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Ron Ron meets Jimmy (Jimmy?), plus some Lakers/NBA news

November 24, 2009 | 10:06 am
I've always said that once Ron Artest hits the weights enough to get a body as good as mine, he'll find an opportunity to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show without a shirt. Or what would be traditionally defined as "pants." 

Basically, show a little skin as celebration of his "AK-esque" physique.

Well, I know what I'm talking about, because Artest did just that. Pretty funny stuff and a few great lines from Ron Ron. BK was especially fond of, "I can even put your pen right in my pocket!" I'm partial to, "(Phil) might be giving me a book tomorrow." (Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the heads up.)


    -Good interview with Kobe Bryant from current NYT/former LAT scribe Jonathon Abrams.  Abrams covers the Knicks, this evening's guests at StaplesEddy Curry is just now suiting up for the visitors, and is so geeked to be out on the floor that he'll even check the Mamba.
    -Pau Gasol's looking good as he gets his legs back.
    -The OC Register's Kevin Ding takes a look at the dunkariffic Shannon Brown.
    -Hardwood Paroxysm's Matt Moore thinks the Lakers benefit from scheduling favoritism.  "Nomuskles" from Forum Blue and Gold would respectfully disagree.
    -Papa and Sonny Buss recently met with the media.'s Mike Trudell lays out the details.
    -Caption fun with Ammo and DJ!!! (Again, BDL shout out!)


    -A look at local product Brandon Jennings, who's taking the league by storm.
    -The Wizards have been plagued by some finger pointing during their early struggles.  In particular, Gilbert Arenas' finger has been pointed in Caron Butler's direction.  In the meantime, Brendan Haywood has needed to explain that his wasn't pointed at Zero.
    -The children of Tanzania will be receiving an NBA collector's item.
    -T-Mac is T-PRACticing again.
    -Nellie will be sidelined with a bout of pneumonia.  His players likely wish him good health, if not necessarily a speedy return.