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Pau Gasol: Gets MRI on Monday

No results yet, but that's the big news from practice Monday in El Segundo, ahead of the Lakers' first road trip of the season. Phil Jackson used the word "tear" speaking to the media and a sonogram on Gasol's hamstring may indicate that possibility. "The last diagnostic test we did showed he had a slight tear, so we wanted to see what that progress was," Jackson said when asked if the MRI was precautionary in nature. "I think it's going to turn out really well."

It's not happy news, but without knowing the exact nature of Gasol's injury, shouldn't necessarily cause alarm. Or more of it at least. When it comes to muscles, "strain" and "tear" can be a distinction without a difference. Sports medicine types out there can weigh in, but most strains involve some form of tearing in muscle fibers. The question is of degree, not necessarily language.

We'll know more about Gasol's status when the results come in, but he's not expected to play Tuesday in Oklahoma City or Wednesday in Houston. More from practice to come.


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Assuming that it is a tear, what is the "best case" and "worst case" scenario for his return?

Better it happens now than later. Early in the season is when you want this sort of thing sorted out.

Hope the whole team steps up in his absence. I still sense a little uncertainty on that second team. Now that Pau is out and Lamar isn't a dedicated second stringer, I hope that second team gets their act together.

best case - friday
worst case - 3 more weeks

Mitch, go grab Kurt Thomas!!!
i can't stand watching Mbenga and Powell they're terrible

I read up on hamstring injuries and I found that for a slight tear it would be 3-4 weeks and for severe tears it takes 2-4 MONTHS. Hopefully it's just a minor tear.

- Artest seems overly conscious about making the right decisions and fitting in, which is great, but I want to see that unpredictable, intimidating, mean and fierce Artest. More Hyde, less Jekyll. I think it will come in time.

- Sometime towards the end of last season, Lamar seemed to have finally found his outside shot. If his jumper continues to improve, our offense will be unstoppable.

- I don't mind that Bynum wants to shoot the ball every time he touches it. With Gasol out, this is an ideal time for Bynum to work on his offense and find his rhythm, but when Gasol returns, I hope Bynum understands that he will be the third option. Gasol and Kobe are the best duo in the NBA. There isn't a duo out there with a higher basketball IQ. Bynum might score more points than Gasol on many nights, but the offense has to run through Kobe and Pau to ensure the right decisions are made on the court. On defense, a motivated Bynum has the potential to have a bigger impact than even Artest and Kobe.

- Farmar wants to be the starting PG of the future?? That is funny. I can name over a dozen backup PGs who are better than Farmar. To name a few, Kyle Lowry, Jose Barrea, Alston, Earl Watson, Eddie House, Ramon Sessions, Telfair, Jarred Jack, Blake. I think the reason Farmar is getting more minutes than Brown is because he is being showcased for a trade. He's been on the trading block for quite some time now.

- I am very concerned about Fish. What happened to Phil's plan to limit his minutes? (he is averaging over 30 minutes a game). He was a liability on both ends of the court for most of last season. When Gasol returns, our starting lineup will be SLLOOOOOWW. Shannon needs more minutes with the starting unit to help offset the starting unit's main weakness - team speed.

- Luke had a decent game, but we all know that he usually plays pretty well when the team is up by 20 or more points. He is the ultimate garbage player, but the closer the game, the worse he becomes.

- Boston and Orlando's bench is scary deep and scary good.

I have random thoughts. Also here are a few things I was thinking while reading comments. Ignore if desired. Get offended if necessary, especially if you are one of the tiny little celtic trolls that have lived through various scourgings and attention deprivations. Then again, never mind. If you are a troll, get bent.

Peaches, Key Lime pie…aren’t they feeding you guys in the press room anymore?

Typical comment, with slight exaggeration; ‘ My god! Jordan Farmar is horrible! The experiment is a failure! He is a terrible ballplayer without redeeming characteristics and will instantly destroy any team he suits up for. I’m sure we will be able to trade him for a starting point guard and some salary relief.”

"Why on earth would Chicago do that deal?"
Duh - if the Lakers don't have an All-Star at every position, the rest of the league is obligated to do what they can to fix that.
Posted by: exhelodrvr | November 02, 2009 at 10:24 AM


A couple of people want to see Adam Morrison get showcased. A lot of people complain about Farmar’s defense. Farmar makes Morrison look like ron artest with an extra couple of arms, only he is much slower. Guy has no defense, and isn’t likely to get any.

What, now we’re waiting for LakerTom to tell us whether we rate a mention or not? LT, I’m hurt that I’m not included. Well, not really, I didn’t post anything. But don’t blame me if you hurt anybody’s feelings there.

Celtics sign Rondo- This is great. This signing is a great victory for the disabled. The first fully diagnosed shooting-impaired basketball player to get a 50M+ contract. Guy has the offense of a can of string beans. I think you can literally leave him unguarded when the Celtics have the ball.

Mamba0824- U writz gud. Kep positng!

Latopia- let me guess- one of the 19%?

Great conversation today.



It's only slight and its a 3-6 week injury not 3-4 week. Worst case is Gasol is back by Thanksgiving. Best case has been states as Friday. I'd like to see him back closer to the latter so he gets some rest (2 Finals runs, 2 busy summers with Olympics and Euro Champs). As far as Mbenga, he's actually better then advertised and is very high energy. He's showing a better mid range game as of late and so long as he stays under control and doesn't get into foul trouble he's really good, definately not terrible. With Powell, when he gets PT, he's a definite solid PF and has shown a bit of an inside and mid range game. Both guys can gobble rebounds. Mbenga obviously is the better defender and isn't afraid to get physical. Sad how people look at role players and expects them to play like All-Stars. Those 2 work hard and do their jobs.

We should be even more glad that we have Ron Artest. At least its in the realm of possibility that he can play the some post on offense and defense. Trevor's ability to do that was minimal.

This team needs to find its comfort zone. Bynum's likely to be an All-Star now that Pau is out. He'll have a pretty decent early season because every laker that plays with him is going to be looking for him.

I'm happy to see that the laker team has seen the potential in Bynum this early in the season. It usually takes them until late december or january to do so.

Lakers just have to buck up now and play.
I wonder if Pau's injuries came from an accumulation of all those offseason games he's been playing.


I don't know what you have been watching.
I'll give Mbenga credit he is very "active" and has a knack for blocking shots
and Josh has a sweet jump shot, but please Josh's hands are of Kwame Brown's mold. They are very stoney. I watched the game last night but it's tough watching Lamar having to yell at both Mbenga and Josh to SECURE REBOUNDS
I know they don't get much PT but you gotta be ready. Mbenga is good for a solid 10 minutes but Powell is a liability offensively and defensively at the rim and seems like he's always out of position. They work hard and it's early, but there is more to be desired. Pretty much goes to all the bench.

Ok - just to play devil's advocate for a minute:

Our bench is AWESOME!! They will pick it up and become fierce! They will outscore every other starting teams' starters! Our starters will look like scrubs compared to them! The bench mob will rule the NBA for the next 3-5 seasons!

And now back to our previously scheduled bench mob bashing.... sheesh. Give it a rest - we're only 3 games in.

Yes, as I posted on this blog a week ago, "tear" is the correct diagnosis. Assuming he had the "tear" 3 weeks ago, it would take another 5 weeks, with proper treatment and rehab, for complete recovery.


Comparing Bynum's rebounding to DHoward? Seriously?

Sorry, I "don't get it".

The silver linings are:

1) Pau's had a lot of basketball...a rest will pay off later.Even if you think the injury was caused by a lot of basketball - better now than any other time this season right?

2) Out of all our key players Pau is the guy who can slot in with the team and they can slot in with him easiest.

3) We are covered well at that position and it doesn't hurt to see what Bynum can do, and let him stretch his legs.

Zach of SD and J-dizzle,

Absolutely right, Mbenga & Powell are merely securing rebounds, less expectation but good enough for their contracts. . Kobe gets 24m and Bynum at 12m but you're happy with their performance. Let's compare it those getting 5m, don't get any rebounds, no defense and no pts. contributions and leads go down when they're on the floor. It didn't happen only this season, during the preseason, including last season and previous season to that. If you talk about their game, you're a hater. There is a group cheering for them and another group dissing them. Why can't we be unanimous and get a better player similar to Shannon? He is not half-full or half-empty. There should be no politics whe it comes to athleticism and talents.

What do we call when an unproductive salesman annually survives lay offs? The boss evaluation because he has this "it" and people personality. On the rumor mill, he mastered the art of "A-K'sing".

Where will LeBron end up next year? Sam Smith has an interesting take.

phred - yes, Danny Ainge is prone to give "offensively challenged" players 55 million dollar contracts. Give me a break. He still makes less than Bynum, and he hasn't even played a full year yet without getting hurt.
Rajon Rondo is one of the best on ball defenders in the league. He is one of the fastest guards in the league. He is one of the top 5 rebounding guards in the league. All at 6' 1". Heck, if he could shoot, they'd give him CP3 money!!


You naughty boy. Now you're playing Joker to the Hulk's thing -Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic.

And yes, Mr. Giant, if he could shoot he'd get CP3, unfortunately he can't.

maybe it would be better if Gasol went back to Spain to rest. he needs to be with his team during this difficult time.


"I have random thoughts. Also here are a few things I was thinking while reading comments. Ignore if desired. Get offended if necessary, especially if you are one of the tiny little celtic trolls that have lived through various scourgings and attention deprivations. Then again, never mind. If you are a troll, get bent."

You seem to think very highly of what you have to say. Im not offened. Im a tiny little celtic troll that has lived through various scourgings and attention deprivations. Is that all you got? Im supposed to be offened by that? That is weak. I told you to put your money where you mouth was and join me in a fantasy league and did you? NO. You had a chance to prove how much basketball knowledge you have and you RAN.

BTW Ill take Rondo all day, very day over any of your point guards you seem so proud. I bet one of the other little kids in your FREE (LOL) fantasy league you play with picked Rondo before any of your Laker point guards.

p ang,

You completely missed my point in regards to Bynum/Howard. I wasn't comparing them as individual rebounders, but making the point that Bynum is surrounded by better rebounders than Howard is and that the Lakers/Magic have completely different philosophies offensively and defensively.

I pointed out that Bynum has some of the best rebounders at their respective positions around him in Kobe, LO and Artest which means that boards will be more evenly spread out because the Lakers as a team crash the boards whereas Howard is a singular rebounding machine with a bunch of mediocre to poor rebounders around him. There's no question that Howard goes after rebounds more tenaciously than Drew, but I believe that Drew will drastically improve in that area. Another thing that I've noticed early on is that Drew is looking to get up the floor before eveyone else for easy baskets and great post position which may be another reason that he's not getting as many boards as he should.

I just wanted to point out that you seemed to have forgotten that he had 13 and 10 rebounds in his first two games, but instead you blasted him for having only 3 last night. Again, by his own admission, Drew stated that he needs to do a much better job of rebounding which I believe he will. You'll discover many times that teams that have a SINGULAR rebounding machine don't really have others who rebound well around him, while some teams like the Celtics, Lakers, Utah, Denver have several great rebounders which is why you see different names leading in rebounding on any given night. Other than Vince Carter(for a guard), ex Magic Hedo Turkoglu and at times Rashard Lewis, no one else on the Magic is a glass eater like Lamar Odom, Artest and Kobe which is why Bynum won't always get the lion's share of rebounds especially when Pau, another good rebounder returns.

I would like to see Andrew grab more offensive rebounds to give our team more offensive opportunities. Let's revisit this topic after 20 games or so.

phred- is get bent similar to getting flamed? Just trying to learn the lingo out here in CA. Get bent? Really? How late did you stay up thinking of that one?

WE are not a championship team this yr without PAU we are not even that good with out him im sorry but im not impressed at all

I don't think a hamstring injury is a result of wear or extended/long seasons.

Hamstring tears are a sudden injury and can happen any time. So, its not that Pau picked the injury due to a long summer.

Why is it always a hamstring with the Lakers? I think hamstrings are the bane of Laker champiohships.

I'm a 52 year old beach volleyball player and I tore my hammy 2 years ago lunging for a ball. It was a definite and sudden "pop". Giant lump in my leg, lots of visible internal bleeding, you know when it happens. Any way, I was back playing in 9 weeks, albeit a little tentative, but I could do everything but lunge for a ball, which may have been a mental thing. Took 6 months to be pain free though, but I continued to play 2 to 3 times a week. I'd venture a guess that Pau is in better shape than me and gets better treatment. I'm not worried.



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