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Live from Staples: Lakers vs. Hawks

"We have to keep some bodies on bodies tonight... Against screen and roll, you're going to have to take a body off people, but you have to go back and get people in the process."

That was Phil Jackson on what the Lakers need to do tonight defensively. I think everyone expects a better effort in the wake of Friday's moldy breadloaf of a game. Chat box below.


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i like this website.....

I can't see the game. Who is guarding Joe Johnson? They need to step up and play some DEFENSE. Joe Johnson is 7/8 from the field.

Hey bench haters. Put this in your pipe and smoke it:

Jordan Farmar - 5 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 1 steal
Luke Walton - 4 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist
Shannon Brown - 3 points, 1 steal
Josh Powell - 4 points, 1 rebound
Sasha Vujacic - 2 points, 1 assist, 1 steal

They took a small lead handed to them by the starters and increased it by a little.

And that's in very limited minutes, from 7 for Farmar down to 3 minutes for Sasha.
The bench mob that was good enough to win the title last year will be good enough
to win it again this year.


If it gets to February and the Lakers aren't in the hunt for the best record in the
league, Morrison's contract could look very very very appealing to one of the
teams trying to free up enough cap space to try to lure LeBron or DWade or Bosh.
In that case, there would be no need to include Sasha or Luke in a deal unless it
was to get someone who is WORTH 10 million a year.

I'm going to predict it right now, Luke and Jordan and Sasha are ALL going to
play at a higher level this season than they played at last season. Maybe even
MBenga and Powell. I'd love for Congolean Beef to come in and block 2 to 3
shots a game in 5 minutes.

Guy R.

To answer your question, it was mostly Kobe guarding Joe Johnson when he went
off for most of his points. Kobe was sagging off of him on the 3-point line, and JJ was
just on fire.

So for those of you who are panicky about the bench, here are the teams that would
be the most likely trade partners around the trade deadline. All of them have some
amount of cap space for the Summer of LeBron/Wade/Bosh, and most of them would
like to have more cap space, which the Lakers could get them with the expiring contracts
of Adam Morrison and Derek Fisher, (with MBenga, Powell, or Farmar as potential

New Jersey
might be available -
Keyon Dooling
Eduardo Najera
Yi Jianlian
Terrence Williams
Sean Williams
Courtney Lee
Josh Boone
Chris Douglas-Roberts

definitely not -
Devin Harris
Brook Lopez

New York
might be available -
Eddy Curry
Jared Jeffries
Jordan Hill
Danilo Gallinari
Toney Douglas
probably not (unless you gave them both Fish & AmMo) -
Wilson Chandler
David Lee
Nate Robinson

might be available -
Daequan Cook
Udonis Haslem
Quentin Richardson
James Jones
probably not -
Michael Beasley
Might be available for a trade exception -
Carlos Arroyo
Chris Quinn
Daequan Cook
Joel Anthony
Mario Chalmers
(the reason they might consider dumping players is to
get under the luxury tax)

might be available -
Kirk Hinrich *
Tyrus Thomas *
John Salmons *
probably not -
Luol Deng
Derrick Rose
Joakim Noah
Taj Gibson
Kirk Hinrich *
John Salmons *
Tyrus Thomas *

* If Chicago is struggling to stay in the hunt for the
8 seed, then I could see them making some of these guys
available to maximize their chance of getting DWade. If
they step it up this year and are the 4 seed at the
trade deadline, then they'll want to keep all the players
they have.

With any of the following 3 teams, if they're in the hunt for
making the playoffs, then they're not likely to trade anyone.
But if they're out of the playoff hunt at the trade deadline,
then I could see any of them dumping some assets to increase
their summer spending power.

might be available -
Ryan Gomes
Ramon Sessions (if it looks like Rubio is coming next year)
Damien Wilkins
Corey Brewer
Oleksiy Pecherov
Ryan Hollins
probably not -
Al Jefferson
Jonny Flynn
Kevin Love

Oklahoma City ***
might be available -
Nick Collison
Nenad Krstic
Thabo Sefolosha
Earl Watson
probably not -
Kevin Durant
Jeff Green
Russell Westbrook
James Harden

Clippers *
might be available -
Sebastian Telfair
Al Thornton
Marcus Camby *
Rasual Butler *
Craig Smith *
Ricky Davis *
Mardy Collins
probably not -
Baron Davis
Chris Kaman
DeAndre Jordan
Blake Griffin
Eric Gordon

* - these guys are all expiring contracts themselves, so
you'd probably have to trade them for a trade exception
to reduce the salary paid this season. Maybe throw in
a sweetener (draft pick? cash??) as well.

For example, if the Clips are 12-28 at the start of
February, then they might be willing to trade Craig Smith
for a trade exception + a million cash.

So if you really think the Lakers bench needs more help, then you should cheer
for all of these teams to underachieve this season and for their GMs to think they
can lure a superstar if they have enough cash.

The fourth quarter was an embarrassment.

Good to see the team take the game seriously and put and put the Hawks away. In my opinion the Lakers should seriously consider tradiing Jordan Farmar and try to get a real point guard. Not to say that Jordan doesn't have skills but Fish is getting worked out there and is starting to show his age. I am not sure the Lakers have the time to develop Jordan into the Point Guard Position and Jordan also doesn't seem to have the head or the want to play the point guard position, plays like he would rather be a (2) scoring guard. What do you out there think ?


Thanks for the info about possible trades in the future.

AND - the 3rd quarter was absolutely awesome!!! We knew they could play that way but the Lakers need to learn to keep pushing the lead until the other team just gives up.

However, the stats on the bench players - did you see the 4th quarter and see them lose the big lead we had....again!!! Yes, early in the season but same players as last year making the same mistakes. PJ buts bench players in and watch the lead get chipped away until 1st team has to go back in and finish it off. Sometimes, the momentum has changed too much and starters are coming in cold. Hard to change it back in their favor.

I just feel that some of the bench squad personnel needs to be traded. I'm not saying everyone needs to be traded but there must be some different players that could add stability to the squad so we can at least maintain leads. Maybe it just works out once Pau is back in the lineup.

Marco, I am in total agreement with you. I personally do not like Farmar's play and overconfidence. He still seems selfish to me and there is not enough time to develop him into the player the Lakers need. Need a veteran out there willing to take a cut in pay like Artest but who wants to win a ring. Needs to play defense. I love Fish but he is just getting burned by opposing guards.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It was a split screen night for me with one eye on the Yankees stirring World Series victory over the Phillies and the Lakers cruising win over the Atlanta Hawks. Hats off to Johnny Damon for keeping the 9th inning alive for World Series MVP Alex Rodriguez to win it with another clutch postseason hit. A Kobe-esque performance from ARod as the Yankees now have their foot on the Phillies throat. Look for AJ to shut down the posers from the inferior league with the Yankees 3rd straight road win. And just like Laker dynasties are good for basketball, Yankee dynasties are good for baseball.
Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant, another championship MVP player, dropped 41 points, 8 boards, 3 assists, and 5 steals on the until-then-undefeated Atlanta Hawks as the Lakers rebounded from Friday night’s lackluster loss to the Mavs and cruised to an easy win. Kobe was everywhere tonight, attacking at both ends of the court and making play after play. There was no way that Kobe was going to let this team stumble for a second game in a row. I loved his work in the post, especially the quick turn around jumpers he decisively nailed as soon as he was fed the ball in the post. Kobe was very quick tonight.
Another excellent effort from Andrew Bynum with 21 points on 8-14 from the field and 5-6 from the line, 3 boards, 1 assists, and 2 blocked shots. I missed one of the blocks watching both games but saw the one where he met an Atlanta player a few feet in front of the rim high in the sky. That was the kind of blocked shots that Drew was delivering two years ago before his injury. He still does not have the explosiveness of 2 years ago but he is getting better. Thank God for those terrific soft hands. Even when Pau returns, Drew should have a good shot at averaging 20 ppg. Pau will make Drew better.
The Lakers also got solid play from both of their starting forwards with Lamar Odom putting up a near triple-double with 11/14/8 and Ron Artest providing a solid 12/7/4 and 3 blocked shots. Add a good effort from the Bench Mob with 27/7/7 from 6 guys. Aside from a forgettable 4th quarter where they squandered a 98-76 lead, the Lakers played with excellent energy, especially in the 3rd quarter. Of course, I expect to still see the infestation of trolls and fair weather fans looking for cracks in the Lakers dynastic ambitions and touting the rebooted hopes and aspirations of the Celtics and Cavs.
While it was good to get an easy win tonight, it is obvious that the Lakers miss Pau Gasol and the skill and versatility that he brings to the team. We have still not seen how terrific this team is going to be when they finally get all the pieces on the floor. While Kobe is the only indispensible Lakers player, the Lakers next level of talent is clearly their 4-5 combo of Pau and Drew. Losing one of their pair of 7-foot aces definitely changes the strength and dynamic of the Lakers. AK was right when he pointed out how it hurts the team to have to use Lamar to start rather than coming off the bench.
It was good to see Luke have an excellent game, showing more quickness than he has so far this season. He will probably still get dumped on by the Luke Haters but the reality is he played very well and deserves kudos for his effort rather than raspberries from unappreciative and biased fans. If you love to lump him when he sucks, it is also only fair that you acknowledge the excellent game he had.
Finally, hats off my San Francisco 49ers for a fine effort against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. Talking about athletes under pressure to redeem themselves like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez, how about the job that Alex Smith has done since taking over as the starting quarterback the last game and a half.? Like Kobe and ARod, Alex Smith is now getting HIS opportunity to redeem himself. Other than 1 interception off a tipped pass, Smith played superbly, showing great poise, arm strength, and decision making. The 49ers may have found their quarterback of the future in Alex.
Yankees will win World Series tomorrow night 4-1. Niners will make playoffs by winning the West.
If Lakers go on an 80-game winning streak, they finish the regular season 81-1. Anything’s possible.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Time to trade Jordan "Smush Parker" Farmar. Attach his expiring contract with Morrison. Acquire Hinrich.

Artest is struggling shooting the basketball right now, from in close, three pointers, and the free throw line. However, his defense has been GREAT and that is what he needs to continue to do. He shut down Thorton and Johnson tonight. I think against Dallas, he should have guarded Dirk and let Lamar guard Marion, Lamar owns Marion as evident by the stats he put up against him in the Sun-Lakers Playoff series. The one possession Artest was on Dirk, he bullied him and stole the ball.

Artest is our very own Dennis Rodman. Limited offensive ability besides his above average passing (he really is poor dribbler of the ball), but he still has "it" on defense. That man can box out as well as anybody in the league and I'm starting to see his toughness already have an impact on our attitude on the glass. Maybe I'm naive, but I think the other Lakers will all become better on the glass because of what they're going to learn from Artest.

Do we miss Ariza's quick hands and his explosive offense. Hell yes. I'd be lying if I said if hearing about his 33 pts didn't make me gulp. We are what we are, and we're pretty good (and to state the obvious, we'll be MUCH better once Gasol is back).

The Lakers bench needs to improve. Walton had a good game tonight; he is a very good passer but he needs to make open jumpers or else there will be an extra defender to clog lanes for Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, etc. Vujacic is a horrible defender and he is useless to this team unless he can make three pointers consistently, which means above a 40% clip. Mbenga is not a concern since Gasol will be returning soon and Lamar will be back on the bench. Powell has got the mid range jumper down and hustles. He's a positive.

Let's get to the SUPER NEGATIVE. Jordan Farmar. I do not know why people see this Smush Parker clone as the point guard of the future or even as the ideal backup. He won't shoot above 39% from the field, he won't shoot above 32% from three, he won't shoot above 60% from the free throw line. He plays below average defense and when his man scores he takes an ill-advised shot. He pouts, whines, and is a poor leader. He makes the most careless turnovers on simple entry passes to the high post, mid post, low post, and the wings. TRADe HIM AND HIS EXPIRING CONTRACT. OR play BRown.

Bulls want to clear cap space for the summer free agent market. They have Rose as their franchise player at point guard. They have Kirk Hinrich earning 9 milliion dollars per year as their backup with a multiyear deal. Mr. Kupchack. Get to work and work your magic. Acquire him. Trade Farmar, Morrison, etc. This guy was on the USA national team. He can shoot. He is a GREAT defender. PLEASE. I can't stand watching Farmar and vujacic play anymore.

"I think I have a lot to offer. I know I can do so much more than I'm doing right now," said Farmar, who is averaging 4.7 points and 1.7 assists through three games this season. "If they really, really want me, they probably would have signed me. It's tough. I feel that I've gone out there a lot and shown what I have, with the opportunity that I've got. It's my job to try to prove it to them."

you can do so much more ....yeah more turnovers more missed shots more poor defense
if they really really want me.....ummmm we don't really really want you and your poor attitude, which includes pouting, whining, etc.
i feel i've gone out there a lot and shown what i have shown no potential or skill to be an effective point guard in this league
prove it to them... prove to mr. kupchack he is a genius and did not sign a smush parker clone to an extension

Tom I am means defending Jordan by any means but I think you are being a little rough on the guy. He does have skill and some natural talent, it seems to me he is just not interested in being the point guard this team needs him to be. As I stated earlier he seem to be more interested in being a scoring guard then a point guard running the office. This could be as much Phill's fault as Jordans for beleaving that he could change Jordans natual instincts and turn him into a pure point guard. After all Fish Leaves some huge shoes to fill. That said I agree it's time to end the experiment and look for a real point guard. Love Fish but he is getting killed out ther by younger stronger and faster guards.



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