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Monday practice videos: Get 'em while they're embedded!!!

November 23, 2009 |  7:16 pm
No real "theme" emerged during today's practice. Which makes sense, as there isn't really much worth a hardcore examination. The Lakers are fresh off back-to-back blow out W's. Pau Gasol is looking very good upon his return from injury. Kobe Bryant is making the kind of shots that typically don't stroke cord without CGI assistance.  It is, as the kids often say, "all good" these days.

But that won't stop me from presenting some talkies from the afternoon's session in El Segundo. Why? Because we care over at Lakers Blog. And you people would hunt us down if we didn't provide the scoop. So there's that, too.

After last night's win over OKC and point guard Russell Westbrook getting held to 2-8 shooting, Scotty Brooks lavished some serious praise on Derek Fisher:

"Derek Fisher never gets enough credit. The guy is a star. He battles and competes. I admire his play every year since he's been in this league. If you want your son to be a point guard, they should look at his tape and be committed to what he does. He plays for the team, and that's what you expect from a point guard at that level. He's an amazing player."

To say the least, flattering words, reflective of a dude who's made a difference as a grinder, not a stat machine. As Fish later noted, the way he plays as a pro is the way he's played his entire life.

But don't let the introspective mood above fool you. Fish was in a pretty loose mood for the majority of his media session. A fair amount of zingers on display, whether talking about needing to see the books in upcoming CBA meetings before knowing if the league "needs" the Knicks to be good, "critics" in general, and "81," which Fish claims "sucks" because it happened while he wasn't a Laker.

And by the way, you gotta love the lid Vic The Brick is sporting. To the naked eye, it may look just pink, but it's actually a CHECKERED pink and white. As he told me later, you could have a picnic on that hat.

Speaking of Mr. 81, he was naturally asked quite a bit about yesterday's "cool as &$%#" shot clinic. While he did find the behind-the-backboard make pretty sweet, he was more amazed that it didn't turn into a three point play than the shot actually falling. "I almost ran out of bounds." As for the lefty floater to beat the first period buzzer, it wasn't just awesome.  The shot actually provides bragging rights in an on-going, friendly competition between him and Pau Gasol to see who can make the most left-handed shots.  So you're damn right he stared down his southpaw afterward to give his amigo the business.

"You can't do this, Spaniard!!!"

More from Kobe, largely about the team's focus, execution and the Knicks. Plus, a funny line about "Doin' Work" director Spike Lee.

Pau would agree with Kobe that, even though every possession may not reflect it, these Lakers are playing with a good amount of concentration and purpose. He also talks about his conditioning, which is an improving work in progress.

Finally, we learned today that the Lakers will campaign by web to get Shannon Brown into the NBA All-Star slam dunk contest (although really, the web does a pretty good job of campaigning for Shannon on its own. Dude is a Youtube fixture). While Brown is keeping his mind set on the season and not an individual competition, he'd be pretty geeked to be a part of the festivities. Or just to leapfrog the Kardashian sisters, which he says would be "special."