at his position. He was not fast, he was never quick, he was never a dead eye shooter.

But he was stronger than the other guys, played tenacious D by getting in peoples way to take charges or force the other guy in the direction he wanted him to go. He also could switch more effectively than other guards his height, because even though he was short, he was able to fight for position in the post and if the other guy shot over him at least it would be farther from the basket.

Again, I don't THINK Derek is a user, but his whole game is a walking advertisement for how a good backup/borderline starter could carve out a niche in the league and make tens of millions of dollars by simply being stronger than everyone else.

And like I said, stronger is EMPHATICALLY not the only benefit. So when I see anecdotal evidence like Shaq making dramatic improvements under the guidance of a noted steroid abuser, or Stephen Jackson putting on 10 pounds of new muscle (and even more attitude) over a summer at the age of 30, or just how so many NBA players in general are so much more ripped than they were 10 years ago, I get suspicious.

I think that the mainstream media don't like to talk about this because they are worried they will lose their access to the athletes and they are fans like the rest of us that don't want a scandal. Plus I bet just hanging around the NBA like they do allows these media guys to have more luck with the ladies then they otherwise would have (witness the K Bros getting hitched ;).


Hey there BK, I got this from yahoo answers and would normally discredit it as a solution for a home user. But as head blogger, it is possible you are trying to set Itunes up on a work computer where your account is not the administrator account -

From Yahoo -

This is most probably not an iTunes issue. It is more likely a Microsoft issue regarding administrator rights.

If you look in: C:\documents and settings\\Local Settings\Temp there will be an iTunes install it in Notepad and see if it isn't exiting with a 1619 error while running msiexec.exe

If this is the case, this solution may work for you.

Depending on installation, some configurations of XP don't allow full administrator rights to the account you set up.

There are two MS Knowledge Base articles that may apply to your problem.… (1619 error)

and… (how to set special permissions)


Me again.. basically it boils down to you should be logged in as at least the local administrator on that computer to install Itunes. If it is a work computer (and even possibly one at home if someone doesn't trust you with technology) then see if you can get your support staff to give you local administration privileges.


To BK again,

Unless you are certain that you are logged in as an administrator there is little point to the other solutions I can suggest. If you are logged in as an administrator (and I mean deadly certain) then I would probably suggest downloading the Microsoft installer package cleanup utility to clean up the mess and start over.

Here is the link -

But honestly, be certain you are the administrator because that is the easiest fix and if you don't nail that down to start with you can end up spinning wheels.


"Syrup not included" - hahahaha! It's the little moments (and lines) in life that get me.



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