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Completely ludicrous Shannon Brown dunk of the night

Okay, Kobe Bryant, I'll see your behind the backboard shot and raise you one of these:

After the game, Kobe said nobody he's seen- whether teammates, opponents, or himself- gets up like Shannon Brown. He never saw AK pre-ACL injury, but that aside, who am I to argue?  I was fortunate enough to be on the side of the floor where the oop went down, and fair to say it led to a momentary suspension of the standard media-row prohibition on "Holy **@&#!" reactions to on-court events. That play could have raised the dead.

More on the game to come.


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Let there be no doubt that Kobe Bryant is the PRINCE of Basketball, soaring above mortal players, making shots that bank off buildings and carom off street lights, even leaving his NBA 2K 10 virtual self in the dust, forcing 2K Sports to update his game profile to reflect the plethora of new moves. Time to put away that LeBron jersey you bought last year, NBA fan, because it is Kobe who is going to inherit the throne that MJ currently holds. That is why he is the PRINCE of Basketball.
Kobe seems to add a new wrinkle or weapon to his repertoire every single game, from the spinning left handed whirling dervish hooks to the Luke Walton inspired 1-footed step-back fade-away in the key but that incredible unbelievable 1-footed jumper rainbow floater OVER the backboard was too killer. Kobe is not only the best NBA player in the world but may also be its best HORSE player.
If you wonder why so many of us are so high on Andrew Bynum and believe he will be the #2 leading scorer on the team and perhaps even its #2 option when we need a basket, then study tonight’s game. It was a classic display of why Drew’s almost unstoppable low post power game has become a staple of the Lakers half-court offense. Drew is rapidly becoming the BEAST that the Lakers must feed.
Drew was just superb tonight, scoring 25 points on 9-11 from the floor and 7- 7 from the line, along with a team high 9 boards, 2 blocks, and 1 steal, He was active on defense and didn’t show any lingering hesitancy due to the recently turned ankle. You cannot help but notice how Drew and Pau cause other teams offenses problems with their height and length but also how Drew and Ron do the same with their physicality and toughness. Other players just seem to bounce off them like Teflon.
Not playing for over a month finally caught up with Pau tonight as he missed a lot of easy shots and seemed understandably fatigued at times. But what a perfect player for this Lakers team and perfect complement to Kobe and Drew. I love the offense going through Pau at the high post with Drew down low. They ran several great plays off that and Pau and Drew seemed to be playing in sync.
Finally, I thought Jordan Farmar had another strong game. I like that Jordie has not backed down from playing aggressively. I would rather see him add that dimension to our game even if there are occasional times when he gets a little out of control. I also love Jordie’s speed going to the basket and that 2-handed flush to finish that drive, not to mention the perfect alley oop to Brown for another YouTube moment. Throw in an excellent effort from Fish and the guards NOT named Kobe did fine.
Tonight’s win keeps the 79-3 bandwagon alive and kicking. While we know that we are not really going to win 79 games and that the idea of the 79-3 bandwagon is that it is a long season and we have only lost 3 games, but there were moments watching this team tonight when I almost believed it. After all, this is the NBA so anything is possible. I mean, didn’t Kobe once score 81 in a game?
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Wow Shannon! You write the book! Great game!


A quick glance at today’s NBA player statistics for the Lakers shows that Shannon Brown is averaging 16 mpg, which is the perfect average mpg per player for a 15-man team. This roster currently shows only 13 men, but it could show 15, and the 16-minute average would then apply. The starters and regulars who average greater than 16 mpg and the substitutes who average less than 16 mpg have similar stats in many respects, but the one we will concentrate on for the moment will be mpg.

The closer a team gets to an average player mpg of 16 minutes, the more experience that team will be able to present to an opponent, and the entire team will be stronger as an offensive and defensive unit than a team with lopsided player mpg averages. Players who observe their opponent from the sidelines are able to bring that knowledgeable response to the court when given an opportunity to increase their mpg to a more equitable average.

Adam Morrison currently has the lowest mpg for the Lakers, which I believe is going to be increased throughout the season, as he works into the rotation. We expect great things from this young player, as he showed great promise in the Las Vegas summer league as well as a fabulous college career at Gonzaga.

I believe that increasing average mpg for reserve players will greatly improve the ability of the entire team to function as a cohesive unit and present a more formidable offensive and defensive capability to opponents. Some will worry about the effect this will have on individual and divisional standings, but I think this strategy is worth the effort, despite the initial reaction that may result from its implementation.

When fans realize that the goal is building a better team which is more experienced and better prepared to defend our national title, they will enthusiastically support the coaches and team as they increase the average mpg of the reserves, thereby improving the Laker’s chances to repeat as NBA champions in 2010. Let’s all work together to make it happen!

Mark Overt Skilbred

Awww :) :) :)

Superflying Dunk Dude back atcha!!!

That was simply glorious. I can't wait to hear what Italian speakers will say about this (tonight I had to follow a Spanish chronicle... No idea truly of what they called this like, cos it was just a constant screaming of all vowels in the vocabulary... and quite aptly so ;))

I think we should start a shannon brown watch every game for the coming dunk... At the end of the season there could be a compiliation of all his dunks

Shannon Brown has the skills as a shooter, playmaker/creator, defensive man, and athlete to be a great basketball player. If he stays humble, and stays with the Lakers, under Kobe's tutelage, he could eventually have his uniform hanging in the Lakers rafters along with West, Baylor, Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic, Shaq, and Kobe.


But, that's all a bunch of ifs.

As of now Shannon Brown - for all the excitement he brings to a game, for all the death-defying hops - is just another work-in-progress.

That being said, I hope the Lakers keep him.

Who on earth is AK?

Good GAWWWWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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