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New 710 ESPN Lakers podkast, featuring Spike Lee!

You can feast on both parts and still have puh-lenty of room for tomorrow's turkey!  Doesn't get any better than that!

Part I: As Thanksgiving looms, BK and I count our Laker-centric blessings: That Pau Gasol is back, looking good, and creating a positive ripple effect throughout the roster. That Kobe Bryant is still getting it Spike Lee done to the point where he's a legit "Lakers G.O.A.T." candidate with 5-7 years worth of chapters theoretically left to write. And that our employment means watching considerably more purple and gold than red, white and blue. From a totally neutral standpoint, as guest Geoff LaTullipe recently shared in a very funny article, the Laker experience is way better, unless you're just a glutton for underdog punishment. 

Part II: An extended sit down with director Spike Lee, in L.A. to promote Tuesday's DVD release of "Kobe: Doin' Work."  The first Oscar nominated guest in our poddy's history, so that's pretty exciting.  Lee gave us a boatload of time (nearly forty minutes), allowing us to cover a wide range of subjects:

Kobe, whose game is clearly admired by Lee, but his game intelligence perhaps even more.  The New York Knicks, past and, gulp, present.  Hip hop's presence in the NBA.  "He Got Game," and why Lee decided to cast Ray Allen as the lead.  "Do The Right Thing," now twenty years old and still relevant.  Discussing that film was a particular treat for me, as it allowed the opportunity to ask a continually burning question I've had about the riot scene.  Whether you're a fan of Lee's filmography or not, we're confident you'll find it an interesting conversation.

Oddly enough, we also discussed Allen Iverson, who Lee was disappointed went unsigned by the Knicks. BK and I disagreed, but we all concurred that if a brief stay in Memphis was indeed Iverson's last stop, it's an awful way for a storied career to end. Lee remained confident AI will play again, but that was before his retirement announcement.

(Also, for those who didn't hear/see either on the first go round, here's yesterday's Lunch with a Legend interview with Lee. GREAT story about the origin of the Reggie Miller-Spike feud.)


Photo: Spike Lee.  Credit:
Fred Prouser / Reuters

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To repeat, Johnson said, it will require a strong resolve by the Lakers. He likes their chances if they stay grounded.

"Complacency can't set in," Johnson said. "You can't worry about being in commercials and stuff that can really hurt you. They have to stay focused and then pay attention to the little details of making sure you stay together as a tight unit, making sure the media don't come in and divide nobody.

Johnson added that all teams need someone who acts as the clubhouse enforcer. "I was the police on our team. If I heard you were at the club too much and I saw that in your play, I'm going to let you know. So who is the police on this team?

"Is that Derek [Fisher]? Who's that guy that when somebody is getting out of line or going over that line, you've got to pull them back in," Johnson said.

The Geoff article was funny, particularly the Clippers part, but I'm suspicious. He claims not to be a basketball fan yet knows who Rudy Tomjanovich is? Something doesn't add up here...

Happy Watch Football and Stuff Yourself Day. Who wants pie?

Vman- Big Smooth? Of course he didn’t look like he was dialing it up to 10. He was Big Smooth. (And yeah, I just checked. If you google ‘big smooth,’ the first thing you get is Sam Perkins’ Wikipedia entry. Now that’s a successful nickname branding. Shannon Brown needs to work on this.)

Re bench play- you know when nobody worries about bench play? The playoffs. You know which western conference team is definitely going to the playoffs? The Lakers. Sure, it’d be nice if our big guys didn’t have to go over 34 mpg. But it’s a manageable problem. I’ll take it over not having the best 1-7 in the NBA. How many minutes is marquis daniels going to get in may and june anyway?

“…Unfortunately, the bench was as horrible as the starters were great last night. Anybody really who thinks that Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown deserve to start ahead of Derek Fisher seriously need to rethink their positions…”
Posted by: LakerTom | November 25, 2009 at 01:51 PM

Yeah, you would have to be crazy to insist that Farmar has excellent PG skills and Fish would be more useful as a coach. Hey, you know you can’t sneak any slight incongruities by ol phred. And don’t go all walt Whitman on me, cause it’s a whole day too early to contain multitudes. (phred’s pathetic attempt to justify his almost-enough credits lit minor)

Hariyahu- yeah, but The Onion fired pfunk from their editorial dept later that week when he blamed global warming, bird flu and premature ejaculation on Walton. Seems his humor was completely unintentional, a trait that remains to this day.

Outstanding content! That's what "People's Choice Podcast Awards" stuff is all about. You are both scholars and gentlemen, AK/BK.

Never present, always in the background,


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm not able to spend the Holiday with family this year, so here's to you all...

Spike Lee is a tool bag.

Sure he has talent, but the man is a living agenda. It is SO annoying. He distorts life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hip-Hop/Rap, by the way, is the Devil.

Compare most Rap to Sam Cooke singing about how much he loves his woman and it is LITERALLY like comparing the Devil to the higher Angels of our being.

I am personally sickened by Rap music. It is evil.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That Spike Lee interview was very good. AK/BK, it's your best work yet. Congratulations.


I think ESPN needs to consider sending the Kambros out to interview more artists/cultural figures, not just players or other media guys, because this interview was seemless and very interesting. I loved the questions and I loved the ease with which everyone spoke.



Magic' s the Man. Great player, so-so coach. Kobe and DFish won 4 already, its a little late to be giving them advice.

K Brothers,

Could you check with your tech guys if they can name the podkasts ( not the actual files, but the ID3 tags) differently, because once you add them to iTunes, they all have the same name and it's hard to identify which are the new ones.

Which is especially hard for me to keep track of, with all the heads and the octopi and Westerns and stuff.

Magic is right on in his comments - the focus should be on getting better. This is a very talented team. Plenty of those have come up short. It's time to get on a mission of greatness, of becoming a better team.

Kobe needs to focus on leadership, on keeping everyone on this team focused on its goal, making this a TEAM on a mission.

Fisher needs to stop talking about the magic shots he's made in the past. The other day he sounded like Shaq saying "I make 'em when they count." Get in the gym and shoot, Derek. They all count. He needs to work with Kobe on leadership. D Fish has the leadership skills, Kobe has the cred. Fish - lead the leader!

Lamar Odom needs to get off reality TV. He needs to finally live up to his skill set. He plays in flow - when his game is flowing he dominates. When it isn't he disappears. Lamar needs to focus on the NBA and get off reality TV. He needs to focus on every posession. He needs to learn how to IMPOSE his mark on a game. Great players have moves and shots they go to when they are struggling.

Drew Bynum is off to a great start. Now we all know he can run the floor, get himself on the post and put the ball in the whole. He is on the road to teh All-Star game. Now he needs to think about 7 games against the Boston front line. He needs to work on his team game - passing, pounding the boards, team defense. He's young, he's good. He needs to play with the burn to win that will make him great.

Pau plays hard, he plays a great team game, he gets the offense. He needs to step up and be a leader on the floor. Make sure Drew and Lamar and Ron Ron are in focus and in the right places.

Artest needs to stop looking like a guest and stop playing so polite and carefully, especially on offense. He needs to have the confidence that he belongs on this team and start punishing the opponents.

The bench needs to play hard and do all the small things. Ball movement. Player movement. Rebounding. Time for a moratorium on the Shannon Brown show, its a distraction. Time to get down to fundamentals. Time for DJ to have more boards than shot attempts. Time for Powell to learn there are two ends of the floor. Time for Shasha to round out his game. Time for Jordan to learn how to be a PG and lead this unit. These guys all have tools, but the way they play is embarrasing. They can't hold leads and they aren't preparing themselves for games where injuries or fouls may give them an opportunity.

This is a talented team that has the ability to be great. But they have to go after it, as a team and as individuals. Otherwise it will be another playoff run like last year. Lucky to make the Finals at all.

Happy Thanksgiving! This sounds rough. But I love this team. I just want to see them be as good as they can.

Turkey Tom D.

Racist Spike Lee? No thanks.

My lord. Khloe K is on the View as we speak. She's OK. I have no problem with her. I just think she's a fairly normal woman, unlike her peers.

The one thing I miss about living in LA on Thanksgiving is the Twilight Zone marathon! Is it on today?

And I LOVED the inside info we got from Spike Lee about the big scene in Do the Right Thing. I guess we (Spike and I) agree that the wrong things WERE done in that film, and that there were prices paid on all sides. Great. Spike seemed to really like the questions the Kambros were asking, as if he was expecting a different line of boring sports-related questions. He got excited, actually, when he was asked about Do the Right Thing. So that was fun.


I guess Magic Johnson is a fairweather HOF who does not embrace the 79-3 or the 72-10 and the beastly players w/o defense. Is he telling the truth? Well, he is the best PG Lakers so far, 5% owner of the team and an active fan who is frequent at the Staples.

He said: " the team's goal was to get the best record in the West and then the best overall record. And that's what these Lakers should stay with," Johnson said. "And, it should be, 'How can we get better? Every month we've got to get better.' "

~~Let's make Magic as the head of the fair weather group because he is also a homer yet embraces the hard truth & not fantasizing the obvious.

I was at the game last Tuesday against Knicks and there was a play in the 4th where Farmar passed the ball to Kobe in low post but Bryant got doubled so he returned it to Farmar. He was alone on top of the foul line but decided to back out, you could hear the "groan' of the crowd. He passed it again the ball to Kobe but Kob has no shot and saw Farmar went outside of the perimeter on the left. Farmar got the ball back, this time he opted for a long 3 pointer and bricked it big time! Again, you could hear another louder "groan". My seatmate shouted: Trade Farmar!! (He must be a Farmar-hater too.) LOL

Have a nice and safe Thanksgiving Day to everyone in the blog to homers, visitors and fair weathers and to the AK/BK clan.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Gobble ! Gobble!

Thanks everyone for the nice words about the interview. We were quite happy with how it turned out as well, and the amount of time he gave us.

Lolo, always good to see you emerge from the shadows now and then. Hope you're well.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -
While the original script was Indians vs. Pilgrims, the Thanksgiving Day hype today is more likely to be Raiders vs. Cowboys as football and turkey reprise their annual rivalry to be the attraction du jour. While my family is not one to say grace before any meal, we do share many moments of gratitude for how fortunate we are to live in this country, to be free and able to charter out own destinies, to have family and loved ones, to have health and prosperity, and – of course – to be LA Lakers fans.
The message I want to bring bloggers today is not to let the constant criticism and negativity on the blog blind you to what is happening right now before your very own eyes, which is the emergence of what is going to develop into one of the greatest basketball teams in the history of the NBA. Before it is all said and done, the East Coast sports media will be crowing about how Kobe Bryant is the GOAT and the Lakers front court of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom the best ever.
So be thankful that we have the best owner in professional sports in Jerry Buss because that is where success and failure on the court is really determined. Just look at what has happened to franchises like the Warriors with Chris Cohan or the Knicks with James Dolan as owner. Also be grateful that Jerry seems to have done a fine job grooming his son Jim to take over when he retires. Jim already has had a major impact on the franchise with his lead roles in drafting Drew and trading for Ron.
And thank Jerry Buss for hiring the right people to get the job done. There is absolutely no doubt that Phil Jackson is the greatest coach in the history of the league. I also have no doubt that there will be a role for Phil in the family business when he decides to coach no longer. Considering his relationship with Jeannie Buss, there is no way Jerry is going to allow a valuable resource and judge of personnel like Phil to leave the organization. And there is no way that Jeannie wants to move to Montana.
Don’t forget the great job that Mitch Kupchak and the front office and scouting department has done. When will Mitch get his long-deserved EOY award? And give thanks also for the great job done by all of the Lakers assistant coaches, including the incomparable Tex Winter. May he and his wife enjoy a great Thanksgiving in good health and may Tex soon be inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. And thanks to the Cap for his great work with Drew and Lakers memories. May he be healthy and fulfilled.
Most of all, be grateful for this unbelievable team that Jerry and his millions and minions have built. Revel in the fact that we have Kobe Bryant, the inevitable GOAT Laker playing at the his career peak, that we have the best power forward in the NBA in Pau, the best center in the West in Andrew, the best defensive small forward in the league in Ron, the best 6th man in Lamar, and toughest and most underrated clutch point guard in Fish. May he someday take over for Phil Jackson as our coach.
Finally, thanks to AK and BK for the wonderful virtual home they built for Lakers fans to congregate. And thanks for all of the great friends and foils I have made and the chance to bare my soul and share my hopes, aspirations, and love for the greatest sports franchise in the world – the LA Lakers. And just in case you have not noticed, the 79-3 Bandwagon is starting to speed up and gain momentum. Time for every Lakers fan to stop the nitpicking and recognize the emerging greatness of this team.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Twilight zone is one..

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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