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Lakers/NBA news for a Wednesday

November 11, 2009 | 10:22 am


        -In case you didn't get the memo, budding All-Star Andrew Bynum will be available for the Lakers' Wednesday Addams Thursday contest against the Phoenix Suns, 7-1 and the league's biggest surprise.  Forum Blue and Gold ran down Fanhouse's Brett Pollakoff to get some insight on how they've found unexpected success.  Three point shooting has been a predictable factor, but an under the radar acquisition has stepped up to play a major role behind the arc:

        The team has been getting loads of production from starting center Channing Frye, who’s tied with Richardson for second in the league in made three-pointers with 22. And as a team, the Suns lead the league in three-point shooting percentage, hitting a blistering 47 percent of their shots from downtown.

        -By the way, Steve Nash seriously considered hooking up with the Knicks.  Safe to say, he's not losing much sleep thinking, "What if?"  Instead, ESPN's Tim Legler has him among the early front runners for MVP.
        -Similar to how he deal with most aspects of life, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wanted to keep his battle with Leukemia a private matter.
        -In honor of the Lakers' 50th anniversary in L.A., the Times re-printed a 1998 piece by the late Jim Murray called "A Star is Born."  From the title, you'd obviously assume it's a profile of Shea Seals.  But it's actually about Kobe Bryant.  An excerpt:

        You hear about Kobe Bryant, the Lakers' 19-year-old basketball whiz, and your first reaction is, the last time anyone this good appeared there was a star in the East. I mean, you want to say, "Come on, what are you trying to hand me? Nobody's this good!"

        Oh, they don't claim he can heal the sick, raise the dead or make water into wine. They're not blasphemous. But they do insist that anything that can be done with a basketball, he can do it. Michael Jordan, my foot.  It gets to the point where, when you meet him the first time, you want to ask him what he did with the halo. Did he fly in -- or just walk across Santa Monica Bay? You don't know whether to get his autograph or his blessing. Or just touch the hem of his warmup suit. You feel inadequate interviewing someone so perfect. It's a job for Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, not a mere sportswriter.

        -When Dwight Howard criticizes refs on his blog, the league fines him.  When the K Brothers criticize NBA refs, no penalty.  What do we take from this?  The NBA cowers in fear of BK and me.
        -Stephen Curry's adjustment to the NBA would be tough even if his team didn't double as a loony bin.
        -The Press-Enterprise's Jeffrey Eisenberg has a look at Brad Miller's game-winning (for a moment) shot over the Bulls.
        -The Heat are confident Dwyane Wade will remain in South Beach after this season.
        -Jax's potential destinations are weighed.
        -Elton Brand isn't playing enough for his liking in Philly.
        -Josh Smith and Al Horford are trying to lend maturity to the Hawks
        -Hope you didn't lose out on your chance to call J.R. Smith "Earl," because that window has now shut.
        -Jo No or Greg O: Who you got?
        -The Wiz can't ease on down the road with all these injuries.
        -It ain't just Shaq underachieving in Cleveland.