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New 710 ESPN Lakers podkast, featuring Spike Lee!

November 25, 2009 |  7:36 pm
You can feast on both parts and still have puh-lenty of room for tomorrow's turkey!  Doesn't get any better than that!

Part I: As Thanksgiving looms, BK and I count our Laker-centric blessings: That Pau Gasol is back, looking good, and creating a positive ripple effect throughout the roster. That Kobe Bryant is still getting it Spike Lee done to the point where he's a legit "Lakers G.O.A.T." candidate with 5-7 years worth of chapters theoretically left to write. And that our employment means watching considerably more purple and gold than red, white and blue. From a totally neutral standpoint, as guest Geoff LaTullipe recently shared in a very funny article, the Laker experience is way better, unless you're just a glutton for underdog punishment. 

Part II: An extended sit down with director Spike Lee, in L.A. to promote Tuesday's DVD release of "Kobe: Doin' Work."  The first Oscar nominated guest in our poddy's history, so that's pretty exciting.  Lee gave us a boatload of time (nearly forty minutes), allowing us to cover a wide range of subjects:

Kobe, whose game is clearly admired by Lee, but his game intelligence perhaps even more.  The New York Knicks, past and, gulp, present.  Hip hop's presence in the NBA.  "He Got Game," and why Lee decided to cast Ray Allen as the lead.  "Do The Right Thing," now twenty years old and still relevant.  Discussing that film was a particular treat for me, as it allowed the opportunity to ask a continually burning question I've had about the riot scene.  Whether you're a fan of Lee's filmography or not, we're confident you'll find it an interesting conversation.

Oddly enough, we also discussed Allen Iverson, who Lee was disappointed went unsigned by the Knicks. BK and I disagreed, but we all concurred that if a brief stay in Memphis was indeed Iverson's last stop, it's an awful way for a storied career to end. Lee remained confident AI will play again, but that was before his retirement announcement.

(Also, for those who didn't hear/see either on the first go round, here's yesterday's Lunch with a Legend interview with Lee. GREAT story about the origin of the Reggie Miller-Spike feud.)


Photo: Spike Lee.  Credit:
Fred Prouser / Reuters