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Ron Ron meets Jimmy (Jimmy?), plus some Lakers/NBA news

I've always said that once Ron Artest hits the weights enough to get a body as good as mine, he'll find an opportunity to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show without a shirt. Or what would be traditionally defined as "pants." 

Basically, show a little skin as celebration of his "AK-esque" physique.

Well, I know what I'm talking about, because Artest did just that. Pretty funny stuff and a few great lines from Ron Ron. BK was especially fond of, "I can even put your pen right in my pocket!" I'm partial to, "(Phil) might be giving me a book tomorrow." (Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the heads up.)


    -Good interview with Kobe Bryant from current NYT/former LAT scribe Jonathon Abrams.  Abrams covers the Knicks, this evening's guests at StaplesEddy Curry is just now suiting up for the visitors, and is so geeked to be out on the floor that he'll even check the Mamba.
    -Pau Gasol's looking good as he gets his legs back.
    -The OC Register's Kevin Ding takes a look at the dunkariffic Shannon Brown.
    -Hardwood Paroxysm's Matt Moore thinks the Lakers benefit from scheduling favoritism.  "Nomuskles" from Forum Blue and Gold would respectfully disagree.
    -Papa and Sonny Buss recently met with the media.'s Mike Trudell lays out the details.
    -Caption fun with Ammo and DJ!!! (Again, BDL shout out!)


    -A look at local product Brandon Jennings, who's taking the league by storm.
    -The Wizards have been plagued by some finger pointing during their early struggles.  In particular, Gilbert Arenas' finger has been pointed in Caron Butler's direction.  In the meantime, Brendan Haywood has needed to explain that his wasn't pointed at Zero.
    -The children of Tanzania will be receiving an NBA collector's item.
    -T-Mac is T-PRACticing again.
    -Nellie will be sidelined with a bout of pneumonia.  His players likely wish him good health, if not necessarily a speedy return.


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if i had a body like that ... i'd do the same

but since i don't ... gotta say this is a lil-overboard ron-ron, i mean you're playing ok basketball but it ain't great basketball ... how bout u hit some more 3s before u start doing all of that

And oh, dwades got a better body than u ... now what u egotistical punk ... and umm can u hook a fan up with a personal trainer or something

Hmmm, take off my clothes? Yeah cool...

Ron's choice is at least proof positive that he's sought out and found the LA media tabloid button and intends to push it whenever possible. It's the big bright toy he's always wanted.

The moment should be compared to other late night underwear moments by Johnny Carson, (or so I'm told, I'm way to young to know) and others that found dropping their pants to be the best way to get laughs. Ron's funny, obviously not stupid and quips with the best of the NBA.

Even funnier are those that watched a man do a national interview in his boxers and come away with he was a math major. Yeah mom, we're that numb. No, I didn't say dumb...

Don't repost, but it bears repeating. It's all good, till we lose too many, which will never happen as we here all know.

Till then, Rock the RonArt!

I must admit, I was a little dissapointed when I first heard that Trevor was leaving and we were getting Ron Ron. After all, he did help the Lakers win a championship. Now that Ron's been around awhile, I think he fits in just fine and it was actually a very good trade for the Lakers. Today, I'm very excited to see Ron join the Lakers family. He's an awesome player and I'm starting to see him really fit in. As he becomes more familiar with the triangle, he will only get better. WELCOME RON RON!


@ taliq

Same here. I would throw away all my tshirts.

Thriller's a good guy.

I'm not sure about this showing up on television in his shorts, but he's reaching out to fans like a real human being, and that part is great.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


All I was thinking watching those clips was
Dude, when you gonna wipe off that sweat thats building up on your chest, cmon.

Posted by: sue seiffert | November 24, 2009 at 11:03 AM

Holy Caps Lock Batman!!

Haha this is hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel has the best late night show ont T.V.

Also It would not surprise me though if Ron was playing along with something Jimmy suggested.

I enjoyed the interview with Kobe.

I'm a bit surprised that there has been so much screaming about how much Luke Walton makes when Sasha makes more than Luke.

Luke has consistently contributed while there have been spells when Sasha just disappears. I just don't get it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I thought this was funny. Ron's a good sport and I think this proves the K Bros' point that he is extremely self-aware and comfortable in his own skin (literally and figuratively). Ron is crazy, but now it's good-natured crazy, not the old "I'm-going-to-punch-a-fan" crazy.

The thing I did like most about the interview with Thriller was that he honestly seemed to get a bit embarassed half-way through the interview. It shows that while he is still be bit impulsive, also does have a fair degree of self-awareness, enough to ask, "Was this a good idea?"

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


- - - - - - - - - - - -
I know I am not the only long-time Lakers fan that loves this team more than any other Lakers teams, including the fabulous West & Wilt championship teams, the incomparable Magic and the Cap Showtime teams, and the great Kobe & Shaq Three-peat teams. So why do so many Lakers fan feel like that?
After watching Ron Artest’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel, I think the reason I love these guys so much is that they are truly a Renaissance team – a group of intelligent, eclectic, and well rounded players whose reach and rapport with the fans goes way beyond basketball. I mean how could you NOT just love Ron Artest as a teammate? The guy will make you laugh and gives having your back an entirely new meaning.
Is there any NBA team out there with as many smart and articulate players? Start with Kobe Bryant, obviously the most driven and motivated player in the league and someone who about whom volumes have been and remain to be written. Intelligent, eloquent, insightful, wise, and at times, hilariously funny. He is my very favorite Lakers player and one of the smartest, most driven, and hard working players ever.
Then there is his backcourt mate, Derek Fisher, the player that I and 30% of NBA general managers predict will someday become a great NBA coach. Is there a more genuinely likeable and more personable player in the league? Is it any wonder that he has been elected as President of the NBA Players Association? Or that he has written a book about his life experiences, including his move back to the Lakers due to his daughter’s health.
Or how about Lamar Odom, he of the infinite potential and the irrepressible sweet tooth. Another smart and extremely articulate Lakers players. I was especially pleased to see how Lamar has matured before our eyes the last few years. I was happy to see Lamar get his new contract, new wife, and new championship ring. It will interesting to see how his marriage to Khloe and his new found celebrity impact his life.
Then there is the Spaniard Pau Gasol, son of two doctors and one of the most balanced and intelligent players in the game, not to mention the premier power forward in the NBA. While Pau might be more likely to be found watching opera or classical music rather than hip hop, there is no doubt that the grey matter is there. Another extremely bright and articulate Lakers players.
Finally, you have Andrew Bynum, not only the best young center in the game and a likely starter at center for the Western All-Star squad, but also maybe the only player in the NBA without a tattoo. And talk about smart, Drew is a Ferrari aficionado, a computer networking geek, and another extremely smart and articulate player. Not many beasts in the league are as book smart or basketball smart as young Drew.
With the support of the blog and the explosion of the Internet, Lakers fans have been able to learn more than ever before about their cherished Lakers players. For many sports franchises, that has been a mixed bag. For the Lakers franchise, however, the expanded access has allowed us to meet and know our player better than ever and this has led to the lovefest that we are currently experiencing. Don’t underestimate intelligence as a key skill or trait that separates the Lakers from the rest of the NBA. The Lakers are the Renaissance team.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Ron Ron is the second best Laker small forward after big game James..

Ron Ron is going to take us to the promise land.. I say yeah yeah

I say touch that TV and heeeeeeeeeeeeel!!

I can only hope Ryan Lambert wasnt on the same show that night.

The Outlaw posting from deep behind enemy lines in Denver, Colorado.

I'm looking for a run and gun, assist-filled, circus shot, Superfly blowout by the Lake Show tonight. Please. That's all I want.

Baby Outlaw sends his regards, Mamba24.

Go Lake Show!

by Mike Trudell for
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Just a great interview that every Lakers fan needs to read the interview in its entirety.
Here are the best excerpts:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On if he and Jim Buss have talked about potential candidates to replace Jackson:
Dr. Buss: The problem is you really don't know who's available. There (is) a group of people who I have a special fondness for, and for obvious reasons, I'll leave that unsaid. But Jimmy and I talk that over quite often, actually.
On if he still believes Jackson can coach the Lakers for many more years, as he intimated prior to last season:
Dr. Buss: I think he's healthier than he was. He was on his motorcycle this summer. That's always a good sign.
On how he feels about having the league's biggest payroll:
Dr. Buss: It doesn't thrill me. I don't like to be singled out for that particular purpose. But, I feel in this situation it was necessary. When it's necessary we're going to do that.
Jim Buss: And it's spent wisely. There (are) not bad contracts. So even though it's the highest payroll, it’s a good payroll.
On Andrew Bynum’s performance:
Dr. Buss: We are (pleased). When we watch him moving around, that’s a real joyful sight.
On keeping the title-winning team together:
Dr. Buss: We want to win as many championships as we possibly can. We’re still a few shy of our rival * My son Joey, when he picked up the trophy, he announced clear-cut our rival. It’s kind of obvious our whole family feels that way.
*Dr. Buss chose not to refer to the Boston Celtics by name.
On signing Ron Artest:
Jim Buss: Pretty much all our efforts are talked about between three or four of us. I was maybe a little bit harder pushing towards Ron Artest, my dad likes him a lot too. I think when (Trevor) Ariza kind of balked at our offer, that really kind of set the wheels in motion. You want to keep the team intact (after a championship), but I think Artest is an incredible defender and a perfect fit for this team. I think we improved … He enjoys locking down top-quality players on the other team. He enjoys it. It’s hard to find those kind of guys. He looks forward to going against Carmelo Anthony; he looks forward to going against LeBron (James). Not too many people say that. He was impressive to me when we sat down and talked to him.
On if Shaquille O'Neal's parting with other teams on not the best of terms sheds any light on his departure from the Lakers.
Dr. Buss: You know I never felt any animosity. That's not why he was traded. It was just because I felt that if we resigned him to a long-term contract, we were not going to be free to win as much as we'd hoped. I liked Shaq. A lot of people think I traded him because I was miffed or something like that. That's not true. When he ran down the floor and said 'Show me the money,' I thought it was funny. I thought it was a joke. I didn't have any problems with that. It was just a pure basketball decision … I think (his comments after being traded) were unnecessary and I’ll try to avoid doing the same thing.
On what Jim Buss sees for the team in the future:
Jim Buss: I like our team. I think we improved with Artest, and if we can, if we win it again, I’ll look to raise the bar even that much more. I’m not one that sits pat on a win, you want to improve because the other teams, that’s all they’re doing, basically improving to beat you. So if we can just stay one step ahead of the competition, that’s how you (win).
On if having superior length as the Lakers now do was part of the plan on the personnel side:
Jim Buss: Absolutely, 100 percent. I even sat with Phil (Jackson) one time and said, ‘What if you had all seven-footers?’ I was trying to figure out how that would work – Lamar (Odom) being a seven footer at the point. But I’m very much into the bigs. I like big players, tall players, it seems that you can always have a matchup problem, and so far it’s worked.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok - can I just say it?

I LOVE THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO - what a character! He's a little on the crazy side, but he's OUR crazy!

Thriller = Laker for (the rest of his NBA) Life!

Ron's got to do better than that if he wants to be known as the Laker who showed the most skin on TV. Anyone remember Mitch Kupchak's infamous post game locker scene?

Ron is playing the role we needed him to play. His defense on Durant went un-noticed by many. He basically shut down Durant while he played defense against him. Then, when Durant was out of the game, he bodied up Green and shut him down.

Ron Ron is a beast.

Travelling EAST is actually harder because of the time zone differences plain and simple. Look at both times when the Lakers had to fly to Denver after playing Phoenix, even though both times were blowout wins, the Lakers neverthless got to Denver around 3-4am and the last time they didn't have Sun Yue get lost finding an In and Out.

Just look at Denver when they lost to the Clippers and they had to face the Bulls in Denver the next night. Sure they won but they came out very slowly at first and if it was a game in Chicago had that been the case they would have probably lost.

I wanna party with Ron!

If there's one thing Ron can definitely do better than Ariza...

The YouTube icons were a bit misleading. Once I saw the reference to the Simmons story (of Artest running to the bus in underwear) and Ron's explanation—all good.

Never knew Artest was a math major. AK/BK, could you ask him how he did in his coursework? 2nd-year college-level math is supposed to be knocking into the multivariable calculus and linear algebra stuff. I'd be really impressed if Artest kept up with all that.

the great japanese photographer Eikoh Hosoe (he had a whole book on Yukio Mishima) suggested in a workshop that males should not take pictures naked, because the "balls" are not in balance and can create "shaking" in the picture.

why not resolve math problems in shorts or naked. how about a study regarding the wardrobe all the great mathematicians were wearing when they had their epiphanies.

lets start with Pitagora. did he had the robe on or was he "free balling" by hoodalizing Athens?

it was the "perfect moment" (see photographic meaning - exhibit at MOMA) for him to de-mythify the rumors of the press that came out "only" as he was traded to LA. some of you need a morality check. better keep them in the closet together with the adult content.

@ Father Guido Sarducci

Father forgive for I have sinned. I feel Rick Fox and Coop a loop were pretty darn good. The opponents were worn like t shirts and they weren't scared to bang.

Nombre de padre, espiritu santo amen.



Apparently Gary Vitti wasn't around to administer Artest his daily mega dose of Lithium.

Perhaps the team should consider the Lithium Patch for this loony bird.

He'll eventually destroy the team with his autistic paranoid personality.

- - - - - - - - -
>>> I wanna party with Ron!
A better idea would be to party with the entire Lakers team, which brings me back to my original idea of how the Lakers can reduce their payroll enough to eliminate the luxury tax and possibly even get under the salary cap. My solution? Basically, the NBA would change their rules so that teams would have the option of paying players to play for them or having the players pay them for the right to play with the Lakers.
With that rule in effect, the Lakers should auction off their 14th and 15th roster spots to rich celebrities who would like to sit at the end of the Lakers bench. Since we can only dress 12 players anyway, these 2 players would never be active. They would instead get to wear a suit and sit at the end of the Lakers bench. We have rich people paying to fly on the space shuttle and spend a weekend orbiting the earth and I would bet there would be lots of takers to sign up to be a Laker for 10 days for, let’s say, $1M each. Over the season, we would be able then to shave $10M off our payroll, which would then save $20M counting luxury taxes.
Then come the playoffs, when the price would be increased to $2M for the first round, $3M for the second round, $4M for the conference finals, and $5M for the Finals. This would garner the Lakers another $14M in salary savings, giving them a total of $22M for the year, which would save the franchise $44M total. With a tough economy facing the teams, this is a simple and productive way for teams to incorporate their fans into their game plan, save money, and perhaps even keep the NBA from floundering like the NHA or USFL.
- - - - - - - - -

I must say I'm a regular follower of and I enjoy reading the great comments in the Lakers blog. Tom, kudos to your long article about intelligent, articulate Lakers, but why did you not include Luke Walton?

The only major flaw that I see in this year's Laker team is inconsistent 3 pt shooting.
The Lakers are the best inside - out team and they can make the baskets inside. But what about outside?
Kobe, DFish, Ron-ron, LO, Farmar, Shannon, Luke, are currently all inconsistent 3 pt threats. Ammo can't play. Vlad is gone. Sasha is present but missing.

JaimeG – Manila
- - - - - - - - -
>>> Tom, kudos to your long article about intelligent, articulate Lakers,
>>> but why did you not include Luke Walton?
Thanks for the kind words, Jaime. I did not exclude out of any haterism (more out off laziness) because I consider him to be a great teammate and one of the glue players on this team. Maybe he is a little overpaid but nothing that seriously hurts the franchise. Luke definitely falls into the category of Renaissance Player, although he would have learned more had he gone to UCLA rather than a party school like Arizona. : )
- - - - - - - - -

Wow... ROn-Ron is Freakin FUN!!!!! I Love This Man.... he's doing all the things that he likes without even thinking... WOW.....

and I think Ron is doing well on the team too... he come here to play defense and he play defense.... about the shots, they will come.. but the main purpose for Ron in here is to stop player like Lebron, Kevin Durant, Wade, Melo, etc..... and I think he's doing it.. this way Kobe will have a lot of energy when the game counts...


fly0nwall wrote:

"Ron's got to do better than that if he wants to be known as the Laker who showed the most skin on TV. Anyone remember Mitch Kupchak's infamous post game locker scene?"

The player you are referring to was not Mitch Kupchak but actually "Dave Robisch" (C-F played for the Lakers between 1977-1979) after the Lakers won game three of the best of three mini-series in Denver of the 1979 Western Conference Quarter-finals against the Denver Nuggets.

Oh wow, how can the freeballin comment flowing off of the tongue like a natural thespian on national tv not be a highlight of anyone's day. Its not basketball but its entertainment. The guy has an open approach to expressing personality and he's not afraid of accepting his past. Its going to be an interesting year.

I have to say that I really like RonRon...he is goofy and really entertaining. He brings a lot of personality to this team. He is fast becoming my favorite Laker personality...and he's going to be nailz on D in the playoffs.



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