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Phil Jackson was joking about Pau Gasol's Christmas return

Santa As ESPN analyst Mark Jackson just noted during the Suns-Hornets game broadcast. He spoke with Lakers Media Relations Director John Black, who clarified (as BK suspected- click there to read/see everything Pau said to the media Wednesday) that Phil Jackson was screwing with folks. Making a funny. Driving home in a humorous way what BK and I have both said on a zillion separate occasions:  Nobody knows for sure when Pau Gasol's coming back, because hamstring injuries are extremely difficult to heal, rehab and predict.  Could be a while. Could be next week. It's really that simple, whether folks will accept that unfortunate truth or not.

And driving home in a humorous way that the media will often repeat wholesale anything he says.

PJ wasn't joking when he said Gasol won't be playing tomorrow. But for those on the ledge over the X-Mas diagnosis, a) back away and b) you actually brought a laptop out on the ledge?  That's dedication.

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That PJ, with the jokes and what not. He's a kidder.

Were you actually watching the Suns/Hornets game?
If so, why?

Hopefully they wore themselves out pummeling the Hornettes.

the key to tonights game is to keep the suns away from the board and on the off side of the court score as much points as we can. if kobes jumper is on i will say he will at least have 50 points or have a lot of assists. depends on witch kobe comes to play. (i hope its the 50 point one) suns dont play good team d in the paint but the do all the hustle plays like rebounding blocking and stuff like that.

Suns looked good, hope they tired themselves out some scoring all those points. The Lakers are going to need their A game to keep the streak alive, stay at home with the 3 point shooters, and GUARD THE PICK AND ROLL. Gasol is saving himself for the All Star Game ; )

I actually thought he was screwing with us too even before I saw the video. The only thing that I found that really concerned me was at the Silver Screen and Roll site which claimed to have a second source. But in the video you could see he had his cute little smile when he made the comment, and neither Jim Hill nor any of the real print people went up with the story.

ESPN stated that The Daily News was reporting, but it was just their Lakers blog which, like the Los Angeles Times Lakers blog, is a less credible source ;) And even that blog entry was prefaced by "you never know with Phil Jackson sometimes".

Only Silver Screen and Roll ever claimed to have another source, but they never went up with a real post, just a blurb. The fact is that ESPN is made up of a bunch of anti laker hacks who probably felt all tingly inside when they saw the report and wanted to share their excitement with the world.

Personally, I don't worry that much if Gasol IS out for an extended period of time, because I want him back healthy. I don't worry too much about him getting integrated because when he was first traded here the Spaniard made an almost immediate impact when he had zero experience with the system. Now even if he is out for a couple of months he'll still have plenty of time to get acclimated, and it's not like he doesn't know the system now.


Yes Virginia, there is Santa Claus in LA, he's is Santa Phil MD of the Lakers. lol!

Gasol's on my fantasy team and it ain't funny to me. Oh, yeah, I know, it's just fantasy. It's not cancer. Yeah, I get it, but I allow myself to be nuts on this one issue. I've got a job, a mortgage, life insurance, wife, and kid---I know what being real is all about. But this Gasol hamstring and my fantasy team? That's my little corner of the world to just be nuts. C'mon, Pau, heal!

Tonight the Cavs looked MUCH better with Shaq not on the floor. Interesting.

I still can't believe the Clippers lost tonight. Come on, guys.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Let Pau sit till Christmas. This will completely make up for the 3 consecutive summers of international ball. The guy's body could use it.
We don't want him not himself like Karl Malone back in 2003-2004.
This also gives Powell and Mbenga a chance to get better and we'll need them against Boston.

Good morning,

I have to admit some anxiety about tonight's game between the Lakers and the Suns. The Lakers' depth will be tested in ways it hasn't yet been this early in the season.

First, I suspect many of you have already noticed that the Suns' starters rested for the entire 4th period Wednesday night. Those of us hoping the Suns would be a bit worn out on the 2nd night of back to back play should already be disappointed. The Lakers will need to come out energized from the opening tip.

Next, look out for Steve Nash. He's playing at a higher level than ever. Fish, Farmar, and UPS will have their hands full. I'm guessing that the very athletic Shannon Brown will rack up a lot of minutes tonight.

Gasol will be greatly missed tonight. Stoudemire is working in an offense that maximizes what he does best.

Admittedly, last night the Suns were playing the Hornets, not the reigning NBA champs. But they're playing like a well-tuned machine. A high level of Lakers' bench play is a must; the Phoenix reserves look better than most.

Bynum needs to return determined to eat Channing Frye for lunch. Artest is a solid match for Grant Hill. I'm comfortable that these match-ups add up to Advantage: Lakers.

Kobe needs another high scoring night. The Suns know how to score points and Kobe is our difference maker.

This is not a night for the Lakers Express to derail. It doesn't have to. Even though it's early in the season, I consider tonight's game to be a Must-Win. Establishing early supremacy in the West is what the Lakers need to establish their dominance. Crush the Suns' hopes early. Go Lakers!

"And driving home in a humorous way"

How do you drive humorously? Backwards?

Good morning Rick and the rest of the Laker Fam,

I would put Artest on JRich and Kobe on Hill tonight. We must run them off the 3pt line and punish them inside with Bynum and LO. Kobe will also destroy whoever guards him in the post as well. Go Lakers!!!!

Some teams are hot now, but won't be come the end of the season. Let Gasol sit for the season, rest his thing for more Euro ball down the line. Replace him with the progenitors of the freaky power forward-center nexus committee: Powell-Mbenga. Go two-headed shot-blocking, all over the court, 3-point jacking monster!

Lakers should worry more about why their young center rebounds like a small forward, and if their guards will ever learn how to stop opposing guard penetration. Someone needs a homework assignment.

That's your early test, not whether we win right now. Learn something.

Whoever wanted Byron Scott to be the lakers next coach?

Read the story of his firing as Hornets coach..



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