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Live Chat: Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee discuss Kobe Doin' Work

UPDATE- 10:48: WE'RE LIVE!!!

It's Spike Lee and Kobe Bryant as part of a panel discussion on Kobe Doin' Work. It should start around 11 pm PT, and run for an hour.

For those interested in listening live and following along, click here. Send along some questions and comments. I'm not sure if they'll be accepting web-based inquiries, but we'll keep a log just in case. Should be an interesting event.

As always, the chat box is below. Hope you can join in.


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I wonder who on FoxSports came up with these awful nicknames for this Shannon Brown poll?

UPS, is by far the Best.

My nickname for Shannon will be Shannon the "Cannonball" Brown!! Or Shannon the "Cannon" Brown!!

Yeah, UPS is cool.
Why is Kobe playing 41 minutes against the Knicks?

hyacinth- no kidding.

How about Shannon Shot From a Cannon

No, okay... I can't keep myself into one piece now.
I'm just SO grateful that you brought my question about Kobe's ranking as GOAT to Spike friggin LEE!!!!!!! OMG. This will keep me shake on for the whole day.
Thank you.
And the answer was also so smart and deep. Spike is a doll :) :) :)

OMG ChicNstu.. those ARE the worst nicknames ever.. what are they THINKING?


ShanWOW, UPS, YouTube. Those are 20 times better than that stupid poll..


LOL. Listening to the AK and BK's Spike Lee podcast right now. They are obviously auditioning for the Daily Variety podcast. I guess they are on to bigger and better things ;)


I can't believe I missed this.

I want to smash something like a LeBron bobblehead doll.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


holy crap ... I missed this ... see what happens when you actually try and be productive at work and u don't check the blogs ... oh the agony

crap crap crap crap and some more crap ... and umm why is it the live chats no longer allow you to see archive/transcript ... it'd be cool to at least see what other bloggers got to say to kobe and spike ...


I saw Kobe doin' work and everytime I do I just want to get the basketball and just start balling up kids. I like how Spike Lee captured this film because it takes us behind the scenes of the glamour of the NBA.

I truly believe that Sasha purchase of that Hollywood condo, may have been a BAD MOVE.

Actually been away from the blog for a while but I went to this event last night through 710 ESPN and it was awesome. It's fun to watch Kobe and Spike jaw back and forth about basketball and what not. Poor Spike getting laid in to for the Knicks. He did say he hated the Celtics though so that's worth something. Once in a lifetime thing for me being so close to both Kobe and Spike so I will definitely remember this forever.

I saw you KBros when you walked in to the screening room then I saw Spike shake your hands in the studio thing when he was leaving. First time you met Spike?

On to the Lakers, I know we are playing sub par teams but we look unstoppable. Kobe and co are dominating in ever aspect of the game. I would like to see players like Farmar and Sasha do better but as long as we are winning I'm not complaining.

Anyone know when the next semi-good game is? Haven't checked the schedule long term but I know we got some garbage games coming up.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Vote to be inspired by Derek Fisher
It was the night before I was to pick up my 8 week old yellow Labrador. The LA Lakers were battling San Antonio for the championship.  Down by one with just 0.4 seconds left, it appeared that the Lakers had lost game four. While the teams huddled, the experts concluded it was physically impossible to inbound the ball, and score with less than ½ a second remaining. However, someone forgot to tell Derek Fisher it was impossible, he did it! It was an impossible shot that won the game. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about that impossible shot; and that’s why I named my new family member Fisher. He always reminds me that nothing is impossible and to never-ever give up!


Hallelujah. Kobe should have played 25 minutes. 30 max.

Please put me on whatever bandwagon there is for trading Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison as soon as is reasonably possible.

Homers arguing for Farmar to be the starter have no legitimate defense of their position. He can't make wide open jump shots, so it's time to trade him for an actual contributor.


You should be able to see the chat transcript. Give it another shot.


The Hoops Freak (a.k.a. Pig Miller)
I hear you. I'm not real happy with Jordan either. I mean the guy has talent, his first year was very promising, but he hasn't grown much since then. I don't see a noticeable improvement in his shooting or in his decision making. I hope he's not expecting more money.


I'll try safari/firefox when i get home ... going to take a while for me to forgive myself for missing this one though ...

Let’s play Laker word association.

The Starting Line-up: clicking

The Bench Mob: aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh (with fists-full of hair in my hands)

When the Bench Slobs see the starters (all in double figures) playing such beautiful ball don’t they say to themselves, “that’s what we want to look like, that’s what we want to aspire to.”? ‘Cause it looks like they’re saying, “Let’s go out there and play frenetic, individual games and see what happens.”

I don’t expect them to be equal to our starters. I don’t believe in a team of 15 superstars. I feel that bench players do fill in with more limited skill sets and often help to mark time. They are role players and have niches to fill. That’s okay. It’s a good thing. But a second unit should still desire to play and execute at the same level of the starters.

But – DAMN! It can’t simply be a skills problem. It’s got to be a mental issue. Come on guys, break through the fog. Find your way to purple and gold light. We fans will be waiting for you with open arms. Really, we will. We have a lot of love to give.

By the way, I haven’t seen any of the Green Meanies around lately – hehe. (“We all live in a yellow – & purple – submarine. A yellow – & purple – submarine. A yellow – & purple – submarine.”)

A dopo,

This will keep me shake on for the whole day. Thank you.

Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | November 24, 2009 at 11:39 PM

No. Thank you!


I know. Missed the Spike Lee chat. I wish I would have missed about half of his movies, too.

And by the way, they ALL did the wrong thing in that movie...


K Bros, can you let Fox Sports know we have nicknames for Shannon already. Shan-WOW and UPS are both better than those stupid choices they threw out there. Don't they read the blog? I thought everybody read the blog, WTH?
Hopefully UPS is self explanatory but if not....UPS as in U.P.S., as in what can brown do for you as in Shannon Brown...get it? plus Ups as in he got ups, as in boy can jump, ah.. get it? Dual meaning. Sheeeesh!!!

Missed the Spike Lee chat. I wish I would have missed about half of his movies, too.

And by the way, they ALL did the wrong thing in that movie...

Posted by: wesjoenixon
Good one Wes....fortunately Kobe has had such a phenomenal career that even old Spike couldn't do anything to screw it up!!



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