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Friday practice notes: Pau, PJ, and Bynum

(Self Promotional Notes: Don't forget to download this week's 710 Lakers PodKast, and to follow us on the Twitter at latimesKbros. Finally, AK and I are the, ahem, "personalities" representing 710 ESPN at this poker tourney at Hollywood Park Casino. Apparently, there's a bounty on our heads. Not for capturing us Boba Fett style for delivery to Jabba the Hutt, but rather knocking us out of the event. Come down/up/over and play if you can. That is all... for now. Moving on...)

Sorry for what will be a brief report from Friday afternoon's practice in El Segundo, but it's nearly Mom K's birthday, and that gift won't buy itself. I need to do a little shopping this afternoon. But I digress... There are two bits of genuine news to report. First, Andrew Bynum didn't practice, but instead received treatment on the ankle he turned in Thursday's win over Chicago. It included lasers, and while they were mounted on the heads of neither sharks nor sea bass, they ought to help reduce swelling in the area. He expects to play Sunday against Oklahoma City.

Pau Gasol, who made his season debut last night, did practice, working through the natural soreness that comes with the first game after a long layoff. He was quick to note, as you'll see in the videos below, that none of said aches were located in the bum right hamstring that kept him out of the season's first 11 games. 

Click below for today's moving pictures...

Two from Pau. First he talks about how he feels physically after last night's run and his impact on the team. Then after we all left that really, really dark room, he discussed ways in which the differences between playing with Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza impact how he operates on the floor.

Phil Jackson discusses Gasol's impact, and why he put the team through a practice today. The goal is to continue pushing this team to excel, rather than getting content with simply being very good. Also, earlier in the week, AK posted comments from Derek Fisher, among which was the contention that one way the Lakers could best help integrate Ron Artest into the offense is to consistently run it correctly, because he's relying on teammates to do their jobs so he can effectively learn his. I asked PJ if the return of Gasol helps facilitate that sort of thing. His first answer responds to a question of whether he's surprised Gasol fit in so well again in only one game with limited practice.


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Happy Birthday to Mom K. Hope being the blog mom is better than being a den mother. We may be more rowdy than scouts, but we require less supervision (well, maybe). Cheers!

So how's the spin on Drew's injury to make it an accident?

More very post postgame commentary:

*** PAU! PAU! PAU! Forgot how fluid and a thing of beauty (pardon the cheesy cliche) the triangle is with the spaniard back... The crowd was chanting: "SPANIARD! SPANIARD!" And he shouted back: "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAAAAAINED?"... WOOOHOOO!! Bynum is a beast in his own right but lakers are on a different level with pau.

*** what is up w sasha?? I'm about ready to jump ship.. ANyone else notice his sulking crybaby body language last nite? AS IF TO SAY HES TOO DAMN GOOD TO PLAY W THE SCRUBS??!! And memo to sasha: if u can't hit a basket in garbage time what makes u think u deserve a minute in crunchtime?? He better change that pissy poor attitute and play hard anytime he gets PT... A guy like sasha who is strictly a spot up shooter is dime a dozen in this league.. A guy like him deserves absolutely no margin of error and needs to nail every single wide open shot or else hit the road jack...... Sasha MINUS outside shot PLUS bad attitide equals GARBAGE.

*** and highlight of the night: LUUUUUUUKEEEE!!! Luke + streetclothes = BLOWOUT VICTORY

*** good thing bynum hurt his ankle or I was gonna go ballistic on phillip again ;-)

*** and yes get me front seats to the shannon in the dunk contest bandwagon whenever that gets started..

Happy birthday to Mrs. Kamenetzky.


Posted by: Edwin Gueco | November 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM with regards to women posting while preparing dinner


If they can use my name to log in which is an unusual name for American standards, then nobody is safe in your blog. What's the use of asking our email address if you could not protect us, your regulars since you started this blog. You see we cannot police your blog if we are not moderating it.

What makes the post deceiving is that it was dissing female Laker fans on preparing dinner which is outright prejudice to womanhood. Fixing dinners is no longer relegated to women alone.

Don't you check email addresses of your posters?

Pau spills wine on phone. Gets it fixed. Whilst wearing flip flops (sandals?).

(via The Baseline).

Edwin - I was sorry to see that you were impostorized. As you know, it's happened to a number of us. It's too bad that this person feels the need to resort to impersonation to get attention. Whoever it is doesn't seem to trust that they could be a part of the conversation on their own merits.

Re: Sasha - I'm not so sure that his playing time will or would increase with improved performance and at any rate, I don't think that the limited time he's been given this season affords any true opportunity to reclaim said PT. To a large degree, I just don't think there's a real spot for him at this point. Shannon's taking his minutes, plain and simple.

I think there's also a real question about the role of pure shooters in this system. Phil has often said that the triangle is a shooter's system and in theory he's right. However, the mindset and ingrained habits of spot shooters doesn't always dovetail into a system that is so much about spacing and sharing the ball. Add Sasha's own particular personality and level of emotion and it just becomes a difficult fit. It's too bad, I honestly think Sasha has a lot of talent and an honest work ethic.

I'll tell you the TYPE of shooter that I think would have done well in the triangle - Brent Barry in his prime.

dave m

I know what the perfect birthday present would be for your mom - a surprise LakersBlog sleepover at her house!!

Catching the last few minuts of celtics-orlando and after Wallace ties the game at 78-78 ... Orlando calls timeout and when Garnett gets to the bench he and he repeats a couple of times:

"We're gonna bully these dudes" (pg rated version)

Gotta appreciate their bad boy attidude even though it looks like they'll lose to Orlando ... I really do hope the critics are right in saying Boston gets to the finals just so we can prove them all wrong by flogging their bad boys in the finals ...

Bad boys bad boys ... what you gonna do when we come for you

Still since Orlando won let the record state that we'll be just as glad to send them home crying again ... good 2 see vince demanding the ball in the 4th quater ... maybe they'll put up a better fight with him

Yeah welcome back euro mvp ... idk which laker fans plaschke was referring to when he said you're not appreciated, we love you yo

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Hey- I’m a little disappointed- I actually went back and skimmed the game chat from the bulls game- not only did nobody pretend to be me, nobody went around asking ‘hey! Where’s phred? Yeah, this game chat is so dull and lifeless without him! ‘and he is so good looking and virile!” No? That’s what the people in my head say…. [sighs and sheds a single tear]

I think this spammer thing will be short lived. We blog commentators crave attention and recognition too much to enjoy anonymity. Of course, there will be a brief flurry in response to my post…

“Hey! I’m phred! No really! And I’m a big dummy doo-doo head!" That sort of thing.

“…Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Staples Center?
How to get to Staples Center?!?
How to get to...
Posted by: generic_one | November 20, 2009 at 08:15 AM”

Dang. I really wanted to do that one. Props, generic one, props.

ZairaAmaterasu - I don’t speak italian, but don’t worry, it classes up the joint. Also, I’m impressed by the quality of your writing in english, as you have been posting some of the best commentary on the blog over the last few. Hope you keep posting.

“…Before the Lakers go anointing Pau the Staples easy button, hopefully they remember that it was solid team defense and rebounding that got them an easy win. Artest was impressive shutting down Luol Deng, their 2nd best scorer.
Posted by: KobeMVP | November 20, 2009 at 12:17 PM”

Good nickname. We should try that one out, since ‘El Capitan’ never seemed to catch on, and “El Catalan” sounds like a short lived special at Chili’s.

“The Easy Button.” And of course, I can remember my “Godfather’ well enough to appreciate how we can ‘put buttons on the street.’ I like it. Can we bandwagon this?

Not sure how the Magic won that game. Poor FT shooting, dumb turnovers, no offensive flow, etc. The Cs basically bailed them out by jacking up bad 3-pt shots as if they were all disciples of the Machine.

I'm not convinced Vince Carter has improved the Magic. Sure he can make some great contested shots but the whole offense seemed to flow better under Hedo.

While everyone comments on the Lakers' season uneven start, the other presumed elites really haven't looked any better. Instead a lot of surprises from teams like Mavs, Suns, Hawks, etc. Though undoubtedly this will change as the season progresses.

Re the fragile Bynum discussion that will inevitably (or has already, I haven’t read that far) ensue;

1) Most seven foot tall 300 lbish guys are sort of fragile. That’s why Kareem’s or even Shaq’s sort of conditional longevity is so amazing. Tim Duncan is breaking down. Patrick Ewing and Hakeem had shortened careers for players of their caliber. Most seven footers seem to get drafted early and drop out quietly after knee and back injury (the size of their hands and the aesthetic qualities of their calves notwithstanding.)

2) The cause and the effect might be somewhat shifted here. Drew’s and the Lakers staffs' reaction might have less to do with his physical state and more to do with their awareness of previous injuries. They might be gun shy, and in that particular game, and at this point in the season, that’s a pretty good habit to have.

Andy and Brian- I should emphasize that I finally got around to listening to one of your podcasts, and it lasted me from Hood River OR to PigSuckle WA, but frankly I can’t get around to absorbing information that slowly. Something about my digital age attention span or something. It isn’t a criticism unique to you. Radio and podcast formats seem to encourage time covered over content covered. Beats me, just giving you my consumer input. (yeah, I do sort of sound like a certain twitter-disliking-luddite of our mutual acquaintance. But he has his moments of lucidity)

I would love it if you guys could have your blog entries cover more of the material of your podcasts, but I understand that you might have more potential audience through podcasts and twitter. Just want you to know, should you ever have to settle for mere print (you know, like some other LA Times dinosaurs whose names are not mentioned with fondness around here), you will still have some loyal fans.

The Clips/Nuggets game is gettin' good.

I talked smack to AK at first. Mid west and all. You guys are my LAKER BROTHERS.

LA is 'da kind. The K Boyz will r2. LAKERS will repeat! For at least 5 years.

AK and BK that is no BS!



I just got back from SIXX days in Scottsdale. It's great to be back in The 'Rado. Clippers paid back to the City of Angels for last Friday's Nuggets victory over our Lake Show. Orlando beat the selltix! The Thunder are starting to make some noise. I'll be hanging in L.A. next month.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

hey- did i get something edited out there, or did i forget to post a section of text? Anybody?

Clippers won.

Boise State won.

UCLA won.

A good night for me.

Go Clippers!!!

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!


Lakers are blazing through the west with vigor and just a glimpse of The Artest. Don't attest or stress when we loose,
relieve those feelings with da oriental express which we Lake's Smoke like them green c's. Our players don't worry about stacking the G's like the rest,
We killer competitors

Chamberlain C,
Cellblock Q ------- San Quintin --------- Exchange --------- Factory

Pau Gasol spills wine on the cell phone? Hmmmm. Very suspicious. I can see the whole scene right now. He's on the couch with that hot Spanish supermodel performing his own version of the Spanish inquisition when the blackberry rings, and lo and behold, it's Paris Hilton. This immediately thwarts Pau's plans for getting the hot lady off the couch and onto the faux polar bear fur by the fireplace--until--Pau reaches over and drops the phone into the chianti glass with two oversized fingers. Impressed by his decision making in the clutch, and his swarthy and decisive defensive moves, the hot lady takes the wine glass, stirs the drink with the blackberry, guzzles the remainder of the glass and throws it into the fireplace where a bewitching vapor cloud of love and wine dims the candlelight and softens the mood for the rompus. You devil Pau!

Then he has to get the phone fixed. And, I might add, that sales clerk at the phone repair shop better take care of the customer's needs BEFORE taking pictures and getting autographs, or he'll lose his job real quick. If I was his manager, I'd be mad. You take care of the customer before bombarding him with fan requests.


Hmmm. Every time the Celtics lose, the blog gets invaded by annoying imitators. Makes one wonder if the idiots are coming from somewhere around the Mystic river area.

Mystic River, BTW, is one of my favorite films of all time, even if it is about Bostonians. It sports like five of my favorite tough-guy actors, it has two great (and I mean GREAT) female characters, and is just a great meditation on what causes the mortar of our lives to deteriorate. I can watch that film over and over. And the final speech by Sean Pen's wife is Lady MacBeth at her scintillating best. Amazing. I think it's hands down the best work Mr. Eastwood has ever done.


Phred, you're phunny. I'll go ahead and say, I like your posts. I don't remember the specifics of other posts I've seen by you, but I DO know that I remember your name, I remember thinking, this dude knows what he's talking about. So, I'm gonna go ahead and give you a thumbs up, from B-

Man, this season is starting to get fun. My favorite Laker might just be Artest, and I say this after Kobe passes Kareem and Pau returns like Napolion. I just love the mental/psychological determination or edge that he has. In one minute he's bullying the NBA's toughest bullies, the next he's saving Afgani women from abuse. Man, this remids of an old Billy Bragg song about sports and God and the afterlife:

"While the croud sings Rock of Ages
The goals bring weekly wages
Yet the glory of the sports pages
Is but the worship of false idols

And his career will be over soon
And the rituals of a Saturday afternoon
Bid him good luck and farewell
For he knows beyond the sport lies the spiritual"

Go Lakers.


Chillin' with my Laker Nation bruthas (and sistuhs...including our new Italian sistuh).

OK, time to rename Sasha. One more pissy game like that and he's no longer The Machine, but Baby Borat. Dude, you're in an NBA game with the mighty World Champion Lakers, not in a scrimmage in Slovenia. And you're getting paid many, many Euros that will allow you to actually have indoor plumbing when you return to your home country after this season. So at least pretend you appreciate the opportunity. Goat herding sucks compared to this. Unless, of course, you've got Sharapova preparing blinys in the cottage.

And Phil, that was a cold shot you laid on Pau for his acting gig. It's not like he slammed you for your awesome wardrobe selection on your cellphone commercial. That shirt especially...did you get it from Tents Big and Tall? And why play Pau for 35 minutes in his first game back and risk re-injuring him? Wassup?

Dave M.

Just read this morning what you posted last night, I am sorry for the late response. Well, I don't stay too long in the blog but make it a point to visit it daily since in its inception in 2005. That's true, I'm no longer immune from the impostor. If LA Times or the K Bros do not do something about it, it will ultimately affect the integrity of their blog. It happened in 2006 when someone used our names and made a mockery of the team as well as other posters. At that time, K Bros acted immediately and sanitized the system. Then we had these foreign hackers using troll names like Fakers, Tarugo etc., it also vanished after a while. As our team becomes victorious, our blog gains popularity and also invite undesirable elements who would want to create chaos. In this day and age, nobody is immuned from these elements whether taggers on our properties, identity thieves, hackers and so forth, it is a way of life of choosing to be irresponsible and menace to society. On our part, nobody appreciate to join a forum wherein it is a breeding ground of cyber criminals. We, the long time Laker fans have our own lives to live and identities to protect. We have trusted a prestigious institution, LA Times to preserve those delicate interests. We are not paid to blog nor get rewards for long time blogging but at least we expect some form of honesty and security from the newspaper host. The impostor could relish joy in stealing names and perceptions but he or she could not inherit our distinct characters and trademarks in this blog. By this time, we know who is who from the profiles of their posts.

I have a suggestion to the IT guy of the K Bros. Once the identity of the impostor is determined, why not expose his email address in one of the threads. Another way is to completely ban that address whether it is an IP or a robotic hacker URL from participating in our forum.

Anyone else catch what KG said right before a break in the 4th? Something like put a bullet in these....What a pathetic piece of S. I wish I could comment further, but there is really nothing more to say...

I'm not sure why because I don't post much, I mostly lurk, and I don't sit at the popular table, but I think I've been imposterized. Hmmm?

Is it me, or does the brunette sitting next to Dr. Buss in the current LA Times photo look really hot?

I really don't care what the Celtics do at this point CUZ IT'S NOVEMBER. But I've noticed that the Celtic trolls, the really dull ones that think you get rings in November, haven't been showing up lately. I guess that smack got stuck in their throats.

DISCLAIMER: I don't consider Green Bald Lunatic a troll. He seems a decent sort who just has the bad misfortune of being a Celtics fan.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Last night only strengthened my early season statement about not being sold on the Denver Nuggets who lost last night to the injury riddled Clippers. No Eric Gordon or Blake Griffin and still the Clippers beat the so called Lakers "biggest rival". Yeah right. Sure, it was just one game, but so was our loss to the Nuggets in Denver a couple of games ago.

I am thrilled that Pau has returned to bring stability back to our starting lineup and allowing LO to strengthen and stabilize our bench. Pau makes life easier for everyone else and along with Bynum and Artest can make life miserable for opponents on both ends of the floor. Coach Vinny Del Negro said it best when he said that the Lakers are not only tall, but tall and talented. We all know that our frontline is very skilled offensively, but it will be how they mesh defensively that will make all the difference in our bid to repeat. While offense is always sexy, I'm excited to see how we perform defensively as the season progresses because I believe that we can be a top defensive squad.

As far as offensive options go, I have no problem with Kobe and Pau being #1 and #2 respectively with Drew being #3 because with Pau back, Drew's defense and rebounding is what we need the most with his scoring being gravy. Don't get me wrong, Drew will definitely have big offensive games and I believe will still make the All-Star team. Drew's time to become the #1 option will come with time and experience barring any major injuries, but for now we'll settle for him being the best center in the West and best third option or wheel on any team.

NBA beware. Lakers are near full strength(shot out to Luke Walton)and PJ is pushing them not to settle for just being good, but the best that they can be. Behold the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King!!!

Morning Everyone....

Brandon Roy got schooled by Monta Ellis last night...Big time...Monta played 48 minutes...

Rashual Butler sank the Nuggets..
Vince Carter sort of had his own way but Boston shot very poorly....
Brandon Jennings is making Redds contract worth twice as much once he gets traded..

Off topic...I think Michael Schumacher will drive for Brawn next year..

Clippers announcer's get banned for not being very clever when speaking about the center from Iran that plays for the Grizz..

Andrew Bynum takes aim at the All-Star Game
- - - - - - - - - -
by Sean Sweeney for
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
Here is an intelligent well-balanced article about Andrew Bynum. Here are some excerpts:
“Surely, Bynum knows the names Mikan, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar and O’Neal. Their history,
like a lot of stuff in the organization, is about rings, scoring records and Top 50 proclamations.
All of those guys are all-timers and all four of them will inevitably have some of their Laker records
taken by Bynum. Given the progress he’s already made, don’t be so quick to discount the St. Joseph
High School product. He’s just improving too fast.”
“There are a lot of potentially dominant big guys in the League. Most of them will never materialize.
Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Perhaps many of them were babied as kids, too large for advice but big
enough to slip by. Bynum seems different. He’s not an animal like Garnett or an explosive athlete
like Dwight Howard. He’s a finesse cat. But, he has length and touch. And a work ethic.”
- - - - - - - - - -

I enjoyed the Magic Celtics game last night. Glad the Magic won, but not because they beat the Celtics, but because I think they're the best made up team in the east right now. At least, they've got their game sorted out, they have an inside presence, and they have depth AND versatility, which is huge for covering injuries over a season, and more importantly matching up with teams in the playoffs.

Of course, the Magic won't get the most press, because Boston is Boston and Cleveland has Lebron. But the underrated thing for the Magic (and Atlanta) is that they aren't afraid of either of those teams. There is a level of parity in the East that I don't think we can see out West. The Lakers, even at less than full strength can be the West's best team. Losses to Denver, Dallas, and Houston are sore spots, but the reasons for those losses are more explanations than excuses. I can tell you that the Dallas loss indicates that Dallas is legit more than the Lakers are illegitimate contenders.

If I were to say what teams were best, I'd put the Magic at the top in the East, closely followed by Boston. Below that I'd put Atlanta, and Cleveland. I just don't have enough info there for them. In the West, the Lakers are at the top with everyone else at a lower tier. I'd love to see Phoenix sustain their run, but there's only so much you can do with the talent they have. Gentry's a good coach, but the second string just won't cut it.


"Clippers announcer's get banned for not being very clever when speaking about the center from Iran that plays for the Grizz."

This whole thing with Ralph Lawler is just stupid.

Living in Ohio, the SINGULAR greatest weakness I've learned about Californians is that they have too thin a skin. The GREATEST weakness about Californian society is that we are too politically correct.

Toughness is important in life. It simply is.

OVER-SENSITIVITY is a disease. Over-sensitive people constantly blame other people for their feelings, which they have little control over because they lack emotional discipline. If someone is over-sensititive, it's their problem, not mine and I just feed into their disease by coddling them.

THAT is the TRUTH so help me God.

We, as a society, only make matters worse by feeding into the over-sensitivity of others. These things divide us, not unite us.

My grandparents and my father were not born in America. My ancestory is Slovakian. I'm proud of my ancestory, but I'm also aware that for HUNDREDS OF YEARS Slovakia was the armpit of Europe. At family gatherings we make fun of Slovakia all the time... while eating pierogies, halushki, and kielbosa.

It's okay.

The end-all-be-all-truth is that AS AMERICANS we can be proud of our heritage BEFORE WE BECAME AMERICANS and at the same time recognize that BEING AMERICA is BETTER and MORE IMPORTANT than our heritage.

Ralph Lawler gets that and his comments ABOUT THE OPPOSITION were funny.

It sucks that FOX (of all channels, really?) decided to buy into stupid political correctness because of some comments about a guy who's from a country not many basketball players are from.

I mean, really? Really?

Too many people worry WAY too much about where they came from and not enough about where they are. We're all in this together AS AMERICANS. Period.

Go Clippers!!!!!




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