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Live from Staples: Lakers vs. Houston

Trevor Ariza gets his ring... then Lakers fans hope he gets rung. Or something like that.

Game chat below.


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is fisher like Phil's illegitimate son or something?



1) Kobe's body language has been off the entire season. No emotion, no passion. There's something wrong with him.

2) Derek Fisher needs to go to the bench. I'm sorry, but his shooting has been bad now ever since the middle of last season. He just doesn't have the consistent shooting touch anymore.

3) Phillip Jackson is showing his usual stubborn self.

4) Either start Farmar or trade him (the latter is preferred).

5. Same for Sasha. He lost his shooting touch last season and it may be gone forever.

6). I'm happy with Artest and Bynum. Lamar does okay, rebounding-wise.

7) The Lakers looked indifferent in both the Denver game and this one.

8) Phillip is sticking with Fish too long. Fish would be a good stabilizing force for the bench. Phillip needs to make a brave decision and bench Fish.

9) Fisher and Kobe cost us this game.

10) Kobe giveth, Kobe taketh away...

I think the LA Times online tech dept and the Lakers are having a similar week. I have two game chats on my computer. I guess the extra game chat makes up for the missing icon on the front of the sports page that would lead one directly to the most recent Lakersblog post.



D-Fish should not be re-signed (can't defend).
Jordan should not be re-signed (can't defend).
Sasha (I can't believe I'm saying this) needs more minutes.
Shannon (can believe I'm saying this) needs more minutes.

This Laker team is fat and lazy. Kobe sucked tonight, but where was Lamar? These rare games as a starter were supposed to give Lamar time to shine, instead, he traded the spotlight in for one of those santa-head glow lights, and now he can't see his way around the court but there's just enough light to sneak out of bed from Khloe and Kim and make another foot long black forest ham with extra gouda cheese and sausage. Fat and lazy.


The Lakers have three stars and two solid rotation players. The Rockets have no stars and twelve solid rotation players. In other words, the Rockets have far better depth.......I don't think there are more than five Lakers who could make the Rockets team (Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Artest, and Odum). The Lakers are much stronger when the first team plays. The Rockets are much stronger when the second team plays. The Rockets have a huge edge at point guard with both Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry being much much better than Fisher.

On paper the Lakers have a huge edge in the paint because Bynum and Gasol are so much bigger than Chuck Hayes and Luis Scola. But Hayes and Scola are very scrappy players who give 100 percent most every game.

Posted by: Davesmall | November 15, 2009 at 05:47 PM

I have to say that Davesmall called it perfectly.

The Lakers just don't match up well to the Rockets (w/one exception).
Dfish gets killed by Brooks all the time.
LO can't handle Landry.
And who are these 2 white dudes wearing Rockets unis?
Andersen and Budinger?
How come they're better than our white dudes?

So of course, the one matchup the Lakers s/d have been milking all night was Drew on the Houston small bigs.
And although PJ played Drew the most minutes and he responded w/5 blocks and 11 rebounds, Bynum only had the 4th most shot attempts.
Kobe attempted 20, Artest 16, and even DFish had 13 attempts to Drews' 12.
What does Bynum have to do to get the love?

Meanwhile our perimeter players: Kobe 5/20, Fish 3/13, Sasha 1/5, Farmar 1/4. Throwing up stinkers all night.
At least Shannon was 4/6 and of course PJ only plays him in the 4th.

Its as if PJ intentionally loses the game for the Lakers so it can be turned into a teaching moment.


In honor of tonight's game:

Top that!


Derek Fisher is one of the classiest players ever to suit up for the game of basketball – but there comes a time when even the greatest of leadership can’t compensate for a slowdown of skills. The obligation PJ feels toward him for all those clutch performances in the past can no longer be allowed to compromise the Lakers’ primary objective – winning games. Fish no longer can shoot, and he no longer can defend. He needs to become a supporting player – off the bench – and after this year he’d do best to set his sights on becoming an assistant coach (on his way to becoming a head coach someday).

So Kobe described the team as "mortified" after the loss. He was kidding. Ha ha ha.

I think Kobe's mortified comment really shows that this team is not taking these early games seriously. Not at all. In fact, Kobe, you should be mortified because you're letting home court slip right out of your hands. Truth is this team IS NOT prepared for this year like they were last year. Nope. No way. Not at all. Not now. Not this team. Not prepared. Not the players, not the coaches. Everyone thinks they're still in the parade.

My God. Rome is about to fall.


2010 NBA champions BOSTON CELTIC'S YEE HAW .Bow Down suckers we have a new king; CELTICS today and CELTICS for-ever.

The fickle finger of fate award goes to lakers fans:
what happened to 73-10?
81-1 Bandwagon?

Your team is very very good. May still be the best in the league. BUT, this is a good reality test for some of you guys. I still believe Boston and LA in the Finals.

ok, that stunk, but it's a long season. no need to get bogged down by this one...



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