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Monday practice videos: Get 'em while they're embedded!!!

No real "theme" emerged during today's practice. Which makes sense, as there isn't really much worth a hardcore examination. The Lakers are fresh off back-to-back blow out W's. Pau Gasol is looking very good upon his return from injury. Kobe Bryant is making the kind of shots that typically don't stroke cord without CGI assistance.  It is, as the kids often say, "all good" these days.

But that won't stop me from presenting some talkies from the afternoon's session in El Segundo. Why? Because we care over at Lakers Blog. And you people would hunt us down if we didn't provide the scoop. So there's that, too.

After last night's win over OKC and point guard Russell Westbrook getting held to 2-8 shooting, Scotty Brooks lavished some serious praise on Derek Fisher:

"Derek Fisher never gets enough credit. The guy is a star. He battles and competes. I admire his play every year since he's been in this league. If you want your son to be a point guard, they should look at his tape and be committed to what he does. He plays for the team, and that's what you expect from a point guard at that level. He's an amazing player."

To say the least, flattering words, reflective of a dude who's made a difference as a grinder, not a stat machine. As Fish later noted, the way he plays as a pro is the way he's played his entire life.

But don't let the introspective mood above fool you. Fish was in a pretty loose mood for the majority of his media session. A fair amount of zingers on display, whether talking about needing to see the books in upcoming CBA meetings before knowing if the league "needs" the Knicks to be good, "critics" in general, and "81," which Fish claims "sucks" because it happened while he wasn't a Laker.

And by the way, you gotta love the lid Vic The Brick is sporting. To the naked eye, it may look just pink, but it's actually a CHECKERED pink and white. As he told me later, you could have a picnic on that hat.

Speaking of Mr. 81, he was naturally asked quite a bit about yesterday's "cool as &$%#" shot clinic. While he did find the behind-the-backboard make pretty sweet, he was more amazed that it didn't turn into a three point play than the shot actually falling. "I almost ran out of bounds." As for the lefty floater to beat the first period buzzer, it wasn't just awesome.  The shot actually provides bragging rights in an on-going, friendly competition between him and Pau Gasol to see who can make the most left-handed shots.  So you're damn right he stared down his southpaw afterward to give his amigo the business.

"You can't do this, Spaniard!!!"

More from Kobe, largely about the team's focus, execution and the Knicks. Plus, a funny line about "Doin' Work" director Spike Lee.

Pau would agree with Kobe that, even though every possession may not reflect it, these Lakers are playing with a good amount of concentration and purpose. He also talks about his conditioning, which is an improving work in progress.

Finally, we learned today that the Lakers will campaign by web to get Shannon Brown into the NBA All-Star slam dunk contest (although really, the web does a pretty good job of campaigning for Shannon on its own. Dude is a Youtube fixture). While Brown is keeping his mind set on the season and not an individual competition, he'd be pretty geeked to be a part of the festivities. Or just to leapfrog the Kardashian sisters, which he says would be "special."


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If the last two games are any indication, the Lakers roster looks pretty damn good to me right now and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Lakers put their faith in these 13 players to win it all.

PG – Fisher, Farmar
SG – Bryant, Brown, Vujacic
SF – Artest, Morrison, Walton
PF – Gasol, Odom, Powell
CE – Bynum, Mbenga

The starting lineup is the best in the NBA in my opinion. It has the best shooting guard and player in the game today in Kobe, the premier power forward in the league in Pau, the best young center in the Western Conference in Andrew, the best defensive small forward in Ron, and one of the toughest and most clutch point guards ever in Fish. There is not another starting fivesome that it is as feared.
One thing that stood out to me watching the last two games is the almost complete transformation of the Lakers from the admittedly soft team that lost to the Celtics 2 years ago to the big, long, rugged, and physical starting lineup that shifted into high gear the instant that it finally got all its player back. Make no mistake, these Lakers are a lot more bully than patsy and physical than finesse right now.
The emergence of Drew as a dominant inside force, the addition of toughness and defense via Artest, and the continued growth and development of Gasol has given the Lakers a significant boost in their confidence and testosterone. Drew, Pau, and Lamar give us unmatchable height and length while Drew, Ron, Kobe, and Fish give us unmatchable strength, muscle, physicality, and toughness.
I think Lakers fans should stop going ballistic on Derek Fisher. First, Phil is not going to bench him so all this moaning and groaning is moot and futile. Second, Fish provides championship proven mettle and toughness that Fisher and Brown have never shown. Nobody on this team, including Brown, can stop perimeter penetration against quick and fast point guards one-on-one. The only way to do it is how the Lakers and other good defensive squads do – with great team defense, something that I trust Derek Fisher to play much more than Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown, who both lack in that area.
When we get into the playoffs, who do you want taking those clutch wide-open 3-point shots? I’ll take Fish for another year with little hesitation. In fact, I think that the combination of Fish and Farmar is going to end up having an excellent year, with Jordan getting more time as the season progresses in order to save Fish’s legs for the playoffs. One thing that a lot of teams are going to misjudge is the speed of this Lakers team. Other than Dwight Howard, I don’t know of any other 7-footers who get up and down the court better than Bynum and Gasol. And the Lakers have the luxury of having one of them release early to look for easy buckets in transition, something Drew and Pau both do well.
Finally, I am liking the way Phil is working out the rotation, understanding that he is still doing some experimentation. I think the backup guard combo of Farmar and Brown has some great potential. For one thing, playing Farmar with Brown helps minimize Jordan’s defensive inadequacies while playing Brown with Farmar does the same for Shannon’s questionable ball handling and play making. The proof was in that picture perfect lob pass that Jordan gave Shannon for his latest YouTube entry. I also love how Phil is keeping two starters plus Lamar on the floor for Farmar and Brown.
Throw in some potential game-saving 3-point shooting from Sasha and Ammo, some great spot up shooting from Josh, low post energy and shot blocking from DJ, and chemistry-inducing playmaking from Luke once his back heals and you have a very deep and versatile bench that can contribute.
Like I say, the 79-3 bandwagon is still alive and kicking. NO TRADES REQUIRED.
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has anyone seen this? I don't know how to link it but I was on ESPN reading the story about Tracy McGrady and I noticed some video off to the right about Andrew Bynum. Then I realized it was an American Express commercial featuring videos of Andrew Bynum.

- Nice job, Andrew. Doing American Express commercials... Cha Ching!

Laker GOAT? I just had a great thought; given that the Lakers are pretty much the preeminent pro basketball team over the last three decades or so, and as the game progresses and new players develop, and my sentence runs on, isn’t it great to think that somewhere in some gym or on some playground is a player that will someday eclipse all of the above? (No Tom, it ain’t Bynum)

“…Mitch Kupchack, can the Lakers have two Bynums next year?...
Will Bynum will be up fpr grabs to the highest bidder….
Lakers should make a run for it…
Posted by: Staples 24 | November 23, 2009 at 02:10 PM”

This is oddly compelling, in a sort of ‘hey we had two dereks and two harpers’ sort of symmetry.

"Oh and don't forget about Ceballos!
Better make it 3 mountains!
Posted by: Long Live Chick | November 23, 2009 at 02:16 PM

Perhaps the mountain thing won’t work. Maybe we should find a different way of honoring our greatest. Some kind of display of their jerseys in a prominent place or something…

Is this ‘future two owners’ thing bothering anybody else? The families McCourt and DeBartolo (sic?) come to mind, and not in a good way.

“Excellent point guard skill set? ‘ I think Todd is impersonating Tom here. I don’t think Farmar is worthless as a player, but if he is “excellent,” what is Chris Paul? ‘Sublime?’ What about Magic or Stockton?

I like the way that Kobe talks smack on Pau.

You know what that means? He respects Pau. He views Pau on a similiar level as himself.

You think Kobe would talk that smack on a... let's say... Sun Yue or Kwame Brown? Hell no! Kobe clearly respects Pau, thus he feels Pau is strong enough for a little healthy competition. That's what men do.

What I like about this is that Pau is that good.

This is one heck of a team. I love this team not only as a Lakers fan, but as a basketball fan and an athlete.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Very nice. I like the use of technology around here.


Nice practice notes, although I think Fish wins the left hand shot contest, LOL. For non lefties on the team, I'd have to go with El Spaniard first, Mamba second and Drew third when it comes to being deft with the left hand.

Wait a minute. How can I forget the left handed bandit himself, the Candyman, Lamar Odom?!!! LOL.


Thanks for the laker fixx. Enjoyed it!!!

Yeah true, Fisher can no longer play 30 minutes per game but he's still the most reliable PG come playoffs time. He makes good decisions, he provides leadership while others consider this as political acumen. That's what we need from a player, character. Psyching teammates and pushing them to the limit are the ingredients of success especially during the extended season. It is best that he should rest during the season, play only 10-15 minutes and let Shannon or Farmar do the bread and butter part. When they are in trouble, get Fisher back. That is what PJ is doing, he relies on Fish experience to make good decisions during crucial part of the game.

Comparing Farmar with Fisher is purely bogus. Not hating Farmar, got to reward Fish for bringing order and sanity in the PG position. Can Farmar do what Fisher did to Scola which was a game changer in the Houston series? Ever since Fisher came back to the Lakers, Kobe became calm, rants disappeared and order of the triangle was restored. Then, the coming Pau and Trevor who is now replaced by a better alternative in Artest, there is ease in the flow of both offense and defense. Because of these two players, Drew and Lamar became loose and found their groove too. There are less scrubs to take care like Smush/Kwame/Cookie and the rest who were all riding on the backs of Kobe and LO. If you are the Bulls or Thunder who are you going to guard among the starters? If they double Kobe, Artest can use his post up herculean strengths. Then there are the twin towers who needed two guards as well. Without Pau and Artest in that lineup, they will choke Drew and Kobe, LO does not score much, we become an ordinary team.

Fisher on a slump, that's nothing new we have known this since 2000, there is always a recession and boom times on those Fisher shots.

Yeah, thanks for baiting us like that, AK.

Someone kind enough wanna tell me what Kobe said about Spike? I'm protesting these videos on purpose for that little teaser of yours, Andrew.

Shannon Brown has a nickname: SUPERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LA Times Lakers bloggers aren't the only ones marveling at The Mamba. With the Knicks next up at Staples Center, even the NY Times is taking a step back and going 'Wow!'

Think back to that marvelous Madison Square Garden appearance last season. One doesn't even have to be a Lakers fan to be in awe of what Kobe can do and how he does it. Whether Kobe is #1, #2, or #3 in the Lakers pantheon barely even matters. We are treated to something special every time The Mamba takes to the floor.

Some day, both #8 and #24 should be retired. What better way to honor the evolution of a player who is never satisfied with what he's accomplished so far. Kobe's ethic extends beyond just basketball and into the lives of us all.

Sunday night, Kobe shot up flashes of pure brilliance. But the circus shots were only a halo of something bigger. Savor all of it, and then savor it again.

People forget Shannon Brown battled Lebron James, J.R. Giddens, Von Wafer, Charlie Villanueva, Ndudi Ebi & Brittany Murphy in the 2003 Power Aid Jam Fest. I remember watching that live and knowing that Shannon would be a special player. His free-throw line 360 in the final round was legendary!

First Round:

Second Round (Shannon, Lebron James, J.R. Giddens & Von Wafer):

Great Fish story, pun intended.

He's the rock, the wily vet, the straw that stirs the drink... except when we lose, he has a bad shooting night and the guard on the other team was younger and quicker which is pretty much every game.

A great team defender, with the team at full strength, he'll rock the upcoming 34 game W streak.

whatday videos?

AK/BK have i become Rip Van Winkle and slept through Monday?

they have been saying the same things about Fish his WHOLE career, he's too slow, can't shoot, can't dribble, can't pass. and yet, he's been to more Finals than any other pg in the game...


Oh my lord, you're right. It is Monday! I'm turning into BK, who can NEVER remember that day it is. Seriously, thank you for catching that. I think my mind is just heavily Tuesday-centric, because we have a pretty busy day tomorrow and have been planning a lot for it the last couple of days.


SBrown vs LeBron in the Slam Dunk? Deja vu all over again.

Three more and it'll be four times, right Edwin?

Mr. K, that's how i figured it.

none of us mind that you're a regular Human Being. i think you do a great job. i'm jealous.

I SO love these videos, and I am SO grateful you keep posting them over here allowing me to easy access them from my HomeCountry.

This is festival bonanza for me: Kobe + Pau talking and also talking about one another.

Awww. I could push the repeat button like... forever?

They are adorable together. And they are in that not cheesy way which is so distinctive and appreciable in them both.

It's about smart people, talented people, acknowledging the reciprocal. And being Kobe never easy to truly appreciate others's skills (of course: he requests the same working ethic he shows, and the same brain, so it's like... rarest than to find a goldmine open air...), I go nuts when this matching happens.

I find the both of them adorable in interviews . Yes. That's it. I love people who stay true to themselves and I am a fan of bromances on sporty courts. Call me lightweight. ;)

About Fish, I am happy if some point out about him is NOT about numbers, but about a role in a game and the way that is part of a team as effective member in effective and topic moments of a game (or a season). I can't help but having faith in Fish. Always. (Needless to say, he's proven me right especially at last years finals ;))

I trust PJ so much I am sure he will understand if any when is time to not have that kind of faith in Fish (I assume not anytime soon ;))

About the Knicks: I saw them as I said ysterday AND in some other games (you know, they have Gallinari in so in Italy they tend to give them a certain broadcast... aren't we so naive? ;)). They are a crazy bunch, in the sense they are just Mr. Jekyll and Doc Hyde entity. They are potentially harmful, but completely chaotic and so that potential generally get wasted by themselves straight.

We need just to be focused and they won't ever be a problem.
BUt we can't give them that "I take all for granted" attitude or they will most certainly sting us right on forefront.

Now let me play again the videos.
Awwww :)
Morning Heaven :)

PS: Let me SURELY join the Superflying Dunk Dude bandwagon please :) Shannon is so fun to watch, and I am sure the more he gets confident the more our playoffs wil be fun as well.


(as for Vujacic, sorry, to me he's a lost cause. I know Kobe won't ever agree in trading him cos he's his buddy, therefore no way that's a trading in sight, but to me we lost the Machine long ago. LONG ago.)

Shannon needs to see a doctor about his rare condition he suffers from...

I hope a doctor out there cant find a cure for Dunkintis....stands for a person who can not help but dunk on other players heads....Also a person who likes to spend time off the ground as often as possible...

better still.....You cant cure this illness....its something you are born with....

In latin...Airbornitis.....

In Romanian....Madhopitis...
In Italian....Crazyhopitis...
In German....Doonkmanhopz..
In French..La hopman..

Leapfrogging the Kardashains is special for Shannon Brown??

Ask dude to stay away from LO.... hehehehe

(01) JAMIE SWEET – OWNER - Shannon Brown should represent LA in this years DUNK COMPETITION
(02) ZairaAmaterasu – DRIVER - Stuperflying Dunk Dude back atcha!!! Shannon is so fun to watch, and I am sure the more he gets confident the more our playoffs wil be fun as well.
03) Mark Overt Skilbred - Wow Shannon! You write the book! Great game
(04) #4 WOW!
(5) MAMBA24 – Half human half /UPS
(06 CTLAKER - think we should start a shannon brown watch every game for the coming dunk... At the end of the season there could be a compiliation of all his dunks
(07) SCRAPPER - Somebody please sign Shannon Brown up for the dunk contest
(08) WESJOENIXON - just got off the phone with Stern and we're heading over to the mansion to meet with Dr. Buss and Heff right now. We're working out Shannon in the dunk contest over drinks and playmates.
(08) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - Sign me up for the "Shannon Brown would take Princess Jimmy to SCHOOL in the slam dunk contest" bandwagon!!!
(09) EDWIN GUECO - Not only represent LA in the dunk competition, I think Shannon Brown's soar in the hemisphere should replace the ancient Michael Jordan Nike's silhouette dunk.
(10) SEAN - Shannon Brown has a nickname: SUPERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11) NATHANIEL - People forget Shannon Brown battled Lebron James, J.R. Giddens, Von Wafer, Charlie Villanueva, Ndudi Ebi & Brittany Murphy in the 2003 Power Aid Jam Fest. I remember watching that live and knowing that Shannon would be a special player. His free-throw line 360 in the final round was legendary!
(12) THIRTY2 - Shannon needs to see a doctor about his rare condition he suffers from...I hope a doctor out there cant find a cure for Dunkintis....stands for a person who can not help but dunk on other players heads....Also a person who likes to spend time off the ground as often as possible... better still.....You cant cure this illness....its something you are born with....
(13) STAPLES24 –
(14) LAKERFAN- Did I hear Kobe say Shannon was only 6'1" tall even though he is listed at 6'4"? hmmm, that makes it even more intriguing.
(15) LAKERTOM - That boy has the best hops in the entire NBA. Does anybody know what he measured for a vertical leap during the rookie combine? If Jordan had a 42-inch vertical, Shannon must have one near 50-inches. Add those huge MJ-like hands and Shannon can do things with a basketball that nobody since Michael.
(16) ANDREW-BERNARD - Shannon is going to get a hefty pay raise next year, and deservedly so. He plays on a team with guys like Sasha and Morrison (and Luke) making $5 million a year, and he is already a vastly superior player despite not even coming close to realizing his full potential.
(17) RUSS POOLE - Shannon "Sky" Brown!

Well tonight we play the Knicks, won’t be much of game so let Kobe do tricks
Off D’Antoni’s head and Eddy Curry’s belly, Make it shake like a bowl of Jelly
Watch the Beast take Curry back to school, the league soon will have the “Beast Rule”
And I agree cause it’s just not fair, that one so young has so much power to spare
He soaks up knowledge until he’s about to burst, to dominate is his overwhelming thirst
Together with Pau it’s just not fair, no one team should have such a talented pair
The Beast is pure power but also has game & Pau’s slick passing makes opponents look lame
L.O. is awesome when Chloe’s off his mind, Matching up is a nightmare opponents all find
Is there a weakness in this Laker bunch, don’t let things get easy or they go out to lunch
Meanwhile the Knicks are one big mess, They even are scaring off Jimmy The Princess
Unlike Kobe Princess Jimmy has no fire, he cannot will a team to victory or even inspire
His talent is great of that there’s no doubt, but if he don’t get his way the Princess will pout
So what of the Knicks is there to be made, The Bench Mob could beat them alone if played
In fact what an interesting thing to see, Shannon Brown playing the role of Mamba Kobe
Make it so 10Rings tonight let’s have fun, Lord knows that the Knicks are already done
And when the game is over we’ll see what we did, Playing the Knicks is a game for a Kid


Way to give Mbenga some love!

So I missed the last thread due to work. :(

In terms of where Kobe will wind up ...

I think that criteria is necessary for the discussion.

1. Kobe will have spent his entire career with the Lakers.
[ does that nix Kareem & Shaq from the conversation? ]

2. Kobe has won 2 as the sidekick. 1 as a co-equal and 1 as the leader.
[ Is there another Laker who has that sort of breadth? ]
Hopefully, he's not finished. :)

3. Magic played with how many HOFers? I believe that Magic is the best
player *EVER* because he could play ever position. If you disagree with
that criteria, ok. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Go grab a coffee.
Kobe has not had that opportunity.

4. Could Magic have taken Smush Parker and Kwame within a game of beating
the phx. suns? No.

5. At the end of his career, Kobe should have the most championships of any
Laker. The most finals appearance of any Laker. The most points of any
Laker. The 1st or 2nd most points scored of any NBA player.

6. Kobe already has the record for the most ridiculous shots scored by a
Laker. Yes, there is the Jerry West heave. I give him props. One of the
best shots of all time. Did y'all forget the 3 pirouette's followed by the 3?
Duplicated in practice and costing Turiaf 1 G.

7. Can anyone think of a tougher Laker? Sprained ankle. Rehab though the
night. I'm good. Pulled groin. Rehab for two days straight. I'm good.
hyper-extended knee. Ice/Rehab. let's go. Ripped ligament on shooting
hand. Surgery? What is this thing called surgery? We've got duct tape.
Let's go! Flu? That's why they created IV's, right?

8. 81 pts in a game!

9. 30 pts. in a quarter.

10. 63-62 Kobe vs. Mavs in 3 quarters.

11. Can we call him 40+ [ 100 & counting 40+ games ]

13. In the depths of his Colorado debacle, wasn't he *STILL* making
game winning shots? " Set me a pick and we're going home winners! "

When it's all said and done, Kobe's body of work will be better than any other
Laker who has ever played the game in terms of:

1. Minutes played as a Laker.
2. Championships won as a Laker.
3. Differing roles on championship teams.
4. Number of NBA finals appearances.
5. Number of points scored.

Get your hammer and chisel out. You're going to put him on the
Mt. Rushmore of the Lakers & the NBA.

Agree with Lakers Tom that no trades are needed for a the Lakers to win a championship this season. Take some exception to the comments about Fisher over Farmar. Jordan is only 22 and hasn't had full burn or crunch time minutes to determine championship "mettle". Farmar passed his only test, Rockets Playoff Game 3 with flying colors.

From Lakers Tom:
Second, Fish provides championship proven mettle and toughness that Fisher and Brown have never shown. Nobody on this team, including Brown, can stop perimeter penetration against quick and fast point guards one-on-one. The only way to do it is how the Lakers and other good defensive squads do – with great team defense, something that I trust Derek Fisher to play much more than Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown, who both lack in that area.

D. Fish can't stop anyone on defense, although he does make steals intermittently and draws charging fouls. A lot of the D. Fish compliments arise because Fisher is a great politician. Unfortunately, his on court skill is nowhere close to his off court people friendly persona. Not knocking his personality because its great, but let's not get carried away with his contribution. The reason Utah released him is because they valued his personality more than his game. Don't think Utah would have released Deron Williams under similar circumstances.

Did anyone else notice in both Kobe and Shannon's highlight videos the guy with super long arms in the background? I guess it's Gasol. But the length of his arms while sitting on the bench is incredible, almost impossible. He looks like an orangutan or some guy holding two long poles or maybe the yoga-style kung fu fighter from Master of the Flying Guillotine:


Get your hammer and chisel out. You're going to put him on the Mt. Rushmore of the Lakers & the NBA. Posted by: hobbitmage | November 24, 2009 at 07:33 AM


First ~ Five days and two games ago (11/19) I said, after only 11 games it is too early to be in a panic with all this trade talk and "what's wrong with the Laker's" chatter. Let's compare the body of work over the NEXT 11 games and then make a few judgments. Two games down,,, nine to go.

Second ~ If you don't have NBA League Pass, then spend time on TNT and ESPN when other NBA games are played. Take note of how NOBODY is able to contain the quick guards single-handedly. This is not a problem unique to the Lakers (D-Fish or Jordan or Shannon). The few teams that do show the ability to "contain" those speedsters do it with TEAM DEFENSE, not some kamakasi, cat-quick defender left to do the job alone. I truly believe the Lakers will become one of the few teams with a reputation at stopping penetration once their team defense settles in. They have the tools (Talent), they have the knowledge (Coaching/Experience), they have the energy (Will).


Ron Artest was a Math Major at St. John's......seriously.

Anyone catch our boy Ron-Ron, the math major, on Jimmy Kimmel? Youtube it. Ron-ron is hilarious to no end.

Tue . Nov.24, 2009..- LAKERS vs.KNICKS – OH THE HUMANITY!!
(Please Lakers don’t hurt them)
The Force & The Lakers are in perfect balance.
KAMBROTHERS – Andrew & Brian Kamenetzky ( 2 Time Award Winning BLOG GODS)
Laker Nation (Rulers of the NBA & the WORLD & sworn enemies of th Boston Septics)
Sir Charles(The Soul of Laker Nation) - JustAnotherMambaFan(Head of Mamba Clan)
Jon K (Blog Undercover Agent Supreme) - ExheloDrVr (LakerBlog MMA Post Champ)
SegeBoy aka Taliq (Blogs SHERIFF) - utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER (Blog Chaplain)
SBPimp & tSBPimp Twins.,OutLAW & Baby OutLAW, Mini Banner Holder & Holderette
THE MORNING “CRUE’ ( LakerTom, phred, Rocky, Dave M., #4, Rick Friedman,Faith
Edwin Gueco, Hugo Boss, Yellow Fever, HBMatt, p Ang, Otis, Floyd, EastCoastJessie)
WELCOME TO: B-Boy, Schlieren, Fonkin, Jim-Joyce, Georgy, Meddocstud, AllNet ,
LOFan, LostJello, KARREM4Prez, JD-Hastings, KEO, TELChar, RAJ, Baba-Oriley,
Bopper, John-Smith, Jay-Santos, Muzamil Bhutto, Allen-F, David Montes de Oca,
Ladlal, Stockton-Showtime, w8n4dasun, Lighting Retrofit, Hoopalo, Russ-Poole,
We play the Knicks or so they say, but can you call what the Knicks do play
It’s no fun to pick on the weak, so on another topic I shall instead speak
Like who’s the greatest Laker of all, so many greats the most in the Hall
Different positions have different claims, Is a center great because of his frame
Is a guard great because of his speed, Or is being great providing what the team needs
Well first lets’ agree who the top 4 are, Of course everyone of them is a superstar
Kobe, West, Magic, & Kareem, Don’t get better than that so it seems
For all around talent Magic’s the man, He can play every position, yes he can.
For determination & craftiness, they don’t get better than Mr. Jerry West
For grace & power it would seem, I have to go with the icon Kareem
But if I had to have one shot to win a game, I’d pick only one and Kobe Bean is his name
Picking greats you just can’t do, the era they played influences who’s greater than who.
They would all do well no matter when, they alll had that fierce determination to win
They all could score and dunk and pass and all had that special quality, Laker Class
But no I cannot and will not wimp out, I’ll answer your question who’s greatness do I tout
There can be but one and so I pick, as my greatest of all time it has to be Magic
This does not mean in a few more years, Kobe will eclipse all Lakers and all his peers
It just means if I have to, I’d pick Magic Johnson, how about you
Every fan in the association wants what we have, This season is the start of their end.
Put on the ring but make room for another, It is inevitable Dynasty 4 now begins. @VMan
We Got This & We Want More! Nothing but another title will suffice.@ JustAnotherMambaFan
We are blessed to live in the Age of the Black Mamba. @ Hobbitmage
Kobe is unbounded fantasy and class in this game. Kobe IS this game. Thank you, Black Mamba @ ZairaAmaterasu
No matter what universe or alternate reality I’m in I AM A LAKER FAN!! @ LAKER LASS
What Do We Play For, More Rings!!! @ Jon K.*
(1) Faith, LakerTom, Keifo, #4, Charles, EdwinGueco, Fatty, JonK, SegeBoy, BD, tha-SHow
WesJoeNixon, Xodus, SBPimp&Twins, EastCoastJessie, Dice8UP, RDLee, VMan, Rocky
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Hyaqcinth, 805LakerLove, Lrob, ctran , MARK,
(You-EVER-NOTICE.…>Holding The Line Against CHAOS)
We’re the World Champion LA Lakers , we’ve won 15 Rings
10 of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
We’ve had 3 Laker Dynasties, and now are starting on 4
That’s 2 better than any team ever had before
The best Winning Percentage in History, yeah that’s true
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve got two.
We got the Finals MVP, that’s right the GOAT Kobe Bryant
He scored more points than an entire team without even trying
We got NBA-LOGO Jerry West & Superstar George Mikan
The smooth one Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
The greatest centers like Shaq & Wilt & of course KAREEM
Worthty, Silk & Goodrich all claim The Lakers as their Team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman that we just leased
A 10 time Title Winning Coach who mastered Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Legend, Broadcasted our Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest & Best Owner in Dr. Jerry Buss
We play only for Rings, which is why all the teams fear us.
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re The Freaking LA LAKERS Who the Hell are You

OK, now I Get IT,

Jimmy Kimmel in your underwear kind of crazy. Yeah, I didn't realize that was the level all the word slinging was about.

Ron Art raises the LA wacky bar or LA has unleashed the BEast, to quote a time worn phrase, which might be a more appropriate description of Ron's act.

Will that be a distraction? A guy in his underwear on national TV? You find that distracting?

He's havin' fun, entertainin' the troops, shinin' the spotlight on the dog days of the NBA. It's cool, 'til you have to explain it to the kids or the team loses a few.
Till then, enjoy.

Does Kobe need a tape measurer or can't tell his team mates apart? He was talking about how amazing Shannon's dunking was when he is only 6'1". It's pretty obvious that Shannon is much taller than that and the only guy that short that dunk is Farmar.

Awww :)
Thank you so much mamba24. *proud to have the Shannon Bandwagon driven by my suggested nickname for him* Hat off. Thank you. Seriously :)

@ Hobbit Image

Nice post. Can we agree that the Mt. Rushmore of Lakers have to be a Laker LEGENDS from Rookie Year to the Last year in the League?


Awww :) Thank you so much mamba24. *proud to have the Shannon Bandwagon driven by my suggested nickname for him* Hat off. Thank you. Seriously :) Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | November 24, 2009 at 09:37 AM

Awww, my pleasure mam.


You single handedly helped vault Kobe over Magic on my All-Time Great Lakers List:


are my top 3. Kareem just has a special place in my curmudgeony heart. By the end of his career, if Kobe incorporates the sky-hook, he'll be at the top of that list.

Nice post, hobbitmage, nice post. I stand ready with hammer and chisel.

@Dallas Raines,

I saw the American Express commercial with Andrew Bynum. He is a lot more articulate than he seems in post game interviews. He said math and science were his favorite subjects and he would be an engineer had the hoops thing fell through. I was pretty impressed with the young fella!

Okay, I know I'm really tardy in turning in the Kobe/G.O.A.T. assignment, but this is really hard.

Kobe-Magic, Magic-Kobe.

No wait, what about Jerry? He's the friggin logo. The LOGO, man. Alright then, Jerry-Kobe-Magic. Er, Magic-Jerry-Kobe?

No wait, I forgot Kareem. How could I forget Kareem? I mean, "Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes." 'Nuf said.

Fine, that's it. I'll have to take an incomplete on this assignment. Like Zaira said; it's like a mother having to pick her favorite son.


P.S. to Zaira: Ciao Bella. I recently started posting too. By the way, sono nata in Firenze.


Great post. You are getting good at this posting thing, aren't ya'.

However, it was Kobe 61 and Mavs 60 in that historic game.

Also, many have overlooked the fact that Kobe was on an 80 point pace *twice* in that season. Didn't he score the 81 later in the same season? Over those two games, Kobe averaged slightly over 20 points a quarter for seven quarters.



@LakerLass thank you doll :) :) :) Wonderful to know you have Florentinian roots. Actually one of my bestest friends (and teh one I was guest of today) comes from Florence to. We love that town over here (Milan). And even more when Florence is linked by any means with the Lakers, you know (my friend apply to this golden... and purple rule as well).

I still love to pieces your definition of last week... "Boom Boom Pau". Darn that was GENIUS :)
Hugs ;)



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