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Lakers 108, Bulls 93: Pau Gasol screams*, "Hola, 2009-2010 season!"

Oh, FYI. Here's a stat to think on: The Lakers have NEVER lost a regular game in which Pau Gasol and Ron Artest played as teammates. Not a typo. I checked with the eggheads over at Elias. 


Betcha didn't know that one, people!

The breakdown is below (and for those who missed BK's earlier post, Andrew Bynum jammed his right ankle and is day-to-day heading into Sunday's contest against Oklahoma City).

Three Good

Derek Fisher:  Fisher's spent his entire career as a streak shooter, which makes a roller coaster November no surprise. Just because it's an established pattern, however, doesn't necessarily make the lows easier to digest.   Take a gander at his splits for November, but make sure to down some Dramamine first.  Results all over the place, and recent days have marked a particularly low stretch.  3-21 over his last trio of games, two of which formed "oh-fer" bookends.  Fisher's been getting crushed of late by Laker fans and, if not quite "savaged" by the K Brothers, certainly singled out over his terrible shot selection.  But knowing Fish's history, you figured a hot night was lurking at some point soon.  "Some point" turned out to be this evening.  5-5 from the field for a dozen points, with a pair of treys buried for good measure.  Particularly highlight reel-worthy was a sequence where he buried a triple, stripped Derrick Rose on the ensuing possession, then took the rock in for a layup.  Chicago called timeout with the Lakers up a dozen.  The atmosphere got no more hospitable for the guests.

By the way, another stat you may not be aware of: Fisher has NEVER missed a shot in a regular season where Gasol and Artest play together. 

Kobe Bryant: I thought Mamba played a very nice game, despite 21 points coming courtesy of a 7-21 shooting clip.  Obviously, you expect better accuracy from Bryant, but at the same time, the misses were never forced, outside the offense nor launched while someone else was wide open.  They were quality looks that simply didn't fall.  It happens to the best of players, and Kobe's no exception.  In the meantime, he still managed to cobble out a near triple-double (nine rebounds, eight assists), blocked a shot, and after watching John Salmons go off for 18 first half points, limited him to the same tally at game's end.  Kobe broke down the secret pretty simply:  "Just paid more attention to him."

Bryant's success wasn't just limited to achievements viewed through the prism of this particular game.  Tonight marked Bryant reaching 24,182 points, which leapfrogged him past Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the second leading scorer in franchise history. Only Jerry West- an idol of Kobe's who actually brought him into the purple and gold fold- lies ahead, and being part of ultra-select company ain't an achievement Bryant takes lightly.

"It feels great. I've always said in this organization, with this history and tradition here, you look up in the rafters and you talk about some of the best players that ever played. It feels great to be climbing that ladder."

A Return to normalcy: Gasol's return brought more to the table than his simply elite skills. Now fully intact, the team resembled what we've come to expect and see, and on so many fronts. 

1) Domination in the paint, outscoring the Bulls 60-40 in the paint. 

2) Non-stop ball movement, with twenty purple and gold dimes often created by the extra pass(es).  That total could have even been higher if a few well executed sequences ended with cord and Spalding united, but if that process is on "wash, rinse, repeat," impressive numbers will surface more often than not. 

3) Winning the battle on the boards to the tune of 51-44. 

4) Lamar Odom leading the bench mob, which looked night and day different from the crew that's been struggled through several bouts of inefficiency during the past eleven games.  "The second unit looked much better," gushed Kobe.  "I mean, immediately.  That's what (Lamar) does.  That's why it was so important that we re-sign him and get him back." 

5) Solid defense as the Bulls were limited to 45% from the field, a figure that's somewhat misleading, as the final five minutes of garbage time treated Chicago fairly prosperously.  When the game actually counted, save opportunities in transition (where the Lakers are rarely aces), the Bulls mostly found the sledding tough, especially around the rim.   Chicago coughed up the ball sixteen times, which amounted to "16+1" in the purple and gold's scoring column.

We talked during the opening video about Gasol looking like he'd been playing since Ring Night.  But that "comfy ol' shoe" feeling registered a trickle down effect throughout the entire eight man rotation, impressively in sync while working a seven-foot piece into the puzzle. 

"We didn't miss a beat whatsoever," nodded Kobe. 


* - By "screams," we mean "politely greets."


Pau Gasol, on his return to action

More from Pau, on the frustrations that accompanied getting back on the court

Kobe Bryant, on the benefits of Pau Gasol's return and a little about passing Kareem.

More from Kobe on passing The Cap

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Gasol is our second best player.

Which is psycho crazy since we have Thriller, The Beast, and Lamar on our roster.

This is a fricken good team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There is something about Luke's injury that we're not being told.

Six weeks for a pinched nerve?

I've had that probably 10 times in my life. It's a day to day thing.

This is weird.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Okay, I'm meant to start working out these chemical tests seriously now but I was waiting for this post from you with the videos (in Italy we don't get the interviews, you know...)

And... Awwww :) (I'm a female under 25: I'm allowed to be kitch and screaming and naively chaotic also in my posts when it's about not technical stuff... amI?): watching and hearing God Kobe and Pau talkin about a game they played FINALLY together again just soothes me, my day, my life.

Everything's in its right place now (starting hearing in the air Thom Yorke's etherial voice).

Needless to be underlined, these two are our combined key to open the door of supremacy once again.

All of the players will benefit of the way Kobe and Pau are able to interact with one another.

We're definitely the smartest team on the list. The most talented. The most experienced at everything that may come and get in our way.

Our only trouble, as per usual, is our own perception of ourselves (oh, well.. and the injury menace, of course!).
We have always to work in that thin, thin line which separates acknowledgement of the power we have, and overconfidence that wastes all goods along itself.

But I know we can do everything the best way.

Now... please stop judging Pau by his look or his polite way to speak, or his acting skills (LOL... ;)) Pau is what Kobe sees in him. And look at Kobe: his eyes and face glow when he talks about Pau. There's a reason for everything, you know.

Thank you Lakers people. You all make my passion so much more fun (if that's even possible) when I come round here :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pau Gasol’s first game of the season was nothing short of sensational. It was if the Spaniard had not missed a beat despite being sidelined for weeks with a hamstring pull. 24 points on 9-15 shooting, 13 boards, 3 assists, 1 block, and just 2 turnovers in a workman-like 35 minutes. Pau seemed fresh and quick and didn’t seem to have any problems with his conditioning. Hopefully, this is a sign that the time off was extremely beneficial and Pau is going to continue his All-Star level play. He was definitely the second best Lakers player this game and nothing would make me happier than to see it continue.
Give Kobe a lot of credit for choreographing Pau’s season opening win with a near triple-double 21 points, 9 boards, 8 assists, and 1 block with just a single turnover in 38 minutes. Although he only shot 7-21, Kobe seemed to be everywhere. And even though he shot 8 free-throws, this was another game where the zebras seemed to give KB24 no respect. You had to know also that Bulls fans must have been hating every minute of this game as they see the Lakers routing their hapless Bulls.
The presence of a second 7-footer in the lineup definitely made the Lakers taller and longer and gave them definite advantages throughout the game. Offensively, there were 3 or 4 offensive rebounds by Pau who got inside position down low as his defender tried to help when Drew attacked the basket. There also were several sequences defensively where Drew or Pau would contest a shot while the other would clean the glass. In fact, the Lakers overall height and length seemed to bother the Bulls all evening long. It was great to finally see Drew, Pau, and Ron all on the floor together with Kobe.
I was a little miffed that Phil hardly played Drew at all in the second half. Not sure what that was all about. In both halves, it was like Phil waited until Drew got rolling and then substituted for him. At any rate, it was an OK game for Drew. He missed too many easy shots, scoring only 12 points on 5-12 shooting with 8 boards and 1 block with 2 turnovers in a short 24 minutes. The good news was that I liked the fact that we played inside-out basketball with Pau and Drew combined getting 27 shots and Kobe 21, close to on my ideal shot distribution of 20 shots for Kobe and 15 each for Drew and Pau. Tonight, Ron and Lamar picked up the slack for a slightly off game for Drew.
I also thought our point guard play tonight was excellent. Fish was superb, scoring 12 points on a perfect 5-5 from the field and 2-2 from the line to go with 2 boards, 2 assists, and a steal and 2 turnovers in 26 minutes. Other than one boneheaded shot, Jordan also had an excellent game, scoring 8 points, 1 board, 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 turnovers in 20 minutes. Combined that is 20 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, and 2 steals – although with 4 turnovers. Still, good production from the point. This is what we should expect all year long. Solid play from both Fish and Farmar.
With all 5 starters plus Lamar in double figures, it was an easy win for the Lakers, with their height and length winning the rebounding, points in the paint, and 2nd chance point battles and the game. And with Pau back in the starting lineup, the bench mob turned into Jordan and Shannon playing with 3 of the Big 5. The old saw that players play better with better players was never more obvious. Playing with starters helps keep both of these guys under control and more careful. I never like it when Phil puts more than two bench players in at a time, not counting Lamar.
Now 9-3, the Lakers finally have their key players back together. If Pau keeps playing like this, then Drew may end up being the #3 scorer. One way or another, all that counts is we be smart, pound the ball into the post to our big men, and play inside-out offense and tough aggressive defense. If we do that, who knows – we might even finish the season 79-3. In the NBA, anything can happen.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nice story in the NY Times about how the pick and roll is growing in prominence in the NBA. The two teams that pick and roll the least?

The Lakers (no surprise) and Utah (OMFrigginG!!!). Yet more evidence that Williams and Boozer aint no Stockton and Malone.


Just one minor quibble/typo

"The second unit looked much better," gushed Kobe. "I mean, immediately. That's what (Lamar) does. That's why it was so important that we resign him and get him back."

That should be re-sign him, unless Kobe felt it was important that Lamar quit (; and come back.


are you from Italy too?



Pau is an elite world class player. He is also a Man, an Adult, playing amongst teenage boys. His presence enourmously improves the Lakers as a team. With him, they finally look like world champions again. He makes everyone on the team play better. He makes Ron Artest a much better player. Ron now fits hand to glove on the Lakers. Wow! Pau is the father figure to the Lakers. And now, Daddy's Back Home!!!

Here we go again..I hope AB's injury is not too serious. I did see AB came down awkwardly in the second quarter after missing a shot. Still, he need to get his legs stronger over the season.

Finally, the real season begins. Pau returns, and the Lakers are real Lakers again. Talk about a guy who makes everyone play better. Amazing.

Ball movement. Spacing. Double-barreled rebounding. Kobe driving and dishing. Artest finally in the flow. Shannon, Jordan, and Lamar our new 3-man bench mob. And even Fish raining 3s from the perimeter. Man that was a thing of beauty to watch.

And the scariest thing for our Green Bald Giant Friendly Troll Thingy...we never even shifted past 2nd gear. It's over. Start designing our next rings. In fact, Mamba24, put me on the 80-2 Bandwagon...yeah, 80-2 because we're so good now they're going to give us back one of our losses.

Good morning,

1. The Lakers without Pau vs the Lakers with Pau = Night vs Day. Watching him back last night was positively breathtaking.

2. Another Bynum injury? Let the debate begin anew whether the big guy is injury prone or whether he's just had more than his share of bad luck.

3. Who is the real Derek Fisher? Was last night's game a sign that Fish still has it, or simply a case of the odds that he couldn't so consistently suck?

4. Worth your reading, a NY Times piece on why defending the P&R is as critical as the Triangle:

It's Friday. Yet another great day to be a Lakers fan.

Finaly the season has begun ... I mean no disrespect to the rest of the team, no disrespect to kobe but like PJ said after one of our past victories "this is ok for now but this is not who we are"

With our euro mvp exchanging looks with the dude that should have say 6 consecutive mvps, we're back to who we are. No gurantees we'll win it all, but you're going to have to come up with one of the best sequence of games the nba has ever seen to beat this crew in a 7 game series. Why get ahead of ourselves though, there's a regular season to be enjoyed.

All the variables in the equation are kicking in, early results look very promising. Great time to be a laker fan y'all, great time.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

This fine morning, curses abound throughout the NBA.

Why you ask? mwahahahahaha ... There's a spaniard in LA.
[ rather ironic don't you think? spaniard. Los Angeles. ]

LA - The best coach. The best player. 1 of the 3 best PF's in the world.
The best defensive SF. One of the best 6th men coming off the bench.
A young C with dreams of grandeur. No drama. No chemistry issues.

Did anyone bother to record the "Lamentation of the women in Boston &
Cleveland"? [ Sorry Conan. Don't come hunting me for 'plagiarizing
badly. ' ]

Ole! Ole! O 'frickin' le!

And straight out of "Hangover" :

- This is the best part of the song.
- Ta dum Ta dum Ta dum
"Right Cross"

- That's Mike Tyson [ Pau Gasol ]. He's still got it!

[ *giggle*. guffaw. roflmao. eyes weeping with pleasure. ]

"God Kobe and Pau talkin about a game they played FINALLY together again just soothes me, my day, my life.

Everything's in its right place now"

Beautifully expressed, Zaira!
Pau put the perfect cherry on our sundae, tucked the moon and the stars back into their proper orbits, our blue blankies back in our needy hands. Balm for our malaise.
For a few days anyhow.


Great breakdown. I think you could sub for the K Bros if they ever have to take a post-game day off.

Suffice it to say, the rest of the league better watch out.

Man, the way Drew and Pau play off each other is thing of beauty to watch. It's like the two of them have been doing this since the pre-season.

It also appears that all their egos fall right in line as soon as Pau returns. Everyone simply understands their role and their placement on the totem pole. I never noticed even one play where it seemed like two dudes were in one spot becuase someone missed or forgot an assignment. Even with both Drew and Pau, the lane never looked cluttered or disorganized. They traded off who would be low-and who would be high-post with aplomb.

We didn't (I don't think) even get a 3-second call last night. Haven't we previously had at least one in every game this season?

Kobe's shooting? Well, he hadn't taken an outside shot (seemingly) all year. Of course he was going to be a little rusty. ;)



If you didn't appreciate Gasol before his early absence, you should now, although Lakers Coach Phil Jackson understands.

"There are a number of things he does that are unnoticeable to the average person," Jackson said before the game.

Jackson talked about Gasol's defense, about a quickness and flexibility that allows other players to cover more of the floor.

Sure enough, throughout Thursday Gasol was screaming and waving and directing a defense that forced 15 turnovers while blocking four Bulls shots.

Jackson also talked about Gasol's passing, about how his penchant for sharing is contagious and leads to more team offense.

Sure enough, Thursday night, six Lakers scored in double figures, the bench finally energized with Lamar Odom's return there.

Finally, Jackson talked about Gasol's basketball smarts, his ability to make the right play at the right time.

This was visible at the end of the first half Thursday, as the Lakers were walking off the court with a commanding lead they would never lose.

"Kobe!" shouted Gasol as he wearily lagged behind the other players. "Kobe!"

Bryant stopped, turned, and Gasol stuck out in his fist for what appeared to be an I'm-back bump.


Their fists met, and soon several other Lakers stopped and turned and reached out their hands to touch the glue.


Good job on getting the Bynum info.........I was getting concerned that this would discourage him but I didn't realize he tweaked his ankle. We're going to need a motivated Bynum to dominate in the long run

It is now unanimous that Bynum is just a #3 option as soon as the Catalan Spaniard touched the floor. Sorry to hear another tweaking episode in the life of the beast, he needs to be street smart like Ron-Ron muscular build and that's the way to be a dominating player in the post. Another way of avoiding injuries is to develop those sweet shots like hook shots and mid jumpers and he exerts less efforts and same effects in scoring.

Lakers are again the team to beat with Gasol in the line up, wait till Luke comes back, we'll self-destruct haha, just kidding to awaken the Walton beehive. Btw, I heard Luke has a melodious baritone voice , he could replace Lawrence Tanter by 2020. Yes, 11 more seasons with the Lakers breaking Kareem's longevity without really trying to be a star. Because of that record, they will hang a special banner for him dubbed as the "facilitating Laker". Enough with the Walton jokes! Overall in the West, Nuggets and Jazz are the kings at their home court and a bunch of clowns on road games. Phoenix Suns lacked a legitimate big man and Spurs patchwork of old players didn't gather any steam after the first 12 games.

In the East, the Celtics and Cavaliers have been humbled, it's the young Hawks or the upcoming Wizzards are banging bodies against the old reliable. Hard to predict how Shaq and KG could withstand the 90 more games up to the playoffs in preserving their delicate bodies from any injuries. Young players today are jumping higher, running faster and their bones are much sturdier (except for bynum's made of pretzels lol!) compared to veterans.

Good morning CRUE!!!!!!!

WOW. A thing of beauty.

Y'all have said everything I would have said - and more.

I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! (Except for hearing about Socks, but he'll be fine).

Watch out NBA - we're baaaaaack.....


Nothing but another title will suffice.

Sun-ny Day
Sweepin' other... teams away!
On my way to where the Lak-ers plaaaaaay

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Staples Center?

Come and play
Pau Gasol's A-OK
Kobe and Ron are there
That's where they meeeeeeeeeet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Staples Center..

It's Phil Jaaaaackson's ride
We'll rip the season... open wide
To another championship--
Happy people like...
What a beautiful...

Sun-ny Day
Sweepin' other teeeeams away
On my way to where the Lak-ers plaaaaaay!

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Staples Center?
How to get to Staples Center?!?
How to get to...


Now that's the Championship team we've been waiting on. What a difference a Pau makes.

I was very impressed by Artest defense on Deng. That's what I envisioned when he was picked up. He'll make it tough on perimeter players on the outside and it they choose to drive into the trees...good luck getting a clean shot off against Bynum, Gasol and Odom.

Thanks Thomas and Rick for the link.

What that article failed to mention is that LA and Utah are probably the smartest two teams in the whole league. It is no wonder that these two teams do not rely on the P&R. The triangle, and other motion offensive schemes require smart players with a lot of discipline to execute properly.

These schemes not only require players to be smart but to actually use their intelligence, almost on a possession-to-possession basis, just to avoid stagnation.

Any air-head can run the Pick-and-Roll.

Also, when Kobe has the ball in his hands, teams pick him up so deep that the P&R is almost completely useless, anyway. If you look, it always devolves into a Kobe isolation anyway because none of our bigs are particularly effective 20+ feet from the basket.

That is a consequence of Kobe's near Agent-Zero like unlimited range. When Kobe has the ball, Kobe MUST be covered. Which means the pick would happen near the three-point line, or at the top of the key. Of our bigs, only Josh Powell is very effective that far away.

Although, Pau makes it interesting from time to time because he really knows how to roll to the basket, and he always catches the ball high and keeps it over his head.

Great read, guys. You two are on top of your games.


That was a great game last night. Pau Gasol really makes the difference for this team with his smarts, passing, all around skills and length. He and Bynum repeatedly just stretched out and reached over people to grab boards. Again and again they did this. Bynum is a good, solid, all-star caliber center, but Gasol is an all world, all time great NBA center/forward. He really is. And if Bynum can get good spacing like he did in the second half, watch out NBA!

Here's what the big hair guys from ELO have to say about last night's game:


Wow Pau

The cerebral one brings back the generic one among other things.

Was that easy or what?

Break it down all you want but it all comes back to Pau.

There was some serious magic on the court last night. I for one am really glad that Artest gets to be a part of this team and reap all the benefits of the NBA at its best. And that's what playing for the Lakers and Dr. Buss gets you--the best working environment in the NBA and maybe American pro sports in general. Artest keeps having the 6-8 rebound/assist games that quietly provides the morter for the team to build on. I love it. And I love the fact that all the guys are getting their share of holywood and that stuff because it allows them to have some of the limelight that otherwise may go only to someone like Kobe Bryant. I think it helps newcomers like Artest ft in, because everyine's a star, everyone's allowed to do their own thing. Now lets fine tune this baby and go on an eastern road trip.

And how about Lamar and his 3's?

This calls for one of my favorite songs of the 80's:


- - - - - - - - - - -
>>> Now 9-3, the Lakers finally have their key players back together.
>>> If Pau keeps playing like this, then Drew may end up being the #3 scorer." – LakerTom
>>> To be honest I wasn't surprised at how Bynum didn't play much in the 2nd half.
>>> The lineup that created that big lead was the one I imagined was the Lakers was at their
>>> BEST when it came to overall efficiency and it got that huge lead.
That is the difference between you and me, Blitz, I give Pau full credit when he plays great like last night.
In the end, all that matters is that the Lakers play smart inside-out basketball and pound the ball down low.
You meanwhile prefer to imply that Phil pulled Bynum in the second half because Pau is so much better.
For your info, Bynum was injured and the Lakers were ahead by 16 points when he left the game. You watch the entire game just looking for ways to disparage Drew and any contribution he makes to the team.
Like everybody on this blog knows, Blitz. You are nothing more than a Bynum Basher plain and simple.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Welcome back Pau!

Pau just makes the game that easy for the Lakers. Instead of regurgitating what everyone has said, watch the TNT recap by Ernie, Chuck and the Jet.

M.A.M.B.A. 24

Mighty Awful Man Battling Alzheimer's 24

Good morning -
I congratulate you on your win. And I mean to take nothing away from it - you guys dominated last night. But, without Gordon, that is NOT the same team at all that took us to 7 games last year. I think Chicago dropped the ball on that kid. Salmons is too inconsistent and doesn't scare me as much.
On the other hand, with "the cerebral assassain" Gasol, the lakers are definitely the team to beat in the entire league. I still feel the Celtics are the team to beat in the East, and we will find out tonight, won't we?
Should be a great year, and really hope to see you guys in June.

COOOOOKIES! Genric-One I want Cookies! Not Tacos!

@marco64 Yes ! Then there are others italians as well reading here!!!

(si, sono della zona milanese. Fa piacere trovare un compatriota in giro... come assumo tu sia. Ma non scrivo mai in italiano sul web ;) Non mi piace che chi viene non capisca cosa viene scritto...)

Sorry for the un-english talk. Just cheered whom I assume shares my homecountry. :)

Giant Green Bald-Headed Lunatic -

In my opinion, the way Joakim Noah has been BEASTLY this year has kind of made up for not having Gordon. Which is to say, they're still aty the same level they were last year- a playoff nuisance that can make hell for any team they face, but ultimately not enough talant. I still think they're about at that same level last year, they just can't deal with size. I DESPERATELY want them to face the Celtics in the first round, I think it would be another classic series.

Good luck to you guys, too. With the way Cavs have been playing, yo9u guys just have to get past Atlanta :)

Did anyone else on the Blog notice that the K Bros get great video clips when Rona Artest and Pau Gasol play together? Every time!


Thanks for the Sesame Street inspired tune!


I was going to hip you to the fact AB 17 had a jammed ankle, but you clued yourself in and found time to battle the Blitz.

Jon K

I wanna see UPS compete in the Dunk Comp, too; I threw it out there about a week ago and it didn't seem to gain much traction...perhaps a BANDWAGON is in order?

Shannon Brown should Represent the Lakers in 09-10 Dunk Competition Band Wagon

Jamie Sweet - Originasticator
Jon K - Often inspired by the lucky bar stool

Anyone else? Copy and Paste and add yourselves in!

Gasol really makes the Lakers a completely different team, he is just so smooth in all aspects of the game. Stay healthy big guy. What is up with Bynum? We may need to rename him from the Beast, to "China" cuz he's so friggin' fragile. He's starting to make Bill Walton look tough. Scary to think what this team will look like come playoff time once they gel in their rotations, get the Thriller flowing and if everyone is healthy.

I was meant to post this under the post referring Bynum's injury, but I will post it here as comments there seems closed instead (and anyway it refers to Pau as well, so it can fit here easily as well).

Whomever might have read my blog from last season's finals and previously know I'm far from being any Bynum worshipper.
Bynum is in fact the player that uses to irritate me the most when he blindly shaft off his amazing potential with simply unintelligent or greatly poor tactic choices (or simply, when he keeps banging a door that won't open, cos it happens to be a thick wall...)

But even being often harsh with the guy, I do reckon he's our overpowering gun machine.
I really dislike anytime he injuries himself, and I have to say for being that young and allegedly in great shape that happens a lil too often.

Maybe I am suspicious for nothing, but my guess is that, just like his way to play is object of rushes and not commanded control, so it's the way he channels his energies in the physical part of the game, resulting into him being often displaced with his musclar parts, or easier to get rusted by minor/major troubles regarding his bodily functions (that sounds awkwardly, I know...).

I fear he doesn't listen to his body (okay, this sounds yoga, or mystic, I know... but I mean it in an athletic way, here), just like he doesn't listen easily to tactic inputs and let his will overcome the state of his physical shape at times.

I know he still learning the game. But maybe before learning the game and make it living inside himself (that is something people have as a talent, but it can also be a built up skill until a certain level) he needs to learn how to channel his monstrous energy.

Sure, he's young and exuberant. But this is a team game and our team is a delicate amazing machine that needs to have its certainties that everybody on the pitch has to contribute at perfectly.

I bash and I will surely keep bashing Bynum: but I do cos I know he can grow and just be a fabulous player. Always a fabulous player, no matter which one is our opponent team.

Unlike some, I believe the guy he can take the most from is actually exactly Pau Gasol.

No mystery here that I just adore Pau, for his skills are so consistent and complete, and for the way he's so calm, calm in that way that moves mountains. But I love the way Lakers are cos we have like all elements at our disposal: we got stone (Artest), we gotta air (Fish) we got fire (Bynum) and we got water (Pau, who can take all shapes and just be as equally solid as ice, moving constantly like a rushing river or sea, and being everywhere like a pouring rain). Then we have the Fifth and most important element: the Light, the blinding Light of TOTAL superior class, which is courtesy of unmatcheable God Kobe, for our greedy reverent eyes to see.

This team is amazing and it's destined to be amazing.
It's senseless to question Bynum against Pau or reverse. They all are part of a team and we just have everything we need to stay on top for a long, long time.
I for one want have Bynum ready always. Cos he might miss lots and sure I will scream against him a billions times more, but I know he's there to make Lakers greater and I know, most importantly, that he CAN.

And this comes from probably one of the biggest Pau's fans ever born on this planet, you know.

"That is the difference between you and me, Blitz, I give Pau full credit when he plays great like last night. "

And you were "miffed" about Jackson not playing Bynum the second half bash about not either of us knew Bynum had that ankle injury.

I give full credit to Bynum for stepping his game offensive wise during Pau's absence and he is deserving to be the 3rd option of this Lakers squad. Even Nem knew that. You on the other hand refused to give Pau the second fiddle recognition if Bynum was on the floor citing "Bynum's alpha dog mentality" when neither has Kobe's mentality until last night's game when you put the possiibility of Pau being 2nd banana (wow when has that come out of your mouth?)

In the end its' all about the Lakers and I thought that you wanted to stop bashing me. Oh well I guess you are so into Bynum so much that anything bad about him is not allowed to be said yet you can criticize Kobe Bryant as being a poor shot selection shot jacker and Pau not being "scoring" enough to be the 2nd option yet do not put Bynum as any criticism (I so remember you trying to in a jokingly way to put back the Jackson Journals all because you felt Bynum's game was being hindered by Jackson even though it was Pau Gasol's game that did not get the numbers you want from Bynum).

I'm a Bynum fan but it does get annoying especially when Janis Carr in OC Register ranked Bynum into the NBA Center legends already even though it was less than 1/8 of the season already in.


I have to disagree with that. Bynum isn't gimpy.

AAAAAAHHHHHH (heavy sigh of satisfaction) Order has been restored to the Laker Universe. And oddly enough, all the bloggers look like they are who they are supposed to be. More of the Pau Effect?

Couple of quick comments from yesterday:

Dude. I’m a chick. In all my eyelash batting, finger crooking, “come hither” looking glory. I just wanted to clear up any confusion on that matter.

A big thank-you for restoring me to the roll call and especially for the extra shout-out; very cool. To you, I give one of those big, slow deliberate winks - with a hint of a smile. Luv ya.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: the Laker love-fest. Not a perfect game, but certainly a few perfect sequences. You could definitely feel the on-court chemistry click into place. Who knew that all it would take was one lanky Spaniard with an absurdly high B-ball IQ? Well, actually we in this blog knew it. Now the rest of the NBA watching universe will know it too.

Boom, boom PAU!


"I bash and I will surely keep bashing Bynum: but I do cos I know he can grow and just be a fabulous player."

~~ That's the line of thinking for Bynum's vocal fans to contemplate. Prodding, comparing him to Laker Center legends of all time is just premature stance in spoiling a 22 year old kid. He has to labor and wait for his shinning, continue develop skills in other areas and learning more dynamic moves from his predecessors in dominating the paint. Some players in this league were born to be great and others developed greatness as they mature.

I heard he will play on Sunday despite nursing an ankle injury, attaboy! that's the man. He should play in pain to realize greater gains and glory. Now that Gasol is his power forward and Ron Ron is on the other wing, Bynum should be well protected from committing fouls, he becomes the last resort in defense. No need to confront those layups, what he needs is timing those blocks as a shrewd defender. We need to establish a Laker Wall in the paint and that will be the role of Andrew Bynum. He needs not score much but needs to block more.

Laker Lass,

Sorry babe for treating you as a stallion because you sounded one in your post . Our First Lady Faith is no longer posting, nor Naila and Bobie. You should post more, we need to hear from our lady fans in this blog to soften the opinions of those hard-lined donkeys.

That was a great first game of the season. Thank god the preseason finally ended.

Btw, notice that Shannon is no coming in first when DF is subbed?

Also notice that Farmar's play has dramatically improved in the last two games? Obviously he is benefitting from playing with the starters and as of last night having Odom as part of the bench crew. I also suspect that Farmar's confidence level has risen knowing that it is Sasha, not he who is odd man out.

To AK/BK & KB Blitz,

re: the gimpy comment. I did not make that. I was watching Planet51 at
the time.

Can you really imagine that *I* would trade Sasha for a "practice ball".

Common, I have higher standards than that. That would a practice ball,
the Laker girls & a side of ribs. pa-leaze! :)

Please get a light on. Good content, just looks bad. You should have higher standards.



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