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Friday practice notes: Pau, PJ, and Bynum

November 20, 2009 |  3:54 pm

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Sorry for what will be a brief report from Friday afternoon's practice in El Segundo, but it's nearly Mom K's birthday, and that gift won't buy itself. I need to do a little shopping this afternoon. But I digress... There are two bits of genuine news to report. First, Andrew Bynum didn't practice, but instead received treatment on the ankle he turned in Thursday's win over Chicago. It included lasers, and while they were mounted on the heads of neither sharks nor sea bass, they ought to help reduce swelling in the area. He expects to play Sunday against Oklahoma City.

Pau Gasol, who made his season debut last night, did practice, working through the natural soreness that comes with the first game after a long layoff. He was quick to note, as you'll see in the videos below, that none of said aches were located in the bum right hamstring that kept him out of the season's first 11 games. 

Click below for today's moving pictures...

Two from Pau. First he talks about how he feels physically after last night's run and his impact on the team. Then after we all left that really, really dark room, he discussed ways in which the differences between playing with Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza impact how he operates on the floor.

Phil Jackson discusses Gasol's impact, and why he put the team through a practice today. The goal is to continue pushing this team to excel, rather than getting content with simply being very good. Also, earlier in the week, AK posted comments from Derek Fisher, among which was the contention that one way the Lakers could best help integrate Ron Artest into the offense is to consistently run it correctly, because he's relying on teammates to do their jobs so he can effectively learn his. I asked PJ if the return of Gasol helps facilitate that sort of thing. His first answer responds to a question of whether he's surprised Gasol fit in so well again in only one game with limited practice.