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Postgame chat reminder

Another one after tonight's game.  Probably ten or so minutes after the game ends.  It'll run about 15-ish minutes.  Also, both the chat and the second half of the live blog will be just me on my lonesome, as BK had to step out.  Thus, I GUARANTEE CHATTER WILL RUN SLOW.  DON'T COMPLAIN, as it won't help and will only annoy me.



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Can anyone out there translate Artest's Korean hair-do?

Tough, tough, tough...but a win is a win! They gonna challenge us everywhere this season!

Guy Owanlele

Who exactly was the bonehead who decided to trade a prize player Ariza for the psycho Artest who obviously spends more time getting his hair done than practicing. What a sad move for the Laker team.

For Inquiring Minds who want to know:

Forgive the pun...but it would not take a 'Rocket Scientist' to guess that the *NEW* "Championship Caliber Haircut" sported by Mr. Ron Artest for tonight's game at Houston actually does spell out: L A K E R S

The mystery writing is in Korean.

Korean is a phonetic language, with vowels and consonants forming words. As an illustration, with the Chinese language, if one does NOT know the MEANING of the character, one cannot even pronounce the word. In contrast, with the Korean language, one can create words, sentences, and paragraphs simply by putting together their consonants and vowels in the 'correct' combinations.

Beautiful in its simplicity.

As for the WHY of Ron Artest paying homage to his Korean fans by spelling out "LAKERS" on the side of his head, without hearing from him directly, we can only guess.

Los Angeles does happen to be home to the largest Korean population outside of the actual Korean peninsula. Simply surviving for so many difficult years between the two Asian 'super-powers' of Japan and China has forged a historically fierce and indomitable spirit among the Korean people.

Perhaps the food they favor (intensely hot and spicy) is also symbolic of their various passions and lust for life. They work very hard and oftentimes play even harder.

Could Brutha Ron have picked up on this during his time in Asia this past Summer? Could he have felt a certain kinship with the hot-blooded (and yes, hot-tempered) Korean People? Perhaps Andrew and Brian could ask Artest to share his thoughts and feelings on this topic...

P & G R

The Korean on Artest's hairs says Lakers in Korean.
It's 4 characters that read "lay-e-kuh-su."
I don't know why their is a ")" at the end of it.

I don't understand why so many people here is bashing Fish. I can see he is older and slower, but he has a lot of intangibles that don't show on the stat sheet. He is a smart veteran that can outsmart other guards. He is a champion off and on the court. He is good at team defense. He take charges that no other Lakers do. It is a very important aspect of the game that doesn't show on the stat sheet.

China? Japan? It's about Korea. Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, etc, etc...
Ron Ron know's a good thing when he sees it.

Nice ignorant comment about K-reans being hot tempered

Out---Latin Lover

JOHN -- "Nice ignorant comment about K-reans being hot tempered"

Alright, I'll take the bait:

Is this right, John? And, what would a smarmy little delusional wannabe "Latin Lover" know about Korea or Koreans?

Is there ANYTHING you can recite about Korea, or things Korean, beyond the few brand names you blurted out rote?

Try READING something carefully, accurately, and in its entirety, without viewing it through the filter of your own biases and prejudices.

You might learn something.

Here is your Word for Today:

Minds and Hearts are like Parachutes...they ONLY WORK WHEN OPEN!

P & G R



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