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Pau Gasol declares Phil Jackson no thespian himself

November 18, 2009 | 11:14 pm
Turnabout being the essence of fair play, of course.

 I asked a sincerely innocuous question regarding Pau Gasol being potentially "gun shy" about risking re-injury to his troublesome hamstring with a return to the court. Phil Jackson, rarely reluctant to tweak a player, asked if I meant that Gasol was a "hypochondriac" and a "baby."  Taking it up a notch, he proceeded to tweak his All-Star forward's performance on CSI: Miami.  After kidding that Gasol actually injured himself in a scene where he pulled an accident victim from of a burning car and expressing disbelief that people even watch this show in the first place, his advice given to Pau was shared:

"I told him to keep his night job."

Naturally, El Spaniard was informed of el smack during Wednesday's practice. He took it all in stride, focusing on the good feedback he received from "most of the population" and the enjoyment gained from the experience. "If Phil doesn't like it, it's all good," shrugged Gasol.  Another writer mentioned that Phil's not really one to talk, since his most recent gig in front of the camera involved no talking whatsoever. That's when Pau offered a jab of his own --"well, his acting wasn't too good, either"-- followed by an impression of his coach's handiwork.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

And as Pau noted, "He got paid, for sure."