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Lakers steal Oklahoma City's thunder

November 23, 2009 | 11:00 am

Thatsentertainment Come to think of it, the whole freakin' night was really about the repeated stealing of thunder, in one form or another. 

In their own right, OKC entered Staples Center on quite the little roll.  7-6 (at the time).  Above .500 on the road. One hellvua young nucleus being hyped as one of the new teams worth watching.  But there's potential and there's reality.  The Thunder may be on their way, but the Lakers have clearly arrived.  A fact clearly, quickly, and- eventually- flashily established during a 101-85 hometown victory.

As BK and I noted during the postgame breakdown, there were fundamentals a-plenty on display to complement the "big top" moments.   The Lakers played excellent defense, took hawkish care of the ball while forcing it out of the Thunderians' mitts, took advantage of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol's increasingly fluid teamwork and whipped the ball around with ease.  Similar tasks to those on the Thunder's "to do" list, but the difference in achievement was very pronounced.

Also pronounced was the entertainment factor throughout.

En route to a 26/6/7 finish, Kobe Bryant began playing a game within the game, one named after an animal and centering around five letters: H-O-R-S-E

Had he just canned this once-verbotten shot, folks would have been satisfied their money's worth had been discovered.

Like I said, that's something for the "sick" and "slick" enthusiasts. But Kobe didn't limit the tricks to just one helping. There was another behind the backboard make, a wicked reverse layup and a lefty floater to beat the first quarter horn. Dude's got quite the flair for the dramatic if you ask me.

But it wasn't just Mamba upping the showmanship factor. Shannon Brown may be a second stringer, but when it comes to an ability to rise folks from their chair, a place in the starting lineup is more than secure. Working off a running alley from bench backcourt mate Jordan Farmar, YouTube landed on his nickname-sake website approximately twelve seconds after pulling off this display of elevation.

And like Kobe before him, Shannon contributed another feat of aerial insanity. The Staples patrons eagerly await the moment when SB checks into a contest, and he eagerly awaits the chance to please them. That appreciation never ceases to provide energy and motivation. (The video begins with him discussing a high-flying block attempt with the lead around 20.)

And then came the concert, which turned the entire night on its ear. Because what's a basketball game without a time out performance of "I Gotta Feeling?" Not this one. Nor this one. This one.  

All cliches aside, this really embodied "only in L.A."


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