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Live from Staples: Lakers vs. Suns

It was against the Hornets, fully in "get our coach fired" mode, but it was hard not to be impressed by the Suns Wednesday night, just as it's been hard not to be impressed by them all year. Not just because of their obvious and impressive offensive prowess, but the hustle. The Suns were hitting the offensive glass hard (at one point in the first half, Phoenix had 10 ORB on only 16 misses) getting every loose ball, and at least trying to play aggressively on defense. I always felt Phoenix was an underrated defensive team back in the D'Antoni era, and they seem to be making an effort at it under Alvin Gentry

The Lakers will have to show not only attentiveness defending their basket, but serious discipline offensively. At practice Wednesday afternoon, Kobe (Bryant) acknowledged the Megan Fox-in-this-photo seductiveness of their style of ball, and it's important for the Lakers to be smart in how and when they choose to push and avoid getting caught up in a style that favors the Suns. Shot selection is always key against a running team. 

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You know what would be nice...if the K bros. acctually went live with the chat!

With no malice and no disrespect, still the...

Laker Tom - Owner & Driver
Rick Friedman - Riding Shotgun
The Dude Abides

Put me in that 'Just say No to Byron Scott' bandwagon, Rick Friedman.

Lakes are focused tonight.
Too much muscle for the Suns.

Game against Steve Nash & the Suns.

Who had the most assists in the game?

Not Nash.

Jordan MF Farmar, that's who.

Phoenix Suns - 12 assists

Jordan Farmar - 8 assists

And it should have been 9, but MBenga Mbricked an absolute wide open dunk
trying to make it look dramatic.

And there are still 2 minutes left, so Jordan might get it up to 10.

Drew w/26 pts, 15 rebs, 3 blocks . I guess he's trying to keep Cash from taking his starting spot. LOL

Rick - get me on that bandwagon please! But it's more like the "hell to the no" bandwagon, right?

EXCELLENT GAME tonight!! Let's see how we now face adversity on the back-to-back in the mile high city.


Nothing but another title will suffice.

Lakers are good. Suns are a silly team. Just one mans opinion.

im kind of disappointed that the suns did not give is a run for our money, i know denver will tho. So im thinking it will be a close game the whole time or we will be playing ketchup. I dont see us blowing them out but maybe holding a small lead the whole game which will most likely not happen. But what i do know tho is that kobe will try to take over the game at some point, if it works out look for him to have big scoring game if they dont double. and one more thing TIE LAWSON is very fast, very fast, very fast. He had very good games vs us in the preseason so i hope the bench and the starters can keep him out of the paint if not he will have a big game. STOP TIE LAWSON FROM COMING IN TO THE PAINT PLEASE!

The Lakers played great tonight...

And Ron Artest hasn't fully been integrated into the system...

And Pau Gasol did not play...

Umm... this team is fricken awesome. If the stars align, historically awesome. Really.

I love sports and athletics. I love team play. I am so happy to feel a visceral connection with such a team and franchise. I am thankful for that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



" i know denver will tho."

Dude, it's not "tho," it's "though."

There is nothing cool about brutalizing the English language.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good win by the team overall tonight against the red hot Suns!

Laker Tom,

Add me please to that bandwagon. Scott was my 3rd favorite Laker on Showtime (Yes even over Worthy) but as a coach......overrated he is. Byron's attempt at imitating Pat Riley's style may have gotten some team success but he is no championship caliber coach.

Sorry Byron there is a reason why you aren't mentioned with the Jacksons and the Popovich's and the Riley's.



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