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New 710 Lakers podkast!!!

The two part presentation remains intact.  And in honor Pau Gasol's return, the sections will be titled Beebilinguallogo in Spanish.  We're bridging the gap like that.

Part Uno

    -We discuss what the return of Pau Gasol means to the Lakers.  Through eleven games, the Lakers have been mostly solid, occasionally fantastic, occasionally bad, but rarely resembling the one that took home an O'Brien last June.  As we noticed last night, Pau's presence goes a long way towards restoring that dominance.  Between his scoring abilities, passing skills, underrated D and general smarts, an awful lot has been brought to the table.
    -Lamar Odom will now guide the bench, and at the risk of sounding critical, they're in need of guidance.  Beyond the attention he draws as a focal point, LO can make plays for others as well as himself, areas where Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, et al often struggled when asked to do both.  That Luke Walton will miss six weeks (at least) accentuated even more the need for, at the very least, a table setting presence.
    -We recap Ren McCormick's battle to express himself through dancing as a Beaumont teenager.  (Judging by this trailer, the folks over at Paramount decided this tale might be too convoluted to explain in 90-ish seconds, so they instead opted to go heavy on the Loggins, light on any explanation of what the hell the movie's actually about.  Judging by the box office bankroll, a wide choice.)

Part Dos

    -Former NBA player/current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose drops by the studio and chats with us.  Rose thinks the Lakers are still the team to beat, Ron Artest will need to make mental adjustments with this squad, and like Derek Fisher and I, approves of Phil Jackson's methodology.  One advantage he cites for the Lakers: They have a successful system, a commodity not shared by everyone.  We discuss Kobe Bryant scoring 81 against the Raptors and Rose.  He's learned to live with that afternoon by reminding himself that it was Kobe racking those points, as opposed to some shmoe over at the Y.  There's also a little talk about The Fab Five, which was truly a cultural phenomenon.  And an often controversial one at that.  "We were our own daytime series," nodded Rose.  "It was much bigger than basketball.
    -Brandon Jennings' 55 point against Golden State is the highlight of what's been a fantastic rookie season.  His success may- or at the very least, should- prompt the NBA brain trusts to rethink the age rule, before kids decide it makes way more sense to make cash overseas rather than do the obligatory "one and done."
    -Monta Ellis: Quite the leader.
    -Derrick Rose's hair just got a little longer with last night's loss to the Lakers.


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1. Plaschke sometimes says things like he has no friends to communicate his personal thoughts with. Laker Nation loves Pau Gasol, but Kobe is our undisputed leader. That's just the way it is. Just because Kobe is our leader, it in no way means that we underappreciate our other players... because... that's... just... stupid.

2. I don't like Thriller's lack of accountability regarding the brawl. It's one thing to admit that the whole situation sucked, but, come on, man, you shouldn't have run into the stands, brother.

3. I can't wait to watch the Magic beat the Celtics.

4. I've found that among our "enemies" (Clippers excepted), that I've taken a shine to the Spurs and Magic. Quite frankly, I'd much rather watch the Spurs beat the Thuggets or the Magic beat the Cavs or the Celtics, than pretty much anyone else.

The Spurs and the Magic have class. They're noble enemies at least.

5. It's so good to have Pau Gasol back. He really does complete this team. We're a very good team without Pau Gasol. We're a Championship team with Pau Gasol.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


“I’m not (going to) put no more on my back. Somebody else gonna have to step up. I’m not gonna do more, somebody else gonna have to step up and take on the role that Jack had and be that player. But I’m not putting no more extra on my back.” -Monta Ellis

Who was it that suggested we trade any of our team for this fruit cake? If we trade for him, does every Laker get a free Moped? What a joke. this is why talent can be so over-rated in the NBA. There is no denying Ellis is as talented and quick as they come, but who wants a cancer on the team like that?

Deplorable. He also doesn't want to play with Stephen Curry so that's one less teammate that can help him do no more extra. But at the same time, this young chap has to learn the game more better and study a lot of film. presumably without the two of them sharing the florr so I'm sure that'll be really helpful.

Give me an all Derek Fisher back court over this joke any day of the week. It takes heart to win an NBA championship, not stupidity and a modicum of quickness. Sorry Monta Ellis fans but I hope this is one guy who never suits up in the purple and gold.

No wonder even a nut ball like Stephon Jackson wanted out of there. I almost feel sad for Nellie...NAH!

AK/BK, Time to get this off my chest..Funny!! What are these comments by Gueco and Hobitt about, preaching female fans view the games from our kitchens. I will have you know I am a Lakers Princess, and when hubby demands dinner, I ask him does the car have enough gas for the drive. Now, fix Me a Sandwich, and rub my feet. Lakers forever...

Jamie Sweet,

Yeah. It's sickening.

"Big dumb stupid narcissism!" has become the rallying cry of the 20-somethings in our country.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Should've done the whole podcast in Spanish, now that would be "bridging the gap."

Why will parts of the podcast be in Spanish? The L.A. Times is an English-language newspaper in America.

Really, what's the point?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

You need to pay closer attention. I said the section titles (part I, part II) would be in Spanish specifically for this PodKcast because of Pau's return. The PodKast itself remains in English. Not because the Times is written in English nor because this is America, but rather BK and my lack of ability speaking Spanish makes it an impossibility.




Should've done the whole podcast in Spanish, now that would be "bridging the gap."

Posted by: laker hopeful | November 20, 2009 at 02:15 PM

laker hopeful-

It would be substantially shorter, which for many who have listened would qualify as a huge improvement. :)


laker hopeful:

I was only kidding after all southern cal at one time was part of mexico :).

Jamie: While the Lakers have no need of Monta, it's hard to judge the character of anyone from the Warriors since the whole franchise is so toxic. It's possible if (or when) Monta is traded, he'll turn out to be a team player.

Oakland--home of the Raiders, Warriors, and As--has to be the waste dump of professional sports.

I'm for springing Turiaf from that mess though. I think the Lakers should offer to trade a home game for an extra one at Oracle Arena; in return, the Warriors give back Turiaf for free. The Warriors' owner is dumb enough, and greedy enough--visualizing all those Lakers fans packing Oracle for an extra game--he'd be dumb enough to do it. Needless to say, getting the win would not be an issue.

A couple of thoughts from me:

-Love Pau's game. The guy is probably the best Euro-syle big man in the NBA ever. Sabonis was good where now? Not in the NBA.

-Ranking players puts the player ahead of the team. Kobe may be option 1, but the important thing is, what do other players do when the other teams think Kobe's option 1.

-Expanding upon that point, to me, the post is always going to be option 1 in the triangle. By default, players that CAN post set the table for everyone else. However, having such multi-faceted players like Kobe AND Pau make them the primary options whenever they have the ball, regardless of who is in there with them. If you're in there with them, and they have the ball, you better be doing something as a second option.

-Orlando vs. Celtics is going to be fun to watch. I'd like to see the Magic win, but I really just want to see entertaining basketball from 2 teams that have reconfigured themselves.

-Kobe needs to be that weak side perimeter player IMO. I like him in the post sometimes, but having Pau/Bynum/Odom on either sides of the basket is a luxury few teams can match. On misses, the other is there on the otherside for a rebound.

-Ron Artest is fitting in perfectly. He's a MUCH better passer than he's given credit for. And because of that, he's better at the triangle than he's been getting credit for.

Its Friday. Happy happy joy joy....


Could we have painted a clearer picture? On a night where Pau Gasol returns and the Lakers regain posture, Andrew Bynum is back in his rightful place: budding Center that can be a 3rd, 4th, or 5th option every night.

Here is an expert outline of the difference that Pau makes in the post as opposed to the still-training Bynum:

1.) When compared to the youngster, Pau is masterful at sealing out his man and becoming an easy target for ball handlers to pass to. Upon further inspection, you could also reach the conclusion that Pau is a much better target because of his capacity to catch the ball essentially in all aspects of the offense -- low post, mid post, pinch post, and even at the top or baseline side of the strong side triangle.

2.) Pau's ability to go left, right, and shoot the midrage causing defenses enough trouble. Additionally, with his years in the league, his triple threat capacity (pop, hard to hole, or being a point man on pass that leads to the basket) setting a pick for ball handler's makes him far more important than Andrew in the offense.

3.) Gasol also has played numerous playoff games full time. He was there to take the heat from the Finals loss in Boston, and there for practically every big regular season game. There is a loyalty and familiarity Pau has with the key players and coaches on this team that breeds confidence. It can't be taught. It can't be demanded through additional touches. It's the diamond post-fire. That is a quality that Pau has which is truly unsurpassed and unmatched by the young, eager, inexperienced Andrew.

4.) No conversation is legitimate without comparing the passing game between the 2 big-men. No question, no further discussion needed. Pau is probably the best passing big-man in the game. I'd bet the barn on it.

5.) Defense anyone? For all the talk about Pau being soft, it was Pau who did a yeoman's job (with help) on Dwight Howard during last years finals that Andrew could not, atleast at this point in his career, dream to duplicate. Many will argue that Andrew was injured, but game after game, play after play, whistle after whistle, it becomes evident that Bynum measures his game only by scoring first, rebounding second -- with true defense (not a couple of cheap blocks to get a stat) being maybe even a non-thought.

In truth, Andrew Bynum is liked very much and widely adored by Laker fans everywhere. There is, however, a natural recoil fans feel when Bynum fanatics try to push 'Project Bynum' down the throats of parties involved.

It's almost like, "what!? Where are you from?? How can Pau Gasol, and even Ron Artest and Lamar Odom on some nights be under represented for the sake of Andrew making the West All-Star team??"

Everyone knows the body of work of all players on the Laker roster.

When it counted in our last 2 playoff runs, Kobe-Pau-Lamar were there.

And that's how the Bynum Deception is revealed for it's true farcity (*).

True Laker fan, student of the game, signing off.




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