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Phil Jackson was joking about Pau Gasol's Christmas return

November 11, 2009 |  9:33 pm
Santa As ESPN analyst Mark Jackson just noted during the Suns-Hornets game broadcast. He spoke with Lakers Media Relations Director John Black, who clarified (as BK suspected- click there to read/see everything Pau said to the media Wednesday) that Phil Jackson was screwing with folks. Making a funny. Driving home in a humorous way what BK and I have both said on a zillion separate occasions:  Nobody knows for sure when Pau Gasol's coming back, because hamstring injuries are extremely difficult to heal, rehab and predict.  Could be a while. Could be next week. It's really that simple, whether folks will accept that unfortunate truth or not.

And driving home in a humorous way that the media will often repeat wholesale anything he says.

PJ wasn't joking when he said Gasol won't be playing tomorrow. But for those on the ledge over the X-Mas diagnosis, a) back away and b) you actually brought a laptop out on the ledge?  That's dedication.