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Live from the Game: Lakers vs. Knicks

Learned two interesting tidbits regarding former Knicks player Phil Jackson:

1) During our 710 ESPN Lakers PodKast interview recorded today with Spike Lee (PLUG!!!), I asked the director what he remembers most about PJ during his NYC career.  I wasn't surprised when he mentioned the shoulders.  I didn't expect, however, memories of Jackson riding a ten speed to the arena.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of Lee's memories formed as a kid, but it does sound like a "Phil" thing to do.

2) Phil was asked before the game about his days as a Knick, and if he liked the city.  Yes, in part because the warmer months offered some nice bird watching opportunities.  I can honestly say I didn't see that coming.

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My nickname for Shannon will be Shannon the "Cannonball" Brown!! Or Shannon the "Cannon" Brown! Wacha think?

Despite what LeBron says, Chris Duhon should be allowed to change his number to 23, since that's his field goal percentage for the season.

"Shan-wow" is the best I've heard so far, "Throw down Brown" is good too

When Phil says "Bird watching" he means "Girl Watching".

The Knicks were out rebounded 60-33. That's about 50%. The more boards the more possession. Remember to always box out kids, because games could be as easy as these.



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